Miracle on Slutty 4th Street Ch. 06

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(This story is posted on the Literotica website. Do not repost anywhere else without the author’s consent. For fans of my stories, they know what kinds of things to expect. This story deals with similar themes as the stories by wannabeboytoy, seducedHylas, and Dark Betrayal, namely cheating, betrayal, and heartbreak. If stuff like that isn’t your cup of tea, then you probably shouldn’t bother reading it. I do not condone any of these actions in real life. This is just a story. Enjoy.)

(Additional note for this series: EACH CHAPTER IN THIS SERIES CAN BE READ ON ITS OWN. Each chapter is self-contained, but if you do read the whole thing, some of the specific details will become clearer and more fleshed-out. Enjoy)


(Chapter 6)

Sylvia Morris was as pleased as punch to have her entire family back home under one roof. The brassy, chesty, 46-year-old took years to come terms with the fact that she was a mother. And now, she was an empty nester. Sure, her husband, Roger, was still around, but there was nothing like having the kids back home. While it had taken years for her to adjust to the idea of being a mom, she had always relished the job, and she had given it her all every step of the way. She truly loved being a mom, and she loved her kids. So, despite the challenges she had felt adjusting to motherhood, it was, in many ways, the time of her life.

And now, with them all being back home for the holiday, it was just like old times again. Sure, things were different, as her kids had grown up jobs and were in relationships. But for Sylvia, with them being home again, it was like nothing had changed.

Her youngest, Liam, was the apple of his mother’s eye. The 24-year-old son was handsome and clever and whip-smart. He’d been a bit bookish in his younger years, and it was at her insistent urging that he put himself out there so he could find a nice girl and get the attention a great young man like him deserved. And since leaving home, he had done so. He’d become a lot more confident, and he had come back home with his cute new girlfriend, Jess, in tow. And not only that, he had just landed a great job, writing for this big-time website. And he had already done pretty well there, landing a big interview with the head of the ‘North Pole’ plant that very morning. Overall, things were looking up for young Liam.

Sylvia’s daughter, Deb, was no slouch either. The 26-year-old was doing pretty well for herself too. She was a very talented artist, which wasn’t exactly a profession with great prospects, but she had made the most of it. She did all her work on the computer, and with her being adept at that kinda thing, she really cooked up some good stuff. Most of it was original work, some of it by request, but she sold it all herself and made some good money. She’d even done commissioned work for movie studios and other really popular things. She did have a day job at an ad firm, doing graphic design, but she really thrived doing her own work. Sylvia was very proud of her success, and she was happy to have her back home. And the best part was that she had brought her hunky new husband, Jonathan, with her.

Oh, that Jonathan…

What a beautiful hunk of man her daughter had landed. A former college football linebacker, before he blew out his knee, he still definitely looked the part. Tall, handsome, and square-jawed, he still had plenty of those sculpted, bulging muscles that he had cultivated in his playing days. You take one look at him, and you think he’s all muscle and testosterone, just a muscle-head. But honestly, he was the furthest thing from it. Well, he did still have his more masculine pursuits, but he was a sharp, intelligent, hard-working, and principled young man. Pivoting away from his football career, he found work at a very successful company, working in sales. He had enough cleverness and charm to get through to anyone, and he could always fall back on his sports background when dealing with a lot of the more bro type people he often met. His company had commissioned work from the ad firm that Deb worked at, and that was how they ended up meeting. A year later, they were wed.

They were an odd match in a lot of ways. He was 6 feet and 4 inches tall, and just a big, jock-looking dude. And Deb was a kinda short, slim, mousy girl with glasses. He was this football guy, and she was the nerdy girl in the back of the class. He was not the type of guy she usually went for, so there was something beyond just his good looks that attracted her to him. And it was true. Behind all those muscles, he was a sensitive soul, with an appreciation for art and other creative pursuits. A guy who liked to laugh. A guy who stood up for the little guy. A far cry from some of his peers. Despite their differences, they were a great match for each other, and they were very much in love.

Sylvia was pretty big fan of him herself.

