Mom of the Year Pt. 01

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The story is entirely fictional. All characters are over 18.

“Can you cover mommy in your cum… please, baby?” Elaine seductively begged as she was jerking Jack off in the hopes of getting showered by her son’s sizzling sperm.

Elaine was abusing the fact that Jack adores hearing his mom sensually asking for his cum to make him shoot his load quicker. His brother’s cock desperately needed her attention, and Jack had been fucking her for 30 minutes now. It didn’t seem fair to Elaine. After all, caring for 3 grown men is far from an easy job. Especially when you have two sex-crazed sons in their early 20s.

Elaine is every straight man’s dream fuck. The perfect white MILF, if you will. Long luscious raven black hair, 5’5 with legs for days, dangling 34D tits paired with a fat round ass that bounces every time she takes a step. Two plump pink delicious lips; one you’re lucky enough to see, and one you’ll never get the chance to… unless you’re family.

Elaine’s personality is nothing short of charming. She’s a free, bubbly spirit that’s always laughing and smiling, spreading happiness and joy to those around her. Despite being a stay-at-home mom with 2 boys and a husband, Elaine knows how to take good care of her family and herself. She juggles exercising, self-care routine, cleaning, cooking, laundry, buying groceries, and her special mommy tasks. Something not easy to achieve for a woman in her mid-40s

Elaine puts her family above all else, making sure everyone feels happy and loved at all times, even if it means waking up at 4 am for William so he can fuck her raw, titty-fucking Jack after the gym or blowing Josh in the car. Family always comes first for her.

Her husband, Josh, considers himself the luckiest man alive to have a wife like Elaine. He does his best to show his love and gratitude. He even offered to make Friday a no-using-mom day so she could rest, but she refused and said she’d be heartbroken if one of the boys went to bed horny. These little things are what make Josh feel blessed.

Every day for Elaine was a happy day, but there was one day that made it to the top of her list.

That Wednesday, Elaine got up at 6 am, an hour before Jack woke up. She brushed her teeth, showered, wore a white tank top and gray yoga pants, applied her favorite Gucci black mascara, and put on her limited edition flaming red Dior lipstick along with a spray of her Tom Ford summer peach perfume.

All dolled up, Elaine went downstairs and waited for Jack to wake up to have breakfast together.

Jack wakes up early due to his work; fortunately, the office is 15m away from his parents’ house, one of the minor reasons why Jack still lives with them. Jack also gets up extremely horny. You could clearly see his 6-inch cock throbbing from his shorts like an x-ray, something Elaine loves about her morning routine.

Elaine also loves his curly black hair and green eyes. She’d get lost in them whenever they’re fucking.

When Elaine heard Jack’s footsteps from upstairs, she got horny. You’d think after years of going through the same morning routine would dampen the desire, but for Elaine, the sight of her skinny son coming down the stairs with an erection never got old.

“Morning, honey,” Elaine greeted her son with a big smile on her face, showing those perfect white teeth. “What’d you like for breakfast?”

Depending on Jack’s mood, he’d either get a bit adventurous and go for anal and french toast or stick to the no breakfast and blowjob routine. More often than not, Jack goes for the blowjob.

“That new lipstick looks beautiful on you, mom,” Jack exclaimed as he leaned in to kiss Elaine’s lips. “I want that tasty mouth of yours sucking me, please, and some honey-nut cheerios.”

Elaine prepared the cereal and immediately got under the kitchen table. She took off Jack’s boxers to find his 6-inch pecker begging for some attention. Being the caring and loving mom she is, Elaine held and kissed his cock passionately. Every time she feels his cock on her lips, she gets flashbacks of the first time she blew him at his 18th birthday party. That was one of the best days of both of their lives.

After showering Jack’s cock with tender kisses, she started sheltering it with her mouth. She knew how much Jack loved it when his dick was inside mommy’s mouth. She loves it too. She also loves looking up at Jack’s green dreamy eyes while sucking him off. Jack would be too busy eating breakfast and checking his phone to notice his mom’s passionate glances at him.

When close to climaxing, Jack asked his mom if she wanted his sperm in the cereal bowl. Elaine loves eating her cereal with extra vitamin C. Whenever she hears Jack asking that question. She’d bring her favorite bowl with cereal and start milking her son’s cock straight into the bowl. At first, Jack thought she did it because she was horny, but after trying it a couple of times, Elaine was addicted to eating his jizz for breakfast.

