Mistaken Identity

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Teen (18+)

‘Oh, yeah, that’s it, right there! Suck that dick, slut!’ The mouth on the other side of the Glory Hole worked magic on my raging hard-on, I knew that I was close to blowing my load right in this bitch’s mouth. I thrust my hips forward even farther, feeling my cock grow in size yet again as I neared the brink, the chasm of no return.

“Alan!” My grandmothers voice startled me out of my dream state as she knocked loudly on the door.

“Uh, yeah, uh, what Mammah?” I stammered.

“I hoped that you weren’t asleep yet,” My Mammah’s voice on the other side of the door said. “Your Aunt Billie and Uncle Joe are here, come say hello!”

“Yes, Ma’am, I’ll be right there!” I replied, heart hammering in my chest, hoping that she didn’t hear the bed springs squeak as I jerked myself off.

I could hear her shuffle off down the hall as I stood up and cleared the room of any evidence that I may have left lying about.

‘King, Alan King, Serial Masturbator.’ I thought to myself as I tossed the unused paper towel into the shit can next to the bed in my Mammah and Pappah’s spare bedroom.

We were there, we being my father, Max, mother, Carrie and little sister, at their house for the first annual King family reunion. My Aunt and Uncle flew in from El Paso, along with my two small cousins. I was pissed because I had to pass on a great summer gig at the lake in order to be here. My parents knew that I was upset, but it was very important to my grandparents that everyone in the family be there, so, here I was. I was by far the oldest child in the family, being two months beyond my 18th birthday, and instead of celebrating my last summer with my buddies before we all go separate ways to college, I am here. Alone.

‘It’s only two weeks, Alan!’ I sneered, mimicking my mother as I threw on my shirt and headed downstairs to see the family.

My parents were high school sweethearts who happened to let their passion overtake them and hence, I came along. They were married soon after and overcame the odds, Great American Story, blah, blah, house with a white picket fence, etcetera. I am just being pissy, my folks are great. My dad and I are best friends, literally, and my mom and I get along well. Heck, she confides in me, for criminy sakes!

“Oh, Alan!” My Aunt Billie screamed as I hit the downstairs foyer. “Look at him, Joe! So big and handsome!”

My Aunt Billie stood and ran to me and gave me a bear hug. Uncle Joe wasn’t far behind, nearly breaking my hand with a handshake. Joe was my dad’s twin brother, and they were so identical it was scary.

“You look just like your dad and uncle when they were your age!” Billie coodled, embarrassing me.

“I guess that they were real studs then, huh, Billie?” I joked.

The room erupted in laughter as all of the children ran in from the back yard and the house was abustle with all of our family trying to catch up on old times, all at the same time.


“Mom, that was the best!” My dad said, taking a swig from his beer bottle.

“Yeah, Mammah!” I chimed in, pushing myself back from the dinner table. “I think that I am gonna bust!”

“You ate so much, kid,” Pappah chuckled, winking at my grandma, “I was thinking of asking your parents if they ever fed you!”

My mother wrinkled her nose at Pappah, smiling.

“Well,” Mammah started, “Since everyone is here now, we’ll have to shuffle up the sleeping arrangements, O.K?”

We all groaned. Mammah was very old fashioned and would not let even my parents, who had been married nineteen years, sleep together.

“The boys downstairs and the girls on the patio!”


Later, mom and Aunt Billie came into Porno 64

the den where all of the ‘men’ had gathered to watch a fight on T.V. I say watch, but with males being the animals that we are, we were pretty much all sleeping, having our bellies full and sated.

“Joe!” Billie woke him and my dad, “Carrie and I are heading out to town. One of our school friends is going to meet us for drinks, alright?”

I could barely keep my eyes open and finally, a couple of hours after mom and Billie left, I decided to turn in.

“Alan, sleep on the futon, will ya, son?” My dad asked, “That fucker kills my back, I’ll just crash on the floor.”


I stood there in front of the mirror, stripped to my waist, brushing my teeth and admiring myself. I was good looking, or so I had been told on many occasions, athletic and muscular- I was to try and walk-on to the university’s football team in the fall- and, looking down at my crotch, well hung. I pulled open the front of my pajamas and stared at my crank. Flaccid, it had to be a good seven inches, thick and veiny topped by a sparse thicket of pubes. Yes, I shaved myself! I loved to shave the dick hair into different styles, then wank it and view my cock from different angles! Kinda weird, but, oh, well! The girls that I grew up with viewed me as their buddy, so, as I faced my reflection in the mirror, I faced a virgin! I had come close on a couple of occasions, but I could never close that deal. I thought briefly of my last girlfriend, JoJo, her perky tits and tight cheerleader body. She loved to suck cock and had taken my rod into her mouth several times but would not fuck. My sleeping penis twitched at the thought of it, waking up and beginning to stand at attention.