She still remembered the first time she met her future son-in-law. She was used to the sort of shrimpy, nerdy, hipster guys that Deb Porno 64

tended to date. So Sylvia was surprised to find herself looking up at this tall, strapping young man her daughter had corralled. And what a man he was. Almost immediately, she felt an affection for him. During their first meeting at a restaurant, she found herself hanging on every word he said, laughing at all his jokes, unable to take her eyes off him. She could tell she was laying it on a bit too much, so she pulled back as to not scare him off. But nonetheless, she immediately felt a strong connection to him. And a few months down the line, when Deb announced they were engaged, Sylvia found herself even more excited than her daughter that Jonathan was about to become part of their family. She would welcome any excuse just to spend more time in his presence.

They say that for a guy, you have to win over the mother if you want your marriage to succeed. And Jon had gotten the job done there. By the end of that first meeting, he’d charmed Sylvia. Quite frankly, without really trying, he’d practically charmed the pants off of her.

Yeah, Sylvia found her new son-in-law very, VERY attractive.

She knew how bad that sounded. But… god damn, if he gave the word, she’d have spread her legs for him in an instant. It didn’t matter that he was her daughter’s husband. He was that hot! Damn… his chiseled features. That body. His butt. He was mouth-watering. And it didn’t take much time around him, with her eyes studying his crotch, for her to confirm that he was packing a very large johnson between his legs, to her great delight. Hours after their first fateful meeting, Sylvia was masturbating to thoughts of this handsome young man who had just entered her life, thanking the hands of fate that had brought him into her life.

The funny thing about this whole thing was that Jonathan was not the type of guy who normally appealed to her. Even in her younger days, while she got her fill of attention from the jock type guys her own age, she always found older men much more appealing. That’s how she ended up with Roger, a man almost twenty years her senior. A cunning little tease at 19, she’d had an affair with the older man, a rich, handsome lawyer. And when he knocked her up, he did the right thing and put a ring on her finger and locked her hot little ass down. His hefty bank account allowed her to live without having to work, and 26 years and two kids later, they were still going strong.

Well… mostly.

Roger used to be a lot more fun in his younger years, more than keeping up with his younger wife. Tall and fit, the age gap never got in the way of her lust for him. It only enhanced it. But time had taken its toll, and age had slowed him down. While he had fought off any major weight gain, his hair had gone from a delightful salt-and-pepper to completely white. And while he had done respectably well at fighting off the biggest signs of aging, namely not getting too many wrinkles, in terms of his mind, he’d become a grouchy old man, not up for any fun stuff anymore. While him and Sylvia still got along, it’d be a lie to say the spark was still there.

And unlike him, she’d only become more vivacious and bubbly as she got older, not acting like a woman in her forties. She’d aged fantastically, to the point where you could argue she looked even better now than she did in her younger years. Looks-wise, she had done her damndest to fight off the wear and tear of aging, meaning she had very few wrinkles on her gorgeous face. Sharp and playful eyes, pouty lips, creamy skin with a natural olive complexion, plus her long, full, shiny chestnut hair made her a very attractive woman, even at 46. That was no exaggeration. She still turned heads to this day.

And her body only put her over the top.

Sylvia had always been good about staying in shape, to keep her body as appealing as possible, and she had kept that up even as she got older. Her waistline was slim, and her belly was fit and taut. Her legs were long and firm as well, meaning she could pull off wearing yoga pants like a younger woman with no shame at all. That was certainly aided by the fact that she had first class rear end. Each of the round, firm, perfectly formed cheeks stood out from her slim frame proudly. Large, perky, and more than a handful, the twin globes of her ass-cheeks got attention wherever she went. She knew how to work it too, choosing outfits to highlight her perfectly formed, heart-shaped butt. And she often chose to wear high heels, just because they would help showcase her hot mature ass so well. You always knew when she wanted people to check out her butt, just by checking out her choice of footwear.

And there were also certain other features that she liked showing off even more. Features even more prominent than her perfect ass.

To put it bluntly, Sylvia had really big boobs. Like… REALLY big.

For a woman with such a great body, especially at her age, the fact that her boobs were her most Konulu Porno notable features was really saying something. They were huge! Large, full, and firm, Sylvia’s breasts were an impressive double E-cup. And she hadn’t succumbed to the dreaded sag either, her boobs vaulting off her chest, perky and smooth and terrifically round, still possessing that youthful jiggle. She liked to choose slim, tight tops to really show them off, and she wasn’t above showcasing a healthy amount of smooth, succulent cleavage. Not as much as she used to, mind you. She is a mother and her kids were adults. But if she ever had an excuse to show a bit of juicy cleavage, she certainly wouldn’t shy away from doing so. She liked having eyes on her, and if she ever wanted a bit of attention, she’d bust out a low-cut top to pull men’s eyes away from other girls and onto her.