After giving his mom her protein-filled köle escort breakfast, Jack told Elaine he loved her and left for work, leaving his mom munching on her gourmet cum-flavored lucky charms in peace. Elaine had a habit of rubbing one out while nibbling on her breakfast. She’d smell and lick every cum-glazed marshmallow piece in her bowl while furiously fingering herself.

Josh walked in on her while she was pleasuring herself. He kissed her on the forehead and asked if she was eating Jack’s cum as he checked if they still had any root beer in the fridge. She let a passionate, quiet yet audible “uh-huh” and kept fingering herself until she climaxed.

Josh’s morning routine is a bit different than Jack’s. Despite being married to the woman every man in town masturbates fantasizing about fucking her, Josh wasn’t as sex-crazed as his sons. The occasional every-now-and-then sex would satisfy him just fine. Elaine loved that.

Josh left immediately for work, leaving Elaine to start doing chores around the house. She also knew William would wake up soon and need his morning fuck, and he promised her something special today, so she needed to finish up quickly.

William recently broke up with his girlfriend of 2 years. He finds joy and solace only with Elaine now. Truth is, Elaine was secretly jealous of his girlfriend. William is the only one out of the bunch that makes her feel like a slut, a sensation she longs for. Deep down, Elaine wants to be treated like a cheap fuck toy. She wants her family to fuck her with no sympathy and use her like a one-dollar whore. But they never did. They all respect her. She couldn’t tell anyone about her deepest desires. She had an image of a perfect, loving, respectful mother to maintain. William saw beyond that. He felt her hunger, and he fed it every chance he got.

“Morning, mom,” William greeted Elaine in the kitchen. “Sorry, got up a bit late today… how are you?”

Elaine was horny, impatient, and didn’t want small talk. She wanted to fuck.

“Morning, baby,” She greeted William back, trying to hold in her lust, “I’ve been checking new positions we can try today if you’d like.”

She held up her phone and pulled the best puppy-eyed face she could muster to show William the rough positions she wanted to try. William glanced and assured her not to worry about it. He had something in mind.

Elaine started to fantasize about all the positions William would fuck her in. Little did she know that in 30 minutes, she’d be squirting all over the bedroom floor in a skimpy dress and a pink vibrator up her asshole.

“Come on, mom,” William exclaimed, rushing his mother to go upstairs with him. “I wanna show you what I got for you.”

Elaine immediately got up and followed William to the room, unsure what to expect, but she was excited and way too horny.

William pulled two Amazon packages from behind the door and unboxed them. The first package had a slutty black lace dress, and the other had a mini pink remote-controlled vibrator.

“I wanna watch you change into this beautiful dress I got you,” William demanded his mother as he threw the dress on the ground.

Elaine was smiling and giggling like a high school girl. She knew what was coming, and she couldn’t wait. Her deepest darkest desires she has locked up will finally see the light of day… even if it is just for a little bit.

William, completely naked, sat on the bed and started to massage his 7-inch dick, looking forward to watching his mother strip and put on the demeaning dress.

Elaine took off her tank top and sweaty yoga pants and threw them on the floor. She was standing in her pink G-string, confused about what to do next. Does she take off her panties too?

“Off,” William instructed her, “Take it off.”

Elaine obeyed and took off her underwear. Now standing ass-naked in front of her masturbating son, she took a closer look at the dress. Elaine has never seen something like this before. It was too slutty, even for her. It was a backless, transparent, black lace dress that barely fit her. She was having trouble squeezing in her tits, and the dress was too short, barely covering her ass. She liked that.

Elaine found William recording her changing. She’d have told him to stop if her pussy wasn’t overflowing with lust. But her desires got the best of her. In fact, him recording made her a lot hornier. Elaine’s pussy was making the floor slippery. William even zoomed in to focus on her dripping pussy. His cougar mother was standing in a scanty dress with her juicy vagina watering the floor with her juices and her engorged nipples piercing through the dress. It was a sight to behold for both of them.

“Now come here, I need to tell you something” William curled his index finger towards his palm.

“Okay, baby,” Elaine once again obeyed, walking towards her son, barely covered, staring at his pulsating penis.

William was 6’1 with abs that’d make Hercules jealous. köle escort bayan He had wavy brown-ish hair, a beard, a crooked smile, and an electrifying fetish for watching his mom squirt.

Elaine rushed to her son, sitting in his lap and putting her hands around his neck, awaiting her instructions.

“What do you want me to do next, baby?” Elaine whispered seductively

“Get on the fucking ground” William pushed her to the ground. “Did I give you permission to sit in my lab?”

