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I don’t know what it was about Amy—probably just how terribly cute she was—but she was the first girl I ever enjoyed analingus with. Or more correctly, the first one whose ass-hole I really wanted to lick. It’s probably because her fanny is sooo cute and shapely, but I’ve slept with lots of other women before and though my tongue has swiped over the bung-holes on occasion, I’d never up to then gotten so into it that I’d gone on for hours.

Amy=cute, Amy equals cute. A cute woman. Small, athletic, flat chest, cute legs, cute pixie face, and of course…that ass. A heart-shaped thing of beauty. Even before we got naked, there was nothing her swimsuit hid. That ass! Those cheeks!

Then things happened and we had our first kiss, first fondle, then swimsuit straps coming down, and bare boobs being touched and squeezed, and then pressing them together and mooshing them up and down and pushing and rubbing and nipples all hard and sticking out. We were still a little salty from the ocean, but that just made things smooth and silky and wonderful! Then we squirmed out of our suits completely and were a tangle of arms and legs and I was sucking those cute, hard little nipples of Amy’s and she was laying back all stretched out and tense, squirming and undulating and making all these wonderful little yummy sounds, and then, like normal for me, I got the upper hand, got her clenched thighs open and muff-dove her.

I couldn’t decide which was more of a turn-on; tasting her luscious pussy juices or hearing her moan and gasp and sigh! She was one of those ladies who, when you finally get started on their pussy, just go into another world all their own. And that’s fine for me, because I have my own world—my own domain; their entire squirming body!

So I ate her. I kept eating her. Her melt was just oozing out, running down between her buns, and I just went on licking and slurping, sucking on that pussy dew, and smearing my lips all over and through those incredibly swollen labia of hers. Her clit was like a little finger sticking up against my tongue-tip, and then I pushed her legs up more, and she grabbed her knees and pulled them to her chest. Her pelvis rolled and now the angle of her pussy was right up at me. I started to tongue-fuck her like crazy—great, thick strings of pussy-goo connecting my face to her cunt—and for a long while there, maybe half an hour, there was only the sound of her moaning and catching her breath, and that wet, sticky sound of my tongue plunging into that sopping wet hole of hers.

Then my jaw was getting a little tired, so I introduced my middle finger, and then my index. I started to really finger her deep and slow, bending my fingers inside her to massage the forward portion of her pussy, and her orgasms seemed to just explode and melt all together. I watched as her cute legs straightened out into the air, feet and toes pointed, legs spreading into a V, and her entire body wracked with shuddering spasms of pleasure. And while I sat back with my hand still plunging and working hard, I took a slow, careful look at her.

Amy had no idea she was under such close inspection because she was completely in orgasm-land, but I looked. I looked at everything she had, and each part, every pore of her, made me smile. So cute. Some girls are “beautiful” like fashion models, some are “pretty” with no makeup or jewelry and in a natural way, and some girls are “cute” like…a pixie or elf or something. Amy was cute—all over: cute body, cute face and hair and neck and shoulders and arms and hands and legs. Her feet were so cute they’re the kind that just makes you want to grab them and kiss them, and the same for her calves and thighs. Everything with a cute quotient of 100! But as I was spacing out on her cuteness, the third finger of the hand I was using to pleasure the girl, the ring finger, accidentally brushed and squished down her crack and touched her bung-hole. It was just a little touch, but the feeling of it was so wet and juicy and well, cute, that I pressed that fingertip against the pucker again and found that it was more than slick enough for penetration. I mean after all, the girl was like a fountain of pussy goo! I pushed and felt the ring quiver, heard Amy gasp a little louder, and then, for some reason I can’t really explain, I got completely “hot” for her ass. I was still plunging away with my other fingers, but now this other hole of hers seemed to ‘call out’ to me, and a moment later, I’d removed my fingers from her cunt, turned her over onto her front, parted her absolutely adorable buns with greedy fingers, and pushed my tongue against that same quivering pucker.

Amy grunted into the pillows. Her butt lifted up at me, and that was all I needed.

For the next twenty or thirty minutes I tongued that wonderful pucker of hers. I hardly even stopped to take a breath. Her ass-hole was hot and slick and tender, but it was the fact that she was still orgasming from having this hole izmir escort tended to that really kept me going.