On top of that, she was a born charmer. She was just as vivacious and full of energy as she was in her younger years, but it was that added level of experience that put her over the top. She was smooth with her words and flirty by nature, able to win over most within minutes of meeting them. And in the rare occasion her personality failed to win someone over, her body would. Needless to say, these talents had made her very popular in life, especially in her younger years. And she took advantage of this popularity, being shamelessly promiscuous in her youth, which led her to gaining the experience required to land an older, experienced man like Roger, who spoiled her rotten and gave her the great life she was now living. Her life had been pretty easy, as she’d been able to win over just about everyone she’d ever met.

And she was currently in the process of winning over Jonathan, her son-in-law.

He’d been a challenge, that’s for sure. One of her toughest yet. He’d seemed leery of Sylvia since the day they met, which made her have to really step up her game to charm him. It’d been slow going, admittedly, but she knew she’d win him over eventually. Why? Well, it was simple. It was OBVIOUS he had a thing for her. So obvious! He got so tense and nervous around her, to the point it was clear that he feared what he’d do if left alone with his hot mother-in-law for too long. It was clear he had a bit of a crush on his mother-in-law, deep down, but that was okay.

She had a crush on him too.

It had been a challenge, winning her son-in-law over. Yet, slowly but surely, she felt like she was making progress. Even though he’d been quiet about it, Sylvia knew they were in a sorta, ‘Will they? Won’t they?’ thing, like you see in the movies. She saw it, not so much in his words, but in his eyes, and in his nervous actions. But that was gonna change. They were about to go from won’t, to will. Sylvia was feeling really, really hopeful about their relationship going to the next level, and soon. They so rarely spent time together that she was really hopeful she could seal the deal here, while she had him in her house, where they could have some alone time together.

It was Christmas, and Sylvia only had one gift in mind.


“So, how’d the interview go?” Jonathan asked Liam, his brother-in-law. Jon was seated on the sofa at his in-law’s place, next to his wife, Deb. Liam had just gotten home from his big interview at that ‘North Pole’ plant. He’d just gotten changed and was now seated across from Jon and Deb, sitting on the other sofa, next to his girlfriend, Jessa.

“Uh… fine,” Liam said vaguely.

“Get some good stuff?” Jon asked jovially.

“What?” Liam asked, confused, looking momentarily panicked. “What do you mean?”

“The interview…” Jon clarified, confused by how cagey Jon was being. “Get enough for a good article?”

“Oh, uh… yeah,” Liam said, looking a bit relieved. “It’ll be, uh… good.”

“How is the place?” Jon asked curiously. “The plant?”

“It was, uh… it was, impressive,” Liam replied.

“Yeah, that place looks huge,” Jon said. “We passed it on our way into town.”

“It’s hard to miss,” Deb replied. “That place is an eyesore.”

“But it went well, though? The interview?” Jon asked.

“Uh, yeah. Why?” Liam asked. Jon shrugged his shoulders.

“I don’t know…” Jonathan said. “That place kinda skeeves me out. I’ve run into a couple of people working for them, and… I dunno, they just seem shady. Plus, you just hear the stories about them…” he glanced at his wife and she nodded. Both had read articles about some of the rumors about ‘North Pole’, and neither liked what they had heard.

“No… no,” Liam said, looking a bit nervous. “They were, um… they were, uh, good. Hey, so, my family took good care of you while I was gone?” Liam asked his girlfriend, turning to face her as he quickly changed the subject.

“Oh, yeah, they were great!” the perky blonde Jessa said with a grin, glancing at Jon and Deb. Not too long prior, Jonathan had been the outsider to this Morris clan, so he knew what Jessa was feeling. Porno İndir Liam and Deb were very similar in a lot of ways, both being a bit quiet and intellectual, but very fun once they got brought out of their shell. Their folks could be a… handful… to put it lightly, but Liam and Deb were both pretty normal. Jon certainly felt like he stood out, just being this tall, hulking guy surrounded by these quiet, introverted intellectuals, and Jessa was similar in a lot of ways. A very pretty, outgoing blonde, she definitely stood out compared to Liam. Jon and Deb had presented a kind front, welcoming her to the house warmly, in what could be very awkward circumstances.

