Millie Ch. 04


Now the floodgate was open, at least for me it was. I knew I wanted to have a full sexual relationship with my wonderful beautiful Mother. I wanted her in every way a man can want a woman. No inhibitions. I felt sure she wanted me in the same way. But. There was always a “but” that got into the mix of any of those thought’s. I began to wonder if my Mother had any of those “but” thought’s? Of course asking my self was like punishing myself for something I hadn’t actually done in the physical sense, but in my mind and more importantly in my soul I had done everything I had ever seen, heard of, talked about, read about or thought about to and with a beautiful woman’s body that now especially seemed to have my Mother’s face attached to it.

It was funny that dreams and scenes I had from early on about all sorts of sexual acts from Playboy, Penthouse or even movies that had an erotic scene of some memorable acts in them now took on my Mother’s face as one of the characters. I couldn’t help it and I couldn’t stop it from happening either and I really didn’t want to. I wanted to have my Mother and I knew she wanted it too.


That little word kept coming up. I hated it. Why? Why was there a “but” attached to all thought’s of sexual acts with my Mother. I had oral sex with her, I had teased and dominated her and quite frankly enjoyed all of that tremendously! So why was there a “but” in my thoughts? And was there one in Mother’s thoughts as well?

My Mother lay before me naked and panting on the table in our kitchen. I had just gone down on her and eater her pussy out. I had licked her anus. I had fingered her cunt. I enjoyed every single thing I had done. I did not have any regrets about doing any of the things.


I didn’t want anyone to know what I had done with my beautiful Mother, even though I also knew that if it were to be known, I had some friends that would be very envious of me, slap my back in pure joy that I was able to enjoy the beauty of such a beautiful woman. I also knew that a few people I knew would burn rubber all the way to the local police department trying to be the first in line to turn us in. I knew some would immediately get on their phones and burn up the phone company with their dialing everyone they knew or even thought they knew to spread the gossip as soon as they heard any little piece of the story as quickly as they could.

That was where the “but” came from for me. I wasn’t ashamed of anything about my Mother. She was my Queen. But I was totally terrified of any word getting around town that we were having an incestual relationship, even if it was true.

Oh, I had it all worked out in my mind. She was sterile. Hysterectomy. So since she could not conceive the biblical definition of procreation due to incestual relations could be discounted, the law of the land could conceivably be dealt the same blow as we were two adult’s engaging in consensual sexual relations, at least we would be in another two and a half years after I turned 21. I, we needed to stay away from anyone we knew for that amount of time at least! Then, it might not matter if we were dedicated to one another and I was certain that would be the case.


It was the same old bugaboo. I hated it too. Hiding, sneaking around. It was bullshit. Brought on by an unaccepting society. Oh, sure the laws on the books “SAY” consenting adults, but that’s just legal bullshit. Too many tongues would wag and too much shit would happen and it would all get blown out of proportion and Mother would get really hurt and I couldn’t stand that. Nasty. People were nasty. Good God fearing religious fanatical church going supposed Christian brothers and sisters would be the very first to turn on us instead of understanding and helping they’d be furnishing the pitch forks and firewood! It was laughable but sadly not too funny to me because I knew that to be the truth.

But. Christians, but!

Well I also knew that the plan Mother had stumbled on for the property swap was absolutely the answer to our troubles if we wanted to call it that. Out of sight out of mind was a good cliche to me.

If we could work that out and get this “George” to help out with that and I could figure a way to wrap my mind around what he wanted to use my Mother for and how to do it so that George would think Mom was dating another guy, then it would go a long way toward covering our trail.

Mom moaned and her feet that had been propped up on the tabletop slid forward and off the edge. I leaned in a planted a wet kiss on her soppng pussy and gave it a long lick tasting her. She merely flinched a little and moaned again. There was a clown like smile on her face and I knew she would be just basking in the glow for a few minutes more so my thinking kept going.

The property swap was good. Using George was good. I would need a good plan for that though because I never wanted my Mother in any danger real or imagined no matter what. I let my gaze roam up her slim thighs and across the flat stomach to her still full breasts and that cute face, I loved my Mother. It wasn’t Escort bayan a dream or an illusion, I loved her and not only the way a Son should love his Mother, but as deeply as any man can love a woman.

