Model Sex Slave Ch. 04


Diana and Jackie arrived in the kitchen, where the Mistress dressed in a robe and sister Lee, were just finishing their breakfast. Everyone kissed good morning and the Mistress asked Diana if she had slept well looking at her red eyes.

“Not much,” she said smiling shyly.

“Yes,” Jackie broke in “she kept me awake all night”

“I can just imagine that being true,” Marg replied, She kissed Diana’s sleepy face as she hugged her naked body on the chair next to her. Don’t worry dear you will sleep with me tonight and we will sleep, most of the time. Diana put her arms around her Mistresses neck, kissed her softly, and then began to eat her breakfast. This morning we will work on your runway exercises and at 11.00 we leave for a fashion show at a local mall. You can help me dressing some of the models and learn what it’s like in the business. Jackie, you and Lee have an assignment starting at 19:00 tonight, remember?”

“Yes, Mistress we won’t forget, will we little sister Lee.” Lee was busy putting dishes in the dishwasher and just nodded. She came back to the table sitting next to Jackie.

“I’m looking forward to it,” She said, smiling sweetly at Jackie. She knew that Jackie was not that keen on that type of total submission assignments any more. This couple demanded extreme subordination. You had to approach them on your elbows and knees. Sometimes you had to lay flat on the floor and kiss their feet. If you were allowed to stand up, your back had to be bend so your torso was horizontal. Diana knew nothing of these assignments yet.

The Mistress smiled at each of her three naked sex slaves. “Well, lets get busy. Jackie, you are going to your apartment this morning, right?”

“Yes, Mistress, and I will be at the fashion show at 11:00. I should be finished there at 13:30; back to my apartment and then I’ll pick Lee up at 18:00, for the assignment.”

“Good, now, Lee and Diana you have half an hour to pick up from last night. Lee you will update your diary, while I train Diana on the runway. Diana can do her diary then while Lee dresses me. You need time to select street clothes and dress each other so we can leave at 10:45. I don’t see any problems.”

“Mistress, you forgot me, Jackie interjected. Who will dress me now so I can leave?”

“Oh yes, Jackie, you’re ever the secretary aren’t you? Diana, look after your big sister so she can leave.”

“Yes, Mistress, do I get dressed now, too?”

“No, Diana, as long as I am home you are to be naked at all times unless your are told to dress.”

“Sorry, Mistress.”

“It’s OK sweets, you have only been here three days.” She kissed her and caressed one of her breasts. “I want the naked bodies of my sex slaves, available for my visual pleasure, every second that I am here. Now, go and dress your big sister. Diana got up and leaned across the table assuming the spanking positions. Marg paddled her black rear lovingly, watching her fleshy globes shake with each impact. “Now go before I make love to you, we don’t have time this morning. That goes for you too, Jackie” she said as the two naked girls headed downstairs.

Diana met her mistress in the gym ready to train, wearing only high heels. Marg was busy with paper work and told her to start walking, balancing two books on her head. She would occasionally, make comments correcting her posture, the way she held her hands and so on.

After half and hour the doorbell rang. Diana froze in her tracks, waiting for her mistress to say something. ” I haven’t told you to stop dear.” Diana continued nervously, as they could hear Lee on the intercom, asking whom it was.

“It’s Doris, my dear I must talk to Marg before the show.” Lee told her that she would be right there.

“It’s a close friend of mine, Diana, keep walking and don’t pay any attention to us.” Diana did as she was told, scared but trusting her Mistress. Lee still naked brought the lady into the gym, just as Diana had turned and walked away from the end of the runway where Marg was sitting. The lady padded Lee on her rear end and she left the room.

“Marg we have a problem,” she stopped talking as she noticed Diana’s naked body walking away from them. “What have we got here, Marg? Keeping secrets from your best friend, are we?”

Just then Diana turned and walked towards them one hand on her waists and the other up in the air her elbow bent at ninety degrees. She was swaying her hips seductively as Marg had instructed.

“Oh, Diana, she only started Wednesday. She is in training, give me time.”

