Mirrors By Moonlight


This story is one of many I have written about a young girl called Jen Kitten. She has small black cat ears on top of her head and a furry tail above her bum, but she is otherwise human. She has shoulder length blonde hair, an average sized body with C cup breasts. Her boyfriend Glenn, or Puppy as she sometimes calls him, has short brown hair and is slightly taller than her. He is her Master and she is his Pet.

I hope you enjoy it, my Kitten…


Kitten ran for her life.

“Go! They’re still coming!” Pup yelled out a few paces behind her, running flat out just like she was, laughing hysterically at their escape. They were being chased, true, but he tasted freedom.

And boy does it taste good.

Black cars sped along the road next to them, trying to cut them off, sirens and voices shouting into the night. Out of nowhere Kitten found herself almost pressed up against a high wooden fence, blocking their route. There was no way back, they were surrounded.

The cars screeched to a halt. She could see silhouettes moving towards them, no idea how many. Pup slid in the mud to stop beside her but pushed her towards the fence.

“Come on! Keep moving!” he said as he hoisted her up and over the top of the barricade, more noise coming from the figures moving closer to capture them.

She dropped down on the other side into more mud; it already caked the bottom of her jeans from the constant running. Pup dropped down next to her a second later and they took off again, tearing across the open field towards the forest ahead.

He took her hand and held it tight as they neared the edge of the trees, hardly visible with all the cloud cover. Trunks loomed up in their path, almost seeming to appear instantly as they ran in amongst the thick brush. Spotlights flickered between the trees, trying to get a bead on them, but it was too dense, too crowded to allow for the use of torches.

Kitten was starting to tire. Her breath came in gasps, her lungs felt like they were on fire, legs aching with the effort of running and running. She stumbled, but the hand holding hers did not let go, and it spurred her on, gave encouragement to keep going, to just keep ahead of their pursuers.

Suddenly the trees disappeared and they were out of the forest, running across open grass, a chain link fence in sight ahead of them. The moon was full tonight, and the dark clouds were beginning to thin. Kitten ran for the fence like it was some kind of beacon to her, a promise of safety and rest.

They hit the fence at a run, tearing at the bottom for a gap, finding a shallow hole in the ground where the edge had been bent upwards. Pup lifted the fence up and she scurried under, crying out in pain as her black tail caught briefly on the wire. She stood up on the other side and held up the fence for him as he followed suit, then they turned and ran forward together into the night, looking around for somewhere to hide.

Stalls of rotting wood stood in disrepair, banners hanging limp over their counters. Huge metal monsters were frozen in their last positions: rockets rested on platforms, cars lined up down tracks, slides filled up with fake wooden canoes instead of the water they once ran down. A great wheel lay on its side in a mess of twisted metal bars, steel arms reaching up, as though wanting — pleading even — to see the sky up close one more time. Everywhere metal rusted and paint peeled and colours faded to grey.

“Quick, this way.” Pup’s voice broke into her thoughts as they moved in between the broken machinery and piles of rubble. The spotlights did not reach them here, but it was not a promise of safety. Kitten new they had to hide fast or risk losing this race.

They headed for a building that at best looked less destroyed then most others, but this was little comfort. Its door swung dangerously on its remaining fragile hinges, its steps rotted and creaky as they bounded up and into the darkness to escape the light. One corner, then another, and they came to a dead end.

“What now?” Kitten said, feeling her last hope leave her. They were trapped and knew it. Pup turned this way and that but found only more dark walls and large heavy curtains hanging everywhere.

“No, no! God damn it!” he screamed, and struck a wall fiercely. The wall gave way.

Pup pitched through the hole into another room altogether, losing his head as he bounced off a wall and spun around, to find himself staring into the eyes of someone else. He jumped back with shock. So did the stranger. So did four other strangers. Strangers who looked just like him.

It was a house of mirrors.

The now bent and broken wall was almost completely hidden by a curtain, but Pup could see that what was left had been fairly rotted, and must have supported one of the mirrors in the room.

The roof had a large hole in it, as though a great weight had been placed in the centre, and was bowed inwards, its wreckage blocking a doorway on the other side and providing the only light.

