Michael and Jayla: Cabin Encounter


Staring into Michael’s eyes, Jayla noticed a familiar expression. “Oh my God. You regret this.” She began to squirm furiously under him.

“Get off me,” she exclaimed through clenched teeth. After freeing herself from beneath his body, she sprang from the bed and grabbed the nearest shirt, trying to cover herself.

“Jayla wait, it’s not like that.”

“Like what?” She could feel tears welling in her eyes. She forced herself to keep her composure. “I can see you regret this.”

“It’s not regret. It’s just…” He paused and sat up on the side of the bed.

She turned her head from his nakedness. “Please leave.”

“Jayla…” He protested pulling on his pajama pants. “Just listen for a minute.”

“Just leave Michael. I don’t want to hear it. You want to go back to her. Just go.”

“It’s not…” He protested.

“Just go!” She shouted. This time he obliged.

She didn’t relax until she heard the door slam as he left. His truck engine roared as he peeled out of her driveway. Immediately, she flung herself onto the bed and screamed sobs into the pillow. This is how she fell asleep, her faced buried in the covers.

The next morning Jayla dragged herself into the bathroom. Looking in the mirror, she noticed how puffy and red her eyes were from crying for hours. She splashed cold water onto her face before taking a long, hot shower. She had to prepare herself for a face-to-face with Michael in her 17th century literature class.

As the water cascaded down her body, she wondered what they would say to each other after the evening they spent together. She closed her eyes and threw her head back, enjoying the warm water hitting her delicate brown breasts. She could still feel his hands gently caressing her body, his tongue flicking at her clit. Slowly, she rubbed a soapy sponge over her tight stomach, taking in the soothing aroma of the body wash.

She could picture Michael sliding the shower curtain back and stepping inside with her. The heat of his body inches from her would send shivers of pleasure down her back. She could imagine him taking the sponge from her trembling fingers and making small soapy circles on her shoulders and the back of her neck. The intensity of this mental picture was too much for her awakened clit. It needed attention. With dexterous fingers, she answered her body’s yearning and softly toyed with the tiny member while imagining Michael washing her back, moving slowly down to her butt. She could feel him inching closer to her, planting kisses on her shoulder as he dropped the sponge and began to massage her soapy butt cheeks.

These thoughts were too much for her. She placed on hand on the wall of the shower and slipped a finger inside her. Her breath became ragged as she moved her finger in and out of her slit. She flicked her clit with her thumb and shot waves of pleasure all over her body. Faster and faster she moved her finger in and out, thinking of Michael squeezing her nipples as he sucked on that special place on her neck. Suddenly, the phone rang, jolting her back into reality. She jumped out of the shower and grabbed a towel on the way to answer the ringing phone. The answering machine picked up before she could make it. It was Michael.

“Hey Jayla. Are you there? I just wanted to say…I don’t know what I wanted to say except that I don’t regret a minute we spent together.

I’m just a little confused and need some time. I’m going up to my parent’s cabin today, and I call you when I get back. I just need some time to think things through. Okay, I’ll talk to you later.”

Jayla stood in the living room absorbing what she just heard. A small pool of water collected under her feet. She stared at the answering machine for what porno izle seemed like hours before snapping from her daze and finishing her morning preparations for class.

Entering the classroom, she first noticed Michael’s empty seat. Usually he was in class first and greeted her with that thousand watt smile. Now, the class seemed empty and dead. She also noticed something else. Amanda was glaring at her and whispering to Elizabeth. Not knowing what this meant, Jayla took her seat with a sigh. Class was boring without someone to slide notes to. Occasionally, Jayla would notice Amanda and Elizabeth looking her way. It suddenly dawned on her that these two were sorority sisters with Stephanie, Michael’s girlfriend. What had she told them?

After class, she received an unexpected visitor. Stephanie was waiting by the door for her. She walked right passed her and headed for the stairs. In the parking lot, the three women converged on Jayla’s car before she could get in. They looked like a miniature version of Charlie’s Angels with pom-poms.

“Jayla, can I talk to you,” Stephanie asked.

“Yeah, sure.” The trio moved closer.

“Have you seen Michael?” She continued.

“No, I haven’t. What’s wrong?” She could feel herself leaning further and further back on her car.