“Deb showed me some of the stuff she’s working on. She’s so GOOD! I might have her put something together for our place.” Jon smiled with pride as he glanced at his wife. Deb had had her laptop open to show some of the art she had done lately, and Jessa had been really impressed. Jon took great pride in how talented his wife was artistically, and he had always encouraged that side of her, even when others had told her to focus on more practical things.

“Don’t worry, Liam,” Deb began. “Your crazy family didn’t scare your girlfriend away,” She said with a smile, making all four of them laugh. Then, suddenly, a new presence emerged from the kitchen, and Jon’s levity dissipated.

Speaking of crazy family…

“It’s so nice of that ‘North Pole’ company to give you this gift basket! They can’t be so bad,” announced Sylvia, Jon’s mother-in-law, as she stepped towards them, her high heels clicking on the wood floor, gift basket in hand. As always, she looked perfectly styled, dressed up beyond necessity. Most people dress for comfort on a day like this, Christmas Eve, as they took care of the cooking and gifts and all the other Christmas tasks. Not Sylvia. She always had to look her best.

As mentioned, she was wearing high heels, high-heeled sandals to be exact, which seemed like an odd choice considering she was just gonna be in the house all day. Adorning her legs were a pair of stylish, slim jeans, clinging to her long, firm legs. Up top, she had on a tight, short-sleeved, figure-hugging black top, showing off her slim belly and large bust. And while her top wasn’t obscene, it did show off a bit more cleavage than expected for a family get-together.

Forcing Jessa and Liam to budge over, she sat next to Liam’s girlfriend and set the gift basket on the table between the two couches. She’d already gotten into the basket a bit, as she’d pulled out a cute Santa hat and put it on her head. She had also helped herself to a candy cane, gripped between her nimble fingers. As she glanced at Jonathan, she slid the candy cane between her plump lips. Jon looked away quickly, not giving her the glory of making him squirm.

“What’d you get?” Deb asked, leaning over to examine the contents of the basket. Taking advantage of the distraction, Jon joined her.

The basket was stuffed with little treats. Some of it was food. A small bag of candy. A cellophane wrapped bundle of Christmas cookies. There were also little Christmas-themed gifts as well. Some little decorations. Little toys, and a miniature nutcracker. Jon’s eyes fell to an item that caught his eye. Grabbing it, he lifted it so he could read it.

“Electric Mistletoe…” he read out loud from the label before reading the description. “Christmas is a time for love! Share that first kiss the right way, under ‘North Pole’s’ special ‘Electric Mistletoe’. They say, during the Christmas season, if you share a kiss under this special mistletoe with that certain special someone, the one you’re meant to be with, you’ll feel that jolt of electricity that only comes from true love. A jolt that, once unleashed, will never go away. Two souls, joined as one, for all eternity! All you have to do is share a juicy kiss under the ‘Electric Mistletoe’ and submit to the feelings of love that will arise, and you will be rewarded. With the ‘Electric Mistletoe’, and a little bit of ‘Christmas Magic’, you can experience true love today!” Jon paused as everyone took this in. “Well… this is some pretty powerful stuff!” he said with a laugh. The clump of mistletoe in his hands, adorned with a few Christmas bows, looked like every other bundle of mistletoe he’d ever seen. It didn’t look special in the slightest.

“Why is it ‘Electric’?” Jessa asked. Jon spun around the mistletoe, examining it.

“I don’t know… I don’t see a plug,” he said, making them all laugh lightly. Except for Sylvia, who laughed a little harder than the rest, making her son-in-law a bit uncomfortable.

“Seems like a bit of false advertising to me,” Jon said skeptically. This thing only added to his feelings about ‘North Pole’, with something being off about them. This thing right here seemed like snake oil, a fraud, something to lure easily deceived people in and take their money. Jon shook his head, annoyed, before seeing something else on the label. On the back of the tag was more text. ‘Warning, the effects of this mistletoe are very, very permanent. True love, once found, can never be denied. Merry Christmas.’ Jon rolled his eyes at this. “I tell you… I don’t like this company.” Jon looked up, just in time to see Jessa nod in agreement and Liam look away.

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