Mom Needs Son’s Help to Strip Naked

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This is a Earth Day contest story. Please vote.


Mom hurts back dumpster diving, while collecting bottles and cans for Earth Day recycling drive.

My Mom had me when she was only 18-years-old. Now that she’s 39-years-old, I’ll be twenty-one in a couple of months. My Dad disappeared soon after he discovered my Mom was pregnant with me. Last she heard of him, he joined the military. He may be dead or married with children and living life in a different part of the country or the world for all we know.

If he’s alive, it sucks that he never tried to contact me. I would have liked to have met him and to know something about him that relates to me, who I am and why I am. Yet, no matter, I have my Mom and she’s been better to me than he ever could. Commendable, but impossible, my mother’s personal goal is to clean up the planet single-handedly by recycling discarded bottles and cans. Trust me, my Mom is no bag lady nor is she an environmentalist. This is just her way to help. Whatever deposits she finds, she donates to related Earth Day causes.

On the surface, I’m proud of my Mom for being such a good citizen. Yet, maybe because she doesn’t have a man in her life, other than me, during the period in her life that she’s the most hormonally sexual, I think she’s overcompensating for her sexual frustration by trying to recycle the planet. Yeah, for sure, my Mom needs to get laid. Don’t look at me. That’s not my job. I may think a lot about having sex with my mother, when masturbating, but I’m not into incest.

Now that I think about it, my Mom’s been overly affectionate lately with all her hugging and kissing that she showers on me, not in a sexual way, of course, but enough to get me aroused. It doesn’t take much to get me going, just a hug, especially when she’s in her nightgown and wearing nothing underneath and I’m in my pajama bottoms without underwear. Overloaded with testosterone, it’s just a hormonal thing more than it is an incestuous thing but, just the feel of her breasts pressed against me, while hugging me, is enough to give me an erection. When I think more about it, the only thing separating my cock from her pussy is the thin cotton fabric of my pajama bottom and her nightgown, Always horny and walking around with an erection, I’m easily aroused.

Just as she’s at the period in her life where she’s the most hormonally sexual, I am, too. Only, I’m embarrassed whenever I have an erection that my mother directly or indirectly caused. Getting aroused over my Mom makes me feel a little incestuously perverted and more than a few times, she’s walked in on me, while I was masturbating. Even though it was exciting at the time for her to see my cock, I was embarrassed later.

There was an awkwardness between us, after that. Even though I knew it was wrong, the feeling I had exposing myself to my Mom and/or masturbating over her exposing herself to me, was exciting. If only she knew it was her I was masturbating over, I wonder if she’d be grossed out or flattered? Yet, incest was a line that I could never cross.

One time, I unloaded, just as she walked in my bedroom to ask me what I wanted for breakfast. With my eyes closed and my headphones on, she may have been standing there the whole time watching me playing with myself, for all I know. Only, as soon as I started to cum, I opened my eyes and she was standing there not two feet away from me and staring at hand stroking my stiff prick, as it spurted out cum. She was standing so close that I was surprised that I didn’t get any on her.

Just as I couldn’t stuff my cock in my pajamas fast enough, I couldn’t stop cumming. I was so embarrassed. Yet, this story is more about what happened to mother during our recycling trips, while dumpster diving, than it is about me masturbating over my Mother.

Because our town celebrates Earth Day, this is the time of year that my Mom makes her big push to surpass how many bottles and cans she collected in previous years. Competing in track and swimming in high school, her competitiveness manifests itself in her Earth Day recycling spirit. Yet, even though she’s only 39-years-old, she’s not as young as she used to be and climbing in and out of dumpsters to score some discarded bottles and cans have taken a toll on her back.

Nearly every night, after my Mom puts on her nightgown, she asks me to give her a back massage. The first time I gave her a back rub, I had no idea what I was doing, but now I’m pretty good at it. When I’m giving her a deep tissue massage, with all the moaning she does, she sounds as if she’s having an orgasm and that always triggers me to get an erection. Every time she moans like that, I imagine having sex with her. Later, alone in my room, I’ve even masturbated to the sounds of her moaning, while imagining that I was fucking my Mom. Something that I’d never do, I still enjoy masturbating while imagining the incestuous, sexual fantasy.

