Milking Her Husband


This is a fictional story. If you are not an adult, please leave right now. If you’re an adult, then I would say this story contains female domination. If it is not your taste then kindly move on. I would like you people to comment on the text here. Criticism is welcome though only constructive criticism. Any tips or suggestion on grammar, plot and characters is welcome. Enjoy.


The sun peeks through the windows and causes Madhu to awaken. She remains on the bed for a few minutes. Then she gets up and puts on a robe on the night stand and goes to the bathroom. She looks at the full length mirror and sighs. It had been a long journey for her. She had journeyed from being the male CEO of the company to a house husband and from a house husband to a house wife. Her wife Rekha, who now was her husband, had helped her in her transformation.

The mirror reflected the face of a youngish woman. She was beautiful and fair. Her black hair went past her shoulders. Her hair were parted in the middle. In the partition, she was wearing sindoor. A sindoor is a red powder that every Indian wife wears to show her devotion to her husband. Madhu lets her robe fall away, and takes in her beautiful body. She was nude beneath her robe. She had never been muscular man. In her initial days, she had shirked body building in order to study. Her dream was to open her own company some day. So busy was she in her dream, that her body never had time to develop manly proportions.

Madhu gazed at her breasts. She was proud of them. They were not artificial, but grown using herbs and medicine. She had a decent bust and some women did envy her for that. A smile played on her lips at that thought. Her eyes moved downwards, onto her slim waist. Rekha had been adamant on corset training. At first Madhu had complained, but at the end gave in. Now the effects of the training were evident in a very slim and gorgeous waist. Moving downwards, Madhu looked at her cock. At the moment, it was straining against a pink plastic cage. It had been so since her marriage.

When Madhu had first proposed Rekha, Rekha had revealed that she had been abused by her Kartal Yabancı Escort father in her childhood. Due to this, she would never allow another man to penetrate her. Also to avoid any further complications, Rekha had put her under a chastity device. She had been so since the commencement of their marriage. And now the cock strained against the cage. It had been a month almost since she had got a release. The keys to the chastity belt were with the women of the house. That would be Rekha her husband, Pushpa her mother-in-law and Priya her sister-in-law.

Rekha said, “Honey, get ready. I will be there in five minutes.”

This seemed to bring Madhu out of her self-examination. Madhu positioned herself at the center of the bathroom with her back to the bathroom door. A horizontal rod passed right above her from where she was standing. Quickly she raised her arms and cuffed her left hand to the cuffs dangling from the rod. She repeated the procedure for her other hand. After that, she waited for Rekha.

Madhu heard the door to the bathroom being opened and she bowed her head, her eyes fixed on the floor. Soon, a pair of legs came into her vision. Madhu drew a breath. However, the legs disappeared from her vision. Suddenly her hair were pulled from behind causing her to arch her back. A blindfold was slipped over her eyes and tied at the back of her head. Rekha leaned over Madhu’s shoulder, and kissed her behind her ear. This caused Madhu to shudder. It was time for anticipation. It was time for Madhu’s monthly release.

“You look so delicious Madhu.” Rekha whispered into Madhu’s ear.

“Thank you Master.” Madhu replied submissively.

“Open wide slut.” Rekha commanded.

Dutifully Madhu opened her mouth. Rekha passed a ball gag into her mouth and lodged it behind Madhu’s front teeth. Rekha then strapped the gag in place.

“That’s better.” Rekha purred.

Rekha bit Madhu’s ear that caused Madhu to shiver. Madhu’s cock was eager to be out.

“Mmphh. leas re-eas ee” Madhu tried to convey her message.

Rekha however ignored her wife’s plea and started suckling at Madhu’s breasts.

“Mmmmm Kartal Yeni Escort hhmphff” Madhu purred in pleasure.