I decided right then and there to trade all of the “but’s” for “and’s”. Instead of adding a “but” at the end of every doubt or sexual thought involving me and my Mother, I would substitute an “and” as in saying,”And no matter what we will work it out!”

So no more looking back. I would need a little time to work out the “George” thing but I had already thought of a sorta plan at least for their first meeting. I could not be here in our house. Motel. It could not be on a weekend as she would not want any chance he might want to spend a night with her, no a week day with work in the morning. Also we needed, well Mom would need to make absolutely certain that Sammy wouldn’t get cold feet or back out of the deal if whatever it was that George was planning to do was discovered. That property swap had to be a solid deal.

Mom moaned and started to get up into a sitting position on the table. She groaned and I looked at her, she wrinkled her forehead and grimaced, rubbing her arms up and down and then her sides,”Honey, you were absolutely fabulous and I came harder that I ever have before and I love you more than anything else in the world, but never again on this hard assed fucking table please!” She was smiling while the groans were steady in coming as she slowly tried to rub out the stiffness apparently in all her body that had been in contact with the wood of the table. She scooted forward spreading her legs wide and placing that beautiful pussy right in my face again,”Kiss me goodnight Honey, I’m hitting the shower and getting some sleep after that!”

I did as she asked but added another long tongue swipe for good measure before she struggled to get her feet on the floor and get by me to leave and go to the shower.

I wanted to talk to her some more but I really needed to do some serious thinking and figure out a plan that would work first. “What a great ass!” I thought as I watched her walk away slowly. Another thought occurred to me as I watched that fabulous ass, I seemed to see my Mother as she looked when she was in her 20’s. I knew that wasn’t possible, but it was just the way I saw her everyday as I looked at her. Still firm, still hot and still sexy and the age didn’t seem to me to make one damned bit of difference to me at all. She was a beautiful woman. Period. Every friend I had ever had that had seen her at any time had always, always, said she looked like a model or that she looked good enough to eat or something else along those lines.

It was true.

The plan was coming together in my head. It would be good to set something up for George so that he could think Mom was seeing another guy. I would need to get Mom to try to find out if George was especially interested in a certain type of man. I almost laughed out loud. Here I was trying to figure out a way to make George hotter for my own Mother’s pussy by figuring out what kind of man’s cum he might most like to suck out of it! Jesus Christ! What next?

We needed a place, a motel that would work for the plan. It needed to be close to a bar or a drive in. My plan also needed for me to be able to borrow a vehicle for everything I had planned to work. Of course the other thing also reared it’s ugly head. I would have to fuck my Mother. There wasn’t another alternative for this to work as she didn’t want anyone else and quite frankly neither did I. No one could know it was me doing the fucking for several reasons and I knew them all. That left me with a third problem and one that I hadn’t counted on. I was certainly going to fill my Mother’s womb with my cum, but we would still need someone to play the boyfriend! I couldn’t because unfortunately for me George knew who I was and had seen me before. It was a shame we didn’t have the “ranch”yet as it had plenty of rooms and it was far enough out that there might no even be a question raised if I were there “after” her boyfriend left and before George could arrive. There wouldn’t be a need for a ruse then.

Later maybe, but right now we had to have a place. It was still fairly early and a Wednesday night so I yelled through the door that I would be back soon and took the bike out for a ride. It wasn’t a joy ride either, but a dedicated scouting mission. I rode down to the boulevard. Where we lived in town it wasn’t far from the end of the boulevard at the east end of town so I turned east and went to the business end and made a “U” and started puttin’ along looking things over. Not too far down the road I spotted what could be the perfect setup. It was the Overland Motel and it sat next to a vacant lot and then the Circle “R” Bar and Tavern. What attracted me to it was the motorcycles sitting out front of the bar and the open door with loud music coming from the bar. The motel looked clean and the rooms were small independent cabins. Perfect. There were 12 cabins in two rows. Parking was beside each cabin and it appeared like people had Bayan escort just circled the cabins using the vacant dirt lot to turn around in. People liked doing that if they were pulling a trailer. This was a good setup for what we needed.

