Mom didn’t Want To, At First

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This story is fictional. All characters are over 18.


At age 38, Pauline knew she was too young to have a teenage son and way too young to be a widow.

Her son Ryan, now 18, was keen to join the army, and had been in the cadets since early high school. He was tall, strong, and very fit having played football since under-7s.

But he had become moody of late, and Pauline thought she knew the reason. She guessed it was simple sexual frustration, since Ryan had not had a steady girlfriend.

Ryan was at football training and Pauline liked having the house to herself. She knew she was very pretty. Of medium height, she had a classic hour-glass figure. Breasts the size of grapefruit, rounded hips and a slight paunch. No bony hips to grind on, just all woman.

Her black hair reached down to the bottom of her shoulder blades and was usually in a pony-tail for convenience, but when she let it free it shone around her square shoulders like a gossamer cape.

She was proud of her breasts, her legs and her pretty face, but most of all she was proud of her bum. There were girls of eighteen who would need a gym to get a tight butt with such perfect curves. Actresses worked hard to get what Pauline had naturally.

Consequently, if she was in the mood to show it off, she wore tight skirts and dresses. Her favourite was the long blue full-length formal number with the slit from ankle to upper thigh which sent her dates mad. It framed her shapely legs, it emphasised her fantastic arse, and the thin straps enabled her to showed deep cleavage with push-up support that turned heads often, earning many a man a slap from his date as she walked by.

She had it on now, even though she wasn’t going anywhere. She had a date in a couple of days, a guy she was very keen on. They’d been out a few times, this time she was going to knock his socks off with how she looked. But she was worried she might not fit into it, thinking she had put on a kilo or two.

Her walk-in robe had mirrors on three sides. She liked what she saw in all of them.

“If Dan doesn’t fancy me in this, I’ll know he’s gay!”

Smiling at herself in the mirrors, she tried to take it off but the zip stuck frustratingly just at the point where it was hardest to grasp from above or below, despite her contortions to reach it. She gave up and went to pour a long gin and tonic. Ryan would soon be home and he’d help her.

Two hours and four more G&Ts later, Ryan still wasn’t home. He sometimes stayed on to hang out after training, but not usually on Mondays because he had an early start at work on Tuesdays.

Pauline had put some slinky music on and was dancing about sexily, her sixth drink in her hand. She got lost in the music, in the dance and in a slight tingly feeling she often got in this dress. It had been her man-trap outfit for a while and she thought of it as her ticket to sex.

Ryan had let himself in and dropped his sports bag in the hall without her noticing. He stood and watched her gyrating her hips to the music, her free hand caressing her thigh, side and breast like some pop music goddess.

“Hi mom. What are you doing?”

“Oh baby. Hah hah. I didn’t hear you come in. I, um, well…”

“Why are you dressed up? Have you been out?”

“No, I was making sure I still fit into it. I need it on Saturday. But the zip got stuck. I’m pretty hot in it, don’t you think?”


“Oh come on. A girl likes to be told when she’s looking sexy!”

“By her son? Are you drunk mom?”

“Maybe. A bit tipsy. Sorry baby. If I embarrassed you. Am I though? A bit?”

“I don’t think I’m the one you should be asking.”

She giggled. The gin and tonics were going to her head and she suddenly enjoyed the discomfort she was giving a young man, and Ryan being her son just meant she could tease and nothing would come of it. She thought. So she resumed her dance-gyrate and ambled towards him, humming the tune as she went, and looking into his eyes with a wicked glint.

He wasn’t impressed. “Stoppit mom.” Then he stormed off.

Pauline giggled at her own boldness and took another draught from the tall glass. Realising it was then almost empty, she drained the last sip and mixed another.

She heard Ryan in the shower and started dancing again, smiling as she remembered Ryan’s blushes. Some minutes later, buzzing from the drinks, she had two thoughts. First, Ryan always showered in the locker room after training, especially if he was going to hang out. Second, she was still trapped in that dress.

What if she’d made her son horny and he’d gone to have a cold shower? She giggled at the thought, then a pang of guilt overcame her.

“Wrong, Pauline. That’s wrong for you to be thinking like that. And I still need him to help me out of this dress.”

So she went upstairs, knocked on his bedroom door.

“Ryan? Baby? I’m sorry. A bit tipsy. Baby I need you to help me get this zipper unstuck.”

She heard shuffling from inside the room.


