Michelle Ch. 01

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Late during the summer of 2002 I met a woman online who lived near Bay City, MI which is about 90 miles away from where I live. Michelle was also in a lousy marriage and as we wrote back and forth we found we had a lot more in common too. As time went on we also began talking on the telephone and eventually agreed to meet in person. We had already exchanged pictures and discussed physical and personal details and she was much as I envisioned her. Michelle was in her mid-forties, and could best be described as voluptuously built. Once we both got over the initial butterflies things went very well. We planned for a lunch hour meeting at Bennigans and the hour we had planned flew by. The next time I met her at Bennigans again and we spent an afternoon together first having lunch and then going to a park on the lake and that went great too. I finally took her back to her car and we kissed goodbye and then both left in our own cars. On the way back to the expressway I noticed a hotel and pulled into the parking lot. Michelle was behind me and turned in also and pulled up next to my car. I told her that I still had a couple hours worth of alibi left and there were a lot more parts of her that I wanted to kiss goodbye to. Twenty minutes later we were in a room I was kissing goodbye to her inner thigh, heading north.

After we got to know each other pretty well I learned that she had strong submissive tendencies. Michelle revealed that she also had other interests that she felt were too kinky and embarrassing to discuss. That piqued my own curiosity and I did my best to make her comfortable with the idea of revealing, if not exploring, them. Despite my best efforts she kept those fantasies to herself, and the longer that went on the more curious I became. Finally I gave her a direct order to tell me or face the consequences. Michelle refused with an unusual amount of obstinacy and even a hint of enthusiasm. Letting that type of disobedient behavior go unchecked was obviously out of the question. I took her over my knee, and pulled her jeans and panties down and administered discipline to her bare ass until her cheeks were literally beet red and she agreed to come clean. Then she stood there red-faced and red-assed in front of me (with her pants still pulled down mid-thigh ha ha) and revealed her secret interests in the “medical fetishes” like gynoplay, enemas, douching, lactation, catheters, etc. Michelle got the spanking she wanted, her fantasies were out in the open, and I found myself in enviable position of being in a relationship with someone who was extremely interested in activities that I had personally been curious about for years but never acted on.

Anyhow, now that our kinky mutual interests were revealed it went without saying that she should have a thorough examination and I accumulated the necessary “medical” Escort Bayan equipment including large and small speculums, thermometers, forceps, specimen bottles, a breast pump, a bulb-type douche bottle, catheters, various sex toys, enemas, douches, and even a surgical scrub shirt. My doctor’s bag also included some non-conventional items like nipple clamps, cuffs, a collar and chains, blindfolds, a flogger, etc. A hotel room table with some well placed cushions and towels made a perfectly acceptable exam chair. Together we explored the world of D/s, medical fetishes, and some BDSM and it was literally a life changing experience for me. Ultimately, that relationship turned out to be probably the most exciting and satisfying I have ever experienced.

Unfortunately, Michelle is no longer under my care due to a change in her husband’s work assignment. He got downsized out of his present job but then found a better job in Connecticut and they moved away. For a while we kept in contact but maintaining a relationship over such a long distance really wasn’t practical. Our calls and emails have become infrequent now and the intimate relationship we had is definitely over. I still think about how exciting our mutual interest was and last summer I decided to make my GeoCities web pages in hopes of finding another similarly compliant patient.

The following are accounts of some of the medical procedures included in my treatment of her condition over the time we had together. We didn’t always engage in medical play but we did do so fairly often. This gave us a chance to try many different things. There were a few lengthy appointments involving very thorough examinations and multiple procedures. There were also some shorter ones addressing a specific aspect of her condition. I have summarized particularly memorable examples of the different procedures as accurately as possible, and in a logical order. They were not all done in neither this exact order nor even in the course of any single appointment. Many procedures were repeated several times as necessary. However, taken individually these accounts are all true with the exception of the fact that her name wasn’t really Michelle.


Since she had submissive tendencies, special measures were appropriate for her care. For instance, when you go for an exam I expect that you typically disrobe in privacy, alone in the exam room or behind a screen. Michelle would have no privacy. I made her remove her clothing while I was watching her. Michelle had to strip to her underwear and then remove her bra and expose her breasts. I did let her keep her panties on for the time being.

