Milking You Ch. 05


I want to get you hard as fast as can. I am so impatient right now.

You feel my ass grinding against your cock and you moan against my neck letting your hands come upwards tracing each hot part of my skin. You can tell I am impatient and hungry for you. You know this is the perfect time to strike. But first you want to have just a little bit more fun. You want to have me sizzling before you drive your cock home. Taking your nibbling up from my neck to my ear you latch on with your teeth and bite down slowly as your hands find their way up to my breasts.

“Oh Kevin I want you so fucking much,” I moan.

Oh you know that. You’ve known that all along. You can sense my need from the way my breathing is labored and from how my breasts are responding to your touch. You know you can’t take much more of this either. You are starting to burn up with the need of the hungry lust deep inside you. You know you need to get me on that bed right now. Letting my ear go you bring your mouth close.

“I want you so fucking bad too. Let’s go to the bed,” you respond.

I nod yes. I am so ready for you and ready for this.

You can sense that I want you to take control now. That’s fine with you. Giving my breasts one last squeeze you pull your body away from mine and come around to face me. Reaching down you take my hand and start pulling me towards the bed. You can see the lust burning in my eyes and it excites you.

I grab firmly onto your hand as I start walking with you towards the bed. I am sizzling hot now. Each single sense of my body is heighted and I am very much looking forward to this. To having you be in charge for a bit. To have you make the rules.

You squeeze my hand as we reach the bed. You know you are about to do some very naughty things to me. You know you are going to have the shaking and calling out your name. You know you are going to fill my pussy so much with your cum that it’s going to overflow. You know you are going to enjoy tasting the mixture of our juices. You also know this won’t be the last time we get together.

I let my eyes dart over to the bed. I am ready for us to become one.

Keeping a firm grip on my hand you walk us around to the end of the bed. Making sure my back is facing towards the mattress you take your free hand and slightly push me downwards watching as I land softly. With a lick of your lips you get down on your knees.

I moan as I watch you. Oh fuck I know what you are about to do. Letting go of your hands I lift my hips and push myself back onto the bed all the way until my head hits the pillows. I feel my pussy leak more juices into my already soaked panties and I moan for you to come to me.

You hear my plea and like a hungry wolf you leap upwards onto the bed. Taking your hands you grab onto my legs and spread them wide using your palms to hold them in place. You don’t want me moving too much. Part of you wants to use some ties to hold my legs still but you are too impatient to grab for them. It would take too long to do anyways. This is better.

I reach up grabbing onto the pillows as I stare back downwards to you. I can hardly wait to feel your mouth of my pussy again expect this time without the panties. I want to ride the waves of ecstasy on your tongue and cum so hard for you when It’s time.

You see me grab onto the pillows and you know I’m ready. With a growl you lean forwards and grab the crotch of my panties with your teeth pulling outwards. You have never done this before. Usually you use your hands but this time, at this moment, you want to use your mouth. You can hear my breathing and my soft moans of pleasure mixed with anticipation as your teeth hold firm to the fabric.

I watch the scene before me. Fuck I can’t believe this is really happening. I’ve never had my panties ripped off with someone’s mouth before. It’s always been a fantasy though and now you are making it become a reality.

Feeling my eyes on you watching your every move you keep focusing on the task at hand pulling harder at my panties hearing the fabric start to rip. Knowing you are going to have to use your right hand anyways to lift the fabric up away from my body you know you’ll have no choice but to let go of my leg. Taking your right hand you move it up off my leg letting your fingers play with my exposed skin.

I moan softly as I feel your fingers. God this is killing me. I just wish you would hurry up and get my god damn panties off.

Hearing my moan you know I am getting more impatient. Okay enough fucking around. Taking your hand you bring it towards the side part of my panties lifting it up quickly. With force of a hungry man you pull hard hearing a loud rip as the fabric comes loose in your hand. Keeping your mouth steady you pull more ripping the rest of the fabric away feeling it come loose in your hand and mouth.