Recently, I’ve been massaging her feet. I don’t have a foot fetish. I started massaging her feet as a way to maneuver mobil porno her legs, spread them apart more, so that I can see her panties. Then, she encouraged me to continue massaging her feet by her obvious enjoyment of my foot massages.

“Oh, Paul, you make Mommy feel so good by massaging her feet. That’s so very relaxing.”

I don’t know why but I find it erotically exciting, when she refers to herself as Mommy. I know it’s childish, but it makes me want to call her Mommy. Give me a hand job, Mommy. Blow me, Mommy. Fuck me, Mommy. It gets me horny when I think about calling her Mommy, while masturbating over the naked image of her.

She loves it, when I give her a foot massage and in the way she squirms, she makes me wonder if a foot massage is a sexual thing for her. Who knows? Maybe she’s the one with a foot fetish. For sure, she has enough shoes to have a shoe fetish.

I suspect my Mom finds my foot massages sexually arousing. I know that I do. Not that I ever would and I don’t know why, but recently, I’ve been having this strong urge to take her toes in my mouth and suck them and lick them. My Mom has beautiful feet and I think that If I sucked her toes, in the way she loves my foot massages, she’d probably suck my cock.

Sometimes, when she least expects it, I tickle her feet. In her feeble attempt to pull away from me, as if she has a leg cramp, with her nightgown climbing nearly to her waist, always she flashes me her panties. I love it when my Mom flashes me her panties. I don’t know why, even after seeing them a thousand times, I love seeing my Mom’s panties. I love my Mom’s panties.

“Oh, two can play at that game,” she said chasing me in my bedroom.

Then, she grabs me and we fall back on my bed with her tickling me and me holding her. Sometimes, when she tickles me, her hand brushes by my cock and I so wish she’d take my cock in her hand and stroke me, but she never does. With her on top of me like that is when I can really imagine what it would be like to have sexual intercourse with her. I have this compelling urge to put both my hands on my Mom’s ass and pull her into me, while sticking my tongue down her throat, but I never do. I’d love to roll her over and hump her, while kissing her.

After she tickles me, we stay like that for a little while, that is, until my cock starts pulsating against her and ruins the whole thing. Hugging and holding my Mom, while lying down is a special time and I cherish that kind of intimacy with her. I like it when she rests her head on my chest and I wish we could just stay like that and sleep together for the night. Only, when my cock starts pulsating against her nightgown clad body is her cue to pull away and go back in her bedroom. I can’t help it. With the warmth of her sexy body, I always get an erection, whenever my Mom is lying partially on top of me or close beside me like that.

Just once, I’d like to pull her back down, roll her over, mount her, and kiss her, but I don’t have the nerve. Just a sexual fantasy that I have, I know that we flirt with the incestuous line with the little mother and son teasing and tickling games we play, but we never cross it. To be honest, unable to resister her, if she made a pass at me, I don’t think that I’d discourage her, but there’s just no way that I could take the lead in having incestuous sex with my Mom. Always, after she leaves my bedroom for her bedroom, I masturbate, while thinking about touching her, feeling her, kissing her, and making love to her, while she strokes me and sucks me.

Those first few times, afraid to touch her, I limited my massages to her back and shoulders. Now, I massage her back, shoulders, legs, and butt. She never complained about me massaging her ass through her nightgown and panties and it took me a while to get to that point. I’d love to go all the way up her thigh, but I don’t dare. I stop, just about a foot below her pussy, but every night, I’ve been going a little higher to see how high she’ll allow me to go, before she stops me.

While touching her in that way, in the way she holds her breath and doesn’t breathe, she makes me wonder if she’s just as aroused, as I am with my hand climbing higher inside her thigh. I’d love to finger fuck my mother. With her moaning over my back massages and squirming with my foot massages, I can only imagine how she’d be like with me giving her an orgasm by fingering her pussy.

My Mom has a nice body and has a great ass and always, I get an erection, whenever I’m touching her, feeling her, and massaging her buttocks. Always, I wish she’d turn over, so that I could massage her tits, too, but that only happens in my sexual fantasies of my mother. Usually, she falls asleep, after I’ve given her a back and foot massage. Always, after I’ve given her a massage, touched her body in places where no son should feel, touch, caress, and massage his mother, I masturbate.

