As I drove to meet you, I remembered the last time we met. I was exhausted, but my mind was full of exciting images and memories for many days thereafter. We had reached a level of sexual energy and electricity that I have never known before. I was anticipating more of the same.

I parked and went in. I was anxious to have you again and had a nervous energy that need to be calmed. I had thought about every part of your body for days and I was almost desperate to touch and feel and taste you again.

And as I felt you in my arms and I smelled your hair and you nuzzled against me, any senses that had been asleep were immediately awakened. I wanted you so much and I didn’t think I could wait. There is a time for slow seduction and careful touches and sensual play. This was not the time for any of that.

I lifted your chin and kissed you deeply, my mouth open and hungry for yours. You met my aggressiveness in kind and we stood there in the door kissing and pawing each other like two kids, searching and exploring and getting to know each others bodies. My hands dropped to your ass and I cupped your buttocks in them. Your ass is so firm and splendid, and I felt and squeezed and pulled you tighter against me.

“I am so hard for you,” I whispered

You moved your arm from around my neck and reached down. Your hand rubbed my stiff cock through my slacks and your squeezed my shaft.

“Yes”, you replied. “I can feel you. And my pussy is soaked”

I released your ass and slipped my hand up under your skirt and felt the front of your panties and rubbed between your legs.

You were wet, and I could easily feel the slit open and almost gushing as I probed with my fingertips. Your hand gripped tighter and your other hand worked to unzip my zipper, and then it reached inside to feel my hot cock. I moaned and kissed you again as you pulled my cock out. Both of your hands worked on my cock, squeezing and pulling and rubbing and stroking.

My fingers pressed against your silky panties as they pushed slightly into your pussy. Your legs bowed to allow them access as I probed deeper and massaged your hot pussy. Our hands worked in unison as we rubbed and stroked and massaged each other. Our lips pressed hard together and your breasts were crushed into my chest.

We walked together in this peculiar embrace to the chair, and you started to sit and pull me down to you, but I stopped you and instead turned you to face the chair. I pushed your shoulders down and bent you over. I lifted your skirt up over your waist, exposing your panties. I pressed my hard cock against your ass as I reached in front of you to feel your breasts and play with your nipples.

My cock pushed hard between your legs and against your panty crotch. Your panties were almost dripping and my cock slipped and stroked against the silky fabric between your labis which were held tight by your legs. Your panties stretched across your buttocks and I couldn’t resist rubbing you through them. I love that sensation of smooth softness over your hot flesh.

I humped you as I roughly handled your tits. You pushed back to me and urge me to mount you like some bitch in heat. You pulled your panties over and position my cock between your lips and pushed back again, your pussy consuming my cock. I hunched forward and drove my cock deeper into you, my balls slapping against your legs. We pulled away and then slammed back against each other, forcing my cock deeper inside this time…and I grabbed your hips and began to fuck you hard.

The fabric of your panty leg rubbed against my cock as shaft with each stroke. Your fingers were busy, flicking and rubbing and playing with your clit as I drove my cock into you with all of my strength. I felt that I must rip your pussy apart with the ferocity of my thrusts.

My cock felt like it would explode if I didn’t fuck you fast enough or deep enough or hard enough….and so I was wild with the need. I fucked you fast and slow and from the left and from the right and straight in, and I teased you with my cock and I rammed you and slammed against you and filled you with my cock.

You rocked your ass back to me, moaning and making guttural noises. Groans, and sighs, and loud “yesses” and “fuck me” words, begging for more, challenging me and provoking me…anything to make me fuck away at your hot hole. And my cock drove on with only one action and reaction..And we humped on into the evening, like some strange creature thrashing and bucking and snorting and flailing against itself.

I lifted your leg and held it up so I can feel your pussy lips surrounding and gripping my cock. I watched my shaft sink back inside you, out of sight and then reappear as it pulls your lips back with it. It shone in the light from your juices which bathe it. The air was full of the smell of sex and sweat. Our ears were full of slapping and slopping sounds and moaning and breathing and groaning and sighing and screams of rapturous delight.

