Mick Britton: Third Lesson Part 05


Miss Smith continues her home studies. Missy gets some help keeping her mouth shut.



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In the shower Mick showed missy how he wanted her to bathe him. “Eyes down, start with the top and work your way down. When you wash my hair, take your time, massage my scalp. Use your finger tips.” As she slowly worked her way over his scalp he sighed and closed his eyes. “Good, that’s good. Now as you wash the rest of me, use firm hands, and rub them over my body slowly.”

Missy was trembling in excitement. To be able to touch him, to sensually run his hands over his skin, to feel his muscles hard and lean, was thrilling and maddening. His cock was erect and rigid against his belly and she rubbed the soap over his hardness.

She seemed to get stuck there, running her hand up and down his slippery shaft, her eyes carefully cast down, mesmerized by the sight of her hand slowly sliding the length of him. Mick put his hand over hers, squeezing her fingers tighter and urging her faster. His voice was hoarse, “Do you like what you see? Do you like jacking me off, missy?” He put his hand on her head and pulled her face closer. He quivered and the ropes of come shot out and struck her in the face, mixing with the water and sweat, and dripped down over her lips. Almost automatically she licked her lips.

Mick laughed and put a finger under her chin, lifting her face to look at him. “I asked you a question, missy. A student must never ignore her teacher’s questions. It would be disrespectful and disobedient.”

Missy blinked and seemed to wake up from the trance she was in. “Oh, I… um… yes Mick Sir. I liked it.”

“What did you like?”

“Masturbating you, touching you, feeling your come on my face, I liked it all.”

Mick smiled, “That’s the attitude missy. Now wash the rest of me and let’s get something done with the little time we have left.”

She kept her eyes down and focused on following his instructions, kneeling and washing his legs and listening to his words, a quiet smile on her face.

Mick was dressed in his jeans and a clean t-shirt, tying his shoes, as he looked at missy kneeling on her pad. Without prompting she had quickly made the bed and folded her blankets and slipped them in the space underneath the bed. “You will need to wash the sheets sometime this week. I will be back on Friday.”

Missy’s eyes jerked up from the floor and found his face. She looked a little panic stricken, “What will I do?”

Mick tipped his head, and raised an admonishing finger, “Missy, I once again must remind you to remember the rules. You have been remiss. I have had to remind you far too many times. I want you to go upstairs into your kitchen and bring me back your three heaviest wooden spoons or spatulas.”

Missy dug through the drawers in the kitchen. Typical of a house that had been lived in for decades there were dozens of utensils to choose from. She laid out the wooden spoons and spatulas in a careful parallel row on the kitchen counter as she found them. There was one hand carved oversized wooden spoon that was about five inches across and had a heavy stick like handle almost eighteen inches long. The second largest was a thick spatula that had several dozen holes in it, its handle was long and flat like a ruler only slightly thicker. Third was a long handled stirring spoon with about the size of the palm of her hand. She put the rest of the utensils back into a drawer and trotted back downstairs.

Wordlessly she knelt at her place and held out the wooden tools out to him. Mick’s eyebrow went up at the sight of the largest wooden spoon. He hefted it in his hand and commented, “This thing is a monster missy.” He laid it down on top of the dresser. “I think we will save this one for more serious transgressions.” He lifted the second one and nodded. “Yes this one is perfect.” Hold out your hands missy palms up.”

Missy’s hands were visibly shaking when she held them out.

“Missy a student who is about to be punished must speak to her teacher about her transgression, apologize for her lapse, state that she is presenting herself for correction and then beg his forgiveness.”

Missy gulped and nodded. “Yes Mick Sir. I forgot the rules. I forgot to shut up and listen. I forgot to speak respectfully. I am sorry I forgot.” Her lips quivered and she looked pleadingly at him. “I… um… present myself for correction and I… please, please forgive me.” Her last words throbbed with emotion.

Mick turned the spatula around and held it by the wider spatula end and slapped that handle against his palm. He nodded and then snapped it down across her right palm. Missy yelped and reflexively jerked her hand back, tears starting from her eyes.

Mick’s voice was sharp, “Missy you will hold out your hand and leave it there. I recommend not clenching your fist; it will be much, much worse on your knuckles.”

She held her hands back up.