I started with a complete examination of her breasts. Michelle had extremely sensitive nipples and she also had a great interest in lactating. She told me that whenever Bayan Escort she saw a woman breastfeeding a baby she wished that she had been able to experience that herself. Michelle also confessed that she would get sexually aroused at the thought. Before I examined her breasts, I made her demonstrate her own breast self-examination (BSE) technique. Of course it was embarrassing for her to have to manipulate her own breasts in front of me but it was for her own good. I needed to be sure that she was doing the BSE correctly. Next, I examined her breasts myself. Besides the typical standing and reclining positions I also found it useful to examine her breasts with her on her hands and knees. Women experience further increased sensitivity when their entire breasts, not just their nipples are engorged. This is especially true for women whose breasts are already sensitive such as my dear patient. Maximum engorgement can be achieved by constricting the breast by using a large rubber band applied around the base of the breast. The constriction must not be so tight as to completely cut off blood flow but it can be surprisingly tight, enough to cause the breasts to swell and become darker in color. Her doggystyle position with her breasts hanging did help facilitate the placement of rubber bands. Once her breasts had become nicely engorged I proceeded to knead and squeeze them progressively toward her nipples to check for nipple erection and discharge and also for general sexual arousal. I told her that this was a medical procedure and she was not to become sexually aroused because that would be sluttish behavior. Disobedience would be cause for punishment. The reason that I let her keep her panties on was that a visible damp spot of vaginal secretions in the crotch would betray arousal. For some reason while she was kneeling there with her breasts hanging down and being “milked” a dark spot did indeed begin to show right where the fabric was stretched tight over her labial bulges! Not only that her nipples felt a bit wet too. I informed her she had not followed my orders and I would have to teach her a lesson after I had finished her breast examination.

Anyhow, back to her examination. After thoroughly evaluating her breasts in the doggystyle position I let her get back up and had her sit in a chair for a further investigation of the wetness on her nipples that I had noticed. I suspected she might be experiencing some discharge. Fortunately I previously had the idea to buy a breast pump as a stimulation device. The pump I bought is a Gentle Expressions brand and it has a clear plastic funnel shaped nipple cup. I turned the pump on and while it was applying suction I gently squeezed her breast down toward her nipple using a regular self-expression technique. The suction from the pump caused her areola to darken and swell until Escort it nearly filled the cup part. Her nipple also became engorged and swollen to about the size of the tip of my baby finger. After a few moments little clear/white drips began to form on the end of her engorged nipple. Michelle could feel it come out and see it as well and she said that she found the experience tremendously erotic. After several minutes I switched to her other breast with the same results. While using the pump on one breast I used my mouth on the other and I could taste her milk quite distinctly. Michelle wasn’t making a lot of milk but she was definitely making some.

I completed examining her breasts and then I gave her the good news that she had a clean bill of health, and the bad news that there was still the matter of her disobedience to deal with. At that point I cuffed her arms behind her to restrain her sitting in the chair. Then I got out suction tubes to use on her nipples. These are soft plastisol tubes about one inch diameter and two inches long, with one end closed. Using them simply involves applying some lotion or lubricant to the nipples to help make a seal, then squeezing the tubes closed, applying them over the nipples, and then letting go. As the tubes try to spring back to their original shape they apply a small but constant suction. I applied the suction tubes and left them on her for a while. When I figured that her nipples were sufficiently erect I pulled the tubes off. Her nipples were again swollen, erect and considerably darker in color. The tubes were wet inside as well.

Her nipples were even more sensitive after all the pumping and the application of the suction tubes. That would make it even more effective when administering discipline. I quickly put a clamp on each nipple. Then I attached little chains to the clamps, adjusted them short and attached them to her collar to pull her breasts upward by her nipples, exposing the tender flesh below. I remember how full and rounded her breasts looked and how I could see her bluish veins through the alabaster skin of the underside or her breasts. That time I administered the discipline with a flogger. After ten strokes to the underside of each breast her alabaster skin was much redder and warm to the touch and most interestingly both nipples were leaking milk profusely.

Incidentally, the more times we used the pump the easier it was to get milk and there was more of it as well. Michelle would also lactate more before her period. Later I noticed that her breasts seemed larger and firmer and then she told me that she had gone up a cup size, and that oh, by the way, she had bought her own breast pump and had started using it periodically. We would often include pumping and suction as part of our play. Michelle also would use her own pump sometimes when she would masturbate. By the time they moved and our relationship came to an end, a few minutes of pumping and manual expressing would cause some real actual lactation and her breasts would give at least a tablespoon of milk, perhaps a bit more…

*** to be continued ***

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