Milk and Cookies Ch. 01

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Aletta Ocean

Note: This IS a fantasy. Any techniques and practices and results thereof are purely the invention of my twisted imagination.

Chapter 1 – A Taste of Honey

Looking back, I guess this all started at Bob and Sandi’s party. Things were going pretty hot and heavy – all the chain stations were in use and the delightful sounds of flogging and orgasmic groans filled the air.

Bob was waxing Sandi on a tarp-covered cot in the living room and had just invited Michael and I to dip a ladle in the wax color of our choice to add to the lovely design he was building on her delightfully squirming body.

I noticed that her usually small perfect breasts looked larger, but I attributed that to her excitement. Sandi loved breast play!

“Be careful of her nipples,” Bob said. “We don’t want to take a chance of burns that would keep her from nursing.”

Not certain of what I had heard, I turned to Bob. “Nursing – but I didn’t know Sandi was pregnant!”

“She’s not,” he replied, “She’s been going to a milk consultant – helping her to make lots of lovely milk. It’s just about the sexiest and sensual thing we’ve ever done!”

To illustrate, Bob knelt by the cot and ran his fingers gently down the top of her left breast, stopping before he touched the nipple. Sandi moaned and smiled.

He repeated his gesture several times, then placed his palm under the breast. With his free hand, he pulled on the nipple. It rose and stiffened, then – to my amazement – started to exude a clear, somewhat milky fluid.

He brushed the tip of his tongue over the nipple in a circle, then drew it into his mouth, sucking gently. Sandi was moaning very loudly by now. Bob released her nipple and lifted his head. Drops of the fluid clung to his lips. He kissed her deeply. “More?” he asked.

“Oh, yes!” Sandi murmured.

“We need to raise the head of the cot, ” he said, and he helped Sandi to sit up as the cot was adjusted.

He reached for a tube of lubricant, and after applying a large amount to his fingers, he inserted two fingers into Sandi’s pussy. He watched her face as he moved his fingers tandoğan escort inside her. Soon he had three, then four fingers in her as she writhed in pleasure.

He replaced his mouth on her left breast and began to suck. It may have been my imagination, but I though I saw her breast grow larger. He continued to suck as he moved his hand in and out of her pussy.

She was well into multiple orgasms when he pushed his entire hand into her. He kept his hand motionless and kept his rhythmic sucking motion going. She went into the most intense orgasm I had ever witnessed.

I realized that there was and had been almost complete silence in the room. I had been so absorbed in watching that I was unaware of my own body. My own pussy was dripping wet and I could bet every other woman in the room was also.

Michael had moved behind me and was kissing and licking the back of my neck. He unlaced my leather top and pushed it down to my waist. He cupped my breasts and brushed his thumbs over my nipples. When I moaned, he nibbled on my earlobe and whispered into my ear, “Now!”

He led me to an oversize armless padded chair. I ripped apart the snaps on his silk shirt and began to run my tongue over his nipples. He laughed and said, “Let’s see if these pants really work!”

He pulled at the snaps to the left and right of his waist and lowered what I had laughingly called a modesty panel in front. His cock sprang free, beautifully erect. In a few seconds, he had ripped open the snaps on both legs.

“I need to send them a commendation!” he said as he unsnapped my leather skirt and the remaining snap on my leather top, leaving me standing in only high-heeled thigh-high leather boots and a leather garter belt with black stockings.

“My God, you look so hot and ready to be fucked! He plunged his fingers into my dripping pussy and licked them off lovingly.

“I don’t think we’ll need any lube!” he said as he sat down, spread his legs, and pulled me forward to straddle him. I balanced with my hands on the back of the chair as he pressed me down to where the tip tekirdağ escort of his cock brushed the entrance to my throbbing pussy.

“Hold on, ” he breathed, as he used both hands to open me up. He had hooked a finger in each side and was gently stretching my tight opening.

“Slowly, please!” he murmured as I slid onto his cock. To my amazement, I took his full length almost at once. He pulled his legs together to support my bottom.

I could tell that this was going to be a spectacular fuck. Michael liked his lovemaking long and slow with a lot of talking and what he called his own brand of Tantric sex. That’s what had brought us together – first in my response to his ad looking for a Tantric partner, then as live-in lovers.

I began to breathe deeply, to clear my mind of everything except the feeling of his warm, beautiful cock inside me – how I felt to be impaled and taken, pinned almost like a butterfly on a board.

He brought his left hand to my back, cupping my bottom with one finger on my anus. His right hand was at our joining and his finger found my clitoris. I came almost immediately – a small fluttering orgasm.

“Showoff!” I laughed.

“Snack!” he said as his mouth found my right nipple. He began to suck gently, his tongue circling as he drew more and more of my breast into his mouth. I have very large breasts, and sometimes I felt as though he had taken the entire mound.

My pussy muscles responded and soon I was matching the delightful motions of his mouth and tongue in an internal massage. I was rewarded with even more engorgement – he seemed to grow even wider and longer. He pushed the tip of his finger into the opening of my anus and I tumbled into another orgasm.

This one widened and deepened me more. He swelled inside me. Michael switched to my left breast and I began to dissolve into a chain of steadily stronger orgasms.

Michael was holding me now, his arms wrapped around me. His face was alight with pure joy. He took his mouth from my breast, panting slightly.

I now became aware that we had been the center of attention, tokat escort just like Bob and Sandi.

“Great show!” I heard.

“Well done, old chap!” This from one of Michael’s countrymen.

“That was just the appetizer!” Michael rasped, closing his eyes. His throat was dry. Sandi was starting to hand him a glass of water when I saw the glistening droplets on her right breast.

“This might quench his thirst more, if you and Bob are agreeable,” I asked.

Bob and Sandi nodded, and she moved forward to brush her damp nipple against his lips. His eyes flew open immediately and the tip of his tongue emerged, hesitantly.

Sandi touched the corners of his mouth with her nipple and I felt the shiver go through him. His cock inside me was hard as iron.

“How do I…” he started to ask.

“Relax your mouth,” Sandi instructed as she placed her dripping nipple into his mouth. “Now, run your tongue gently over and around. This helps to make a seal. Then suck very gently.”

Sandi’s eyes widened and she moaned slightly. “Very good – you’ve done this before!” she laughed.

“I was nursed until I was three,” Michael said. “Very old custom in my home village.”

Another mystery from your past, I thought, and how delightful. No wonder you wanted a large-breasted partner.

Michael sucked at Sandi’s breast for what seemed like hours. His cock quivered and throbbed inside me. He pushed his knuckle into my anus and began an intense circular motion. He used the thumb of his free hand to rub my clitoris.

“Allow me,” I heard a voice say and his thumb was replaced by a tongue. I felt two mouths close on my nipples.

I was soon oblivious to everything but my throbbing pussy and nipples. I almost didn’t feel the tip of the cool dildo enter my anus. Being filled in both holes sent me totally over the edge and I dissolved into a torrent of sensation.

I woke up in our bed to the delightful smell of coffee and the sight of a fully-dressed Michael.

“Bad news,” he said as he handed me the cup. “I’m hearing for the airport now – being sent to London and will probably be gone at least three weeks.”

He bent to kiss my nipple, his mouth warm from his coffee. He nipped it gently, ran his tongue around it and sucked.

“I wish….” he murmured. As I moaned from the pleasure, I thought of a perfect welcome home present.

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