Mike’s Meat Ch. 03


About three weeks went by without me seeing Mike at all. He was spending all his time at the gym getting ready for the Central Florida Body Building Competition. He stopped posing for me after his leg workouts and he no longer needed me to measure his arms after his arm routine. Pretty much, I could tell he was avoiding me.

There were a couple of conditions for him to live here on the estate with me for free. The first is that he would walk around the house in his jockey shorts while he was at home. Second, was that he would pose for me on his leg days and third, was that I would measure his arms after an arm workout. All of this had stopped after our last arm session, which, ended in me taking a load of Mike’s sperm down my throat.

I figure, poor straight Mike was feeling confused and guilty for having a guy so into his body. He was confused that he would be so turned on by me that he would shoot his load. He was straight after all! But it did happen. He took control. He knew what he was doing while he let me lick his beautiful arms, when he told me to lick his muscular ass, and when he blew his load down my throat. He was acting like the male sexual animal that he was. Now that it was over, he had to rationalize, why he was so turned on.

I figured Mike was probably making arrangements to move out and into his own place where he could have a girlfriend and be his true straight self without me around reminding him that having sex with a man could be a turn on.

The next evening, I went to the gym to work out and to see Mike, to talk with him. He was there working his lats on the pull up bar. I watched as he pulled himself up 10 times. He was completing his reps slowly and in perfect form. His back was rippling with muscles as he continued to force his muscles to exhaustion.

I remember worshiping and licking Mike’s thick back muscles. Having my tongue slide across his trapezius muscles and his latissimus dorsa muscles, was an amazing privilege. I was hoping to taste some of the testosterone that seemed to ooze from every muscle and overflowed into Mike’s personality. I started to get hard. We both continued to work out and I saw Mike glancing at me, but he never came over to talk with me. He was purposely ignoring me.

I felt bad about that way things were turning out between us. I was sort of falling in love with this sexy man, but, I made him feel insecure about himself. He was straight. He could never love me. After my workout I left Mike at the gym and headed home. I was miserable and I knew Mike was miserable living with me. I’m afraid that I had scared him away. Tonight, Mike’s indifference to me was further proof that we were not going to be friends and I certainly wasn’t going to feel his super masculine body press against me again. I felt like a lost puppy. I felt so alone.

I did a couple of hours work in my office and decided on calling it a night. I took off my clothes dropped them in the laundry and went to the kitchen for a glass of juice. While I was standing at the sink, I felt strong arms reach around me and pull me back tightly against a hard body. I heard Mike say, “Quiet, don’t say a thing.” Avrupalı porno Mike was totally naked! My back was smashed against Mike’s hard pecs and my butt was rubbing up against Mike’s thick cock. My cock started to expand. I started to say something, but Mike reached up and covered my mouth with his huge hand. “Shhh… Don’t say anything. I got you now,” he whispered into my ear. I don’t believe what I am hearing!

“Spread your legs,” Mike says. I feel his rigid dick slide between my legs. Then Mike begins to slide his dick in and out of my legs like he fucking me, but he is only teasing me so far. “Can you feel my cock?” he utters. I can feel the thickness of what is between my legs. My cock is rock hard. My mind is quickly turning to mush. I am no longer thinking clearly. I am just feeling Mike with my body. Mike pulls his dick from between my legs and I instantly feel a void where his thick cock should be. But before I can react, Mike turns me and directs me toward my bedroom. All this time Mike’s arms are securely wrapped around me. I feel so safe, so relaxed. I feel so confused, but mostly I feel so turned on!

Mike pushes me down so I am kneeling at the foot of my bed and then he pushes my upper body over the bed as he pulls my hands above my head. Now Mike is on top of me, crushing his chest into my back. I feel Mike’s thick cock in my butt crack. He begins to fake fuck me so I can feel his thick cock ride up and down my crack. With Mike’s weight on me I am pinned to the bed. I can hear his heavy breathing. Then Mike crawls off me and says. “Don’t move, I’ll be right back.” When Mike shifted his weight off me, I instantly felt cold. In my mind I was thinking, come back Mike. Push me into the bed; let me feel your manly body forcing me into the mattress.

I feel Mike’s finger covered with lube rubbing against my hole. The coolness of the lube and the pleasure of having Mike’s thick finger touching my ass surprised the hell out of me. My face is still pressed into the mattress but I don’t move. Then I feel Mike’s finger pushing harder into my hole until he managers to work his finger in. This sends shivers down my spine. I can’t believe what it happening to me. Mike begins to pump his finger in and out of my ass and I begin to shake. Then I feel him push in another finger and I am moaning into the bed sheets. Mike finger fucks me faster and faster and them stops and leans over me and whispers into my ear, “I need to loosen you up. I don’t want to hurt you.” Then to my surprise, Mike slips his third finger into my ass and starts to stretch my hole to accommodate him. I can’t believe this is happening to me. I need his dick so bad. Its all I have dreamed of for the last 6 months.

Mike speeds up his finger fucking and my body responds by pushing back against his hand as he pushes in. I feel an orgasm building as much as I try not to cum, I can’t hold out much longer. I start to say, “I’m cuming,” and Mike suddenly pulls his fingers out of his ass. “Oh, fuck Mike,” I gasp. “Damn Mike, I almost came!”

“I know you did Chris, but don’t cum yet.” Mike climbs on top of me and whispers into Video porno my ear, “Chris, I’m sorry I haven’t been around. You must have thought I was avoiding you. That is not what was going on.” I do not understand what Mike is telling me. Does he need more money? Mike takes more lube and rubs it on my hole. Then I feel him stick in two fingers of one hand into my ass, and then two fingers of his other hand go into my ass. Mike begins to spread my hole. I fight the pressure of him widening my hole and Mike says, “Come on Chris, Let your ass go. I got you. I won’t hurt you. You need to trust me. I need more room for my dick. Trust me. Relax your ass.” I knew Mike’s cock was thick, but having him stretch my hole to accommodate him made my breath catch in my throat.