A olgun porno second doorway stood off to Pup’s left, completely barred up. Kitten’s reflection poked its head through the curtain, looking around in awe. “How on earth…”

There was a noise from the outside. They were coming.

“Quick, get in here!” he hissed, pulling her through into the room and pushing the scrap of wall back up in place. He yanked the curtains back over it just as the edge of the broken wall splintered and the roof caved in a bit around him.

The moss all over the doorway muffled the fall, so he quickly pushed the wall into the mix and stepped away as voices and footsteps rushed past. He and Kitten shrank back against the mirrors, into a corner where three images sat next to them, cowering in fear and exhaustion.

After a few minutes the footsteps couldn’t be heard; they were gone, and the park fell into silence. Pup got up and walked over to the door and tried to break off the bars keeping it in place. They didn’t budge.

He tried finding a way around the rubble to the other door. No luck. He looked for a way to climb up through the hole in the roof. Nothing. And the way they’d come in was now a mess, so there was no way back.

“Well dear, I think for the time being, we’re trapped,” he said.

Kitten stared around, a scared look on her face. “Trapped? What do we do?” she said.

“Well, I suppose we wait a while for them to call off the search…then see if we can break out. We’ll make too much noise doing it if we try now.” He sat down next to her, putting an arm around her shoulders. Gently rubbing her arm, he leant the side of his head against hers, sighing as she fell to sleep with exhaustion, him following not too far behind.


It was almost completely dark when Puppy awoke in the room, the moon hidden behind the black menacing storm clouds that were clearly visible through the roof. He looked down to see Kitten fully awake, cuddled up to his body, her beautiful eyes staring up at him with a longing he recognized.

He leant down and kissed her lips, soft and gentle, her arms wrapping around his neck holding her close to his body, letting his hands move around her back to run fingers up and down, kissing further down to her neck and a little of her collar, making her sigh as he unbuttoned the top of her shirt, kissing a bit of her chest and back to her neck, holding her lovingly close.

Pup lay her down, undoing her shirt so her breasts were visible, covered neatly by a black bra, almost invisible in the dark room, the clouds in the sky turning the picture to black and white. Slowly Puppy kissed down her neck, his tongue sliding over her skin as his lips moved across her chest and lower between her boobs.

Kitten shivered as he traced up her left breast with his tongue, running it along the rim of her bra, the tip flicking near her nipple. Smiling, Pup took her bra between his teeth and pulled down, her breast slipping out of the cup, her nipple becoming hard as his warm breath washed over it.

“Wha…what are you doing?” Kitten whispered as he slid the other breast out of its cup, her bra still done up around her body, holding the breasts up slightly as his fingers brushed over her other nipple, his lips locking around her left one and gently kissing it, sucking it into his mouth as he caressed her right breast with his fingers.

“Mmm, you always taste good Kitten,” he moaned, sucking her nipple more, his tongue circling it in his mouth. He could see her soft tail curling with pleasure as he played with her.

Kitten gripped Puppy’s shirt, sliding it up as her hands moved up under it and along her back, fingers dragging over his skin as she closed her eyes with pleasure, his lips moving lovingly over both her nipples, hands caressing her soft breasts. She bit her lip and gripped his shoulders slightly as he pressed his weight down between her legs, getting a little moist as he touched her.

Slowly one hand moved down his side, across his waist and up onto his chest, ripping a few of the buttons off as she dragged her nails down his chest, arching her back into his kisses.

Suddenly Pup bit down into one of her nipples gently, teeth and lips moving across it as his tongue circled it, and Kitten whipped her hand down his body, forcing it behind his belt and into his jeans, fingers stretching for his cock. He gasped as she wrapped her hand around it and smiled, looking down at his shocked expression.

“Mmm….that’s what I want, my dear Puppy,” she purred, squeezing his throbbing member, her other hand moving across his back to hold him in place, his lips returning to kiss and lick all over her chest and neck, sucking gently as she leaned her head back and enjoyed the sensation of his lips on her skin, her hand moving back and forth lightly on his cock.

Pup moved his hands down her body to open her shirt up, fingers scrabbling at the rim of her pants to undo them, sliding his fingers over her exposed porno skin, making her shiver as her hand gives his hardness another squeeze. Quickly he kissed down her body, paying attention to every spot, as he slipped her pants down her legs to her knees, letting her part her legs to allow the fingers of one hand to play out across her glorious mound, wet with desire.