Soon, we moved and I lifted Sahabet you up onto the dining table and you lay back, folding your legs up and apart. Your pussy’s pink lining shines as your lips lay stretched apart. And I leaned down and sucked your swollen clit and licked between your labis and kissed your open vagina. My fingers toyed with your lips and pulled them out stretching them even more as my tongue flicked deep inside you. I lapped out your cum and licked my lips free of your juices and dove back down for more.

Your hands were busy on your tits, pulling the nipples and stretching your tits away from your chest. Pink flushes covered your chest and your fleshy tits. You sucked your nipples in turn, scraping your teeth across them as you pull them away from your lips. Your head was lifted up so you can reach your tits and so you could watch me as I ate you. I looked at you over your mound as my face and mouth continued to feast on your sweet and giving pussy.

And when my face was soaked in your juices, I raised up and slowly worked my cock in you again. You were slick and open, so I had no trouble pushing my cock in. But I wanted to be slow and feel your every muscle and every little texture as my cock bottomed out inside of you. My balls rested against your ass and I stopped there and joined you in playing with your tits. Together we squeezed and flicked and twisted and tweaked and pulled your nipples. We cupped your heavy tits in our hands and gripped them and felt their shape and molded them.

And my cock sat in your pussy, throbbing and pulsing against your muscles which squeezed and milked my cock. And our bodies were all alive then as we were one.

I stood back up and braced myself again and begin to slowly stroke my cock in and out of you. I pulled my cock all the way out, and then let it push your lips apart as it reentered you and went back deep into your hot tightness.

You lay still, allowing me to use your pussy in this manner. I continued my slow stroking for a few minutes before I realized I had quickened the pace. Then I resumed my fast, frenzied fucking. The friction around my cock had overwhelmed my desire to fuck you slowly and I was captive to my cock’s wishes as it plowed you over and over.

You lifted your pelvis up, offering your pussy to my insatiable cock. Your legs were back and pulled up almost over your head as I fuck you harder and harder. You slid back and forth on the table, moved under the force of my cock thrusts. I grabbed you and dragged you back to the edge so I could continue my assault. My legs were tired but I couldn’t let you go.

I pulled you off of the table and again bent you over, so your upper body rested on the table. I rammed my cock in again, and began to fuck you roughly. I slapped your ass and then I grabbed your panties and tore them off of you. The legs of your torn panties dropped down around your ankles.

My hands spanked your ass with every thrust. Your cheeks were soon pink and I could see my hand prints when I slapped you. You bucked against me and screamed with every blow. And I knew you wanted more. I spanked your buttocks harder until my hands sting from the blows. And you reared your head up and looked back at me as I fucked you and spanked you.

I reached forward and grabbed your hair in my hands and pulled your head back and up as I fucked you. Every time you leaned down I jerked your hair and pulled your head back up. I held you tightly, so your body was almost straight up as I reamed your pussy. Fucking your pussy hard ….slapping your ass….pulling your hair….I was in control of you and using you like my bitch…for my pleasure….for my needs…..for my desires…..

Your eyes were wet and glazed as I wracked you. You had given in and over to me now and you knew that submission. You knew you are mine. You knew you are for my use. And you melted under that knowledge and were content to be there where you should be….controlled and taken.

I pumped you more until I was ready to cum and then I drove my cock deep inside once more and I shot my cum as far into you as I could. I massaged your red buttocks as my balls emptied. When I was finished, I pulled my cock out and dried it on your skirt and then pulled your skirt back down into position and helped you straighten up.

“Shower and get cleaned up,” I ordered. “I have more plans for you, slut.”

You looked at me surprised, for I had never addressed you in that manner.

“Yes Master,” you replied as you walked to the bedroom.

After awhile, I went into the bedroom and found you dressing. I sat and watched for a few minutes, but didn’t like your choice of clothes, so I went to you and started taking your clothes off. You stood quiet as I removed them and threw them on the bed.

“Put on something more sexy and whorey.”