“Good missy. Sahabet We will only do ten on each palm and then move on to practicing being respectful. Count with me.” Mick did not alternate between her hands. He struck the same palm over and over, and then moved to the other. The pain scorched through her, getting worse with each sharp slap to her hand. Missy yelped and counted each pop of the spatula handle. When he was finished, her whole arms where shuddering in pain and it felt like she held a handful of coals in each red palm. The pain in her hands seemed to increase after he was done, aching and then itching fiercely. Missy blinked as she cautiously flexed her fingers.

“Missy after a punishment a student should thank her teacher.”

Her voice was thick with suppressed tears. “Thank you, Mick Sir, for giving this student her punishment. This student will try extra hard to remember her rules and lessons.”

We are far from finished. Stand up and turn around.”

Missy’s eyes were huge and frightened, but she jumped up and turned her back to him without hesitation. Mick stepped close and when she felt the tip of his finger slowly trace the length of her spine, a ripple to goose flesh spread across her skin. His voice was close to her ear, “You still have my marks on your back. I am so fucking turned on by your back. Missy lean over and grab your ankles.” As she bent over the finger trailed across her ass. “And your ass is piece of art. It is a mosaic of handprints. Spread your feet out a little more.” As she widened her stance he ran his finger down the crack of her ass and then slowly slid it between her legs.

“Tell me the four rules missy.” His finger slid into her and began to pump in and out.

Her voice quivered and lurched. “Shut up and listen, obey, be respectful, and have a good attitude.”

“And tell me who I am and what you are.” Mick slipped a second finger into her, continuing to thrust them regularly into her.

“You are Mick Sir, my teacher and owner, and I am missy, your student.” A tiny whine of excitement shook through her as his fingers relentlessly fucked her.

“Missy, this is not for your pleasure. This is to consequence you for your lapse in memory. Missy you are not going to be allowed to orgasm until I am convinced you understand how important it is to speak to me respectfully. Do you understand?”

Her voice was shaking, “Yes Mick Sir.”

“Missy there will come a time when you will be expected to control your orgasm. You will not be allowed to come without permission. If you study especially hard, you will even learn to come when I tell you to. But for now, I want you to resist it as best you can and then ask to come. Ask me respectfully to come. At first I will tell you no. Remember that you are not allowed to come without my permission. Eventually you will be given that permission if you cooperate and answer my questions honestly.” Missy’s legs were shaking and her hips flexing with each plunge into her, making wet squishing sounds.

“Remember missy I require your complete cooperation. I require you always speak the truth. Tell me missy about your masturbation. How often do you play with yourself?”

A flinch of shock shook her, but she answered quickly. Her words lurched and blurted from her lips. It seemed each thrust of his fingers inside her seemed to push the words from her. “Mick Sir, before you came to my classroom, not very often. Once or twice a week. After, that night, after… I did it a lot of times. I don’t know how many. And the next day too.”

“A lot of times? More than ten?” His words seemed to be caught up with the metronome of his fingers as well.

“Yes Mick Sir, I think more than ten.”

“And the next day?”

“Yes, Mick Sir. In the morning before I went to the school, three times. In the car on the way to school, one time. And at school between classes, in the bathroom, um… maybe four times?”

“I must say Missy, I seem to have lit a fire in that cunt of yours. Tell me missy, what you do when you masturbate.”

“Mick Sir, I push my hands inside my panties and rub my clitoris with my fingers.” Missy was tensing and she blurted, “Please Mick Sir, please let me come.”

“That was a good attempt at speaking respectfully missy, and you have been doing a good answering my questions. But no not yet missy. We still have far to go. Missy do you have any toys? Vibrators, dildos?”

“No Mick Sir. I don’t.” Her voice was tense and strangled. Mick noticed instead of leaning toward his touch, she seemed to be trying to tilt away from him, to keep some amount of control. He gripped her hip with his other hand and increased the depth and tempo of his thrusting fingers, grinning as he noted her fluids running down his fingers and dripping to the floor.

“Have you ever put anything other than a cock into your cunt?”

For the first time she did not answer promptly, a brief hesitation making a moment of silence. The wet sounds coming from between her legs Sahabet Giriş seemed suddenly louder. Mick lifted his hand from her hip and struck her ass sharply, knocking her off balance, driving her to her knees as her hands flew forward to catch herself. “Missy, you were thinking of lying to me!” He followed her down, his fingers hardly losing a beat. His voice was harsh and loud. “Tell me now what it was you did not want to say.”