Kitten sighed as his fingers pressed down on her pussy, moving up then into her undies to stroke her clit with a finger, slowly, every movement a careful one. She started to work his hardness out of his pants, her hand sliding up and down his shaft a little faster, a little harder, as he stroked her clit gently, every brush being met with a kiss to her chest and breasts, tongue sliding over her skin after each kiss.

She arched her back again, her small ears pointing back against her head, reaching down to pull his head up to hers and kissing his lips fiercely as her hand started to move harder, wanting something from him. “Kitten isn’t going to just let you do what you want with her, Pup,” she whispered, leaning in closer to kiss his neck, teeth dragging over it lightly. “I want you to show me something.”

Smiling, she bit down into his neck, making him gasp and press his fingers against her clit harder, two tips rubbing against it, wet with her own juice. “I want you to show me…” she said, her breath against his neck hot and tantalizingly ticklish, making him close his eyes with desire.

Suddenly Pup found himself lying on his back, Kitten perched on top of him, her hand rubbing his cock lighter as his fingers slipped out of her panties. She smiled down at him, glancing up to look into one of the funhouse mirrors and seeing his cock, wondrous and erect, reflected several times around her. Looking back at him, she took one of his hands and gently laid it on his member, wrapping her fingers around his, feeling him pulse with pleasure in their hands.

“Now, Puppy…” she said, leaning down with her breasts brushing his chest and arm. “Play.” She leant back and, with satisfaction, watched as their hands started to move up and down his shaft, stroking him together as he looked deep into her eyes, mesmerized.

Kitten smiled as her undies became soaked with wetness, her own hand tracing a path down her chest to her breasts, fingers slipping over them as she moved down to her belly, watching his eyes follow the path, opening wide as she slid her fingers into her underwear and over her folds, making her arch her back and sigh with pleasure as she touched herself for him.

Biting her lip, Kitten started to finger herself, her thumb rubbing her clit as she slid her first two fingers in and out of her pussy, moving her hand away and watching him stroke his cock, watching her movements hungrily. She glanced up again and saw the new reflection all around the room, her playing making her pant slightly, gripping his shoulder for support as she fingered on top of him. She smiled with pleasure as he gasped, his hand working his cock faster, eyes closed with the desire flooding him.

As she started to get close, pressing her wet fingers to her clit and rubbing, making small circles on it, she watched the reflection of her hand in her pants, becoming more aroused as she saw Pup jerking his cock only inches away from her. She rubbed faster, fingers flying over her clit, pressing hard as she felt herself start to shake and moan.

Unable to take her eyes off of the sight in the mirrors all around her, she leant her head back in agony and saw a new reflection on the roof, one of the two of them from above, Pup’s eyes closed tight, his rigid cock right next to her and his hand moving up and down it rapidly, and as she watched him moan she felt herself lose control and with a cry of joy she came, squirting into her hand, soaking her panties and shivering madly with pleasure, gasping for air.

As she calmed down, opening her eyes after squeezing them tight during her orgasm, Kitten spied Pup’s hot cock in his hand, his eyes also closed with pleasure. Smirking to herself, she pulled the wet crotch of her undies to one side, against her thigh, and lifted herself up a bit, hanging her hips over her master’s swollen member and sliding almost effortlessly down him, working his hand away from his shaft as she engulfed it in her waiting pussy, squeezing her eyes closed with this new feeling as his shot open in shock.

“Kitten?!? What are….ohhhh…” he sighed as she rocked back and forth on him, her clit rubbing wetly against his pelvis bone, the grinding enough to almost make her cum again, holding off enough to glance down at him, smirking even more.

“Kitten wants her Master…right now.” With a low growl she leaned forward and linked her fingers with his, putting her weight on his hands as she started to pump up and down on his cock, working it deep into her pussy with each thrust.

She moved intently, each rolling of her hips being done forcefully against his, his cock nudging her g-spot perfectly, Porno 64 the way only she knew how to do with him below her hot body. Kitten moaned and looked up around the dark, mirrored room once more to watch herself riding him, seeing her own back and soft bum in one of the angled reflections, her tail curling with pleasure as Pup’s hard cock plunged up into her groin, visible between her cheeks in the rear view.