“Y..yes, I’m sorry. I won’t do it again.” Elaine dusted off her dress and got on her knees

“Listen,” William ordered as he grabbed Elaine’s chin with force, “You’ll call me hubby, and I’ll call you by your real name… slut. Are we clear?”

“Y…yes, hubby,” Elaine agreed with delight.

“Tell me again, what’s your name?” William asked as he started squeezing her cheeks with his fingers


“Say it in full…”

“My name is slut”

“And do you know what your job is, slut?”

“N…no, hubby, I don’t”

“You’re my personal fuck toy… a cheap bitch that I’ll use till I’m bored and then throw away.”

William knew exactly how to pleasure his mother with words. He knew how stimulated those specific words would make her. Elaine was overjoyed with the degradation. She wanted more.

“Now,” William said as he squeezed her cheeks harder, forcing open her mother’s mouth, “Tell me what’s your name.”

William spat directly in his mother’s mouth and ordered her to swallow before she answered.

“Y…” Elaine swallowed her son’s spit, “I’m slut”

“And what’s your job, slut?”

“To be your personal f..fuck toy, hubby… a cheap bitch you’ll fuck and use till you’re bored with me and then throw me away.”

“Wow,” William exclaimed. “What a smart slut”

William got up, grabbed Elaine’s hair, and started dragging her around the room. Elaine’s fantasies were coming true. She was on all fours like a dog, being treated like one, too, walking around her son’s room waiting for him to use her body and mind. The mere act of walking on her hands and legs made her pussy leak even harder.

“You wanna be treated like a slut, don’t you, slut?” William whispered in his mother’s ears as he was grabbing her hair, “I’ll treat you like a slut”

William pushed Elaine against the wall. Elaine, on her knees, instinctively opened her mouth as she watched William grabbing his balls and closing in on her. William slammed his balls on Elaine’s face and started to twirl them. That was the first time William did that. Elaine loved it. She stuck her tongue out, trying to get a taste of his sweaty balls. Unbeknownst to her, William would force his dick inside her mouth the moment she stuck her tongue out.

Elaine felt her desires being fed as she was getting throatfucked by her son. The way he was pulling her hair while shoving his dick inside of her throat was cavemen-like. She couldn’t hold it back. She started fingering herself. William left his dick inside his mom’s throat until she gagged and teared. He loved seeing her in ruined makeup. He made it his job to ruin her makeup before he did the same to her pussy.

Elaine indeed started to gag and tear, ruining the expensive Gucci mascara she carefully applied this morning. The last remnants of her flaming red Dior lipstick were on William’s balls. Elaine was slowly beginning to look like a cheap whore, as she’d always wanted.

“I should fucking pimp you, you cheap whore” He said as he was gagging his mom with his 7-inch cock “Fuuuuck, you’re so good at this”

Elaine fingered herself harder when she heard those words. The image of her son pimping her to his friends got to her. She loved it. Unfortunately, she had her throat full to verbally agree with him.

After ruining every bit of makeup on her face, William decided to show Elaine’s throat some mercy and have fun with her mind instead. After all, that’s what turned them both on the most.

Elaine no longer smelled of summer peach. She reeked of sweat, cum, and dick.

“You look exactly like a pornstar,” William laughed as he pulled his dick and started to take pictures of his mom. “Your hair is fucked, your expensive makeup is fucked, and you’re on your knees drooling and ruining your new dress… how pathetic.”

With each flash that went off, Elaine fingered herself more furiously. The humiliation coming from her son unlocked a deeper, much darker desire. A desire no mother should have, but again, Elaine is not a normal mother. She wanted to be gangbanged by her family. Hardcore fucking. No mercy. No respect. Just her two sons and husband fucking every ounce of dignity she has. All of them spitting on her. Calling her the worst of names. Degrading every hole in her body. Using her as a cumbucket. She got lost in the fantasy and felt something coming. She was.

“Did you fucking cum right now?” William asked, “Did you just fucking cum from some deepthroating? How escort köle horny must a bitch be to cum from sucking a dick… you’re such a fucking slut”

Elaine nodded. She was relishing in the humiliation too much to think of words to say.

“You see that pink toy right there, slut?” William asked as he pointed toward the vibrator on the bed. “I want you to go fetch it for me, come on, chop-chop.”

“Yes, hubby,” Elaine obeyed, walking on all fours.

