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Big Tits

I feel something inside my chest – it hits me like a tsunami wave. Rushing over me and wrecking my soul. It stops me in my tracks. My work is no longer important, falling to the back burner in my brain. Moments pass, suddenly I’m showered and leaving my home. My thoughts turned carnal and out of the blue you popped into my head. Like the whole world went to silence and I followed a pulsating red line to your door. I knock.

You open the door, you look at me and smile. Somehow, you’re not surprised and that irritates the fuck out of me. But it’s sexy, you know I like it. You let me in – No, I let myself in and close the door behind me. My heart is racing and its purely chemical – mental, physical. It’s everything a tornado of mixed signals and emotions. I love it – it makes me hot and sweaty in all the positive ways. You take a few steps back and get a better look at me. What I’m wearing – what I’m not wearing. Heat radiates off my body in a lavender scented haze. You always said you liked that smell. I like to think I’m aggressive submissive – aggressive enough to stir your dominance; submissive in that fact that I am perfectly willing to submit to it.

That’s not easy to say, you know? I’m not the typical submissive – I don’t crave dominance in the bedroom. I rule all aspects of my life. I’ve ruled aspects of my love life too. But something about your aura and my need; Tsk, when they come together.

Which is what brings me here. Now. Hot and wanting.

You beckon with a finger, my first steps are hesitant – like I want to ignore the Siren song promise pulling me forward. It’s like an invisible leash that pulls me forward, even with my eyes closed I know where we’re going. I’m barefoot, following a well walked path to your room. My arousal is painful now, every nerve ending singing. Nipples are brushing fabric, I hear moans. That strip of fabric brushing my swollen clit. I’m leaking like a sieve.

I’m suddenly moaning, every step stroking an erogenous zone. You haven’t touched me yet. Do you know how frustrating that is? To know the moment you either choose to plunge into my waiting hole, I’ll probably pass out. This excites me more. You sit on the edge of your bed and I turned the doomed corner and see you there. Perfectly relaxed in a T-Shirt and boxers.

Already. Fully. Erect.

I can smell the heat seeping through the opening of your boxers. A manly, musky, mouth watering aroma that has me thumbing at my lips. I have to swallow multiple times to fight the flood in my mouth. The one in my pants is visible. But you’ve always been amused by that. You draw your finger in an invisible line down my body. As if following a silent command, clothes come off – exposing goose-bumped skin in its wake.

Why won’t you touch me? My body is wound tight – I’m going to break. I’m going to break for your amusement. It would only be the beginning though.

” Heh.”

You laughed. Because my knees are shaking, so are my hands. You point to the floor. That’s fine, I was on my way there anyway. That finger beckoned again..and I come.

No. I cum. Like you reached into the pit of my womb and tickled the top of my G-Spot. Maybe it was sliding against the frame ( more like clinging for life ). The moment my knees sink into the carpet, electrical fires went off in my body. I can sense your amusement. Thighs are sticky with release. The sounds come from my twat are loud and lewd. There is a rumble in your chest, like a great beast stirring. Slowly, my head raises to meet yours – and I see it. My motions are careful, deliberately slowly. Because this is as much for you as it is for me. Your eyes go hard, I swear I’m close enough to hear the pulse in your cock.

Magnificent. fethiye escort We’ve reached beyond foreplay, this is something else. This is unclassified, it is epic and astronomical as what will occur in mere moments. My face nuzzles up your leg. My breath is coming in small gasps. I’m running lust all onto your carpet. Even you are disturbed, you try to hide it. But I’m close enough to see you suck in your stomach as my breath rolls over your balls.

“Can I have it..?” I nuzzle your cock, it stirs. Responding to my will. There is that rumble again, as if the teasing is breaking your cool. I see how you grab at the edge of the bed. It so soft, hot..hard. I talk to it. Talk to you through it.

