Mission Accomplished

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I choose one of my absolutely fabulous red lipsticks– I pick the one guaranteed stay on my lips, no matter what I do with my mouth! Of course, the advertising promos show the model drinking coffee, slipping a white shirt on over her head, etc. I wonder if the product has been field tested for the application I have planned for it. . .

I decide it would not be prudent to just wear only the lipstick in public. (Not gonna do it.) I rummage through my closet, to see what piece of cloth I could find to wear. I know I want something other than my standard fare of jeans/sweaters– I want something feminine. Something which makes me look like a touchable, kissable, fuckable woman, instead of my casual everyday look! I find a favorite dress at the back of my closet, neglected by me far too long. . .I remember all of the complements I would receive whenever I wore the dress. I pulled it out, my decision made. A black, low-cut empire waist dress with a full skirt– perfect for my red lipstick. I can hardly wait to feel the rayon of the dress as I wear it; so silky, so flowing, so soft, so feminine!

I hit the shower. Thoughts about what I was going to be doing in a while filled my head with delicious thoughts. I took extra delight in cleaning all of me. I didn’t even bother to dry off (never do) I just stood in the bathroom dripping wet, drying my hair. Not a smart move, to be sopping wet holding onto a live electrical device. . .see what wicked thoughts do to my common sense! I finished doing all of those fun personal things women do to themselves.

With my hair done, all of me smelling good, my face not needing make-up, I knew it was time to get dressed. Dressing myself goes fast, since all I needed to put on was a bra plus the dress. I searched through my bras, attempting to find one worthy of this dress– it just didn’t feel “right” to wear a boring, everyday bra with this dress. My mind was still wandering. . .found it! A beautiful tropical blue bra patterned with flowers. I even found the panties to match the bra. I decided to wear the panties, too- what the hell. Wouldn’t kill me to Sivas Escort wear the irritating things once, now would it? I quickly put on the panties, then the bra. Something about this bra made me feel “extra-girlie.” I liked the way the bra fit, and how it pushed my breasts together. I wondered if my nipples would stay hard, or go back to “quiet” mode? I put on the dress, slid my feet into some sandals, then went for the lipstick. As I did my lips, I looked at myself in the mirror– I did look like atouchable, kissable, fuckable woman! (first part of the Mission completed)

I grabbed my keys, bouncing happily out the front door to my car. Only I knew what I was going to be doing. . .what an amazingly wild “thing” I had planned. . .

After a short trip, I arrived at your office. You work too many late hours. . .you need a nice-n-nasty surprise!

I have the surprise I think you need. (second part of Mission finished) “What a great surprise,” you say to me, eyes full of my “grown woman” look.

“Thank you for noticing,” I answer, with my big smile. After some general niceties, I walk around your desk, to where you are sitting. The office smelled like my perfume.

“I didn’t come here to talk,” I purr. “I came here for another reason, if you would be ever so gentlemanly as to oblige me to my desires.”

You couldn’t say anything. . .it must be difficult to speak when a woman is straddling you in your chair, giving you a hot, wet kiss. (That’s what I was doing) You still couldn’t say anything, as I moved my mouth from yours, going down to your neck. . .

I have to pull myself back, so I can untie your tie, unbutton your shirt, going further south on your person. I am so naughty, the whole time I am removing your clothes, I am looking you straight in the eye. I have no words for you at this point. . .I am confident you are smart enough to figure out what is happening to you. If not, I think the lust would be evident in my eyes.

I hear people moving outside of your office. . .my mind then filled with thoughts of being caught! Nothing like Sivas Escort Bayan living on the edge, with the tasty possibility of being caught doing something nasty, to get my motor running! I saw you were nervous. I could even sense you thinking you should not be in your office, shirt off, pants down, with a highly sexualized woman in your lap! I carelessly thought you could just get another job. . .but me– I am priceless! When I am bad, I am so good. . .

I relax myself towards you, giving you a light kiss on the lips. You wanted more, as I felt your hands come up around my back, to pull me in closer. A nice gesture, but this was my “show.” I pulled back, only to say, “I’m the do-er, and you are the do-ee. . .so you have to relax and let me have my fun!”

I have neglected to mention what was going on in your lap, beneath me. “Something” had come up, and was demanding my attention! Now I had to tease a bit more! I went back to kissing you, letting my hands wander all over your chest, your arms, hands. . .a few other “unmentionable” places as well. I was still feeling the thickness of “something” poking me, prodding me. . .I could even feel my heat as my pussy was becoming slippery wet. . .

I slowly slid down from your lap, down between your legs, where I was greeted with great joy by your “something.” I rubbed my cheek alongside of your cock, taking great pleasure in the hardness of you, yet enjoying the softness of the tip. . .I knew you could hardly wait for me to partake of what you had to offer! I continued to play “around” your cock, teasing you in my mischievous way, driving you insane with anticipation. I could feel the increasing hardness as I played with you; I heard your breathing become faster, your wanting me to suck you right then. . .

And I stood up. Much to your chagrin, I knew. I backed away from you, kicked my shoes off, then I pulled my dress up over my head, tossing it on your desk. I revealed my fancy lingerie to you; however, I could tell you didn’t care. . .you just wanted me to finish what depravity I had started. I think Escort Sivas it must have been awful for you to restrain yourself, to tolerate my teasing– I saw how much you wanted to toss me on your desk, penetrate me in the most luxurious way, fill me up with your cock, feel how positively hot my pussy is. . . I was unrepentant as I smiled, placing myself back down between your legs.

I ran my hands all over your stomach, waist, hips– finally ending my exploration at your hard cock. Then it happened! My “field test” of my lipstick. . .I took all of you into my mouth! I saw you throw your head back in intense pleasure, as you enjoyed the process of heading towards bliss. (third part of Mission under my belt) You slid easily into my mouth, reaching way back to my throat. . .I started off by slowly moving up and down on your shaft, using my hands in concert with my wet mouth. I moved my tongue around the tip, paying attention to that little “spot” underneath the tip of your cock. When I flicked that spot with my tongue, your cock throbbed in my mouth. As I was sucking on you, I heard you softly moan. A few moments later, you looked down, to enjoy the visual of me, looking back up at you, savoring every moment of what I was doing to your cock. Oh, I knew how much you liked to see my red lips wrapped around you. . .

I continued the action, sucking deeply each time I pulled back from your cock. . .I supposed this was an exquisite feeling for you. . .and it would have been counterproductive for me to cease! I kept it up, using my mouth, my tongue, my hands to please you in the most special way. As I kept licking, sucking on you, I found myself wondering what you were thinking about? Does my mouth feel good? Have my teeth scraped you? Am I providing an “excellent” blow job, or are my talents “just okay?” Are you just tolerating this, not wanting to offend me? What if I am doing it wrong? Or, am I absolutely fabulous? I stop thinking these thoughts, instead, I began to think about how you felt in my mouth. Delicious. . .I even started to concentrate on your smells. . .how you looked, how you tasted. . .

I then felt “what” I knew to be the point of no return. . .I relaxed, yet I was still able to continue my pleasing you. . .stroking you, waiting for you. . .waiting to hear you cry out in release, pleasure. . .waiting to taste you. . .

Mission accomplished.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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