Mistress Marisa’s Estate Pt. 35


I am one of several slaves my Mistress Marisa keeps in her household. I am completely owned as are the other slaves that serve her. These episodes are written with her permission. It is my, our story…


You are seated on long black leather couch. Soft music plays to those selected to be in attendance at your very private salon. It’s an invitation only party, the special ones only. Men and women mill about, cocktails in hand, chatter and the sound of beautiful music fills the back half of the room.

You are dressed in all white, made up fashion perfect. You are in a shoulder-less and backless evening gown, your breasts pushed up, cleavage highlighted. You wear gorgeous lace top stockings under it all, soft and delicate lace white panties, satin high heel shoes. I was privileged to be able to help you dress. You are gorgeous.

People smile, wink and nod. One even bends and puts his hands on you as you sit. He kisses your naked shoulder. He’s your new found lover. He’s a very handsome man, very masculine. He’s new to your decadent parties but is learning fast.

At the back of the room there are a number of sissy types, some cross-dressed, two naked, all restrained. They are parked, left to wait, set aside by their owners. Some are in collars, cuffs, some are passable CD/TV girls. But this is not about them. This is about you and your wonderful salon and the show you offer up to your very select kinky guests.

The large room is dimly lit, one stark light only. It’s a spotlight shining down on your little sissy princess. It shines down starkly on me.

I am stroking, humping frantically. I am struggling to cum. My rear end thrusts madly in the air. I am fucking a pillow. I am on a small two foot high platform stage for all in the room to see. A thin chain runs down from a bar above me, runs down from the ceiling. It runs up under the left leg opening of my ruffled panties. It disappears under and into the rear of them. The thin chain is connected to the permanent gold ring that keeps my tiny balls and penis surrounded tightly. The chain holds me so as to not allow full thrust of my small erect penis into the pillow on the table surface below me. The tight chain makes me struggle to fuck my pillow rather than just thrust heavily against it. I can only run the sensitive underside of my little erection, the hole of it, against the inside of my panties and across the surface of the silk pillow.

I try so hard to Tipobet please. I try to make the underside of my penis connect with the pillow, work so hard, so very hard. I struggle furiously to get the friction, the contact needed to cum for you and your guests. And that is what this about, your guest’s amusement, amused by my humiliating little show.

I am dressed as the sissy I am for you. My girly little high heel ankle boots flailing in the air, up on my knees with my chest and face to the table below me, my heavy breathing and moaning is almost lady-like. My delicate whimpering, butt thrusting and pumping as best it can, I am the show. I feel sweat on my inner cheeks up the crack of my rear end. A drop of it runs down over my balls inside my panties. I work so hard to cum. That is what I’m on display to do. Fuck my pillow and cum in my underpants. I feel your eyes on me. I feel your dissatisfaction that I am taking so long to do what you expect me to do. And then I feel a hand on me. A hand that breaks my concentration, I feel for the first time something other than the trickle of sweat running down my arched back. I feel a large masculine and strong hand cover my thrusting cheeks. Startled, frightened, I look up to my side so quickly. It’s him. I see your lover, your new man, looking down at my rear. I feel him cup my cheeks, hear him say quietly, ‘dirty little bitch’. Only I hear him, see him glare down at me.

He runs his hand over the ruffles of my panties and pets my rear end. He strokes me. I struggle, almost thrash to pump, pump so desperately looking for ‘the feeling’. The inner feeling that starts just before I know I will cum. I am begging for THE FEELING. Begging, ‘please, please, please’, I think to myself, ‘please let me cum, please’. I press my face to the table in front of me. I fuck my pillow crazily as he watches. I try to ignore him, his deep presence. He walks away and I close my eyes and concentrate, so hard, feel tears in my eyes. I know that you will lose patience with me soon. I have been doing this for almost thirty minutes. It feels like hours. I don’t want to be scolded, whipped in front of your guests, sent away from you and your party, sent to my punishment cage..

And then it comes. And then I feel it.

I feel the ‘feeling’, the one that starts so slight inside, so subtle, the one I have to fight to control when my Mistress uses me only to make herself cum, not me. I push my little erection up against the inside Tipobet Giriş of my panties, fight with my knees to hold the pillow up high between them. I move against it, straight up and down, on top of it, butt way up high. I whimper loudly, cry out slightly. People are paying attention now, watching intently, commenting to each other, some laughing.