Lately, as soon as I feel her relaxing, on the pretense of massaging her legs and massaging her feet, I spread her legs more, while raising alman porno her nightgown higher than necessary. Every night, I raise it just an inch higher, while hoping she won’t notice. I haven’t seen anything but the top of her thigh, and I realize it’s just a fantasy, but maybe, one night, she’ll let me raise her nightgown to her waist, so that I can pull down her panties and massage her naked butt. Oh, God, how awesome would that be to see and massage my Mom’s naked ass? I’d love to masturbate, while cumming all over my mother’s naked ass.

I’d love to get her drunk, but she doesn’t drink. Sometimes, she asks me for a back massage, when she’s still dressed, before she puts on her nightgown. She lies face down on the couch and lifts her sweatshirt up to her shoulders, before unhooking her bra. I love seeing my Mom’s bra clad breasts. Sometimes, when she’s not wearing a bra, she raises her sweatshirt, while lying face down on the couch and exposes the sides of her naked breasts to me, as if she’s outside tanning in the sun, instead of in the house on the couch.

I love massaging her ribs and continuing higher to massage the sides of her exposed breasts. Oh, my God, that’s the closest I’ve come to feeling my Mom’s tits. If nothing else, touching her where no son should touch his mother, gives me something to masturbate over later.

Between my raging hormones and the nearly nightly massages that I give my Mom, I’m not embarrassed to admit that I’ve been having more and deeper sexual thoughts about my mother laterly. Who wouldn’t? My only release is to masturbate, while thinking about having outrageous, incestuous sex with her. Just as she’d never have sex with me, I’d never have sex with her, but I wonder if she’s thought about having sex with me, as much as I’ve been thinking about having sex with her.

If I was to name a reason why I was so sexually attracted I am to my Mom, I’d blame the recycling. Our Earth Day recycling adventures all started when she won enough money in the lottery that she doesn’t need to work. Now, she devotes her free time to collecting bottles and cans for the Earth Day community drives. Collecting bottles and cans for their deposit is her way of giving back. She’s even won a few community awards, good citizenship awards, and a public service acknowledgement from the mayor. Her name and photo regularly appear in the local newspaper for one thing or another.

She’s not rich, by any means. We’re just comfortable. Every year, for twenty-five years, since she collected her first lottery check a few years ago, she receives a check, after taxes, for one-hundred-twenty thousand dollars. It’s enough money for her to afford a nice house, a new car, pay for my school, and for her not to have to work or worry about money anymore.

Indebted to my Mom, first of all, for not aborting me or giving me up for adoption, she pays for my school, and even bought me a car. Very close to my Mom, I do whatever I can to help her, whenever she needs my help. Her mission in life is to recycle and to clean up the environment by picking up after those others who litter their empty bottles and cans. My mission in life is to do whatever my Mom wants me to do, while ogling her sexy body.

At first, I thought she was crazy, that is, until I went scavenger hunting with her to collect bottles and cans. She’s not a kook, but is truly dedicated to recycling and she donates the deposit money she collects, as her way to help others. In the way she goes about it, collecting the bottles and cans, sorting them, rinsing them, and then refunding them for cash to donate to various Earth Day, environmental organizations, and homeless charities, it’s a full-time job and she donates thousands of dollars a year.

Besides being a community activist, my Mom is a MILF. If she wasn’t my mother, I’d think she was hot. If she wasn’t my mother, I’d hit on her, no doubt. If she wasn’t my mother, I would have had sex with her by now. If she wasn’t my mother, I would have flashed her my cock, while massaging her naked ass, by now.

Now that I think about it, I’m embarrassed to admit, but one time I did flash her my cock. We had been out collecting bottles and cans and my Mom, inadvertently had been flashing me her panties and bra every time she stooped to pick up a bottle and/or can. I saw her panties and bra a lot that day. She made me so horny that, as soon as I got home, I couldn’t wait to masturbate and I was in the middle of masturbating, when my Mom asked me to give her a massage.

I figured I’d give her a quick massage, so that I could return to masturbating. Only, now, I was even more sexually frustrated. I was so very horny that I couldn’t wait to cum, while thinking of my Mom’s panties and bra. I pulled up my pajama bottoms and walked in her bedroom with a massive erection. She had her bedside light on, which gave a nice glow to the room. With her nightgown raised about mid thigh, she was already face down on her bed and didn’t see that I had a huge boner. Only, as alexis texas porno I was giving her a massage, touching her, feeling her, and caressing her, I was getting even more aroused. The Hell with the massage, I just wanted to touch and feel her, everywhere.