The door swung open abruptly and altyazılı porno he stood there wrapped in a towel. Not for the first time Pauline admired the muscular frame she’d created in her womb. She smiled at him.

“The zip’s stuck…”

She turned around, and Ryan reached up to it and tugged firmly. It worked. The zip went down easily to it’s end, just below where the crack of her arse started. Pauline never wore a bra with this dress, so she had to hold the straps over her shoulders so it didn’t fall.

“Thanks son. ‘Night.”

“G’night. And mom?”

“Yeah baby?”

“You are hot in that dress.”

“Oh thanks baby!”

She stepped back into the room to give him a peck on the cheek, still holding the straps of her dress in both hands. Being a bit tipsy, her kiss was clumsy and she planted it straight on his lips.

“Ooh, sorry! Hah!”

She tried to stroke his cheek forgetting the hand was holding the dress over her breasts. It duly fell away and her clumsy attempts to keep them covered failed. In a last attempt at modesty she put her hands over her breasts, and the dress fell to her waist. In an agony of slowed seconds, she was aware it was gradually falling lower, peeling itself over her hips. Despite it hugging her figure she had no panties on and she could not risk letting it fall. As she turned away from her son’s amazed gaze, simultaneously trying desperately to cover her breasts with one arm while holding the dress to her waist with her other hand, she tripped on the hem and stumbled sideways into Ryan, who instictively grabbed her to stop her falling. Her instincts took over as well, as both arms stretched out to break her fall with the inevitable result that she fell into her son’s strong arms with bare breasts and the dress falling away altogether.

She cursed and kicked at the dress to untangle it from her feet, then standing she put a hand on Ryan’s shoulder for balance.

Pauline bent to pick up the dress, intending to cover herself with it.

Ryan had been aroused since he’d walked in to see his pretty mother in her gorgeous dress slinkily stroking her breasts and gyrating to sensuous tunes. He’d gone to the shower intending to masturbate but despite his aching need for release he admonished himself for having horny thoughts about his own mother.

Then just minutes later, in quick succession he’d seen her breasts, her perfect ass, and then her pussy.

As she tried to stand up and cover herself with the dress, his senses went into overload. He wanted to see more, so he held her arms at her sides and drank in her nakedness.

“Ryan, let me go.”

He didn’t. His erection pushed a tent in the towel around his waist as he stared at her breasts with their dark nipples, her stomach, and the neat triangle of black pubic hair lower down.


He looked into her eyes, then back to her pussy and breasts. Pauline’s struggles made her tits sway from side to side. In that moment it was as if he’d switched into a trance and he increased his powerful grip on her wrists.

“Ryan please. This is too much. Let me go. RYAN! Dammit let me go!”

Instead he pulled her into his room and tried to wrestle her onto the bed. She bent in the middle trying to use her weight and legs for leverage, twisting her arms at the same time and succeeded in breaking his grip on her wrists. She sat back on the floor with a thud, and he got a brief look at the slit between her legs. She scurried backwards and away from him, grabbed the dress and covered herself still sitting on the floor. He slumped back onto the side of his bed.

“RYAN! What on EARTH has got into you?”

“You’re a cocktease.”

“A what? You’re my SON! You think I was cockteasing you?”

“Weren’t you?”

“Of course not. Oh Ryan, why would you think I’d cocktease you?”

“The zip wasn’t stuck. That dress. You knew I was due home. You danced sexily and asked me if you were hot. I could see you weren’t wearing a bra…” He looked at the floor in shame and embarassment.

“The zip WAS stuck. I had the dress on to make sure it still fit. Oh, what did I do? Oh baby. No, I wasn’t cockteasing you.”

“OK. Fine.”

“Ryan, um, I’m sorry I gave you the wrong signals. But baby I’m your mother, hot or not, right?”

He raised his eyes to hers, cracking a faint smile.

“Guess so.”

“OK. Turn away so I can stand up with a shred of dignity.”

He did, and Pauline went to her own room, threw the offending garment in a corner and put on a long, thick nightgown. Something that would not excite even the horniest teenager. Then she went back to her son’s room.

“Ryan? Baby?”

“Yeah? Come in.”

She sat on the side of his bed beside him: he hadn’t moved.

“Ryan, I need to say this. I know you’ve not had any, um, recent experience. At your age that’s gotta suck because you’re approaching your, well, golden age shall we say, so your hormones are raging and if you don’t get release they just kinda well up sometimes. Outta control even. That’s what happened zenci porno tonight baby. That’s all.”