On her hands and knees, her head hanging down, Missy gasped and blurted out, “Tongue… fingers.”

Mick leaned over her, “Why was that hard to say?”

Again she hesitated, and this time for the briefest of seconds began to pull away from him. A sob broke from her and then she tried to push his hand away. “Please, please Mick Sir may I please come. I can’t think.”

Mick slapped her hand. “Missy, answer my question! Why was that hard to say?”

She froze and said in a soft voice. “Because it was a girl.” And then she flinched and added, “Mick Sir.”

Mick’s hand stilled, coming to a rest still lodged deep within her. “Say it again.”

Missy’s voice was soft and miserable. “I am sorry Mick Sir, because it was a girl that did it.”

Mick began to softly slowly move his fingers again. “Missy why didn’t you tell me about this before?”

“Mick Sir, it was only one time and you did not ask me that. You said tell you about the men I have fucked, not women, and I was ashamed.”

“Do you think you were being really honest with me?” His fingers resumed their demanding intrusive tempo.

Her voice strangled and broke. “No Mick Sir, I was keeping a secret from you.” She gasped out, “Oh god, Mick Sir, I can’t stop it any more. Please, oh god please, may I come?”

Mick abruptly stilled the movements of his hand, and then pulled his hand away completely. “No missy you may not come yet. Get up off the floor and lay down on the bed. On your back, I want to see your face.” Once she had lay in the position he required he spread her legs wide, lifted the one closest to the edge of the bed and sat down between them, putting the lifted leg down across his lap. Once again he put his hand to her, slipping two fingers into her and resting his thumb on her cleft. He held the fingers in her cunt motionless but he very subtly began to press down and make very small circling movements with his thumb on her clitoris. Missy made a distress whimper. “Keep your hands above your head missy. No pushing me away. If you are afraid you are going to come. Just tell me like you did last time.”

Mick looked at her and said, “Look me in the eye, missy, and tell me the truth. Tell me about this girl, tell me everything about it.”

Her eyes were locked on his and she began to speak softly, “There was a girl in college. Her name was Amy. She all the time talked about being bisexual. She said that you couldn’t tell if you were bisexual unless you tried it. She was pretty aggressive and kept kind of daring me to do it.”

Mick continued to rub the tiny circles on her cleft with his thumb. “And you did do it, didn’t you?”

“Yes Mick Sir, I did.”

“Tell me about it.”

“Everyone else had gone to a party. I did not go to parties any more, not after what that guy had done to me. I was in dorm room alone. Amy came back with a bottle of tequila. She said that just because I never went out it did not mean that I couldn’t have fun. She said that we could have our own party.”

Missy shuddered under his hand, her hips starting to move. “I was so mad about what the guy had done. I felt so bad and vulnerable. I don’t know how much tequila I drank but it wasn’t a whole lot. When she kissed me, I let her. I let her do everything.”

“Everything?” Mick’s thumb began to move faster, the fingers inside her twisting and pressing deeper. “Tell me about everything.”

Missy was undulating under his touch. Her voice was hoarse, her breathing coming in soft pants, “She kissed me and undressed me. She kept her clothes on. She kissed me slowly all over, my lips, my neck, and my breasts. I just laid there. I did not make any noises, but I liked it. When she went down on me I came. I never did it again.” By the time she had finished speaking her voice was a strangled squeak, her body arched and tensed. “Please I beg you Mick Sir. Let me come. Please, please, please.”

Mick’s fingers were pumping in and out, his voice was tense as he asked her, “Do you ever think about her when you masturbate? Do you sometimes think about a woman’s tongue on your cunt when you touch yourself?”

Missy could barely speak, “Yes! Yes I do!” And again she pled. “Please I can’t stop it. Please I beg you.”

“Yes, missy, you may come, come for me.”

Missy sucked in a deep breath of air as her neck arched back and then let out a long deep sigh. She was so silent that for a minute Mick wondered if she was really coming. But then he could feel the walls of her cunt spasming rhythmically around his fingers, a flood of wetness welling up Sahabet Güncel Giriş and over his fingers. Her body began rippling and surging with each movement of his fingers in her. It was only on her second breath that she moaned, long and low, starting soft but building louder.

