Model Behavior

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The year had been long, and somewhat boring for Jessa. Although glad she had only one year left of college, she was ready to be out on her own, with a job and an apartment of her own. She was grateful to her family for paying for all her needs, but since she had little time for a job currently, all there was money for WAS those needs. There simply wasn’t anything left over for her to have a little pocket cash. Jessa never went out, never splurged on anything; she didn’t have any money of her own to splurge with. So when her best friend Kris had called with the news about the modeling, Jessa reluctantly listened.

“I’m telling you, this will be PERFECT for you! The hours are flexible and short, the money is pretty good, and you can finally stop complaining about not being able to afford to come out with me! What have you got to lose?” Kris spoke quickly, as she did whenever she was excited.

“I don’t know. I’ve never done any modeling before.” Jessa said hesitantly.

“Oh come ON! The guy is an artist. All you have to do is sit still and look pretty. How hard can it POSSIBLY be?” Kris coaxed.

“Well, I suppose maybe I could do that. How much did you say he was paying again?” Jessa asked.

“100 bucks a sitting. Seriously, Jess, what have you got to lose?” Kris waited.

“Oh, I suppose I could give him a call. Hey, who knows, maybe he’ll be a hottie. I’ve always been attracted to that artsy type.” Jessa allowed herself a small smile.

“Great, let me give you the number!” Kris proceeded to rattle off the digits, then said she had to go. “If I find out you didn’t call, Jess, I SWEAR I will kick your ass!”

“I’ll call, Kris, I promise.” Jessa said, then hung up the phone.

And so, after she had finished checking her email (empty), and listening to her messages (one, from Kris) Jessa dialed the number Kris had given her.

He picked up on the second ring. “Hello?”

Jessa was silent for a moment. His voice was low and somehow dangerous. It sent shivers up her spine. Maybe this was a bad idea after all.

“Hello?? Is anyone there?” He sounded exasperated.

“U-uh, hello. I’m uh, calling about the modeling job?” Jessa managed to stutter out.

“Oh, right. Well, do you have any experience?” he asked.

“No, I just wanted to make some extra money and my friend told me about this job so I thought I’d call and see what it was all about so…” Jessa realized she was rambling when he cut her off.

“Good. I wanted someone fresh. Can you meet me so I can see if you have the right look?” his voice was now more curt than anything, and Jessa mentally kicked herself for letting her imagination run away from her.

“Oh, um, sure. Where would you like to meet? I’m free for the rest of the day.” Jessa said and glanced at her watch. It was 1:00, so that should give them plenty of time to meet, and maybe, if he liked her, they could even get to the modeling.

“You know the park on 20th and Griffin? There’s a little café there. Can we meet there in say, half an hour?”

“Okay, sure I can do that. Um, how will I know it’s you?” she said, then kicked herself again for making it seem like a blind date or something. He chuckled, the sound making her shiver once again.

“I’ll bring my sketch book and I’ll be drawing at the table.”

“Okay. Oh, by the way, I’m Jessa.”

“My name is Lucan.”

Half an hour later, Jessa was parking her beat up old Camry at one of the many metered spaces surrounding the park. She checked herself in the mirror, but then remembered that there wasn’t much to be done. She had elected not to wear makeup, since he had said he wanted someone fresh.

Lucan. What an unusual name. Not that hers was all that normal either, but his sounded so exotic and foreign. Realizing she was still staring at her own reflection in the rear-view fethiye escort mirror, Jessa shook her head and exited the car. She walked the short distance to the café and then stopped, her jaw dropping.

Sitting at a table on the outside was a young man, bent over a sketch book. His eyes were obscured by messy dark brown hair, but the rest of his face was the stuff of every girl’s fantasies. A strong jaw and straight nose framed his serious, but somehow sensuous, mouth. His skin was unblemished, a perfect light contrast to his dark hair. And his hands. His hands were flying surely and precisely over the page in front of him, never hesitating. Jessa looked heavenward in thanks, then back to the man and began to approach the table. And then he looked up at her.

If she had to describe it later, Jessa would have said that time had stopped. As soon as the two of them made eye contact, Jessa had stumbled to a halt, her breath hitching in her throat. His eyes were an intense, deep blue, looking as though they held all the secrets of the world within. It was like staring into the deepest part of the ocean. Though you could see the shapes of things moving in the depths, there was no way of knowing whether or not they meant you harm.