She bit her lip as she closed her eyes and saw the image again, burned into her retinas for a few seconds, the memory of her own ass being pumped up and down on him sending violent shivers down her spine, her fingers gripping hard against his as she rode his cock.

Pup gasped as she rocked forward hard, pressing him deep into her pussy and making him throw back his head, seeing the view of her perfect breasts bouncing slightly as she forced herself up and down his shaft. With a groan he looked around and saw them side on, her large cup size showing as she rode him, hands gripping his with her eyes closed in excitement, her back arched and her head back.

He threw his head to the side and saw them again, now from a close up view, looking down at her belly and pussy, her clit hidden still in her panties, pushed to one side of his cock at the moment, sliding up and down on him, rolling around in circles as she pressed down hard against his hips.

With one more rock she started to groan, then louder as she came close to orgasm again, the feeling building up between her legs, her eyes squeezed shut. Pup broke away from her hands and reached up to fondle her breasts, palms rubbing her nipples as she gripped his arms and shoulders hard, fingernails digging into him as she rode another wave of orgasm, crying out madly as he felt hot juice spilling from her pussy, coating her inner thighs and his cock, dragging her nails down his chest in glorious agony as she came.

With a grunt Pup threw himself up and wrapped his arms around her, kissing her hard, his tongue finding hers as he rolled over and ended up on his knees, his arms around her waist and his lips falling to her breasts again as he started to pound her, feeling legs wrap around his waist and hands running through his hair as Kitten panted with delight, a low moan escaping her lips.

Suddenly he threw his hand over her mouth, the reflections all pausing as he stopped, looking around cautiously. Then Kitten heard what he had heard: footsteps on the grass outside. They froze in place, his cock half inside her, as they listened to the hunters stepping up into the funhouse’s rotted entrance, the floorboards creaking unhappily at the footsteps.

Pup was sweating and Kitten shook with fear as the muffled sound of a hand patting the walls came close to them, several of the mirrors shaking slightly as the patting grew louder, harder, close to the caved in doorway that had sealed them so well. The sound passed onto the broken frame…

Then passed, moving to the next wall, which the searcher must have found to be equally solid as the rest of the room, as the footsteps resumed and the hunters started to move out to the rest of the fairgrounds, the noise of searching moving off and away, getting duller and duller until the shouts and clanging was gone.

Kitten breathed out, almost having held it the whole time, and looked up to the roof as the moon finally came out, flooding their room with beautiful moonlight. But before she could look around she felt Pup’s cock fill her pussy, sliding fully into her, making her mouth open wide with shock and an extreme pleasure as his hand clamped down on her lips, keeping her silenced. Slowly he began to thrust into her, his movements slow and precise, every pounding effort slamming him deep into her pussy, his shaft rubbing her walls madly.

Kitten couldn’t hold it in much longer as she stared at the reflections, seeing their lovemaking everywhere around her, lit up enough now to properly see every muscled line on his back, every curve of her breasts, and every inch of his cock slipping into her smooth pussy, giving her a rush like never before. She gripped at his arms, one of them holding her mouth closed, the other pressed hard against her hip, as she desperately writhed in pleasure on the floor, his hardness pressing into her deep as he fucked her in the moonlight.

With a cry she closed her eyes tightly, feeling his breath quicken on her cheek as he leant down to lick her neck, and suddenly her eyes flew open as he bit her hard, growling and groaning, his hand sliding away from her mouth and around the back of her neck to hold her close.

He bucked his hips and thrust deep into her pussy, and they looked up into the same reflection of them slightly side on, looked into each others eyes, and in that moment Pup roared and pounded her deep to finally cum, hard, filling her up with his semen, coating her insides and making her cry out with pleasure as she squirted her wetness across the base of his cock, buried deep inside her.

Puppy thrust one more time, his eyes closed tight, shaking madly as he shot into her, her head resting forward onto his shoulder, gripping his arms tightly as she shook from the third orgasm, holding onto him until she started to calm down, her violent shaking turning into quiet sobs of joy.