Rekha trailed a series of kisses towards Madhu’s navel. Rekha’s left hand was kneading Madhu’s left nipple while her right hand was caressing her balls. Madhu’s balls had become darkish red due to lack of release and huge. It was indeed time for release. However Rekha had something else in mind. Rekha continued stroking Madhu’s nipple while fondling with her navel.

“Huh huhhh mmmfff mmfff” Madhu was panting slightly.

To tease Madhu further, Rekha stopped her fondling and moved away.

“mmmmfffff aaaafffffff” Madhu cried in ecstasy.

Rekha moved towards the toilet. When she had come in, she had brought a cane with her. Taking the cane in her hand, Rekha positioned herself behind Madhu.


“Mmmmmffffffffff” Madhu tried to scream as the cane landed on her bare back leaving a red hot mark.





“hhhmmffffff” Madhu cried. It was stinging real bad.

“My wife, are you wondering why I am caning you?” Rekha asked in an angry tone.

Tears were coming from under Madhu’s blindfold. Madhu shook her head.

“About two weeks ago, my Mother had called a few friends home. She had commanded you to make good lunch. But you shirked your duty and back talked to her. How dare you?” Rekha screamed.






“mmmmmfffffff” Madhu tried to convey that she was sorry.

“If you think your punishment is over, you have got more coming.” Rekha said.

Madhu’s erection has gone cold long ago. Now the only sensation she was experiencing was pain. Rekha caned Madhu for ten more strokes before she stopped. Madhu was sobbing behind her gag. Rekha pulled at Madhu’s hair causing her to bend her neck backwards.

“Now for the final part of punishment. You will have no free release. I will milk you now, right inside your cage. Your next release will be after you have apologized and corrected your behavior.” Rekha whispered menacingly into Kartal Masaj Salonu Madhu’s ears.

“mmmmfffff” Madhu cried.

Rekha resumed her caressing and fondling with Madhu. She squeezed Madhu balls, eliciting a squeal from Madhu. With one hand on Madhu’s nipples another caressing her balls, Rekha started arousing Madhu. It was not long before Madhu was hard as a rock. Her cock had expanded but was now constrained under the tube of the chastity belt. Madhu arched her back for release. Rekha knew that Madhu was close to release. So she gathered a small bowl and positioned it right under Madhu’s caged cock.

To push Madhu over finally, Rekha inserted her index finger into Madhu’s anus. When the finger penetrated Madhu arched her back.

“mmmmfffffff” Madhu grunted.

That seemed to do the trick, as Madhu’s body started convulsing. Streams of white cum began to fall from the chaste cock into the bowl underneath. Few minutes later, Madhu seemed to have become quiescent.

Rekha got up and removed Madhu’s blindfold. She looked into Madhu’s eyes.

“Are you sorry for your behavior?” Rekha asked quietly.

The quiet tone of Rekha’s voice conveyed that she was hurt. Madhu realized this. She nodded.

“Do you love me? Rekha asked.

Madhu nodded vigorously.

Rekha undid Madhu’s gag and put it aside.

“Do not speak. Right under you is a bowl. It is filled with your own cum. Clean it up completely.”

Rekha quickly unlocked the cuffs and then sat on the toilet seat. She produced a video camera and started recording. Madhu now knew her humiliation would be shown to the other members of the family. Her penetrating gaze was like bullets to Madhu. Knowing that Rekha was hurt, Madhu got on all fours and tasted her own cum. It was higly salty and slightly sour. Madhu grimaced. However one look at Rekha and Madhu knew a lot more was expected of her. Quickly Madhu started licking her own cum.

About five minutes later, Madhu had cleaned up the complete bowl. Her mouth was aching, and it tasted so bad, that instinctively Madhu reached for the mouthwash. However, Rekha beat her to it.

“No mouthwash for you. I want you to taste it all day. Now, make a bath for me and then go prepare some breakfast.” Rekha ordered before storming out of the bathroom.

Madhu sobbed and grimaced. The pain in her back was making it’s presence known. However, Madhu’s day was just starting.