I let go and relax the muscles of my ass and I feel my hole widen. “There we go Chris. Breathe buddy, that’s it. Let me stretch your ass open. Almost there boy,” he says softly. Then I feel Mike add the third finger on each hand on my butt ring and pulls my hole wide open. I feel so vulnerable. How wide does he need my opening I wonder. Just then, Mike pulls his fingers away from my ass and tells me, “That should do Chris. You’re loose enough for me to force my dick into your ass. I sigh that he had removed his thick fingers and begin to moan at the thought of having his massive cock fuck me.

“Oh Mike, please don’t stop, that feels so good,” I cry.

“You want more Chris?”, he asks.

“Please Mike, I need something in my ass. Please fill me up,” I beg.

“Chris gets up on the edge of the bed in kneeling position with your hands and knees on the bed for me,” Mike said.

I climb on to the bed and kneel sticking my ass in the air. I can’t see what is going on behind me but I suddenly feel Mikes cock pushing into my ass. I feel the plumb shaped head pressing into my hole. I am concentrating on the way Mike is dominating me. The thought of having Mike fuck me and having his thick meat in me is so hot and it hasn’t even happened yet. I quickly jump ahead and imagine Mike shooting a thick load of muscle sperm into my ass. Taking me for his woman has got me whimpering like a baby.

“Okay, relax your ass, let me in Chris. I know you can take this,” he says. I feel Mike pushing hard on my sphincter and slowly my hole opens to accommodate the head of his dick.

“Oh, my God,” I say. “Fuck Mike, you are so huge. Please man give me some more.” Mike pulls his dick head out of my ass. I cry out, “You’re killing me Mike, Please man, I got to have it.” It was no exaggeration. I needed Mike’s thick cock in my ass more than anything! Mike lines up his cock and pushes into my ass again. I feel the head pass my ass ring as he pushes farther into my hole. Even though Mike had stretched my ass, I wasn’t ready for the thickness of his meat. I felt pain rip through my me as I tried to accommodate him.

“Relax Chris, you can take me. Open up man, its not right you keeping me out. I have been waiting so long to fuck you,” he whispers into my ear. Having Mike’s low sexy voice whispering intimately into my ear makes me relax my ass and sigh at what he is saying. “That’s right Chris, there you go boy. Let me in.” Mike’s cock slides in farther and I’m finally understanding the reality here. Mike is inside of me, fucking me. This has been my fantasy for months. I feel his thick tube widening my hole as he pushes in.

Suddenly Mike pulls his cock out. I gasp, and Mike flips me over so I’m lying on my back. Mike quickly lifts up my legs forcing them onto his shoulders. Mike places his meaty dick head at the entrance of my ass. He is now looking down at me and I’m trapped below his beautiful body.

“Chris, I wasn’t ignoring you. I wanted to be with you, but I had some things to work out,” he explains. Mike pushes and my ass opens and he slowly and steadily pushes his cock up into my gut. I feel completely full. I feel this massive tube inside of my ass and I’m looking at the most incredible muscular man I have ever met as he slowly fucks me. Its a fantasy that I had dreamed of often.

His massive chest is directly above my face and I reach up and run my hands over his smooth hard pecs. I feel his hard nipples with my palms and then slide my fingers over them and feel the tautness of the crowns of his pecs. I pinch his nips lightly with my fingertips. Mike moans. Fuck, I’m turning him on! I run my hands over the ridges of Mike’s abs and I am amazed at how hard and smooth they are. I reach around Mike’s wide back and hold on for dear life as Mike begins to fuck me faster and harder. Mike’s heavy balls are slapping my ass. I feel their girth and imagine that I am going to be filled with warm muscle sperm. I’m going to cum. Fuck I’m going to cum! Mike senses that I am close and suddenly stops in mid fuck.”Damn you Mike,” I cry.

Mike moves his face so that it is just a few inches above my own. I’m staring into his deep blue eyes and out of the blue I feel Mike’s tongue run across my lips. I whimper loudly. Mike begins to slowly fuck me again. Mike shoves his tongue into my mouth and I suck on it widely. I can’t believe this muscle stud is kissing me. Mike lifts his mouth from my face and says, “Chris, I’m sorry for what a jerk I have been.” I’m listening amazed by what I was hearing. “I had to get my head straight on what was happening here living with you.” Mike’s hips didn’t miss a beat as he continued to fuck me slowly. “When I saw you at the gym tonight, everything became clear to me,” he said sincerely.

Mike picked up his speed as I listened to what he had to say. I was so close to coming, I was a physical and emotional wreck. I needed Mike to shoot me full of his sperm so fucking bad! Then Mike leaned down and whispered in my ear, “Chris, I think I’m falling in love with you.I have been trying to fight it, but I can’t. I love you so much.” I opened my mouth to respond, but I looked into Mike’s blue eyes and I began to cry. Just then Mike begins to fill my ass with his sperm. I could feel each hot spurt of cum as it came out of his thick shaft. That pushed me over the edge and I came through my tears. The intensity was insane!

“Mike,” I sobbed, “I never thought that you could love me.” I pulled Mike close to me so our chests were touching and I began to kiss Mike with all my heart. We kissed to express our love and our lust. While we both recovered we held each other and lay in bed. I never thought a man like Mike could love me. I guess you are only straight, until you’re not!