“I can have it right..?” I lick my lips while talking. Right there near the head, like a microphone. I made a moist spot. I pulled back and blow on it. I can sense your control slipping. You love it. My nails rake a trail up your legs as I settle in. A tiny lick at first, just at the knob. French kissing the head, tipping my tongue into the opening. I keep my hands away, teasing with my mouth. Licking you slow, long and languorous.

It’s getting thicker, hotter and that little fluid pouring out of the top tells me your ready. I look you in your eyes and make my descent. A raspy breath, a hoarse sound and your head lolled back. But I stop, it forces you to look at me while gritting your teeth. I force you to watch as sink down. I know no barriers. My eyes on yours as I swallow you whole. Keep you there. Make you suffer as the muscles in my throat work you, my tongue moving. I stay there, until I can’t breath. Breathing hard through my nose. Then I suck. You grab my hair and pull me off so you can stand. You make short work of those boxers. I’ve stirred the beast. I can tell by the way my head is pulled back. The way you’re manipulating my spine.

You’re all teeth and rage as you put your cock on my face. Slapping me, chastising me for teasing you. For making you hard.

“Look what you’ve done..” A growl more than anything.

I give you defiance. The fuel for the aggression that has you wound just as tight as me.

“Open your mouth..” carefully spoken.

Defiance still. Your grip is harder and as soon as I gasp – you plunge forward. Your body coiled as you push forward. The sound surprises us both. You push past the boundary of my throat and it makes me gag. Now you have both your hands in my hair – directing me. I can hardly breathe its wonderful. I open wider and you grunt as you force yourself down my gullet. You make sounds, hungry sounds – snarling aggression.

All that moaning and gasping.

I cum again, my eyes rolling back into my head. You pull out and let me convulse.

“We’re not done yet..” Pulling me to my feet by the top of my head. My vision swims in multicolored hues and you toss me back on the bed. The plush realization sets in. I know what you’re going to do – I’m instantly fearful. Scrambling backward as clarity sets my brain on fire. There is a soft sound as you shed your shirt. But the door slammed with finality. My back is against the headboard and there are tears in my eyes. My makeup runs and I look like some sad drunken college girl. Every time I move my legs it sounds like someone was squishing jello between their fingers. Bad analogy, I know. You’ll forgive me when I tell you that later.

I can’t move farther away from you – I’m scared, excited, aroused. You pulled my leg and jerked me forward. I’m leaning up on my elbows. Watching you slide your face against my leg. I’m momentarily embarrassed at the sticky mess I am. My eyes wide as I watch you get lower, and lower still.

“W-wait…” I want to protest – and run to the bathroom. But escort fethiye you are having none of it. You reach my thigh and my heart starts playing a mambo beat. Licking, you start licking remnants off my thigh – and there were explosions in my brain again. So sensitive, so wonderfully – horribly sensitive.

Your fingers dig into my skin, holding me in place. My lungs collapse, I am suddenly unable to breathe as you lick a sloppy path to my swollen, wet pussy lips. It’s a dirty word, twat, pussy, cunt. You use them all and then I am clean. Robbed of the liquid of my ecstasy. Now it’s you, there, against my skin – marking me.

I can’t watch! Oh god..I can’t..I can’t watch you with that face. You’re growling. Right against that heat of my sex. My head shakes back and forth. You’re seeking revenge. Whimpers. Moans.

Finally, a steadying breath is expelled. I drag myself up. My eyes wide and you move in slowly the first tickle was just..the tip of your tongue. Almost curious to test the limits of my control. A quick butterfly gentle flicker underneath my clit. My mouth is open in pure disbelief as you surge forward.


..”Oh my god..”


” O-oh my..god..”


” F-uuck..yes..”

Then you sealed the deal, plunging two fingers in my greedy hole. The heaven’s opened and reached their arms out to me – prepared to take me home. My body bucks and arches as I gush. Pleased sounds as you swallow me down, moving faster and tickling my hidden inner spot. I can’t see through the tears. You keep milking me, my orgasms roll on a squirting tide into your mouth.

The world is silent.