‘Oh, you want some, huh, buddy?’ I thought to myself as I pulled it out and began to stroke my johnson, thinking of the last time that she blew me, my nut butter dripping down her chin and her smiling up at me from my crotch as we were driving to her parents house. I quickly blasted my man choad in the sink, wanting to get to sleep, but not wanting to get wood while I was sleeping in a room full of guys. I pulled my P.J.’s up and patted the rapidly deflating tent pole, “Good boy!”


Sometime later, I woke with a start, not remembering where I was. I chastised myself for being silly and realized that I was all alone. I got up to grab a glass of water and checked in the den. Fast asleep. Every one of ’em, Uncle Joe, dad, Pappah, all snoozing with the T.V. still on. I got a drink and went back to bed, dreaming of JoJo’s soft lips and tongue stud.


“Oooooohhh, yee-ahhhh…..” I heard myself moan.

A hand placed across my mouth shushed me.

I had been sleeping hard, and like when your radio alarm goes off and you incorporate the song into your dream, I was dreaming of getting a sloppy wet hummer. I shook the fog off and looked down and saw my three-quarters erect cock sticking out of my boxers, and, a face with my left ball sack in its mouth. My mother’s face!

My heart leapt into my throat and I started, raising myself up.

“Shhhhhhhh! If yer mudder hearsh ush, she’ll feed ush to da goatsh!” My mother stage whispered drunkenly.

She pushed down on my mouth, hard, and my head hit the pillow. I looked back down at my cock, and where I only had a semi before, now that bitch was as hard as Blue Steel ‘Cat couldn’t scratch it!’

The odor of whiskey nearly made me drunk, and my mother was working her way back up the shaft of my rod, licking and kissing, making sucking, sloppy noises as she did so. I knew that if Mammah heard this, it would kill her. I was sleeping Konulu Porno in the bed that dad was supposed to be sleeping in, so my mother got hammered, horny and decided to sneak in and get laid. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to her, the lay-er was her son. I tried to pull her head off of me, and she pushed me back down, then slapped my hand away from her. She sucked my wide head into her mouth and I could feel her tongue swirl around my helmet. Goddamn, it was nice. I have a large vein that starts underneath my dick, snakes across the top of it and continues visibly through my groin area and into my abs. I was now watching that vein being swallowed by my mothers greedy mouth. She was drunk as fuck, I could tell, she was swaying back and forth, and being none too gentle on the old johnson.

From the moment that I woke up to right at this second had to be less than forty ticks, but it seemed like an eternity. I laid there solid as a stone, fearing that someone would walk in on us, but more scared that my mother would realize that I was not her husband and shit would REALLY hit the fan.

I could see my cock clearly in the moonlight streaming in from the basement window. I could see the rivers of saliva running down the shaft of my penis. I could feel the wetness on my balls. She took her hand from my mouth and grabbed the base of my shaft and began to jack me off while using the other to caress my nutsack. Her rhythm picked up as she began to get into the task at hand. My heart was still hammering in my chest as I bit my lower lip and decided to go along for the ride. I pulled her hair back from her face so that I could watch. Fuck! I’m going to Hell! She gave the sloppiest, wettest blow-job ever, but, I was way too scared to nut.

“Thish country airs is good for yer cahk, honey,” She slurred, “This is harder than it has been shince hah skool!”

My mother pulled off of my throbbing member and swang her leg over mine so that she was straddling me reverse cow-girl style. I knew what was going to happen next as she reached between her legs and stood my hard cock upright, then raised her body up, pointing the mushroom head right at her honey-hole.