That and the taste. There was no gross stuff there; just that dull taste against my tongue and the still fresh oozings that had come straight out of her cunt. Like I said, we’d both been swimming and wading, but that wonderful pussy ocean fragrance was just everywhere and totally overwhelming the scent of the ocean! I licked and poked, poked and licked, and Amy just went right on undulating and squirming in orgasm, her cute knees bending and making her cute legs stick up at the ceiling.

An hour went by. I couldn’t stop myself. Amy was reduced to a panting, almost motionless blob on the sheets, with an occasional twitch or jerk that showed me the pleasure was still coursing around inside her. She was making babbling sounds and I could hear that she really needed to blow her nose because there was a wet snuffling sound each time she breathed. Without checking I knew the pillow was also probably wet with all the saliva which must’ve escaped her slackly open mouth.

I have that affect on women sometimes!

Finally I stopped when the little left-over orgasms seemed to fade from her and she was left still and most likely asleep. I carefully sat back so as to not wake her, and simply gazed down upon the sight of a completely satisfied woman.

And a cute at that!

Still there was nothing unattractive about her at all, from the nape of her neck to her heels. Every shape and contour only made me want to pounce and lick and taste, but I let her sleep. Poor thing had been tongue-lashed for (I looked over at the clock) three hours and forty-five minutes! I sometimes wish that some lady would take me like that—like my first time—but…being in control had its rewards. And one of them I proceeded to enjoy starting right then.

When I finished masturbating over the sleeping Amy, I felt about as wasted as she looked! An hour straight of rubbing and diddling and looking; looking at every part of Amy’s total cuteness. I had orgasms looking at her shoulders, the line of her jaw, the arch and curve of her back, her ass (of course!), her legs and ankles and feet. There was one point where she turned halfway on her side, so I went on fingering myself while looking at her boobs and nipples and collarbones and belly-button—everything not only cute, but sexy in my book! I was tempted to sit on her foot and ride my cunt on her toe as I’d done with some other girls in the past, but she just looked so angelic and peaceful, I didn’t dare molest her. When I was done and couldn’t go anymore, I cuddled up behind her on my side, pulled the covers up over both of us and passed out. When I woke up though, I was treated to a sight I just could not resist.

In the night, Amy had turned more on her side, her right side, facing away from me. And when she’d done that, her left leg had moved up with her knee bent further and her foot touching the opposite knee—like a figure “4” in a way. A cute pose in anyone’s book. But that left her ass—that incredible set of buns—arched and more or less spread open. I sat up, saw her, saw that wonderful, inadvertent display, and instantly went wild. I couldn’t help myself! In seconds that sexy little crack of hers was totally dripping with my saliva, and it was running down the lower cheek and I was licking and tasting and then—poking—that hole of hers again. Had she been a guy it wouldn’t have mattered as in fact I was pretty much ignoring her equally wonderful (and available) pussy. I knew it was there, but decided I’d get back to it in lieu of this other tempting fruit!

Amy woke up with a gasp, and then her body shivered and she groaned “…oh…my….GAW—” and she came—hard. Instantly she rolled her knees under her and lifted that glorious butt up to the mouth and the plunging tongue that stuck so stiffly from it, and I took her hips with both hands and started to really give it to her. In return Amy started slamming herself back and forth against me, wanting to take more of my tongue up her rear, and I obliged as well as I could. Finally I replaced my tongue with my fingers when it was apparent that she wanted more, and after a few strokes, I inserted my ring and pinking into her cunt and fucked her that way until that cute, thrusting butt of hers finally sank back down to the bed in complete exhaustion half an hour later.

A cute girl, but incredibly uninhibited and intense!

We lay together afterwards, me gently slipping my four fingers out of her two holes, and her just trying to catch her breath, but I knew she wouldn’t simply pass out again and allow me the privilege of masturbating again. I decided to let her call some of the shots.

“…no one’s ever done that to me before,” she finally breathed. “Not like that. Not there. You’re just so incredible!” I smiled and fought the urge to nod. I knew I actually was wonderful, but her ass-hole alsancak escort was the thing that was actually making this all happen. Secretly, I thanked her wonderful, sensitive, sensual ass-hole!

