Midnight Movie Club Ch. 06

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Previously on “Midnight Movie Club” – Four college students cross paths at the beginning of their freshman year at Farragut College; military brat and film lover Julie Wyndham, laid back musician Cole Scales, modern-day flower child Eleanor Freeman, and kind and outgoing Alexander de’Armound. A mutual love of movies and undeniable chemistry lead the quartet to form a club meant to further both their friendships and their sexual maturity.

After sleeping with the unrestrained Karen Zielinski and the wild pastor’s daughter Gwen Crutchfield respectively, Alexander and Cole bring the bylaws of the Midnight Movie Club into play for the first time, leading to an evening of movies and nothing more as well as the election of Julie as President of the Midnight Movie Club.

With midterms around the corner, stress levels are high across campus. Taking advantage of a Saturday evening alone, Eleanor invites her next door neighbor Beatrix over for pizza and a viewing of the B-movie classic ‘Hard Ticket to Hawaii.’ Once the movie ends however, Beatrix introduces Eleanor to her own form of stress relief in the form of some intense girl-on-girl…


“Damn it.” Karen flopped back on the bed as she repeated the two words in a soft mantra. “Damn it, damn it, damn it.”

Alexander couldn’t help the haughty smirk that stretched across his face. “Is something wrong?”

There were daggers in Karen’s eyes as she glared sharply at him. “Don’t get cocky kid.”

He quickly held his hands up in apology. “Sorry, sorry,” he said, trying his best to wipe the smile away. “I’m not trying to be a sore winner, I swear. It’s just…” The grin flared back up for a brief moment like a wildfire being fed pure oxygen. A deep breath later however, Alexander managed to reign in his abundant cheerfulness. He extended his hand towards Karen. “Good game, Salt Lake.”

“…good game, Seattle.” Karen firmly shook his hand and used it to help pull herself to a sitting position. “Even after that first goal I thought we had a chance, then Lodeiro scored and Luiz took that stupid red card.” Looking at the laptop set at the foot of Karen’s bed, the young woman sighed as the final score was displayed on the screen – Seattle Sounders 2, Real Salt Lake 0. “I’m going to warn you right now,” she told Alexander. “There is no way I’m rooting for Seattle to win the Cup. That goes against every fiber of my being.”

“That just means you’re a true club supporter and not a bandwagon jumper.”

Karen snorted. She put her back against the wall and pulled her knees up to her chest. “I will say, I did enjoy having you over to watch the game. You’re passionate about your club without being an utter douchebag. Your clothing, however, is fucking obnoxious.”

“Hey!” Alexander grabbed the front of his lime-green Sounders jersey. “You do not knock the rave green.”

“That shirt’s so bright you could see it from space. Now, this.” She motioned to her royal blue RSL tank top with red and yellow highlights before taking a hold of the similarly colored scarf around her neck. “Claret red, royal blue, real gold.” She waved the fringes in his face. “THIS is what a team’s kit should look like.”

“I admit, our colors are an acquired taste for those without any taste to begin with,” he grinned. “Full disclosure, there is one time where I’m a douchebag fan, and that’s when we play the Timbers. I’ve never missed a home game against them and I’ve been down to Providence Park in Portland twice. If we watch a Sounders/Timbers game together, it’s going to be in a public place so my yelling doesn’t disturb the neighbors. That, and if the Sounders win there’ll be witnesses so that Susan girl doesn’t kill me.”

“The girl’s part Amazon,” Karen admitted. “If she pinned you against the wall there’s an equal chance she’d hurt you or fuck you. Maybe both.”

Alexander tilted his head to one side at the image. “I mean…I’ve never been with a warrior woman…no, no, she’s more likely to hurt me. She’s into girls, remember?”

“Her exact words were sometimes she doesn’t feel like a nut, sometimes she does.” Karen stretched her leg out and rubbed her toes against Alexander’s crotch, making the young man jump in the process. “If she wants an Almond Joy, she can tear open your package,” she teased before throwing her scarf over one shoulder and blatantly grabbing her breasts. “And she can unwrap me if she ever wants a Mounds.”

“Um…wow.” Karen laughed as Alexander, stunned at her admission, tried to recover from another mental image, this one substantially more X-rated. “So you’re…into guys and girls…both?”

“I’m the inverse of Susan. I prefer nuts, but sometimes you just…you just want to order from Pike Place Fish Market, you know?”

“You’re bi. Holy mackerel.” Alexander barely managed to get a forearm up to block Karen’s wild swing with her pillow. “Sorry,” he laughed, “I couldn’t resist that setup.”