Pulling back just enough you throw the unneeded garment to the side not even caring where it’s lands. You then lean back in and altyazılı seks place your hand back on my inner thigh holding it firmer this time. Letting your eyes quickly dart up to me you open your mouth and slide your tongue out slowly. You want to see the look in my eyes before you start to lick.

I stare back at you never letting my eyes leave yours as I watch you. You look so good in between my legs right now. I love the way I can only see just your eyes knowing your mouth is right over my pussy. I know that I probably won’t last long because of how horny I am. And I know you won’t be able to last much longer without fucking me.

Seeing the look you are going for you wink as you start licking my pussy letting your tongue spread my lips while making contact with my extreme wetness. You are amazed how truly wet that I have gotten just from being around you these past few hours.

Not being able to stop myself I thrust my hips up slightly into the air as the pleasure hits me. Your tongue feels like heaven to my hungry pussy. I don’t want you to stop. Please baby don’t stop.

You feel my hips thrust up and you just moan against my pussy as you flatten your tongue out against my slit. I taste so fucking god damn good and you want all of me. You want to lick me dry. You want to lick me until I’m shaking all over you. You want my pussy all to yourself. You are feeling quite greedy right now. Taking your tongue you close your eyes as you slide it downwards drawing a hot line down to my hole then lick back upwards towards my clit.

Oh fuck baby yes that’s so good! Fuck you are really good at this Kevin. You must have licked quite a lot of juicy pussies in your time. The image of you having your face buried between different horny bitches legs enters my mind and I cry out so turned on by the thought. Of you tasting them just like you are me. Of you holding their legs open and wanting to make them cum for you. Just like you are and will be doing to me. I love the thought of you giving them such sweet oral service. I might even want to watch you one day. I think you’d like that.

You hear me cry out and you just assume it’s from your oral attentions or least partly because of it. You don’t really care what caused me to make that sound. You just know you want to hear more of it. Increasing your licks you apply more pressure to my inner legs letting your nails dig in ever so slightly. The taste of my pussy starts running down your throat as you lick harder and you do everything you can to swallow each drop.

Feeling the increasing of your licking I reach over grabbing the pillow to my left. Bringing it up to my mouth I start biting on it letting it muffle my moans just a little bit. I can feel my pussy start to get that ever so familiar sensation and I know I won’t last much longer. You are just too good.

You can hear that my moans are muffled and you know I must be getting quite close. Mmmm that’s good. You want all of my cum in your mouth. You want every single fucking drop. Knowing the secret trick that works every time you bring your tongue down slowly and curling it ever so slightly you slide it inside my fuckhole where your cock aches to be. Keeping your tongue curled you start licking the inside of my pussy while at the same time making a fucking motion.

Oh fuck no. You really are going for it. I know now I definitely can’t hold on. Oh fuck no. You really are going for it. I know now I definitely can’t hold on. Biting harder on the pillow I start thrusting my hips upwards making the ever so familiar fucking motion. Letting my eyes close I fantasize that you are fucking me right now. That you are pounding deep inside me and filling me up each time with your length. God I fucking can’t wait for that. I need it so bad!

Feeling my hips bucking against your face you know your trick is working. Digging your nails in harder you start tongue fucking me harder using all your upper body strength to eat my sweet pussy. You are ready to taste my explosion.

I feel my body stiffen up as the warm feeling rushes over me. Oh fuck it’s happening. I’m cumming! Biting even harder on the pillow I stiffen my legs as I start shaking.

You feel me cumming and you know it’s time to get to my clit. Moving your tongue out of my hole you quickly move up to my clit and start sucking on it while at the same time applying hard licks. Wanting to feel me cum fully you know you are going to need to use of your hand. So with lust leading you all the way you let go off my right thigh quickly, put two of your fingers together, and slam them HARD into my quivering pussy. Finding my g-spot you start rubbing as you suck/lick wanting to help draw out my orgasm.

Oh fuck baby! Fuck it’s so good. I feel you rubbing my g-spot and I start riding your hand hard thrusting my pussy up onto you. I want to fuck your hand just like your cock. I want you to feel ALL of me.