Truthfully, I didn’t know at first that my cock had popped out of my pajamas. Then, when I noticed my cock was out, I didn’t care. It felt so incestuously hot to have my cock out, while massaging my Mom’s hot body. I actually rubbed it against her nightgown a couple of times, but she didn’t even notice. To be honest, even though, I knew I couldn’t do such a despicable thing to my Mom, I so wanted to cum all over her nightgown.

I so wished my Mom would give me a massage, one that had a happy ending with her giving me a hand job, before giving me a blowjob. Because I was so horny, I lifted her nightgown higher than I ever did in the past, high enough to expose the bottom of her bikini panty clad ass cheeks. I just love seeing my Mom’s panties. My horniness encouraged my boldness and she didn’t say anything or resist, when I raised her nightgown so high. She didn’t even try to lower it. To be honest, I don’t think she cared. She was so exhausted and I was doing my job relaxing her, before putting her to sleep.

Taking her inaction as encouragement, I raised her nightgown even higher, up to the top of her panties. I couldn’t believe it. The entire back of my Mom’s panties were completely exposed and my cock was throbbing at the sight of my Mom’s panty clad ass. Now, when I started massaging the top of her thighs and her panty clad ass through her panties, instead of through her nightgown and panties, with my fingers constantly and continually brushing by her panty clad pussy, she turned around to look at me.

When she turned to look, even though I knew she was looking, I pretended that I didn’t know my cock was exposed. Feeling as though I was really doing something wrong, by stepping a foot across the incestuous line, I was so nervous. Continuing the massage, I pretended that I didn’t even notice her turning to look. I was just so excited that she saw my erection sticking out of my pajama bottoms, but I didn’t care. I wanted to show her my cock. I wanted her to see my cock. I wanted to see the reaction on her face of her seeing my cock. So very horny, it excited me to see her staring at my cock. We were treading dangerous ground. I watched her stare at my cock, before she looked up at me.

“I think that’s enough for tonight, Paul,” she said.

I felt rejected. I felt embarrassed. I felt a sexual excitement that I never felt before for my mother. All that night and all during the next day, I wondered if she was going to say something about what happened during that night, but she never did. It was as if we had a silent incestuous code. It was as if it was something so taboo that we couldn’t even speak of it.

I practically ran to the bathroom to masturbate over not only seeing my Mom’s panties and bra, while collecting bottles and cans, but also seeing her panties, while massaging her ass. The image of her staring at my naked, erect cock is what put me over the top. I exploded cum across the bathroom. I was so aroused that I exploded gobs of cum everywhere. Never had I cum as much. So incestuously charged, I didn’t know how I was going help my Mom collect bottles and cans tomorrow, without constantly thinking about tonight, but I did.

Active in politics and the ecology, she’s aware of what goes on in the world and, because of her, she’s made me more aware and environmentally responsible along the way, too. Admittedly, however, it wasn’t helping to save the planet by preserving the ecology that got me interested in cleaning up the environment. To be honest, it was having the opportunity to ogle my Mom’s underwear that got me so involved. Without her knowledge, no doubt, oblivious to my lustful feelings for her, my Mom made me the incestuous pervert that I am today.

I know it’s incestuously wrong to lust over my mother, but I’m always horny, especially back then. Because of all the testosterone surging through my body, I’m at the age that masturbation is a daily activity, sometimes multiple times a day. At my age, it’s normal to masturbate and when masturbating, because I’m always with my Mom, I think about having sex with her. I’m not embarrassed to write that with all of the environmental and community activities that we do together, she gives me all the masturbation material that I need to satisfy my lustful desire and sexual curiosity of seeing my Mom’s sexy body.

My Mom doesn’t wear pants because she thinks she’s fat. For sure, my Mom isn’t fat. If she’s anything, she’s shapely with curves in the way that Jessica Simpson was, after she gained a few pounds. My Mom is of a mind that the extra material that the skirt affords her hides her big ass, her words, not mine. Actually, not that her ass is big by any stretch of my Mom’s imagination, her ass is round, firm, and shapely. I love my Mom’s ass. She has a hot ass. Not convinced, even when looking in the mirror at herself, it’s obvious to me that her ass appears smaller, shapelier, and hotter, when she wears pants, especially tight jeans. Then, I wondered if the reason why she wears skirts is just to flash me her panties. Nah.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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