Jessa stood there, staring, until he broke the spell by smiling and standing up. She shook her head again, trying to regain her composure, and returned his smile, walking the rest of the way over to the table. He put out his hand to shake hers, his eyes never leaving her face.

“Jessa, was it?”

“Yes. And you are Lucan.” Jessa struggled to keep her mind on the conversation and off of the disconcerting feeling of arousal his touch had produced.

“Perfect.” Lucan murmured, almost to himself.

“E-excuse me?” Jessa frowned at this flustering man.

“You. You’re perfect.” he paused as he noticed her look of bewilderment. “For the modeling job. You’re exactly what I am looking for. Still interested?”

While all of Jessa’s logical impulses told to run from this man who made her feel such a strange mixture of desire and fear, her body was screaming at her to take him up on the offer. ~Seduce him!~ it shouted. ~Or let him seduce you.~ And for the first time in her life, Jessa decided to follow something other than her mind.

“Sure. When do we start?” she said, flashing him a blinding smile. Lucan looked at his watch.

“Well, we can start right now if you are up for it. My studio is just a few blocks away. What do you say?” he asked, finally dropping her hand.

“Fine by me.”

And Jessa, who had never done anything more daring than wearing high-heeled shoes to class, allowed him to lead her to his studio.

The studio he took her to was very plain. But looking around at some of the drawings on the wall, Jessa began to feel her first misgivings. Every picture was gorgeous; so realistic that it seemed some of the subjects would walk out of the frame any moment. That, however, was not what worried her. Each picture had one other thing in common: they were all nudes. Jessa swallowed, then turned to Lucan.

“So, where do you want me?” she asked, trying to keep her voice casual. Lucan gestured to a screen in the corner she hadn’t noticed before.

“You can undress behind there. Then we can talk about positioning.” he said, not looking at her as he set up an easel.

“U-undress?” Jessa squeaked.

“Yeah. Wait, your friend *did* tell you this was a nude sitting, right?” He asked, looking up at her at last.

“O-of course she did. I just… forgot.” Jessa twitched her lips in what she hoped was a convincing smile. Lucan had looked back at his supplies, however. ~I’m going to KILL Kris.~ Jessa thought, then walked behind the screen.

“Okay. You can do this. It’s just a nude portrait. So what if you’ve only been naked in escort fethiye front of one man before. This is ART. He is an ARTIST. He’s obviously seen it all before. It’s just a job, for Pete’s sake.” Jessa said under her breath as she fumbled with her blouse and jeans. She got down to her bra and panties and stopped. Lucan was asking her a question.

“Do you mind if I put on some music? It helps me concentrate. And it might help you relax, too.” he called to her from the easel.

“No, that’s fine…” she answered. “But I think I’ll probably need a Quaalude to help me relax.” she added under her breath.


“N-nothing! Music is fine!” Jessa mentally kicked herself for the third time that day. She took a deep breath, then unclasped and dropped her bra. Her panties followed soon after. She stood for a moment behind the screen, shivering slightly from the delicious feel of the cool air on her skin, then stepped out from behind it as the first few beats of a slow, throbbing techno song played from a boom box in the corner.

Lucan, who was standing next to the easel, looked her slowly up and down, his eyes on her feeling like a caress. His eyes traveled leisurely over Jessa, taking in the arm she held across her chest, shielding her breasts from view, the hand that hovered over the patch of downy hair below her navel, and down her smooth, toned legs.

“You’re shivering.” he said in a low tone.

“I know.” Jessa said, surprised that her voice came out in a mellow, even tone, despite the fact that her body was quivering with a suppressed desire that frightened her. Lucan cleared his throat, bringing reality back suddenly.

“Is it too cold in here? I can turn up the heat.” Lucan seemed to have recovered from what had seemed to Jessa a momentary lapse in professionalism.

“Oh, okay. That would be good.” Jessa said, still standing in front of the screen, not quite sure what to do next.

Lucan fiddled with the thermostat, then turned back to Jessa. He put a hand to his chin, thinking. After a moment more, he went to a closet and pulled out a white, silky blanket and a few pillows. The blanket he spread on the floor, then tossed a few pillows down on top of it. When Jessa still didn’t move, he walked towards her and reached for her hand. She hesitated for a moment, unwilling to relinquish either protective hand, then took it with the hand she had been covering her breasts with. When her pert, pink-capped breasts were revealed, she thought she saw Lucan inhale sharply, but he said nothing and simply drew her to the blanket.