Yes that’s it. You love feeling me ride anal porno your hand. Harder you rub my g-spot feeling my body stay on a full orgasmic charge. You love having me right here at this moment. I am yours and you know it. You know I need your hand and your mouth just like you need mine. Wanting to give your cock some pleasure you start humping the mattress letting your find take you to the world of fantasy where it’s my pussy you are fucking. My tight hot pussy.

I feel the bed shaking and I realize you are fucking it. Yes that’s so hot. I love it all. Tossing the pillow aside I sit up and grab onto your head as I force you harder onto my pussy. Like a woman possessed I start grinding my pussy onto your face calling out your name as I feel my orgasm start to slow down just a bit. Yes you are my bitch for right now. You like tasting my sweet pussy don’t you?

Feeling my hands forcing your head makes you moan as you lick harder. Yes this is the side you enjoy. The forceful one. You still love seeing me in charge. It’s such a turn on. You feel like such the slave boy right now being granted the pleasure of eating my pussy. Like the servant who’s allowed into the queen’s quarters to service her sexual needs. You feel your cock start to get harder as you let those thoughts run though you.

I feel my orgasm finally subside but I don’t let go of your head just yet. I’m liking this way too much. If i let go you’ll stop. Of course you’ll fuck me but i know i could never stop wanting your tongue on my pussy. I think I’ll make that part of your new job. That when I am hot and bothered while or after pleasuring a client that you must be between my legs eating my pussy. Of course you know I’ll repay you darling.

You feel me stop cumming and you know you should stop licking. But you can’t. You just want this to go on all night. Knowing the only one you’ll be satisfied is to let yourself continue for a few more moments you moan happily as you decide that’s just what you’ll do. Reducing your licks from rough to soft you let your hand slide out of my pussy as you start making love to my clit knowing it’s very sensitive.

I feel you licking softly and I let up on the grip of your head by letting my hands fall to your shoulders. I start massaging your body as I think of how much fun I’m going to have stroking your cock in a minute. I can hardly wait.

You feel me massaging your shoulders and you moan softly into my pussy. You love how good my hands feel on your body. You know you could allow yourself get used to this. Fuck you know you are already addicted. And you know I am addicted to you too. It’s going to be so fun working with me every single day. You can hardly wait to watch me in action with every new client knowing that at night you’ll be the one fucking my brains out.

I keep massaging your shoulders as I let my eyes gaze downwards. I am enjoying this moment so much.

You know it’s time to get some attention to your cock. You feel it starting to ache with hungry need and you know that you want my hands on you again. Taking your hands upwards you place them on my stomach letting your fingers play with my skin once again.

I feel your fingers and I know it’s time to get to some hot stroking. Taking my hands I move them down to your arms and slowly start to pull you upwards to me. I want you to face me.

You feel my hands pulling you upwards and you kiss my pussy one last time. You then move your mouth up my body letting your lips come into contact with my abdomen, my stomach, and then my breasts. Finally you bring your head up to meet mine.

I stare in your eyes and feel myself gasp. Oh god why are you looking at me like that? I feel myself drawn into your eyes. Not being able to stop myself I start leaning forwards.

You see and feel me leaning forwards. You know that I must be feeling the same emotion that you are right now. Leaning forwards you bring your hands up to my face and cup it just like before. You know you are about to do something that we both can’t deny. It’s bigger than the both of us.

I feel your hands on my face and I lean in slightly causing my face to turn a bit towards you. I know you’ll take it as a sign to continue and that’s what I want.

Seeing my lean into your touch you know I do indeed want this too. Keeping your hands on my face you lean in further letting your upper body lean slightly onto mine. Taking your mouth you kiss me slowly at first then increase the kiss quickly letting your tongue slide into my mouth.

I moan into our kiss as I return the hunger by sliding my own tongue into yours. This is just like earlier except now WE both are naked and in bed. Taking my hands I slide them around your neck as I lay back onto the pillows taking you down with me causing your body to lay flatter on top of mine.

You feel your body pressing against mine and you stroke my face a bit harder as you add more lust to our kiss letting your tongue suck anime porno on mine. You can feel your cock getting even harder as we continue this mild form of foreplay. You know you won’t need much stroking (if any at all) to get ready to enter me.