You looked puzzled for a second and then a smile crossed your face and you went to your dresser and removed a garter and stockings and matching panties and bra. You Sahabet Giriş held them up for my approval, and then began to dress. I found a dress in your closet and put that on the bed for you to wear and then went back to the living room.

You came out a few minutes later.

“Show me.”

You walked across the room and then turned and came to me and stood there.

“Lift your dress.” You pulled your dress up slowly until I could see the crotch of your panties and the top of your stockings. I felt my cock stir as I looked at you.

“Come closer.”

You moved to me and I reached between your legs and ran my fingers under your pussy and felt that it was wet and had started to seep into your panties.

“Does this excite you bitch?” I asked.

“Oh yes,” you replied, your voice trembling a little.

I rubbed your pussy harder and I began kissing you hard, grinding my mouth on yours and licking your open mouth with my tongue. My fingers pressed hard against your mound. I began to roughly finger fuck you through your panties. You squirmed as I curled my fingers into your cunt and pushed them hard into you. You gasped at the ferocious nature of my play.

I grabbed your hair again and pulled your head back and I kissed and sucked your neck, leaving little wet bite marks across your throat. You stood limp, afraid to move and unsure about what you should do.

Once I felt your submission, I stopped and stood back.

“Pull your dress down. What are you, some kind of whore that wants men to see your panties?”


“I think you are. And your wet pussy proves it. Now for lying to me I think you need to be taught a lesson.”

We left the house and drove to a club downtown. It was full of couples and many singles. I spotted a table across the room near the dance floor and took you to it. I seated you so that you faced to room and the floor. The waitress took our orders and I looked at you and smiled.

“I want you to slowly let your skirt ride up so that the people in front of you can see your legs”.

I saw you shift in your chair and turn slightly as you complied. We sat and drank for a few minutes. I turned to survey the room and saw that you were being watched with great interest.

“Show more” I commanded.

Without hesitation, you slowly pulled your skirt up higher. I leaned over and looked under the table. I could see the top dark bands of your stocking tops and a dark valley under your skirt.

“More”, I ordered.

You again slowly pulled up on your skirt and when I looked again, I could see the little white triangle of your panty crotch showing.

My cock was hard now. I looked into your eyes and I could tell you were excited.

“Slip your shoe off and rub my cock with your foot”, I said.

Soon I felt the soft ball of your foot between my legs as you pressed and rubbed it against my cock. My cock throbbed and fought against the restraint of my slacks, wanting to be free. You continued rubbing and I could hear your breathing now.

I looked under the table again and I could see your legs spread wide as your foot kept rubbing my cock. I was certain everyone in front of you could see your cunt spread out between your legs then.

I pushed your foot away.

“Go to the ladies room and remove your panties.”

You stood immediately and with shakey legs walked away. I turned to watch as all eyes were on you as you walked by them. Your voyeurs then talked among themselves about you. You soon returned and I know you could feel their eyes burning into you as you again passed by them. You sat down and opened your purse to show me your panties.

“Good. Now show them what a slut’s cunt looks like.”

Your body moved and I could almost feel the heat from you as you parted your legs and soon sat spread open for all to see your open cunt. I got up and went to the mens room, but instead, I stood back and watched without your knowledge as you lowered your hand under the table and began to slowly rub your pussy. All other activity had ceased in front of you as everyone sat mesmerized by you.

Couples moved closer together. Men sat quiet and stared, and some women craned their necks for a better look too. My cock was about to burst when I started back. When you saw me coming, you quickly pulled your legs together a little and moved your hand back above the table.

I didn’t mention what I had seen, but instead we made small talk and finished our drinks.

“Do you want to stay or leave?” I asked.

“I would like another drink, please if you don’t mind” you replied.

I laughed and called the waitress over. So you were enjoying this, I thought.

After a few more minutes, I tired of the game, besides I had other things in mind for you. I paid the check and we left. It was quiet as we walked past all of your admirers. I helped you into the car and as you swung your legs in, I easily saw your pussy, wet and red from excitement. Sahabet Güncel Giriş When I got in, I reached over and ran my fingers between your legs and stuck them easily into your pussy. You were so hot and soaked. Your pussy was slick and ready.