“You could have, you just chose not to. It’s what I get for making a Seattle Sakarya Escort reference in the first place.” Karen dropped her pillow back onto the mattress. “Alright, so what do we do now?”

“It’s only 10:30,” Alexander said after glancing over at her alarm clock. “Village Wok’s still open and now I’m homesick for a salmon roll. I’ll be happy to pay for you to soothe your wounded pride over your club losing.”

Karen’s response was a raised eyebrow. “I mean, what do we do now for victory sex?”


“We never made a wager regarding victory sex,” Alexander answered. “Our clubs meeting in the playoffs were stakes enough for me.”

“You don’t need to make a wager for victory sex.” Karen shifted her body, getting onto her knees at Alexander’s side. “It’s automatic. Your team beat my team, so, you get to have victory sex. And victory sex…” Her hand drifted along Alexander’s thigh. “…entails doing whatever you want to me,” she purred.

His penis began twitching at Karen’s touch. “It…it does?”

“Mmm hmm. With reason, of course.”

“And if the score was reversed, would that entail you to do whatever you wanted to me?”

Her fingers ceased their movement on his leg. “No offense Alexander, but am I going to have to spell out that I want you to fuck me every time I invite you over to my room?”

“No, no. Oh, no. We just never outlined the parameters of what victory sex entailed before now. That,” he added, “and you’re the third insanely attractive woman who has propositioned me since I got to Farragut. I am so not used to that.”

“Third, eh?” Karen leaned forward. Her hand slid up the inside of Alexander’s thigh. “And who would be the other two who convinced you to take a roll in their hay?”

Alexander bit his lower lip as Karen’s fingers dragged across his lap, brushing against his stiffening erection. “I’ll tell you later if you really want to know. I don’t think it’s wise to discuss women I’ve previously slept with with the woman I’m about to sleep with.”

“Clever boy.” She raised up to bring her lips to Alexander’s. “Someone’s taught you well,” Karen whispered softly before kissing him. As their lips touched, her hand gently squeezed his crotch. His body continued to stir from the dual sensations of being kissed and caressed. Turning on his side, Alexander pressed against Karen, pushing her back against the cinderblock wall. She responded by wrapping her arms around him. Somehow it was Alexander who ended up on Karen’s lap, straddling her as she pulled his body close. His hand cushioned the back of her head from the dorm room’s wall as his tongue slipped between her lips. Karen’s hands briefly slid the hem of his soccer jersey up his back before she suddenly reached between them and jammed her fingers down the waistband of his black shorts.

Alexander’s spine stiffened at the feeling of Karen’s fingers grabbing his growing erection over the fabric of his boxers. One hand grasped his thickening shaft while the other cradled his balls. “So,” she purred in his ear as her fingers stroked him, “what are you going to do to me, Alexander de’Armound?”

“I haven’t decided,” he answered. “Honestly…oh, that feels good…I’ve been caught flatfooted.” His hands roamed the front of Karen’s tank top. “I’m going to have…mmm…have to wing it…”

Karen hummed as Alexander’s fingers slipped underneath her shirt. “So you’re going to have to improvise…”

“Yes,” he agreed. Karen raised her arms, allowing Alexander to carefully remove her RSL tank top. The end of her team’s scarf dropped as he pulled the shirt over Karen’s head, the fringe draping across one of her bare breasts. “I’ll have to be spontaneous,” he murmured before taking Karen’s other breast in her mouth.

One of her hands clutched the back of Alexander’s head, holding him in place as his tongue made a wet circle around her stiffening nipple. “Impulsive,” she said breathily.

“Act first…” Alexander gasped sharply as Karen unbuttoned his shorts and did her best to shove them down his legs as he sat on her lap. She forced them low enough to allow his rock hard cock to spring free, giving her full range to run her hand along its entire length. “…think later…”

“Just let biology…oh damn, that’s nice,” she hissed when Alexander laid a series of kisses along the side of her neck, “…take over…”

His hand slid up Karen’s inner thigh underneath the hem of her dark blue athletic shorts. The crotch of Karen’s underwear was already damp. Alexander swore he could feel the wet spot expanding as he pressed his hand against the fabric. Karen pushed against him, shifting her hips to rub against his fingers. Her grip on his manhood tightened as they once again began to kiss. They passionately made out for several moments, tongues dancing against one another before Alexander pulled back. “Go with the flow,” he panted. Desire was evident in Karen’s pale blue eyes, as Alexander finished off pulling his shorts and Sakarya Escort Bayan boxers. He tossed them to the floor. His Sounders jersey joined them a moment later, leaving him completely nude on the edge of her bed. His six inches were hard and proud between his legs as he studied his potential lover.