“Yeah, OK. But. Well. Oh shit mom don’t you know how fucking sexy you look in that dress?”

“Please don’t swear honey.”

“Um, sorry. But it’s true!”

“Thank you, really. Look. Oh hell. I can see you’re excited. Let me just tell you masturbation is completely normal and I’m going to bed now so maybe you should do what you need to?”

“Mom! It might be normal but let’s not forget how I got in this state!”

“Yeah. Fair point.”

Seconds passed. Ryan squirmed uncomfortably, the towel still painfully trapping his raging hardon. Pauline was running a conversation in her head between the white angel and the red devil:

‘Don’t even think about it Pauline, he’s your son!’

‘Yeah, the son who’s sitting there with a boner he’s ashamed of because of you.’

‘Me? Why because of me?’

‘Oh, I dunno. That dress. Provocative dancing. Being stark bloody naked in front of him.’

‘You’re still his mother.’

‘And what’s he gonna do? Stay horny all night and end up with blue balls?’

‘Not my problem.’

‘Yes it is. YOU CAUSED IT!’

She reached a decision. Without a word, she stood and pulled the sexless nightie over her head and dropped it to the floor. There she stood, completely naked, in front of her son.

Ryan gasped. He looked into her eyes in confusion. She was smiling. She inched forwards so her knees touched his. She bent and released the towel and Ryan’s engorged cock sprang up, twitching.

Pauline used a knee to coax her son’s legs apart, then knelt before him. She took his cock in her hand and slowly began wanking him, looking at his face. It was contorted in rapture: “Oh mom. It’s so hard it hurts. But that’s wonderful.”

Pauline leaned forwards slightly and rubbed the head of her son’s cock over first one nipple then the other. Half an hour’s worth of pre-cum lubed them up so his cock glided over them and got them hard.

“It’s OK baby. Let’s fix it together. Lay back”

As he did she snuggled closer in to sit on her heels, bent her head to his cock, and licked around the knob. She teased his cockhead by putting her lips tight around it while swirling her tongue around the end.

After only seconds had passed it was too much. His balls tightened and he began lifting his hips, groaning as his semen started its journey.

Pauline sensed it and jacked his shaft while keeping the pressure on his cockhead with her sucking lips.

Ryan exploded in his mother’s mouth, his cock jerking and spasming with each gob of honey-think jizz and she took it all.

Lost in post-climax fog, he didn’t notice his mother swallow hard and quickly lick her lips. He was however aware that his cock was still rock hard and she was still stroking it, very gently now.

“Oh baby you were really ready! Did I really get you like that?”


“Oh wow. Is this the first time you, er, came with a woman?”


“And it was me… I had no idea I could have that kind of effect. I’m really rather proud of myself, in a way!”

“You should be mom. All my mates reckon you’re hot. None of them have a mom as hot as you.”

Saying ‘mom’ twice reminded her she wasn’t kneeling naked and gently wanking a lover, this was her own son. She came back to earth with a crash and abruptly let go his rigid cock.

“Oh. Um. We have to stop this. And it can not happen again. You must never speak…”

“Fuck it you’re cockteasing again! LOOK at it. You made me WORSE!”

“Stop the swearing.”

“Fuck you. In fact that’s what I’m gonna do.”

He leaped up and got behind her and before she realised it she was kneeling trapped between her son and the side of his bed.

“Open your legs.”

“NO! STOP IT. Please baby. Please stop. You can’t…”

“Shut up. Open your legs.”


Ryan mustered his strength, put his arms around his mother’s torso and flung her up and towards the bed, face down with her rump bent over the side. Ryan pinned her there and thrust his cock at her slit but couldn’t find it. Trying to hold his squirming mother with one hand and use his other to guide himself to her opening was impossible.

Grunting and panting at her attempts to escape his grip, she managed to say: “Ryan. Listen to me. This is not something you can un-do later. You’re too strong and you’re gonna hurt me. If you’re going to do it just do it and get it over with.”

She stopped resisting and lay there face down with her butt arched towards him.

Ryan eased his grip. She didn’t try to escape.

In rage and lust he didn’t hesitate. He pushed forwards clumsily but managed to enter his mother with some difficulty – she was tight and not well lubricated. Despite some discomfort from the friction, he got inside and began short, feverish thrusts.

Pauline couldn’t believe he’d gone ahead and done it. She thought guilt would get him at last and he’d let her go. Now her son was fucking aldatma porno her.