“We had a fight last night, and it was about you. You haven’t seen him?”

Jayla could not hide the shock on her face. Michael did not mention that she was the center of his argument with Stephanie. She was speechless.

“I told him that I wasn’t comfortable with the two of you being so close. I wanted him to see you less and me more. He told me that I couldn’t choose his friends and shit like that.”

She was still stunned and did not utter a word.

Stephanie continued, “Look bitch. I want you to stay the hell away from my man. He doesn’t need to be around you. He’s mine.”

This was enough to elicit a response from Jayla. No matter what was going on, no one could talk down to her.

She moved toward Stephanie and the other musketeers as she spoke, “Look Stephanie. Michael is a grown ass man. He can do whatever the fuck he wants and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it.” Because of the height difference Jayla was looking down on Stephanie and could not stifle a smirk.

“Hey, don’t talk to her like that you black bitch,” chimed one of the backup buffoons.

“All of you need to get the fuck away from my car. If you’re still in front of it when I move, you’ll be under it.” With that, Jayla snatched open the car door, threw her books on the back seat, and revved the engine when she started the car. The three women scampered back as she peeled out of the parking lot.

Jayla could not believe what she just heard. Michael did not want to give up seeing her for hid girlfriend, and he had not mentioned any of this to her last night. Her head was swimming. What did this all mean? Leaving the school, she knew where she had to go. She drove up the interstate headed for Michael’s cabin. He had pointed it out once when they were fishing near there. She had to talk to him. Her mind was a jumble of thoughts. She shook her head to help clear her mind. She was lost in thought when she realized she was almost there.

Turning onto the road that leads to the cabin, she could feel butterflies building in her stomach and her breathing sped up. As she drew closer the uneasiness in her stomach turned to anger. Why had he left out the important parts of his fight? Why was he the only one who needed to sort things out? What about how she felt about the situation? As she pulled up beside his truck, she had worked herself into a fury. How dare he?

She climbed out of the car calling his name. By amatör porno the time she reached door, she was furious. She banged and banged, but nothing stirred inside. She tried the knob, and the door swung open. She stepped inside and went from room to room. By this time, steam was rising from her head. He was nowhere to be found. She paced the floor, trying to calm herself. It was no use. She went into the kitchen and found what she was looking for: a liquor cabinet. She poured herself a tequila shot to help her nerves. She slowly walked back into the living room, sipping on the drink. The couch looked warm and inviting, so she sat down, nursing her drink. After a few minutes she heard footsteps on the porch. “Michael, is that you?” He opened the door holding his fishing gear.

“Jayla, are you in here?”

“I’m over here.” He dropped the gear and headed toward her. She placed the drink on the coffee table.

“What are you doing here?” She could not make out what kind of expression he had on his face.

“I needed to talk to you. Stephanie stopped me after class and told me about your fight.” He sighed heavily. “Why didn’t you say anything Michael?”

“I didn’t know what to say. I just knew when she said not to see you anymore that I just exploded.”

“You couldn’t tell me that. I think I should know when my name pops up in conversation, especially if you’re coming over to fuck me.” She could feel herself becoming infuriated.

“I didn’t plan for that to happen. I just wanted to get away.”

“And I guess the easiest way to do that was to screw me. Is that it?” She could tell that he was getting upset as well.

“No, that’s not what happened. I just wanted to forget about it for a while. I told you when I got in the truck, I didn’t know where I was going. I just ended up at your house.”

“So I was just the most convenient piece of ass. Thank you for choosing me.”

“It’s not like that, and if I’m not mistaken you weren’t complaining when I playing in your ass.”

Before she could think, she ran up to him and slapped him. “Asshole!” She screamed.

Instantly, his shoulders dropped. “I’m sorry Jayla. I didn’t mean that.” He walked up to her. She backed away.

“I can’t stand you.” She turned and half-ran for the door. He grabbed her by the arm. “Let go of me Michael.” She tried to snatch away, but he held on tight.

“I said let go of me.” She again tried to pull away but to no avail. His grip was too tight.

“Just calm down and talk to me.”

“You’re hurting my arm. Let me go.”