Now all I needed was another guy to “play” Mom’s boyfriend. No problem with a hot babe like Mom, right? Wrong. Whoever it was going to be had to be someone that would not ask any questions and would accept everything I told him at face value.

Problem was I didn’t know anyone that would fill that bill. Oh, I had friends that wouldn’t ask any questions, especially if it meant they could be with or at least pretend to be with a hot babe like Mother, but their problem was my problem, they were all my age and way too young to be dating my Mom. I didn’t really know any “older” guys except fathers of some of my friends and I immediately discounted asking any of them because every single one of them would do it, and be divorced shortly. I chuckled at that thought.

It occurred to me that I did know one older guy, and it also occurred to me that he just might go along. I wasn’t too sure he had ever actually met my Mother but if he had he never said anything about her good or bad. No, Bob wasn’t that way. No matter what he thought he wouldn’t ever say it out loud and damn sure wouldn’t ever say anything about anyone Else’s old lady even if it was a real Mother and not a wife. An old lady was just that, an old lady, meaning a girlfriend, wife or whatever. Someone you didn’t insult without expecting dire consequences.

Bob was a real biker and basically that was the code. It just wasn’t done. It didn’t mean I could just trust him with my life or anything but I felt under the right circumstances I could certainly count on him to help me out with a problem, especially if it concerned my Mom. I just didn’t know much about Bob except what I knew from seeing him at Rip’s. I’d have to fix that and damned quick. Tomorrow right after work!

When i got home Mom was out of the shower of course and in her bed. She called to me as I went into my room to grab some underwear so I could grab a shower before bed. “Hey handsome! Got a minute?” she sorta yelled.

I grinned at her from the doorway. She was in the bed and the covers were up to her chest but a single hard nipple was poking over the top of the bright white sheet, “Peek-A-Boo!” I said and she glanced down to see what my eyes were seeing that she hadn’t intended showing. She saw the errant nipple but didn’t try to hide it. “Where’d you get off to?”

I explained the ride to her and also explained an outline of my plan. She just listened and then said,”You left out the one thing I’m interested in hearing about.”

“What’s that?” I asked.

“The part just before George arrives. The part where you and I make love. You know, that part.” She was giving me that “look” again and the eyes were into July fourth sparkle mode. Hot damn this woman could turn me on just by looking at me.

“I know.” I said,”I have been thinking that over and felt we needed to talk that over some before anything else happens.”

She started to tear up a little and with her voice cracking said,”You don’t want me? I mean like that? You’re afraid we’ll get caught?” She started to cry now.

I went straight to the bed and sat beside her cuddling her to me as I said,”No Mother, you’re so wrong and I’m so ashamed I haven’t told you how I really feel before. I’ve been to busy enjoying the control and teasing of you and by you that I just haven’t taken the time to try to explain how I feel and how I look at the whole situation.”

She was sniffling as she said,”Baby I love you and I know you’re a young stud and I’m an old lady twice your age, I know all that and I realize you’ll eventually want a sweet young thing younger than you are, but I’ll take whatever time you’ll let me have of your love and I’ll give you everything I have.”

“Your not old Mother. I mean you’re not too old Mother. I don’t look at you and see an old woman, I still see the beautiful firm young babe everyone else I know sees.” I was rubbing her arm from the elbow up to her shoulder in long comforting strokes.

“If you’ll have me Baby, I’ll do anything you ever want in any way you want me to do it and you can have all of me, my love, my body, and my will and soul. I love you so much I can’t stand not being with you Son. Please! Please love me!” She started crying again then. It was emotion now, not sex. This was all love and she was doing everything in her power to make me believe that she was honestly in love with me, not just that she loved me, but that she was in love with me.

I understood because I felt the same about her too. I loved her. I loved her as my Mother, but I also was in love with her as the most beautiful woman I had ever met too. “Mother I love you.” I put my fingers under her chin and turned her head to mine so that she would look me in the eyes. “I love you.” I kissed her mouth then. Her lips parted and my tongue fought it’s way into her mouth past her wiggling tongue. We dueled a Escort short time before I allowed her to reverse the action and press her tongue into me. She tongue fucked my mouth for a few seconds before I broke the kiss to continue,”You’re not a piece of ass to me Mother. You’re not my whore, not my bitch and I do not want to just fuck you!”

