Mistaken Identity


It was a great party, the booze flowed like water, the food leapt off the plates into hungry mouths, the music was clear, but not deafening, the lighting low and seductive and the guests happy, merry and getting very fruity. Who said forty-something’s didn’t have fun? The party was actually to celebrate my twentieth wedding anniversary, Louis, my wife, and I had decided to hold a fancy dress, masked party so that only each person’s partner would know for sure who was who. It was the sort of thing we used to do back in our swinging days and looking around at the happy mob it brought back some very pleasant memories.

Somewhere out in the room was my wife, she was dressed as a hooker, somewhere else in the room was our eighteen year old daughter Melinda who was dressed as Miss Bo Beep; I saw my wife leaning against the mantel and waved to her. She waved back and straightened up, even at forty Louis was beautiful, she had maintained not only her looks but also the curvaceous figure of her youth. Melinda took after her mother and looked very much like her, but all my attention was on my wife as she crossed the floor towards me with a seductive sway of her hips. Just looking at her in her tight, figure hugging dress was giving me a hard on, and as I was dressed as Robin Hood with tights and all the trimmings this was not very comfortable. Well there was an easy answer to that, one that I knew Louis would enjoy as much as I would.

“Let’s find somewhere quiet.” I said in her ear as she joined me.

My wife smiled and nodded her agreement, she knew what I had in mind and was only too eager to please, laughing I took her arm and guided her towards the stairs. A few people grinned at us as we passed knowing what we were off to do, across the room I could see Melinda talking and laughing with a couple of men dressed as a knight and a cowboy. The knight was not very chivalrous as his hand was stroking Melinda’s backside. Smiling I led my wife out into the hall and up the stairs towards our bedroom, thankfully it was empty when we got there though there were signs that someone had been in there recently; wondering who it might have been I pulled Louis to me and planted my lips on hers.

As always her response was immediate, her lips pressing tight to mine, her body rubbing against me as I quickly pulled down the zip of her slinky dress, nice though the dress was Louis was even nicer without it; the material fell to the floor around her ankles as I got to work on the clasps of her bra. Louis wasn’t idle all this time, her busy fingers were tugging at my jacket, then my shirt, and she pushed them both off together and turned her attentions to my tights and pantaloons. Within a very short space of time we were naked except for our masks and her stockings and frilly suspender belt, throughout all this our lips were locked hungrily together. Reaching up to remove my mask Louis caught my hand and shook her head.

“Leave them on.” She whispered in a voice so low that I could barely hear it.

Smiling I lifted her in my arms and lay her on the bed; I was glad that I hadn’t been able to wear the Victorian gentlemen’s outfit we’d originally planned I should wear as she’d still be stripping me; leaning over I kissed my wife while my hands zoomed straight to her tits. Despite her years my wife’s tits were still firm, though not quite as firm as in her youth, but tonight she felt as she did when we first made anadolu yakası escort love together over twenty years ago. Parting our lips I kissed my way down to her tits while one of my hands slid down over her body towards her pussy. Louis gave a soft moaning sigh and pushed her tit up against me as I sucked one of her hard nipples into my mouth, then my fingers were sliding along her gorgeous slit. Her juices coated my fingertips as I passed them over her hole, she groaned as I teased her clit then gasped as her body shook with a minor orgasm.

With all our guests downstairs there was not the time to enjoy ourselves to the full, nevertheless I took the time to kiss my way down to her pussy and to give her a thorough licking that had her gasping and mewling with pleasure within minutes. The taste of her juices filled my mouth with their exquisite flavour, though there seemed something different about the taste of her, but I couldn’t define it and quickly put the matter out of my mind as I swivelled round on the bed. My wife was locking her legs around my back even as I lay across her, her hands pulled at my buttocks as I thrust my cock deep into her making her cry out. I stifled her cries with my lips as I began to fuck her with hard fast, strokes that soon had her bucking beneath me.