“I think we’ll start with you lying down… like this.” Lucan said, and pushed her down onto the blanket. Jessa sank to her knees, the action leaving her at eye level with the fly of Lucan’s jeans. Which, she noticed, seemed to be somewhat tighter than one would expect. She looked up at him to see that his eyes were closed, his jaw clenched.

Later, Jessa could never have said what it was that came over her at that moment. But before she could stop herself, she had leant her cheek on what was now very clearly Lucan’s erection. Her free hand came up to rest on his thigh as she rubbed her face on the bulge of his jeans and heard him inhale deeply. Dropping her hand, Lucan put his own on Jessa’s head, tangling his fingers in her hair, before dropping to his own knees in front of her and taking her lips in a brutal, possessive kiss.

Jessa heard herself moan into Lucan’s mouth as their tongues moved suggestively against each other. Her hand, still on his thigh, moved cautiously to lay over his erection, rubbing slightly. She heard his answering moan and began to rub harder. Lucan’s hands began to move over her back, sliding down the silky skin until he was cupping her bottom. He pulled her against him, trapping her hand between them. Jessa went willingly, fethiye escort bayan maneuvering her hand so that she could undo the button on his jeans and then lower the zipper. She slipped her hand into his pants, seeking and finding his heated flesh and stroking it. He growled and pushed her away, causing her to frown in disappointment until he pulled his shirt over his head and stood to drop both jeans and the boxers underneath.

Jessa moved forward on her knees to capture his throbbing penis in one hand, wrapping her fingers around the shaft and pumping her fist a few times. Then she leaned forward and took him in her mouth, her tongue dancing along his turgid flesh as he threw his head back and plunged his fingers into her hair. As she sucked him, he began to thrust his hips, driving himself into her mouth until he could stand it no longer. Muscles straining, he pulled her away from him and pushed her down onto the blanket. She lay there as he stood over her like a god, drinking in the site of her naked body hungrily.

No longer ashamed of her nudity, Jessa basked in Lucan’s appraisal of her body, letting her legs fall open to reveal her most secret parts. She knew she was wet already; her passions had been aroused quickly and more completely than ever before. After looking his fill at her, Lucan knelt between her spread legs and began to caress her breasts roughly. He circled her nipple with one finger before catching it between thumb and forefinger, pinching it while placing his other hand over her other breast. He repeated this with the other breast, then leaned over to suck one nipple into his mouth, causing Jessa to thrust her hips up at him in frustration. Lucan continued to suckle, alternating from one nipple to the other, as he slid one hand down to where Jessa was wet and wanting.

His fingers dipped into her honey as she pushed her hips up at him, panting and pleading. When he slowly circled her most sensitive spot with his middle finger, she didn’t know if she could take any more. And then he abandoned her breasts, licking slowly down her body. Pausing to look up at Jessa from between her thighs, Lucan then plunged two fingers into her as his lips closed over her center. Jessa screamed, her climax finding her instantly, then continued to scream as Lucan kept his tongue on her and his fingers thrusting into her. Suddenly, Jessa knew she wanted him inside her, and NOW.

She pulled him up by his hair, kissing him fiercely as he buried himself fully with one swift thrust. They strained and moved together, a sheen of sweat forming from their exertions. Not a word was spoken. Nothing mattered except for their shared pleasure. Jessa wrapped one leg around Lucan’s waist and planted the other on the floor beneath her, using it to push up and meet each of his thrusts. Lucan trapped Jessa’s hands over her head with one of his own and stared into her eyes as he moved harder and deeper, feeling the first rush of his own climax. He broke eye contact as he pushed in as deep as he could once more and let his pleasure wash over him. Jessa could feel Lucan’s member pulsing deep within her as he spilled his seed, and felt orgasm overcome her once again. They cried out in unison and were lost to the world.

Jessa came back into herself to realize she was still beneath Lucan, her hands now free and around his body. Lucan’s head was cradled in the bend between her neck and shoulder, his hot breath stirring her hair slightly. She shifted and found that he was still inside her. Unsure as to what to do now, Jessa laughed softly.

“So, same time next week?” she said shyly. Lucan raised his head to look at her in surprise. When he realized she was joking, he rolled off of her and pulled her over to lie on his chest. Laughing, he hugged her with one arm.

“Definitely. Although I really don’t think I should pay you for this.”

Jessa laughed with him, then settled more comfortably on his chest. ~I guess I’ll have to find another job. But I won’t kill Kris just yet. In fact, I think I’ll send her a thank you card!~

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