Her eyes stayed locked on mine. “Mother you are everything I want and although our relationship will never be considered by our society as normal I want that more than anything else. I do not want you to ever regret choosing me as your lover. I want to be your lover. When we “play” our little games I might fuck you or do other things to you sexually,but when we are alone in our own home, just you and I there will be no game playing then Mother. No fucking. When it is you and I alone together, we will love each other equally and we will make the most beautiful love we possibly can. Nothing will be off limits for me to please you as I want you to know although we may not be able to have a ceremony I do take you to be my one true love and I will cherish you until death us do part. I kissed her again then before she could say anything more.

“You have found the perfect home for us Mother, now all we need to do is go get it and make sure we can keep it. When it’s ours Mom, I’ll carry you over the threshold and on that night I will take the virginity you have offered to me as the consummation of our love for each other then.”

“I know it’s not your birthday for another week baby, but since we can’t wait and I had planned to tease, torment, and goad you into fucking me on your birthday anyway, would you crawl into my bed now and just hold me for a little while and make love to me?”

I couldn’t answer her. A lump had wedged in my throat and I couldn’t speak. I rose from the bed and just stripped my clothes away from my body, I was facing away from her but when I got down to just my underwear I lowered them from my hips and she saw that I was hard as a rock. “I have been like this since this afternoon.”

“Why didn’t you fuck me when I was on that hard assed table if you were so big and hard?” She was asking a question I had already answered but she just didn’t realize it. “Believe me baby you had me hot enough I’d of fucked a snake then!”

“Mother, you are truly one fabulously beautiful woman and I will tell you again and again if you want me to that I never want to fuck you except when we are playing games and this afternoon wasn’t a game for me I was trying to show you how much I loved you. There just wasn’t any way to slide this into you on that hard assed table and not fuck you! I didn’t and do not want that most especially our first real time. I want to make love to you like a real lover would. I want to caress you softly.” I pulled back the sheet and flipped it to the foot of the bed totally baring my Mother’s naked body to my eyes. I lay down and stretched out along side her beautiful body and began to gently caress her arms, breasts, back and hips with my hands as I planted kisses along her neck, ears and mouth.

I took my time being as gentile and loving as I could be, we were in bed together for the very first time. It wasn’t our first sexual act together but it was going to be our first incestual act together and I wanted it to be as memorable for her as it would be for me.

I started thinking while I was kissing her. All of the old cliche’s. I wasn’t going to just fuck my own Mother or some whore from down the street. I was making love to a beautiful willing woman and we were going to engage in intercourse willingly for our first time together. Slowly. Lovingly. Unrushed and uncaring.

I had my lips on her shoulder and was trailing kisses of affection up from there along the ridge leading to her neck. She was cooing and stretching her neck allowing me full access as a woman does for her lover. Now that for me was the one thought that made my cock twitch and get harder than it ever had been. I was my Mothers lover.

Lover. That word made me melt inside and hard as stone outside. I was her lover. I wasn’t some boyfriend she was allowing to fuck her after a date. No. This was my Mother showing me all of her passion, all of her desire and willingly choosing me to be the recipient of those fabulous charms. She was herself much as I had watched her vagina flower itself open in anticipation of my caresses, she now was doing the very same thing with her entire body. She was giving me her soul to love and make love to. I could feel her warmth and love radiating out of her body.

I found myself cupping her breasts and pulling gently on the points of her nipples. She was in a constant state of pleasure and was writhing with it wherever our skin touched. It was as if she wanted to absorb me into herself. I felt like a our very beings were merging into one there in that bed. She maneuvered her leg outside of mine and worked her muscles so that my legs were not between hers even though my hips were still to her side. As we kissed and out tongues began the wrestling match of love she used her thigh muscles to bring my body into position over hers. I raised my upper body to my elbows struggling to keep our wrestling match of tongues going all the wile. The kiss broke as she couldn’t help herself and giggled at my struggle. “Oh baby, your so sweet.”