Midday Multiples

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It was about three in the afternoon, and I knew I had at least another hour before I could call you and hear your voice. I had been run around the rest of the day, and was a bit worn out, and decided to get into my bed and relax for a little while. I took off all my clothes, tired of being constricted, and lay down on top of my covers. Finally able to unwind, my thoughts turned to you, to the last time I got to see you, and looking forward to the next time. I remembered the way you felt inside me, the way you tasted, and the sound of your growl. I found my hands running across my body, lightly caressing my breasts before trailing down my stomach and over my hairless mound. When I slid my finger along my slit, I was not surprised to find that I was extremely wet. When my moistened finger pressed onto my clit, I felt my body jump, sending shock waves along every nerve ending. Firmly and quickly, I toyed with my clit, bringing myself to climax. It made me feel even more relaxed, and as each muscle finally un-tensed, I found myself dozing off.

I awoke to the sound of my phone; you sent me a text message saying that you were leaving your office and would be free to talk. Unable to wait a second longer, I immediately called you. You answered the phone, laughing at my impatience. At first we were just chatting, until you asked what I had done in the afternoon. When I told you about having touched myself, I heard your voice change slightly, and you told me that you wanted to hear me cum for you. I am always amazed how you can control me, even over the phone. I once again let my hand wander down between my legs. I told you how wet I was, how much I wished you could be here to make me cum yourself. You reminded me that it was not so long now, only a few more days until you would see me again, but that you wanted to listen to me moan. I alternated between fingering my sweet hole and playing with my clit. After a few moments, you asked me if I had my toys nearby. Of course I did, bursa escort I always have them next to my bed, and I like to keep them handy when we talk, in case I need to cum after we talk because of how much you turn me on.

You told me to put my Tarzan inside my dripping cunt, and to turn it on full blast. I could feel the shaft swirling inside me while the clit stimulator vibrated against my sensitive nub. My breathing became more labored, mixed with moans as I felt my orgasm nearing. You could hear that I was approaching my climax, and told me that I was not allowed to cum yet. I moaned louder, begging you to please let me, telling you how much I wanted it. You continued to deny it to me, and told me to get my other toy handy, my glass dildo. I reached over and grabbed it, following your directions to coat it with body lotion. While lotioning it, it reminded me of running my hand over your cock, turning me on even more. I continued to beg you to let me cum, and finally you told me that I would be allowed to have my release, but that I had to cum and at the same time insert the whole glass dildo into my ass. I whimpered softly at the thought of being so filled up, but knew that I would obey you.

Moments later, you told me to cum, and I felt my muscles starting to constrict, so I took a deep breath and pushed the ribbed glass cock into my tight hole. I cried out as my body was wracked by a powerful orgasm, having to hold Tarzan in my pussy as my muscles threatened to push him out. As I was panting and trying to catch my breath, you told me that I was not yet allowed to remove either toy, or turn down Tarzan’s settings. I moaned slightly, but was also so aroused by you, that I knew I would want to cum again anyway. Enjoying the waves of my pleasure mixing with the new sensations building inside me again, I turned my attention more fully to you. I asked if you had enjoyed listening to me cum, to which you replied that you had. Still curious, I asked if you were bursa escort bayan hard, and you told me that you were. I found that just knowing that you were hard was turning me on even more. When I told you this was the case, I could almost hear you smile into the phone, as you told me that you were glad that I was so aroused by you. At this point, you told me to start thrusting the dildo in and out of my ass.

It hurt slightly, and I found myself only really moving it about an inch in and out, which still made me moan loudly as my body responded to the sensations in my delicate, aroused places. I told you how full it made me feel, how I wanted to cum. Surprisingly, you took pity on me, and let me cum when I asked. I moaned deeply as my muscles tensed with my climax, my pleasure so fulfilling. Even as my orgasm was washing over me, I felt myself getting more aroused, wanting even more.

You heard my moaning continue, and could clearly imagine my naked body lying on the bed, fucking myself with my toys. You asked me if I felt really full, to which I replied that I did. Then you asked me if I thought that I could still take your cock in my mouth in my current state. I moaned at the idea, and told you that I could, and wished that I could right that moment. Then I paused, and told you that I might not be able to focus as much as usual, that I might not be able to suck your thoroughly and bob up and down on your shaft. I asked if you would mind fucking my face, and you said that you wouldn’t. I moaned at the idea of you holding me by the hair as you thrust in and out of my mouth, while I thrust the toys into my other holes. I started moaning more loudly, nearing another orgasm, but this time when I asked for permission, you denied it.

You listened to my moans and pleading for a while, but continued to deny my climax. Then you said, “You’re not being too gentle with yourself, are you? Because you know I won’t be gentle with you.” I moaned and told that I escort bursa wasn’t being too gentle, but still I knew that I was, and began thrusting the glass dildo harder into my ass, pulling it almost all the way out before forcing it back in again. My moans turned into cries as my pleasure bordered on pain. I was overwhelmed by sensations and asked if you would fuck me hard when you saw me. You told me you would, and when I asked you to promise, you simply replied, “don’t worry, I will definitely fuck you very hard the next time I see you.” My cries and moans were hardly able to express how I felt, barely balancing on this line of pleasure before a climax. I continued to beg for the release, and finally you gave me permission. I pushed both toys deep inside me as my body was consumed with waves of pleasure. It seemed to last for hours as my muscles spasmed and tensed, my orgasm starting somewhere deep inside me and radiating out along every nerve in my body.

Gasping for air, I finally was able to speak again, thanking you for letting me cum. You told me that I could turn off the vibrator and remove both toys. I turned off Tarzan, and as I pulled him out with a soft, wet plop, I couldn’t help but feel empty inside. The glass dildo was painful to remove as I pulled it out of my tortured hole, and yet I still moaned as it slide along my sensitive flesh, and when it was out, I couldn’t help but miss it. I lay there, catching my breath and feeling my muscles slowly relax again, my insatiable hunger for pleasure finally satisfied. We continued to talk, but then it was time for you to go. I told you that I felt bad, that I wanted you to cum as well. You told me not to worry, that you were sure I would please you when next we saw each other. I promised that I would do whatever you wanted, and again I could almost hear your smile as we said goodbye.

I had hung up the phone and was finally recovering some strength in my lower body, when I heard my doorbell ring. I grabbed my robe so that I was decent, and hung out the window to see who it was. I felt joy shoot through my body as I looked down and saw you standing there, so handsome. I knew that I was in for even more pleasure, but this time, not alone…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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