“I bet,” Doris replied not taking her eyes of the naked girl. “Come here child let me have a look at you. Diana gazed at her Mistress, who nodded and then walked over and stood near the lady. She was a tall well-built woman about five-foot eleven with black hair set in a bun at the back. Her oval Tipobet shaped face had a slightly curved nose and large almond dark eyes. She appeared to be her Mistress’s age. The lady gripped her upper arms and kissed her on both cheeks, then she spun her around and looked at her rear. She walked around her touching her here and there. This is just spectacular, ravishing Marg and you didn’t tell me; well I’ll be! I always share new ones with you.”

“No you don’t Doris, not after only three days, now what do you want. She motioned to Diana to continue her exercise. She did, a little confused and the two women began to discuss some problem with the upcoming show. About ten minutes went by and Marg called her to the desk.

“Yes, Mistress?” She stood in front of the desk facing the two women and she could feel Doris’s eyes probing her naked body.

“We have a problem with the show, two of the girls can’t make it. Jackie can double for one of them but we need someone with your measurements to model some swimwear. I don’t think you have enough confidence yet, but Doris think you are good enough.”

“I will to do whatever you want me to, Mistress.” “Come on Marg, give the girl a chance, supper tonight at my place, OK?”

“Yes, I know what you’re after Doris but OK, Diana we’ll try.” She got up and hugged her black sex toy, who threw her arms around her neck kissing her.

“That’s great Marg, thanks,” Doris Said. She came around the desk, kissing Diana on the cheek while groping her fleshy rear end. “So we’ll see you at the show and don’t forget dinner at my place tonight. By, by, I got to run.” She left and they sat down on a couch, hugging.

“Do you now why we’re going for dinner at Doris’s house tonight?” Diana smiled and kissed her Mistress on the mouth and then she shook her head, a sweet question mark on her face.

“She is going to make love to you.” Diana smiled and kissed her Mistress passionately. “Your not surprised, Diana?”

“No, Mistress, it doesn’t matter; you’ve already told me that I must submit to anyone, whenever you tell me. If she makes love to me tonight, it’s because you want her too and I do whatever you wish. Like just now when she came in, I was frightened at first but then you told me to just keep walking. After that, I was ashamed for not trusting you for a minute. Then I felt good inside when she watched me, because you told me she could. Later when she touched and kissed me I felt good, as if you were doing it, because you were watching and didn’t tell her not to. That meant to me that she had your approval and anyone in the whole world can do anything they want to me, if you approve. My will, Mistress, is inside your head, my pleasure is following your orders.” Lee walked in the gym just then.

“It’s time for me to dress you, Mistress, please.”

“Come here Lee and sit on my knee, the tiny womanl happily did as she was told, her short legs resting on Diana’s thighs. Here, put one arm around my neck and one around Diana and we will do the same. Lets kiss girls,” Marg squeezed her two submissive sex slaves together, kissing each one in turn and then kissing their cheeks as she let them kiss each other. “I am afraid Lee is right, we must go. You can finish your computer diary, while Lee dresses me. Oh, and you have to get ready too Lee, we’re shorthanded today.”

The fashion show turned put to be a success, Diana got to show three different bikinis and her curvaceous sexy body got a big hand each time. There were of course a lot of men in the Mall. Doris dressed Diana herself in the busy crowded tent that served as a dressing room. She of course got her hands on some of Diana’s body parts unnecessarily. Diana knew that but she reasoned that her Mistress knew it too, so that made it OK. She thought it ironic though, that this woman was dressing and undressing her, in a way serving her and tonight, she would be serving her. Well, not only serving her but submitting her body totally for any kind of sexual intercourse Doris wanted. It made her pussy tingle just thinking about it.

They arrived for the dinner. Marg had helped her pack a small case for the clothes they would wear that evening; it wasn’t exactly street clothes. They were met at the door by one of the models from the show. She was white and blonde and Diana remembered that her name was Wanda. Her beautiful five feet ten model’s body was naked except for a thin black lacy garter belt holding up dark nylons, nearly reaching her crotch. She kissed both of them and took the case, saying that she would get Diana ready and that she would be in the guest bedroom in a minute to change Diana’s Mistress.