“Well,” I finally admitted, “I’ve never actually done that to anyone before. Came close, so to speak, but your cute little poop-hole is this raging inferno or something….” Amy stretched like a cat right where she was, smiling and seeming really pleased. She nestled herself back against me, and the feeling of her warm, smooth body squirming against me got me right to the ragged edge. I secretly moved a hand down to my pussy and started touching my clit. It was so hard it was pathetic, but I got a little shiver and then an aching feeling, and I was just starting to blank out slightly and enjoy the feeling of this girl’s skin against me and her scent, when there was a quick movement on the bed. When I focused again, all I could see were thighs and uplifted calves because Amy had turned completely around and now had her face between my legs. The moment after that a hot, liquid tongue slid up through my overworked, overheated pussy lips, found my clit and sent me straight off into cum-heaven!

Two hours. That girl licked my snatch for two hours! She didn’t even finger me or anything else—just that tongue of hers going up and down and back and forth. It felt like my whole body had turned into a clit—just one long, throbbing pink thing sticking out into the air like a cock or something! And she did that thing where it was just the very tip of her tongue against the very tip of my clit—the end of it—and she’d just wiggle her tongue and make me grunt so loud it was embarrassing! I felt weak and out of control and it was wonderful! After that, after things calmed down a little bit and I stopped babbling like an idiot, she climbed on top of me and rested her weight on me. She felt like a warm, fleshy, silky blanket on top of me. I opened my eyes and looked at her and she was all smiles. A devilish smile at that.

“…serves you right!” she hissed impishly. “All that stuff you did to me last night—payback’s a bitch, and I’m the bitch!”

She was so god-damned adorable!

And cute.

I brought my legs out and got them around her and just hugged her to pieces. I wanted to squish her until her whole body was inside mine all safe and secure and warm and cozy. She hugged me back, but then, just like that, she gave me a pussy-bump with her crotch and I saw stars exploding overhead. I was going to curse or think of something clever to say, but it felt so wonderful my mouth just hung open. Then she did it again and my pelvis seemed to move on its own and adjust to the angle. My thighs spread wider until there was absolutely nothing in the way, and the next time Amy bumped me, her firm crotch rubbed right against my clit. I came. I came so hard I blanked out, but then, just like that, she got quickly off me, turned me over onto my front, climbed back onboard and started doing the same thing, except between my buns now!

I only wished she had a dick is all I can say! I was thinking it too. If she’d suddenly turned out to be a transsexual or something, I would’ve just yelled back at her to get some KY and do it to me—anally. Or even “cuntally!” I didn’t care at that point. I mean, sometimes you just reach a point where you don’t want anything “gentle and nurturing and caressing;” you just want to be fucked, and fucked as hard and aggressively as possible. That’s where I was right then—in need of a good humping!

Then, just like that, this darling, cute woman jumps out of bed, runs into my bathroom and comes out with one of the hotel robes on. She tells me she’ll be right back and then leaves! I couldn’t believe it! But ten minutes later there’s a knock on the door (she’d gotten locked out obviously because we’d only met the day before on the beach and this was originally my room), and I dragged myself out of bed, padded over to the door and opened it. She came swooping in, bathrobe and bare feet, and then took my hand and led me back to bed. She pushed me down flat on my face, and then there was the sound of the robe fluttering to the floor, the bed moving, and then the slick feeling of lotion or something being rubbed into my crack. I started to turn to look but got warned off.

“No!” she laughed. “You just lay there. Close your eyes and wait!” I did as the cute little tyrant commanded, and then I felt something firm and blunt-ended and really thick, start to push against my ass-hole. I took a breath, held it, then breathed out and focused on my sphincter to make it relax. It spread a little, and I did the whole thing again. And as I was doing this that shaft just crept inward and then a little more and more, and then Amy pulled it back and started to push in again. This time there was way less resistance, and in a few moments, the thickest part had passed into me.