I just knew that the whole house would be awoken by the loud hammering of my heart in my chest, I couldn’t breathe, I thought that I was going to pass out as she slid my dripping wet one eyed wonder warrior to the hilt in her hot snatch. In but a nano-second, I was no longer a virgin. She leaned forward and put her hands on either of my legs, directly above my knees and began to rock her hips to and fro, almost horizontally to my prone body. She was fucking me hard, and I could feel my love piston getting pulled down towards my feet inside of her, then getting thrust backwards violently. Mom squeezed the shit out of my thighs and closed her legs on my hips like she was riding a horse. She shuddered and her voice caught in her throat. ‘Ah, ah, ah, ooo-oo, fuck, yeah!’ I was gettin fucked, and that was great, but, BUT, it was my damn mother, whom I had just made come!

Mom dismounted my enormous erection, which by the look of it, had nearly doubled my flaccid seven inch size, and scooted her crotch so that her twat hovered inches above my watering mouth. ‘Wow’, I thought sarcastically, my first 69! I could feel her mouth swallowing my shaft inch by inch, and her tongue lapped at her pussy juice that coated my cock. I had never eaten pussy before, and was hesitant at first, but mom shoved her cunny down on my face and started grinding away at my mouth. I licked and sucked with reckless abandon, stretching her labia out with my lips and gumming them, listening to her moan and feeling her writhe on top of me.

Once Porno İndir again, she shuddered violently and got off of me, getting onto all fours. I could see her puffy bald pussy lips hanging down from between her legs like a juicy burger.

“Shtud, getch down here and fuck me like da bad gurl that I am!”

I looked her over really well for really the first time ever. I would get into fights at school because my mother was much the M.I.L.F. I went to a large school and yes, she was known. All of my friends wanted to come to my house and go swimming, largely due to the fact that mom wasn’t shy about wearing a bikini in front of them. I knew that there had been many a loads shot from young male cannons over her image. Thirty four years old, firm B cup, and with a heart shaped ass that was open to me now. I could see the juices trickling over her bald lips as she waved that turd-cutter back and forth, waiting to get pounded by my huge cock.

I knelt behind her, on one knee and in one stabbing thrust, buried myself deep into her, then ground my pelvis against hers for the briefest of moments, then, it was off to the races. The room filled with the sound of flesh slapping together and I was scared that we would get busted, but, she kept on quickening the pace. I could barely keep up with her as she slammed her ass against me (I would have deep bruises on either side of my pecker for two weeks). She suddenly stopped and reached through her legs and took me out of her then positioned the head of my cock at her asshole and pushed herself back into me. My warriors’ purple helmet disappeared into her nether region as she let out a long, low moan. My hard cock slowly disappeared right into her ass, I remained motionless until mother was entirely impaled on my raging hard-on. It was so fucking tight, like a warm fist was squeezing the Hell out of my shaft, and as she started her rhythmic thrusts, I felt very close to blowing my choad.

“Uh, ugh, oooooh M-M-Max! Fuck my ass!” Mom hissed at me, calling my dad’s name and reaching down to her clit and masturbating herself. I neared the brink of the chasm, my throbbing penis was like a live high voltage wire, it felt like it was ALIVE!

I couldn’t hold on any longer when she buried her face in the blanket on the floor and let out a long, stifled growl. The volcanic eruption of man seed took over and I spewed a hot stream of man chowder deep into my own mother’s bowels, I came so hard that in my imagination, I could hear my cock shooting off in her ass. Three huge spouts of my nectar gushed from me into her nether hole.

Exhausted, I fell back onto my haunches as my spent cock slipped noisily out of her ass with an audible ‘Plop!’.

Mom stood up and staggered about nakedly, grabbing at her clothes that she had strewn about the room. Satisfied that she had every stitch, she kissed me on top of the head and stumbled out of the door, nearly taking herself out on the door jamb.


Frantically, with the blood pounding in my ears and my heart racing in my chest, I threw on my boxers and made haste down the hallway to the den.

“Dad! Dad!” I shook at his arm, harder than I had meant to.

“Huzza, wha-, hmmph!” He groggily woke. “What!”

“Uh, your back, Dad, you need to go lay down in the bedroom.” I told him.

I helped him down the hall as his bad back was already barking at him and set him down on the air mattress on the floor. I was scared shitless, knowing that I had fucked up, and scared that I would get caught and ostracized from the family. Dad was fast asleep very quickly and I hastened down the hallway to the patio, peeking in on my mother, who was lying on her stomach with one bare foot hanging off of the side of the bed, and snoring loudly.


I settled into the big easy chair next to my Pappah in the den and slowly let myself calm down. The last thought that I had before sleep overtook me was if Mom was going to go out again soon.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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