Diana followed her down stairs and into her room. Here she undressed her first then opened the case finding the white garter belt and nylons that Diana was to wear. She fitted the nylons on Diana’s Tipobet Giriş shapely black legs and fastened the garters carefully. Lastly she fitted her white high-heeled shoes and buttoned the strap. “There she said you are done.”

“No Diana said, there is a white mini in there I’m supposed to wear.”

“I don’t think so sister, not in this house but I will check with my mistress.” She pushed a button on the intercom and told her mistress that Diana had a dress with her.

Diana’s mistress came on and said, “that’s OK Diana the hostess decides those things.”

Wanda then told her to wait there; she would come back later and get her. She waited eagerly for ten minutes. When Wanda finally came back she took Diana’s hand and the two naked slaves walked up stairs and in to the living room. The two mistresses were sitting on a couch talking, in their top less bodice’s, garters and nylons. Doris was in white and Marg in black. The girls positioned themselves in the middle of the room awaiting the pleasure of their mistress’s. Doris motioned for them to come over and present their rear ends for spankings. They were told to face each other and embrace as they bend over, Diana of course in front of Doris. Their faces were close enough for them to kiss, which they were told to do. The mistresses then each fondled the slave that they would make love to that evening. Doris spanked much harder than her own mistress but the pain seem to travel to her vagina making it hot and tingly. Wanda opened her mouth and thrust her tongue into Diana’s mouth exploring vigorously. When the spankings stopped, they both thanked their Mistress’s. The door from the dining room then opened and a plumb Mexican maid about thirty entered announcing that dinner was ready. She was fully dressed in a maid uniform and was completely oblivious to the four women’s lack of proper attire. “Thank you Maria,” Doris replied “lets eat Marg.” Marg remarked that Maria was getting heavier. Doris said that a plumb body was refreshing once in a while and it was excellent submission training for her sex slaves who had perfect bodies, to show complete submission, to any body style.

There were two place settings and Diana cuddled right up to her new Mistresses body, kneeling on her footstool. She sucked on her exposed nipples and caressed her thighs above the stockings. She fed her mistress mouth to mouth as Marg had taught her. Doris insisted that they had lip contact even when they swallowed and anything Diana ate had to go from her mouth to Doris’s and then back. While they ate, Doris explored Diana’s body with both hands. Marg who was being fed in a similar manner across the table reminded Doris that she was fondling a virgin and that her hymen was to stay intact. Doris wanted to know if she would be invited to witness the deflowering. Marg assured her, that as her best friend, she would insist on her being there.

Maria served dessert and asked her Mistress if there was any thing else. She was told no and that she had made an excellent meal. She immediately came to her mistress’s right side and lifting her short skirt presented her naked plump buttocks, for her reward. Doris spanked her and she thanked her mistress, kissing her lips. Marg then told her to present it for her too. Maria walked around the table still holding up her skirt and presented her rear end, which Marg slapped soundly. She thanked Marg, kissing her and Marg told her to ask her mistress’s permission to sleep with her and Wanda. Doris laughed, telling Marg that she didn’t need permission to have sex with one of her sex slaves.

Later when Doris took Diana to her bedroom, Maria was there in the hallway tapping on the door across the hall. She could hear her Mistress say: come in. She just caught a glimpse of Wanda presenting her body on a footstool and her mistress stroking her. Doris closed the door and took her borrowed slave into her arms.

“Ah, my precious little black bomb shell, you will serve me tonight.”

“Yes, Mistress my naked body is totally yours and your sexual satisfaction is my only desire.”