Her legs closed around him, catching and squeezing him, instinctively wrapping around his body. Her climax built and built, her moans changing to hoarse broken cries. The contractions of her pelvis seemed to spread across her body, shaking her, making her curl up and arch back over and over. Mick watched, a curious look on his face, his fingers forcing wave of wave of ecstasy. Only when her legs hung lax around his waist and his fingers forcing nothing but quivers and jerks from her dripping body did he relent.

Mick carefully extricated himself from the circle of her legs and missy curled up, her eyes closed and her breathing soft and deep. For the first time she forgot to keep her hands above her head, wrapping around arms around herself. A shiver shook her. Mick laid a blanket over her sweat soaked body and walked to the bathroom. As he washed his hands he caught his face in the mirror and nodded to at his image.

When missy woke he was sitting at the desk writing. She slipped from the bed and knelt at his feet, her hand cautiously raised.

“Yes missy?”

“Mick Sir, this student needs to use the restroom, please.”

“Go on then.”

“Thank you, Mick Sir.”

When she returned, her hair was combed and he could smell the scent of soap around her. When she knelt at his feet he stroked her hair and spoke, “Missy you kept a secret from me by not telling me about your sexual experience with the girl in college. But you are correct I had not asked you about women. Missy is that the only time you have had sex with another woman?”

Missy answered promptly her voice was clear. “Yes Mick Sir.”

“But you still sometimes think about it?”

“Sometime yes Mick Sir, but not all the time. Not at all since you came to me.” Missy hesitated and then corrected herself. “I am sorry Mick Sir that is not accurate. I did think about her when you were touching me this last time. But you were asking me about it.”

“Have there been any other women you wanted, women you were sexually attracted to since then?”

“Yes Mick Sir. Sometimes I would see a pretty girl on TV or at the store, that reminded me of her and I would remember.”

“So if you had the opportunity you would like to have another woman do that to you again?”

“I don’t know. I would be embarrassed and I would be afraid you would be angry with me. I would rather be with you.” Missy’s voice was soft and thoughtful. Mick felt her body flinch and she quickly added, “Mick Sir, I would rather be with you.” And she repeated, almost like she was reminding herself. “Mick Sir.”

“And if I commanded you to fuck another woman?”

Missy did not hesitate, “If my teacher gave me a command, I would obey, Mick Sir.”

Mick chuckled and pulled her head against his thigh. “Good answer missy. Nice attitude.” He could feel her gently press her lips to his leg.

“Missy I have been making a list of things I want you to do this week. I expect all the items on this list to be completed by Friday afternoon. I am not sure if you will be able to get all this done without taking some time off from work, so you may need to do that.” He handed her the papers he had been writing on. “Read these and then we will discuss them if you have any questions.”

Missy looked at the papers in her hands.

Before I leave today: Lay out clothes for the week, Talk about makeup and hairstyle, and Review rules of behavior for week.

During week: Get birth control, Dye hair black, get bangs cut, clean basement top to bottom, catalog all crap in main floor of house, Get EBay account and put up at least ten items up for auction.

To buy list: 100′ Coaxial Cable, Have a menu planned and make sure that all the food items we need to eat next weekend are in refrigerator.

Mick came back downstairs with a beer in his hand, and sat down. He held his hand out and missy handed him back the sheets of paper. “Do you think you will be able to get these done?”

“Yes Mick Sir. The only thing that might be difficult is getting a doctor’s appointment for the birth control.”

“I want this to be done first. If you can’t get an appointment, go to the local Planned Parenthood place. I expect you to be baby proof by next Friday.”

“Yes Mick Sir, I will call first thing this Monday and get started on that.” Missy wanted this even more than him. It had only taken one experience with a condom to make her decide she totally hated those things.

“So let’s start with the hair and makeup. Come up to your bedroom and I will show you how I want your hair on your computer.”

Missy watched as he brought up some pictures of a woman on the screen. She fought to keep from giggling when she recognized Pauley Perrette, the actress that played the Forensic Specialist Abby Sciuto on the TV show NCIS. It was these little moments that made her remember that he really was just twenty years old.

Mick was completely serious. “I want your hair like this and your make up too.”