Then she buca escort started to fuck me. I could feel that the dildo was attached to her crotch because of the way it was ramming me and the way her body was moving, and it was simply heavenly! She stopped a couple of times to apply more lubricant, then slid it in and just went on with it. My bung-hole stretched and dilated, and pretty soon it was just a warm, wonderful, comforting anal massage more than anything. But there were twitches and twinges of pleasure, and those seemed to vibrate right into the immediate area, and that of course, was my cunt.

I came. I’d never come from anal insertion or touch before. I’d done it to myself lots of times—times when I was alone and just needed something to break the funk I’d get into sometimes—something really radical and over the limit—but having it done to me was different! A while after that I started to get my knees up under me and Amy adjusted her movements, and then I was on all fours like a bitch in heat, getting my ass reamed by another bitch in heat.


Amy screwed my ass until I could barely keep pushing back against her, then eased out, danced off the bed (athletic, remember?), and dashed into the bathroom. I heard the faucet going, and then she was back, drying her freshly washed dildo with a hand towel. Then she was on the bed again, turning me completely over (I was on my side, watching her trip to the bathroom), spreading my legs, and then laying down over me. She got the dildo in my cunt this time, and when she started fucking me, I felt this incredible surge of love just explode all through me; the kind of love where it’s Where the hell have you been all my life, girl? It was the classic face-to-face missionary fuck, and I loved it. She was so willful, so strong and urgent, and as she fucked me she was just smiling down, watching my face for signs of the next orgasm. When I’d come and then return to the world, I’d open my eyes and see this really happy grin on her face, and this twinkle in her eyes. Then she’d ram me even more forcefully and watch the buildup in my expression again.

What an imp!

When it was finally over and she’d reduced me to a lump of oatmeal on the bed, she pulled gently out of me and rolled to the side. I raised my head as best I could and got a look at the thing that had been plowing my fields for such a long time. It was huge. In comparison to Amy’s cute little body, it looked funny almost, but I couldn’t laugh because it somehow made her look even cuter than ever. She got the thing unstrapped and then came and lay against me with one leg over my front. I reached out and hugged her against me and she hugged me back and then we kissed again. I think it was the sweetest kiss I’d had in a long time because we’d both just gotten our brains fucked and licked and sucked out, so there was this “afterglowy” sort of contentment filling us and the whole room—and the whole world for all I knew. I felt and relished the warmth of her body against mine, the tickle of her hair against my shoulder, her arm across my chest and her knee near my pussy; just the whole, entire thing.

“…you’re such a woman when you make love,” I sighed. “But…you’re also such a tomboy!” I heard her giggle and looked over to see her smiling and nodding.

“I guess you just bring out the worst in me, huh?” she whispered, and then she nestled her face against me and seemed to fall asleep. I closed my eyes and followed suite.

When I slept, I dreamed, and it was about her. In the dream I couldn’t tell if it was a memory or a fantasy, but it didn’t matter. I saw a pretty face bobbing in the waves, and the sun was glaring so I put my sunglasses on. I shaded my eyes with a hand. Pretty shoulders. Pale skin. Face that should’ve been on the cover of Cute magazine or something. Then she was coming out of the water and more of her showed. Pretty shoulders, flat chest, narrow waist, but not long or tall proportions. She was 5′ 4″ at the very most and shaped like some gymnast’s dream. Then more of her, and more. She waded through the foam of the pounding surf, her smile almost as blinding as the sunlight behind her, her wet hair dangling in strands which made her soft, feminine curves more enticing.

She introduced herself and I steadied my eyes into hers because I didn’t want her to think I was checking her out—even though I’d already done a cursory examination! Even in peripheral vision though, I could see she was adorably built. Then she turned sideways to me, asking if I minded if she joined me on my stroll, which I had been taking. I shook my head and then this marvelous little woman was walking calmly beside me. I glanced at her chest; it was deliciously flat. I could see her nipples through her suit and loved how hard they were. I glanced away, then back when she said something about lunch.

A cute tummy. Firm, flat, but with that womanly bulge. Her hips were bare because of the cut of her suite; that whole section of her, from hip to foot, bare and completely open to inspection.

Inspection passed. Her skin was like ivory, but with a faint golden tinge to it. She had the kind of thighs you just want to sink your teeth into! But we simply strolled on.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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