“Get up on the foot stool, slave.” Diana obeyed, taking up the position, trusting her rear end and breast out for her mistress’s pleasure. Doris walked around her, drinking in the beauty of the curvaceous black body. She stopped behind and ran a finger lightly around her beefy buttocks, tracing her crack from top to bottom and then under her right cheek. She walked around her letting her finger glide on the smooth black skin, around her full fleshy thigh to her stomach just above the thatch of curly black hair. There she began making little circles working her way up the stomach, around her navel. Diana was now starting to tremble slightly; her vagina was getting a hot tingling feeling inside. Doris made eye contact with her easily excitable prey. Her finger Tipobet Güncel Giriş now moved up to her ribcage, making long horizontal strokes instead of circles. Diana’s eyes were riveted on her mistress’s large hypnotic dark almond eyes. Her breathing became little short gasps as the finger stopped under her left breast. Slowly, Doris moved her finger out under the large firm torpedo shaped breast. When she reached, the upward curve towards her aureole she added her thumb, moving two fingers up either side of the pointed breast squeezing it slightly and let her forefinger circle the nipple.

Diana was now gasping for air. Her eyes, appearing to be begging her mistress to ravish her frustrated body. Doris replaced her fingers with her lips barely kissing the erect nipple as her hand moved slowly back down Diana’s heaving chest making large circles on her stomach. She moved her lips to her left breast as she continued stroking her stomach with her right hand. Her left hand then moved around her back and traced her spine to her neck where she circled her finger in the nape. Her finger then moved slowly down her spine as Diana gasped and moaned. The right hand now moved down around her vagina, to her right inside thigh. Diana instinctively spread her feet out as much as she could on the footstool, yearning for the finger to reach her now throbbing vulva. The other finger now reached her rear cleft entering, moving slowly toward the anus.

Doris knew instinctively that she was ready to explode. She lifted her head taking her mouth of the nipple, looking into Diana’s eyes, her mouth open suggestively. Her left-hand finger reached her anus and the right her clitoris at the same instant. Diana screamed in ecstasy as she started her climaxed, throwing her arms around her Mistresses neck; their open mouth’s fusing together, while their tongues feverishly explored the others inside. Doris caressed her trembling orgasmic girl gently, moving her lips to her neck kissing her softly. Diana continued to cry out in short burst, her breasts heaving as she breathed sharply, slowly coming down from her orgasmic rush. Doris returned her hand to her wet vagina soaking her hand and fingers and then sucked one tasting her discharge. She offered another wet finger to Diana’s full lips, letting her taste her own sweet nectar. Diana sucked greedily on the digit savoring the taste. Doris offered another finger and then her palm, which she licked and sucked. They kissed gently and as they did Doris let her step down from the foot stool, guiding her to the bed where she let her down, getting on top of her their lips locked together. Diana wrapped her legs around her seductive temporary mistress and their hairy mound’s ground together.

“Now my dear, Doris whispered in her ear,” It’s time for you to satisfy me. I am going to turn around and I will position my vagina on your face. You will know what to do won’t you?”

“Oooooh, yes Mistress.” She became excited again and her pelvis began rocking her Mistress up and down. Please Mistress, don’t tease me any more, oooooooh, please do it now? Doris shifted her body around getting on all fours above the eager black girls twisting body. She spread her knees slowly, lowering Diana’s priced goal towards her waiting lips. Diana, besides her self with lust suddenly grasped her mistress’s buttocks, pulling her vagina into her face and wide-open mouth in one violent motion. She eagerly sucked and licked the many folds hanging in her face, quickly finding the hole for her probing tongue. Her pelvis was still jerking at a frantic pace but subsided to a steady rhythm when Doris’s lips and slender tongue met her vagina. She closed her thighs around Doris’s head and groaned with pleasure as she tongued the woman’s vagina. Trying but failing to delay another orgasm, she moaned into the wet hairy crotch, as Doris’s expert tongue brought her pure rapture again. Her eager tongue boring in to the throbbing orifice brought Doris to her climax. Both women continued to kiss and suck each other’s juices as they relished the cheer pleasure of flesh touching flesh. Diana’s pelvis began to move again, which prompted Doris to roll off and make her turn end for end, so she could embrace and kiss her insatiable black sex slave.

“Oh no you don’t'” she chuckled, “you’ll get more later.” Diana moaned happily snuggling into her embrace as they savored their orgasms. They french kissed, sharing and relishing the remaining vaginal nectar.

“Thank you mistress. Thank you for letting me serve you,” Diana cooed, moaning happily awaiting her mistress’s next demand for sexual gratification.



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