Mistress Jamie’s Bitch Ch. 01


I met Mistress Jamie several years ago. She was a sweet, demure, giving, beautiful, and intelligent woman who spoke several languages. After several months of on and off attempts at seducing her, she revealed her true nature to me. This is one in an ongoing story of sexual bliss, dominance, and submission. I’m sharing it as I shared it with Mistress Jamie. She read this short story and has given me her consent to it. Thank you, Mistress Jamie.


I’d been curious and aroused after you’d confessed to wanting to use a strapon on me. I was now longing for you to take me. I’d spent more time than I could recall masturbating while thinking of you in black leather, thigh high boots, stockings, garter belt, and corset. Finally, you walked into the room dressed as I described. Around your hips was your cock. Your hair was pulled back severely. You placed a collar around my neck, led me into the bedroom, and forced me to kneel. You smiled seeing me excited and just a bit nervous.

“You’ve been very bad,” you said in a harsh whisper.

“Yes Mistress, I’ve been masturbating without your permission,” I said. My heart was pounding in my throat and chest.

“What else?,” you asked.

Confused, I replied with a question, “What else?”

“What else have I done?” I wondered.

Slap! Your gloved open hand upon my cheek. “You Tipobet don’t know? Surely, you know,” you said in an accusatory tone. Pushing a pair of cum-stained panties in my face you said “You’ve been masturbating in my panties, bitch!”

“Oh no,” I thought. I could’ve sworn that I’d hidden them. They were a pair of satin string bikinis. I’d seen you wear them. You looked like the goddess you were.

Hanging your bikini on your cock, you told me to worship you. “Start at my boot toe, bitch,” you ordered.

I kissed your foot and up your leg. When my hands took hold of your ass you slapped me again, asking harshly “Did I tell you to touch me?” I replied, “No mistress.” I started on your other leg, worked my way up the shiny, leather shaft of your boot. You perfume and smell of leather was intoxicating.

“Now, suck my cock,” you commanded.

I recoiled, you grabbed my collar and pulled me into your cock, and ordered me to “Suck it, I said, just the way you like to sucked. Lick the head, lick the shaft, make me happy.”

I did as commanded. You pulled my head in, causing me to gag, and all you did was laugh.

“Are you ever going to do anything without my permission?,” you asked.

“No Mistress, I will always ask first,” I replied. Throughout my cock had been growing ever harder and was dripping pre-cum.

“My, my is that an erection Tipobet Giriş I see growing there?,” you asked smacking me on the cheek, watching my cock twitch from the pleasure, you with a smile on your face.

“Forgive me Mistress, but I have tried to control it,” I told you.

“I’m disappointed in you,” you said, walking behind me, pinching my nipples before returning to face me.

Looking deeply into my eyes, you looked down seeing at my throbbing erection, told me to stand, and took my cock in your hand, squeezing it with just enough pressure that you could slide your hand up and down the shaft as you placed your hand behind my neck bringing my lips to yours. You kissed me passionately, sucking and lightly biting my tongue and lips. My cock was throbbing. I wanted you so badly I could taste it, but dared not make any advance.

Stepping backward, you slid your cum-stained bikini off of your cock and hissed “Put these on, you little bitch.” You followed with a slap when I hesitated. I felt a mixture of excitement, fear, and some humiliation, but I trusted you. You’re my mistress and you’ll take care of me.

“You want to cum in my panties, you’ll wear them, bitch,” you told me.

Stepping into your bikini, I slid them up my hips, and did my best to put my cock inside. I thought my cock wear rip your bikini open. The pressure of my bulging Tipobet Güncel Giriş member against the satin added to the arousal.

“On the bed and on your hands and knees, panty boy,” you commanded.

My heart was beating wildly as you lubed your cock, slid your bikini to the side, and lubed my ass. You had a devilish smile. The anticipation almost made me cum. I felt you behind me, felt the tip of your cock against my ass, and your hands gripping my hips.

“Relax,” said. I felt the head of your dildo up against my ass, I breathed deeply, and tried not to tighten up as you entered me. “I’m going to fuck your cunt ass until I’m sated,” you stubborn panty-wearing, cunt of a bitch boy.”

Slowly you went in and heard me moan from the intense pleasure, intimacy, and trust I felt and we shared. You began taking harder stokes into my ass. You too began moaning. I wondered what was happening. You anticipated my curiosity.

“I have a double-headed dildo, bitch,” you gasped. As you fucked me, you fucked yourself. Your dildo brought your dripping pussy hot, erotic pleasure as you fucked me.

“Take out your cock and stroke it,” you said. You enjoyed watching me stroke my cock. I enjoyed stroking it for you.

“Roll over,” you ordered. “I want to watch you stroke your cock and cum on my bikini, panty boy.” You fucked me harder, ramming the dildo deeper and harder into the two of us until we both exploded in a hot, wet, raging climax as my hand stroked my cock as fast and hard as you banged my ass with your dildo. My hand was dripping cum. You leaned forward and kissed me hard telling me “Next time, panty boy, you fuck me.”