“I can’t let you go. That’s the problem.” He pulled her toward him. She was too upset to hear this. She began to fight, hitting him several times in the chest. “Let go of me. Let me…” He squashed her words with a kiss. She muttered through the kiss, struggling to get away, but she knew that she couldn’t get away until he released her. Besides she was enjoying the kiss.

When he did release her from the kiss, she slapped him again. “Bastard.” His reply was a smirk. This incensed her even more. She struggled fruitlessly. “Let me go!” He backed her up against the door and planted another kiss on her. She writhed in his grip but felt her guard failing. She could not give up that easily. She pushed hard against his chest.

Michael released her mouth and began kissing on her neck. Jayla’s response was breathless sighs of protest. He lifted her up, and she wrapped her legs around his waist before he returned to her lips. Jayla had never been kissed like this. His tongue teased her lips as it entered her mouth. She locked her arms behind his head and laced her fingers in his hair. He carried her over to the couch and gently laid her anal porno down. He trailed kisses down her neck and licked the top of her cleavage. Jayla thought she was in heaven; her nipples perked in response. Her breathing became erratic.

He trailed kisses back up her neck, chin, and licked her lips. “God, you are intoxicating,” he whispered on her lips. She tugged at his shirt and pulled it over his head. Using her finger tips, she outlined the muscles in his creamy chest. He grabbed her right hand and kissed her fingers before removing her shirt. “Wait. Let me up,” she cooed. Grudgingly, he obliged and sat up on the couch. She stood in front of him smiling. Slowly, she stepped out of her shoes and unzipped her jeans. She turned her back to him and slid her jeans down slowly, taking care to stick her butt out. She was glad she had worn a thong. He stood up behind her, and she turned and pushed him back onto the couch. He landed with a smile.

She turned her back to him again and unsnapped her bra, holding it up in front of her. He sat up on the couch in anticipation. She turned around to him still holding the bra over her ample breasts. Michael grabbed her by the waist and pulled her onto his lap. She dropped the bra, and he began to kiss the space between her breasts as he grabbed and squeezed her round brown buttocks. She gently pulled his head from her chest and sucked his lips before he devoured her mouth in a kiss. She could feel his cock growing beneath her. Reaching down, she started to massage it through his jeans. She felt him moan through their kiss.

Jayla then unbuttoned Michael’s jeans, and released his lips, trailing kisses down his neck. She kissed her way along his pecks, pulling and sucking on his nipples as he had done hers the night before. She licked her way down his chest, feeling it rise and fall more rapidly as she neared his sensitive white cock. She stopped her kisses and removed his shoes and socks. He then stood up as she pulled his jeans and boxers off. His cock sprang out at her, and she again pushed him back onto the couch.

She licked small circles on his knee before moving up his thigh. Wrapping her hand around his swollen and hard cock, she licked along its slit. Michael sucked in his breath and threw his head back. Jayla slowly licked her way from the tip down his eight inches of cock. She moved back to the tip and pushed his member deep into her mouth. Michael moaned loudly and placed his hand on the back of her head. She leisurely moved up and down on his cock. She pulled it from her mouth and kissed down his shaft until she reached his balls licking each of them in turn. She then returned to the head licking only the tip as Michael’s breathing picked up pace. Pushing the entire length into her mouth again, Michael said, “Ah! I’m about to cum.”

Jayla pulled away and said, “Not yet.” She stood up in front of him and pulled her thong off. Straddling him on the couch, she lowered herself onto his cock. They moaned in unison. He pulled her close to him and kissed her deeply as she began to move up and down on his cock. She moaned with each thrust. Again he grabbed her buttocks and guided her up and down his pole, resting his head on her breasts. They both picked up the pace and moaned loudly.

Michael suckled her left nipple, and she threw her head back in pleasure. Moving more quickly, she could feel her stomach tightening. She picked up the pace again and knew she was close. Being in his lap, her clit slid inside with each trust. She could feel it pulsing as his cock rubbed against it with each fast paced thrust. She squeezed his shoulders and began to moan louder. Michael pressed her closer to him as he came in torrents.

Feeling him come inside her sent Jayla over the edge. She screamed his name as she came as well. They sat resting in each other’s arms, neither one wanting to move.

Finally, he looked up into her eyes and said, “Please don’t leave.” She smiled and kissed his forehead and hugged him closer to her.