I drove back to the house and we went inside.

As soon as the door closed, you came to me and kissed me passionately. Your body pressed against mine and you rubbed hard against me, grinding your crotch against mine. I pulled back a little.

“So you found our little game exciting, huh?”

“No” you replied, “I just want you to make love to me.”

“I think you are turned on by being a slut back there. Admit it.”

“No. I didn’t like it at all. I was embarrased and only did it because you asked me too.”

“You are a lying cunt” I said as I pushed you back.

“Don’t call me that” you screamed as you slapped at me.

I grabbed your hands and held you. You kicked at me and I kicked your leg away and laughed. “You better calm down, or I will have to restrain you” I said as I started to drag you to the bedroom. You fought me as I moved you to the room and then threw you onto to the bed.

You looked at me surprised and with fear in your eyes. I loved it. You started to get up and I pushed you back down. You glared at me and started to get up again. I threw you back down and I climbed on top of you. I held your arms and pushed your legs apart with my knees. My body held you down and you were unable to move. I believe this was the first time you ever realized that I now controlled the situation.

After a few failed attempts to become free, you stopped struggling and I said “Ok, stay calm now. If I let go of your hands don’t hit me. I want you to stay still.”

You did not respond, so I released your hands and started to get up. You kicked and swung at me again.

I pushed you back down and slapped your face twice to make you realize I was serious. Your eyes were wide open and you started to cry.

“Shut up. I am not going to hurt you. I just want you to be still and stop fighting me. You need to be taught to obey me and that’s what I intend to do now. To teach you. The sooner you submit to what I want, the easier it will be for you.”

“Fuck you” you replied.

I lay down heavy on you and pushed your legs further apart with my knees and pressed my hard cock against your bare pussy. I held you arms back and over your head. I moved one arm over so I could hold both with one hand. My free hand reached down and unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out. It now was against your pussy. It jerked and throbbed from the excitement. I was able to shift my body enough to position the head between your lips. When I felt my cock at the opening to your pussy, I thrust my hips forward and entered you.

You tried to move away, but I held you down and as you fought, I began to fuck you. You pulled your legs together and tried to roll over, but were unable to, and I started moving my hips faster. You stopped stuggling and lay still as my cock filled your pussy. Despite your protests, your pussy was hot and dripping juices, so I knew you liked my cock in you, and may even have liked my rough treatment.

I released your hands and shifted my weight as I began to fuck you harder. You pulled your legs apart and your hands reached for my legs and your pulled me against you as I fucked you. We rocked and moved together and my cock was so hard and full inside you. You were now eager for me to continue fucking you. All resistance was gone.

Suddenly I stopped. I got off of the bed, and told you to lie still, and that I would be right back. I left the room for a few minutes.

I decided that this would be the time to continue taking you over. I looked around for some items I would need. I ripped 4 sashs from your drapes, and found 4 scarves in your dresser. I showed you what I had and moved to your right hand. I pulled it to me and looped the sash cord around your wrist. I left it loose as I tied it to your bedframe, so you wouldn’t feel threatened. I let you believe this was just a little sexual game…a pretend game and fantasy.

You willingly gave me your other wrist and I tied it the same way. I moved to the foot of the bed and secured your ankles also. Then you struggled to see if you could escape. I knew you weren’t trying too hard. I went back to the first cord and tightened it so there was no slack. I redid the other cords and I was satisfied that you were securely held down and spread out.

Next, I folded a scarf over a few times and then tied it over your eyes, blindfolding you. I pulled it down so you couldn’t see under the bottom of it. I stood back then and looked at you. I pulled your skirt up to your waist and I unbuttoned your top and pulled it open and raised your bra above your tits. Now you were still clothed, but your cunt and tits were exposed and vulnerable….and available.

“Do you want me to release you?” I asked.

“No. Not until you finish fucking me”, you answered. I laughed. “I don’t plan to fuck you now. I am going to watch tv for awhile.”

You struggled briefly and then said “OK, playtime is over. Let me loose.”

I couldn’t hear you as I walked away, leaving you lying there.