Knowing I want to keep you on top of me (at least for the moment) I take my legs and wrap them around your waist. I want to keep your body close to mine. I know I want to stroke your cock but maybe if I do it right I won’t need too.

You feel my legs going around your waist and you moan loudly into our kiss as you feel your ever quickening cock come into contact with my naked pussy. Fuck this feels much different than before. Before was hot but this is explosive. Letting your cock rest against me you start grinding your hips instinctively as you keep kissing me.

I feel your hips grinding and I respond right away by grinding my own against yours. I know you can’t help yourself right now. I know as good as it feels for me it must feel amazing for you. Taking my right hand from around your neck I kiss you harder as I slide it down your back touching your flexing muscles. I love how hotly your body is responding to mine.

Upon feeling my hand on your back while my other one stays around your neck you start grinding harder letting the head of your cock press against my opening. You can feel my hot wet opening underneath you. You know all you’d have to do is just slide it in. Yes that would be so easy right now. But you don’t want to make it easy. You want to torture us both until it’s time. You don’t know why you want to do it. It makes no sense to hold off. You just have the urge. That’s all.

“Oh god Kevin,” I moan into our kiss.

I feel you pressing and I want you inside me. God it’s such a beautiful torture. Wanting to make it more of a torture I let my right hand move down to your ass. Grabbing onto your firm ass I start pushing your hips down harder.

You feel my hands pushing your hips harder into me and you just growl loudly into our kiss. You love how I’m playing this game of sexual torture with you. Letting your mind go to dark places you start thinking of the many different ways we could have fun. Of you tying me up, blindfolding, and gagging me. Of you taking my vibe and holding it to my pussy forcing multiple orgasms out of me. Of me typing you up, blindfolding, and gagging you while I use the vibe on your cockhead. Oh god you fucking want to do that. You want to play out dark fantasies and try many forms of sexual pleasure with torture mixed in. You know you’ve never wanted to do that before with anyone else. Just with me.

I know at this rate I’ll never get to stroke you if I don’t do something fast. This is the point of no return. I need to feel your cock in my hands right fucking now. Pulling my tongue out of your mouth I place my head to the side taking a deep breath.

You know I’m done kissing for now so you follow suite and let your head rest on my shoulder as your hips keep thrusting. You feel your cock growing harder by the second and you know that if you want to get stroked you should move off me or else there will be no chance. Taking your hands off my face you move them downwards onto the bed and start lifting yourself upwards letting your upper body roll to the side.

I watch as you move and I readjust my own body to meet yours. Getting up I lay on my left side so I can pleasure you with my hands. I see you getting more comfortable for me and I smile softly.

I watch as you move and I readjust my own body to meet yours. Getting up I lay on my left side so I can pleasure you with my hands. I see you getting more comfortable for me and I smile softly.

You see my smile and you return one of your own as you lay the full weight of your body on the mattress. Reaching behind you you grab the pillow and slide it underneath your head as you let your arms lay to your side for the moment. You have a feeling pretty soon that you will be touching me but for right now you are fine just the way you are.

Seeing you laying on your back I turn my body a bit more towards you letting my own body rest slightly on the bed. Keeping my eyes on you I take my right hand and bring it up to your cock. Licking my lips I grip on firmly and start stroking you letting my fingers play around the head. Wanting more contact with your body I lean down to your chest and start applying kisses to your abdomen while letting my tongue snake out for some occasional licks.

You moan as you feel my mouth on your chest. It feels so damn good. Reaching down now you snake one hand around the back of my neck to hold me in place while you close your eyes. You want to enjoy this fully.

I feel your hand on the back of my neck and I moan against your chest as I add more pressure to my kisses letting my tongue taste your salty skin. I can tell from how hard you are already you won’t need much attention from me in this area. In fact you could fuck me right now if you wanted.

You know you are becoming hard as a rock. As much as you are enjoying this attention you know you ache to fuck me finally after all these hours of foreplay. You know you can’t wait anymore. You need it now but you don’t want me to stop. You truly are not sure what to do.