Once again I felt as though something were different as my cock slid in and out of her tight pussy, Louis had always had a tight pussy, but the excitement of the night was making her seem even tighter than usual. Or perhaps my cock was so engorged that it was filling her even more than usual, whatever the reason the sensation was glorious. Forcing the pace I fucked her like a mad man, her body writhing under me as I drove her through climax after climax mercilessly, then I felt the tension in my balls and the rising heat in my cock that told me I was about to climax, and I thrust deep into my wife’s pussy and groaned loudly as my hot juices jetted into her depths. Louis gave a choking gasp then began to buck so hard I thought that she would throw me; her pussy clamping around my cock as her muscles milked me for every drop of my seed, as always when she did this I saw red as my pleasure shot to a new high.

A few moments later I rolled off her shuddering body, while she lay there gasping and sobbing in her excitement I went and got a towel from the cupboard, cleaning my cock I returned to the bed and held the towel to her pussy. Louis yelped as I gently cleaned her up, her body surging into her usual climax as I rubbed the towel over her pussy; grinning I stood and looked for my clothes. I was half dressed when Louis finally got off the bed and reached for her clothes; still shaking she dressed then came over and kissed me before I opened the bedroom door.

“We’ll take our time about it later.” I whispered as we stepped out into the hall.

She smiled dreamily and took my hand; walking down the stairs I wondered when the last of our guests would finally depart. It was almost one in the morning when Louis and I rejoined the party, some of our guests had already left and the ones that were left were making their final round of goodbyes, by two all but one couple had gone and I quietly fumed as I waited for them to depart. In a pointed effort to indicate that the party was over Louis and Melinda began to clear up, ten minutes later the couple took the hint ataşehir escort and left, sighing as I closed and locked the door behind them I headed for the living room. Louis was taking a tray of empty glasses out, Melinda was pushing empty plates together and I decided that the clear up could wait for a while.

“Leave that you two,” I said removing my mask, “let’s get up to bed.”

Melinda straightened up, smiled and took off her mask.

“Oh my God!” I gasped in sudden shock.

Behind the mask was not our daughter Melinda, but my wife Louis, if Louis was wearing what was supposed to have been Melinda’s costume then Melinda was…

“Oh my God!” I gasped even louder as Melinda came into the room in the hooker outfit.

“What’s wron…Oh Christ!” Melinda’s face went pale at the sight of me.

“What on earth is going on?” Louis asked staring at our pale, shocked faces.

“You were supposed to be wearing the hooker outfit tonight.” I replied in a low voice full of shock.

“I know, but Mellie and I did a swap” my wife said, “just before the party…Oh no…Don’t tell me you thought she was me and…”

To my dismay she burst out laughing, as she looked from me to our daughter.

“I don’t see anything funny about it.” I huffed.

“Oh Lord,” Louis laughed, “what a comedy of errors. You were supposed to be wearing the Victorian thing, what happened to that.”

“I split the seams of the trousers,” I admitted, “so I grabbed this, but I still can’t see anything to laugh about.”

She came over and put an arm around my waist then reached out to Melinda and drew her to her side, she squeezed us then guided us all over to the couch. In the short space of time that it took us to get settled on the couch I had got over my first shock of having had sex with our daughter, looking at Louis on my right then Melinda on my left I began to see what had my wife laughing.

“What a cock up.” I commented with a wry grin.

“Yeah, right up me.” Melinda sighed then smiled, “It was damned good though.”

“Was our little girl as good as little ole me?” Louis asked with a cheeky grin.

“That’s what really fooled me,” I replied smiling, “Mellie feels so much like you when you were younger, just the way I will always remember you darling.”

“Flattery will get you everywhere Mark,” Louis laughed, “what a pity I missed all the fun.”

“Louis how can you take this all so…so…calmly?” I frowned, “I’ve screwed our daughter, even if it was only a quickie…”

“A QUICKIE!” Melinda yelped as her eyes widened in surprise, “Christ I still feel stuffed!”