In response to his nudity, Karen untied her blue athletic shorts. She slid them down her shapely legs to reveal a pair of white cotton panties, the fabric gray between her thighs. With a saucy smirk, Karen slowly peeled her underwear away from her body. Alexander ran a hand along the side of his scalp, sighing at the sight of Karen totally naked. Her chocolate brown hair was still tied back in a ponytail that currently hung over her left shoulder, a contrast to the royal blue scarf sitting on the right. Both ponytail and scarf brushed against firm breasts which sat high on her chest, pink nipples erect. Between her legs, the lips of her womanhood glistened despite only a few minutes of foreplay.

“Second time around,” he told her, “and you’re still mind-blowingly hot.”

“And you…look like you lost weight.” Karen got up onto her knees. “Have you been working out?”

Alexander beamed with pride even as he chuckled from embarrassment. “I started jogging with a friend of mine,” he explained. “Trying to fight off the freshman fifteen and build up my cardio.”

“Remind me to get my butt back into the gym after midterms. I want to remain mind-blowingly hot.” She planted herself on the edge of her bed. “So what now?”

“Now…” he answered, going with the first image that popped into his mind, “I want you to stand up, face the bed, and bend over.”

The young woman immediately did as Alexander commanded, standing up, turning around and grabbing hold of her covers. Looking over her shoulder with a demure expression on her face, Karen bent at the waist, pushing her hips back towards Alexander. She sultrily swung her butt from side-to-side. “Are you going to spank me, Alexander,” she asked in an innocent, high-pitched tone.

“Uh…I wasn’t planning on it,” he said after a moment.

“You sure?” Karen arched her back, giving Alexander a full view of the curves of her tight butt. “When I said you could do whatever you wanted to me, I meant it. Spanking is within reason.”

Alexander decided to go with his gut. “Maybe next time,” he told her. “For now I’m just following my instincts.” With that Alexander dropped to his knees behind her. He took a firm hold of Karen by her butt before running his tongue along her wet opening, starting at the top and stopping just before reaching her clit at the bottom. A moan of anticipation was his reward. He repeated his action, this time beginning at the bottom and running his tongue all the way to the top, flicking his tongue across the entrance to her soaked tunnel. Karen’s wetness tasted somewhat of copper, a contrast to the faintly bitter taste of Eleanor’s essence. As he began to lick Karen’s pussy in earnest, his tongue glided easily along and between her dripping lips. Alexander took care to avoid touching her clit. The fleshy bundle of nerves protruded from its thick hood, begging for his attention. He took care to stop short every time. The few times his tongue accidentally brushed against it, it was with a quick, indirect touch that still brought about a reaction from Karen.

Arms braced against the bed frame, Karen’s breasts shook with each shiver that ran through her body due to Alexander’s gifted tongue. “Last time you went down on me,” she breathed, “I ended up making a mess on your face.”

“I’m not aiming for a repeat performance this time.” Alexander wiped his hand across his mouth, gathering Karen’s juices in the palm of his hand. In any other circumstance, the damp taste of copper wouldn’t have appealed to him. At the moment however, sucking the essence from his fingers only served to make his cock throb with a delicious ache. “Right now, I’m just trying to get you ready for when I stand up and rail you against the bed.”

“Oh…I can get behind that…”

“And you made fun of me for a bad pun?”

Alexander’s long, slow lick of her womanhood turned Karen’s verbal response into a low groan of desire. After several more passes from top to bottom and bottom to top, Alexander lightly flicked Karen’s clit with the tip of his tongue. Karen raised up on her tiptoes as Alexander finally gave attention to her throbbing button. Her glutes tensed beneath his hands. “Oh yeah,” she urged, “keep doing that…”

His lover was trembling with anticipation by the time Alexander finished. A few drops of her liquid essence ran down her thighs like rain against a car window. Even after wiping off his mouth Karen’s taste lingered on his lips. As Alexander got to his feet, a pang of discomfort in his legs from that morning’s jog made him wince. He reminded himself to grab a banana later on. Taking hold of his cock, he rubbed the tip against Karen’s soaked lips, causing Escort Sakarya her to gasp.

“Oh God…wait, wait.” Karen pointed towards the head of her bed. “Pillow. I don’t want to skin my knees on the bedframe.”