She resolved to just let it happen, try to disassociate her mind. The tingle in her

loins changed all that.

Her son was no practiced lover, but what he lacked in style he made up for with energy. He was grunting and panting with the frenetic pace.

“Ryan slow down. Take it easy. You’re hurting me.”

He did, and settled into a much slower rhythm of deep strokes, and Pauline couldn’t stop biology from taking over. She began to get wet and it only served to make his strokes more pleasurable for them both.

“I’ll lay on my back if you want baby. Do it to me properly.”

Ryan withdrew, and she was grateful not to have her knees on that coarse old carpet any more. She lay in the middle of the bed, her luxuriant hair partly covering her breasts, and spread her legs wide for him. He got between them and lowered himself onto her, and as his manhood approached her slit she grasped it and guided him inside her.

Now wet, her pussy offered no more friction and her son sank all the way in. She let out a deep sigh that became a moan, and instinctively raised her hips to meet his invasion.

Within a few strokes he’d learned to synchronise his hips with hers.

He crushed her beneath him, his head beside hers and kept the rhythm with his thrusts. She fucked him back and briefly wondered how she’ gone from being forced by her son to him bringing her to an approaching climax in such a short time.

The thought evaporated as Ryan lifted himself on his arms and looked down at his mother, her lovely face now in raptures, her breasts jiggling with their movements, their bellies slapping together gently. And then he looked lower. His cock disappearing into her bush. It was all the extra stimulation he needed. He threw his head back and grunted, moaned, grunted again.

Pauline felt his cock swell even more and knew he was going to ejaculate inside her. She milked her son with her inner muscles and felt his seed spring within her, jetting hard and fast, and then she too mewed as she tensed in her every fibre and climaxed with him.

Panting hard, Ryan collapsed down on her while her orgasm subsided.

Now that the sexual tension had left him and his dick was no longer taking over his senses, she knew he’d soon realise he’d just fucked his own mother and wondered how he’d react. She put her arms around him and hugged, trying to let him know it was going to be all right. In doing so she pulled him harder into her, and she marvelled that he was still rigidly erect.

Her surprise doubled when he began stroking into her as if their mutual climax had been merely a whistle stop, not a destination.

She was all mushy inside now but still had that familiar glow and tingle throughout her pelvis, and she began fucking him back as before.

This time neither was in any kind of rush. Pauline decided she was going to give her son the benefit of her sexual knowledge.

“Lay on your back baby. Let me get on top.”

He did, she did, and she began gently rocking back and forward on his cock, all the while watching the rapture she brought to her son’s face while her clit was being stimulated by his pubic bone and his thick wiry pubic hairs.

Ryan reached up to touch her tits. She took his hands and showed him how to rub them and tweak her hard nipples, and just how hard to pull and twist for maximum pleasure without pain.

After a few minutes, she raised a leg like a cowboy dismounting a horse, and motioned for him to get behind her. She was on all fours, and he knew by now where to put his cock to slide into her.

He rocked against her hips gently, she met his strokes. Then more urgently, his thighs and belly slapped against her and sent shock waves through her perfect buttocks.

Pauline eased herself forwards and downwards, reaching behind her son’s arse to keep him inside her as he eased down with her to end up with her face down on the bed with him on top of her. She closed her thighs and showed him how to fuck her like that: His legs outside hers with his cock buried between her closed thighs and in her pussy.

He loved that. Not only could he feel Pauline’s puckered arse against his pubic bone, he could feel her outer pussy lips grasping at him while her inner lips slid along his length.

Pauline raised her hips for a better angle and it was as if she’d flicked a switch in her son’s loins. He pushed hard up inside her, moaning and causing her to moan too. The exquisite sensations of her outer lips grasping his shaft while the hotness of her wet tunnel slurped at his member was beyond his wildest fantasies.

Pauline wanted to see her son cum, so she urged him away, lay on her back still between his legs, and guided him back down and into her pussy. Ryan’s cock disappeared again into her slick opening. Her juices had flowed freely so even her labia were slippery. She loved this position – maximum contact between the walls of her cunt and her lovers’ shaft.

Ryan began long, hard thrusts into his mother’s cunt as she pushed back, moaning more and more. They became lost in their own slow tidal wave of lust, with nothing existing beyond the places where their bodies touched: him just a hard warm cock to her and her just a wet, hot cunt to him.

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