Louis threw back her head and laughed until tears ran down her cheeks, her laughter was infectious and soon my ribs ached from laughing, but it defused the situation and when we returned somewhat to normal I pressed Louis for an answer to my question.

“It’s the one secret I’ve kept from you all these years my darling,” Louis answered with a smile, “you know I was always close with my father, well it was him that took my virginity, I gave it to him willingly and I’m not ashamed of the things we did together. Before you ask, yes, my mother did know, but she never spoke about it and didn’t act any differently towards us. So you see, I really don’t mind that you fucked Mellie, mind you I do wish it had been me instead.”

“How long did you and granddad…?” aydınlı escort Melinda asked quietly.

“Five years,” my wife smiled happily, “then I met your father and we clicked straight off, we’ve been clicking ever since. Dad was a little jealous of you Mark, but all he wanted was for me to be happy and I was, I still am come to that.”

I kissed her lightly on the lips then sat back, looking at Melinda I smiled and leant forward to brush my lips on hers, when I sat back again my wife was grinning from ear to ear, as the saying goes. Now that I had recovered from the shock and dismay I found that I felt happy about the whole affair, where I had expected to feel guilt or shame I felt only pleasure. I knew that if the opportunity arose again I would fuck Melinda without hesitation and I guess that Louis knew that.

“Actually,” Louis said softly, “this could work out quite well.”

“How’s that mum?” Melinda asked with a raise of an eyebrow.

Somehow I knew what my wife was about to say and I grinned in anticipation of her words.

“You put it just right Mellie,” Louis laughed, “when you said you ‘still’ felt stuffed. Your father is a powerhouse, God he’s a blasted fucking machine! I love it, but he leaves me so worn out that I can barely stand and I’m still knackered hours later when he’s looking for more! Maybe if he had the two of us to screw it wouldn’t be so bad, we could take it in turns and not end up quite so worn out.”

“Are you serious mum?” Melinda gaped.

“Perfectly serious.” Louis smiled, “You’ve had a half hour quickie with him, imagine that going on for one or even two hours.”

“HOURS!” our daughter yelped, “You can’t be serious, no man can do that.”

“Your father not only can, he does all too regularly.” my wife laughed, “The bugger has some medical problem that makes him hard and keeps him like that even after a climax. I bet he’s like a poker under that costume.”

“No bet.” I grinned.

“See what I mean?” Louis laughed, “Your father is a fantastic lover and I love him oh so very much, but I do need a chance to recover every now and then.”

Melinda grinned then looked down at my groin before looking at her mother, her grin grew wider as she thought about the idea then she laughed and hugged me.

“Would you mind dad?” she asked.

All eyes were on me waiting for my answer.

“Well,” I mused, “if you girls don’t feel tired I could give you a tumble now.”

“Both of us?” Melinda gasped.

“Theoretically it should leave you both feeling only half as tired.” I grinned.

Louis laughed, stood up and almost tore her costume off, I gazed lovingly at her naked body as she stood in front of me, her eyes sparkling and her lips curved in a happy smile. Our daughter hesitated then stood up and undressed, I gazed at her no less eagerly and found that I couldn’t make up my mind who was the more beautiful, my wife or my daughter; Melinda smiled shyly then laughed.

“God this is so unreal.” she laughed loudly.

“Oh its very real.” I grinned rising to my feet between them and stripping off my costume, “Very real indeed. I’ll take your mother first seeing as you’ve already had a turn.”

Louis sighed as I took her in my arms and kissed her, she sighed even louder as my hands explored her body. My pleasure was increased by the knowledge that our daughter was sitting on the couch watching me take her mother and it was increased again by the thought that I would be taking my daughter again soon enough. Pushing all thoughts out of my mind I concentrated on my wife as her cries began to fill the air, laying her back I settled down to a long session and soon Louis was bucking and writhing on the carpet as I reached up for our daughter.