Then it happens.

I feel the first soft spurt, the next, the one after. I feel the rhythmic drip into my panties. I feel the offering for my Mistress and her guests. You hear me whimper, moan, bury the side of my face into the table. I see you stare at me, slight smile on your face.

Then it’s over.

I feel my rear quiver, shake slightly, so subtle, nobody sees. But I feel it. I open my eyes briefly, lock eyes with a naked sissy chained by a neck collar to the wall in the rear of the room. He is staring at me, deeply watching me, I can see him. I look away, close my eyes. Then I hear the applause. I hear the small gathering step up to congratulate you on my dirty little show. I hear them say things like, ‘so wonderful’, ‘elegant’, ‘so decadent and depraved’. The applause fills the room. It’s for you, not for me.

Then I am aware your presence, your focus on me alone. You are next to me. I hear you talking to your lover. Just the two of you standing next to me, no one else in the room hears you.

“You can fuck him without a condom if you like. I’ve decided you can do that if you want to. But don’t you dare leave a mark on him, I mean that. You’re new to this and he’s my favorite. I want him in one piece when I come back. You mark him seriously and I’m going to be very upset. Only I do that, only me. This is a real test, baby. You’re first time being trusted with my personal little bitch. Enjoy him but don’t seriously hurt him.”

I feel your hands slip my panties down in the back just below the curve of my cheeks. You unfasten the thin chain attached to my gold ring that held me slightly up off the pillow. Then slip my panties back up over my butt. I feel your warm hand caress and push my rear down firmly onto the pillow.

“I’ll be out of town until Monday. I want him back by noon.”

You pet my rear, pat me.

“Princess, such a good girl, you please me much. So precious! They loved it!”

I feel you lean down, kiss my cheek. I feel the slippery mess inside my panties. My penis moves in it, squishy and warm. I feel some of my cum run out from Tipobet Güncel Giriş under my right panty leg, feel it drip underneath me and onto the pillow.

“Thank you, Mistress, thank you.”

My face to the table, my voice is soft, submissive, whisper like. I can feel all of their eyes on me.

You put your hand on the arm of the man standing next to you.

“I mean it. I’m trusting you for the first time with one of my slaves. You be a good boy. Don’t break him.”

You lean up and kiss him, he tells you that you have nothing to worry about.

“I’ve been looking forward to this. I have some friends that are too. You know I won’t hurt your precious little pet. I’ll meet you at the bar, baby, I want a drink.”

You look back down at me as he pats your rear end and moves away toward the bar at the back of the room.

“Princess, you did such a good job, was afraid that you weren’t going to make it.”

Hear you laugh softly, so sexy.

“I thought maybe you’d forgotten how important it is to cum for me when I want you to like this. It’s one of my favorite shows.”

You pet me. I know you have to leave shortly. I know what’s about to happen. I’m being given to your lover for several days, I’m being given to the man you now see almost daily. He’s ‘baby sitting’ me as he called it.

“I want you to be on your best behavior over the weekend. He’s taking you home to his house tonight. Mama is out of town for three days, I’m going to miss you, baby doll, but I’ll be back.”

See you glance to the back of the room, looking for him.

“I’m going to come by and say goodbye before I leave tonight but for now I’d like you to go to the back of the room with the rest of the little pets by the back wall. I need to talk about grown up things with my guests, have to mingle. Will you be a good boy while I’m gone, do what you’re told, will you do that for me, baby doll?”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

I feel apprehensive of your lover. I know he isn’t as thrilled with me as you are. I hear you giggle.

“Now be a good girl, go. Show’s over, baby. Go back there with the rest of the sissies.”

I see you turn and walk to the bar, greeted by all you pass.

Soaked, wet, used, know better than to talk with the others, I walk to the back of the room trying not to drip cum on the floor.

We all stand and wait for our Mistresses or Masters to take us home. Or use us at your party. All the kinky pets, we stand and wait. The boy that watched me looks at me, winks. He rolls his tongue up over his lips and smiles wickedly. He mouths an air kiss to me.

“I’ll lick that off of you if you like.”

His voice is a whisper. The others ignore him. I look away from him quickly.

I am your slave.