With some creative engineering, the pair managed to wedge the pillow between the bed frame and mattress so that it hung down over the edge. After unwinding her RSL scarf from her neck and tossing it in the rough direction of her nightstand, Karen braced her arms on the mattress, hips pushed back towards Alexander with a ‘come hither’ look smoldering in her eyes. Alexander moved without hesitation. One hand rested just above her butt while the other held his erect cock. His gentle push forward turned into a deep thrust as his entire length buried itself inside of Karen’s soaked pussy in one easy stroke. It felt like sliding into an exquisite oil. Alexander hissed with quiet delight at the sensation.

“There we go…” Karen’s hands dug into her quilt as Alexander began fucking her. His cock quickly became coated with her essence as he slid in and out of Karen with ease. The familiar tightness of Julie and Eleanor was absent. It had been replaced with liquid heat, friction exchanged for the feeling of warm honey surrounding his manhood.

Karen’s breathing quickened as he continued thrusting. “Oh yeah, that’s it.” She began pushing back against him, only for Alexander to tighten his grip on her hips to keep her in place. “No fair,” she whined good-naturedly, “I want to play too.”

“I…oh God, you feel good…I won, you lost, so that means I call the shots…”

“This is calling the shots?” Karen suddenly shoved her hips backward, gasping as she drove Alexander’s cock into her. “I’ll be honest,” she said, looking over her shoulder with a smirk, “this really doesn’t feel like I’m being railed…”

The smirk on Karen’s face vanished. Her eyes went wide and her jaw dropped open as Alexander slammed into her. He drove his hips forward like a dragster exploding from the starting line, fucking Karen with enough force that the patch of blonde hair around the base of his shaft was soaked with her wetness. Her entire body shook from the repeated impact of his hips against her shapely rear. She lowered her torso, arching her back and pushing up to allowing Alexander to drive deep inside of her. “That’s it,” she called out, barely managing to keep quiet. “God, you feel so fucking good!”

The squelch of Alexander’s throbbing cock thrusting in and out of Karen’s dripping pussy filled the dorm room, along with the strong scent of her womanhood. Her breath was a series of sharp gasps mixed with lusty groans of pleasure. Alexander’s sole focus was on the blissful heat that surrounded his manhood, but eventually, his legs began to tire. He glanced around the room for a moment before spying a folded towel on Karen’s desk. “Is that towel clean,” he asked.

“Huh? Uh yeah, that’s one of my last clean towels…”

After a few more strokes, Alexander pulled his cock free from Karen’s body. The cooler air of the dorm room pleasantly contrasted with the warm slickness on his penis. Bent over and panting, Karen watched with curiosity as Alexander grabbed the towel and unfolded it on top of her bed. “Lay down,” he told Karen firmly.

Karen slowly climbed onto the bed. She swayed her hips from side to side, giving Alexander a full view between her legs. One hand brushed her chocolate brown hair over her left shoulder before she did as instructed. She gave him a sultry look, spreading her legs as she asked, “like this?”

Alexander responded by climbing behind her. He sighed at the warm sensation that once again surrounded his cock as he easily slipped inside of Karen. He put his hands on either side of her shoulders as he began fucking her, quickly ramping up to the same pace as before. While his lower back protested slightly at the unfamiliar motion, pushing down and pulling up with his hips, the sigh of relief from his legs was much louder. Karen moved her hips in adjustment, groaning once she found the right angle. “Have you ever fucked a girl this way,” she asked while running a hand through her hair.

“No,” he admitted. “I’m improvising here.”

“A little slower and a little deeper will…oh shit, oh shit, fuck, fuck, oh fuck…” Karen pressed her forehead against the mattress as Alexander did exactly as she asked. She moaned into her blanket. Her strangled cries of torrid passion were muted by the fabric. The quilt balled up in her hands as she clutched at it tightly, overwhelmed by irresistible bliss. Alexander leaned down and kissed the back of her neck, causing Karen to turn her head and grab him by the hair. She kissed him hard and deep, much like how he was fucking her. Her tongue was hot and wet in his mouth. “Oh God,” she said, her fingers tightening their grip on his blonde hair. “Oh God, right there, right there, right…yes, yes…oh hell yes…”

This time Alexander kissed her. She screamed into his mouth. Hot liquid gushed around his cock as her womanhood gripped him in a rhythmic manner. Breaking the kiss and pressing her forehead against his, Karen’s breath came in short gasps as she coasted down from the peak of her climax. “Fuck, Alexander,” she told him, “you fucking fuck so fucking good. Fuck.”

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