When Elaine climbed up on the bed and got close to the vibrator, she felt William grabbing her leg and pulling her with enough force to haul her back. William then carried Elaine and laid her down on his lap. It was an ironic sight for both of them as Elaine used to do the same with her little boy. Except that William wasn’t thinking about disciplining his mom. He wanted to see her squirt and knew exactly how to do that.

Elaine was face down on her son’s lap, her ass perked up and ready to be spanked. That’s what she thought William would do. William grabbed the vibrator, turned it on, put it at maximum speed, and started teasing her.

He left the vibrator buzzing between her asscheeks, waiting for her to start wiggling out of his lap in the hopes of dropping it. Every time the vibrator dropped, he picked it back up and placed it in the same spot.

“What’s wrong, slut?” William chuckled. “Do you want it in your asshole that bad?”

Elaine wanted to scream yes, but her mouth was too busy sucking on William’s thumb.

After having fun watching his mother failing to break free of his grip, William spread Elaine’s asshole open wide, spat in it to lube it, dropped the vibrator in it, and threw her on the floor once more.

Elaine dropped to the floor, squirming like she was having a seizure. It was the first time Elaine had ever seen a real-life vibrator, let alone plugging one on maximum speed in her asshole. She was quivering uncontrollably. William knew exactly what to do next.

He got on the floor, held her by the stomach, stuck 3 fingers inside her vagina, and started fingerfucking her like she was a real hooker. Elaine shrieked in pleasure. She couldn’t handle it. Her screams were so loud, that William was worried the neighbors would hear them. That didn’t stop him, though. He kept thrusting his fingers inside of her cunt with force and tenacity. The harder she screamed, the harder he buried his fingers inside her. Until finally, her mind went numb.

“Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck” Elaine started trembling and shaking. They both felt it coming. “Fuck fuck fuck I’m going to cuuuum fuuuuuuuck fuuuuck” Elaine squirted everywhere.

Both of them stopped to gaze at the stunning view of Elaine’s vagina, gushing in lust. It felt like it went on for ages. Her pussy kept squirting for at least 6 seconds. The scene transformed William into a savage animal. He carried his mom from the floor, slammed her on the bed, and started fucking her brains out.

“You like to squirt, you fucking cunt?” He roared as he started tearing Elaine’s new dress apart, spreading her legs and ramming his dick inside her wet, tight twat. “That’s all that you’re good for, you fucking whore… you’re just a cunt waiting to be used… say it, you bitch”

“I’m just a cunt to be used,” Elaine screamed as she rolled her eyes back in pleasure. She couldn’t process what was happening. She squirted all over her son’s bedroom floor a few seconds ago. Now he’s 7-inches deep inside of her. “Fuck me like a good little whore, please, hubby.”

“Fucking cunt, you think you deserve this dick?” He asked while squeezing and slapping his mother’s bouncing tits savagely. “Do you?”

“I don’t. I don’t deserve it,” Elaine pleaded, wishing her son would never stop fucking her. “Your cock is a blessing, and I’m thankful for it.”

“You’re such a cumslut. I’m going to impregnate you,” William shouted while looking at his mother’s slutty face. “I’m going to shoot all of my cum inside that dirty fucked up cunt you have, you little bitch”

“Please, please shoot it inside me,” Elaine passionately pleaded. “I want to have your babies, please, hubby.”

“I’m going to fuck you even harder when you’re pregnant, you fucking slut” William said as he got rougher and rougher.

“Fuck fuck fuck. I’m going to squirt again fuckfuckfuckfcukfcuk” Elaine squirted all over William’s stomach. “Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck fuck, I’m so so soooo soooooorry uhhhhhhhhh.”

The moment William’s abs felt Elaine’s squirt hitting, he came, filling up her pussy with his warm semen. With enough semen to fill a cup, her pussy oozed with his white stuffing.

William took the vibrator out of Elaine’s ass and threw it on the ground.

“Mom, that was so amazing,” William whispered, hugging Elaine after he poured his sperm inside her. “Did you enjoy it?”

“Honey, I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed it” Elaine kissed William on the mouth. “I love you, baby. Can I take a nap on your bed? I’m too tired to get up.”

“Do you wanna clean up first?” William supportively asked as he wanted Elaine to feel as comfortable as possible, “We can take a shower, and I can help you clean up.”

“You’re so sweet” Elaine caressed her son’s hair as she looked into his eyes. “Don’t worry, I’m on the pill. Plus, your cum makes me feel so safe and warm.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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