I can’t hear a thing. My orgasm is so strong it plugs my ears, except for the roar of my pulse. I am deaf..and I am blinded by tears.


You keep finger fucking me – I’m squirming and moaning. You keep making demands on my body, suddenly I’m just a squishing noise echoing through the room. I can’t cum for you anymore. Not the way you want me to. The spray and splurt is gone. The sheets are wet. You are wet. You lick your lips a wave of anxious nausea rolls my gut.

Running a wet hand down your chest, to where all my lust has made your cock glisten like marble. Hot steel.

“Please…” I have no shame. I beg. You rip the cover off the bed, it gets in the way. You can’t get traction. Pulling me down farther. We both pause at this golden moment. Our eyes, not locked on each other, locked on that grand union. Where light ..meets my chocolate coated pink flesh. We’re both breathing heavy and biting our lips. You’re shaking while holding me tight.

My Gothic manicured toes are digging into your shoulder. We’re both waiting. You set down, the head of your cock touches my wet heat. We both sigh in content. You take a deep, steadying breath. Sliding forward slowly.

Ah, if there were such bliss readily available in bottles we’d be rich. You’re bruising grip is steady. I want to slide onto you – you’re having none of that! You hold me – I am left to die on you again. Something like a hoarse death rattle as I suck in my stomach, my air – my world. The orgasm rips me, rolling over your cock like a velvet sock – because I have you. Gritting your teeth you fight against the tight confines of my sanctuary. You’re finally inside the temple our hips meshed. I grab my breasts, because its the only thing I have left to hold. I ride that wave, I don’t know how long it lasted.

I pushed you, suckling you from the inside. It was at that moment..

My beast called to yours – he answered.


With wild abandon you plowed into me. Furious, maddening pace. My pussy is abused and swelling. I am still wet. Watching you loose fethiye escort bayan your control as you seek your end with my body. You growl, we lock eyes – I return with snarls.

But your aura is overpowering, I am cowered in the face of another orgasm. The world is silent again, my back arches. You grunt your pleasure. You’re counting, you know I can’t let anyone else do this to me. I refuse to – no one else could. I have given you power and your cock swells inside me as you bang a beat into my twat. You don’t want to cum yet, oh no. You pull out as you feel that pull at the base of your toes.

” Oh, I’m not done yet.” You drop my legs and flip me over dropping my head to the pillows. I toss a look over my shoulder. You lean your body on top of mine. Breathing heavily, you slide in from the back. Relishing the look as I spread tight across you. Deeper than before. Your hand reaches around and catches me at my throat. Just enough pressure to moisten me up. Soon it’s not fighting you, your gliding in and out.

” Chocolate girl…” You’re nickname for me. A silky, rough whisper as you violate me. Each motion measured, not a movement wasted as you seek it out. Like a heat seeking missile, speeding to its target.

I’m gasping.

“That’s right..”

Fighting it.

“Come on, precious..”

Can’t..hold it. ” Ohmygod!”

” Yes…yesss..” You’re forced out by a violent spurt and I cum all over you. You give no quarter, plunging back in and riding me and that orgasm with a bestial sound. I am shrieking and panicked as the air hasn’t returned. You don’t care, I’ve got you in a vice grip. Then you loose it.

The feeling creeps up from your toes and puckers your asshole. You turn me over, still inside me, my legs are up and you dip down. Digging for that feeling that sparks a fire in your balls.

We’re sweating – I can’t feel my legs. The tears are flowing from my eyes – I’m not in pain. I’m in awe, you plucked my body like an instrument.

We are howling, snarling, clawing like mad animals. Cover my body with yours. Then the kiss. The kiss that we’ve managed to fight off till the very end. It’s greedy and needy, demanding.

To hell with living up to expectations, I’m trying to live.

” I can’t…I just can’t..” I’m hurting. The pleasure and pain have intertwined in their own chaotic dance.

” Yes. Yes, you can. You will..” A hiss. Because you’re almost there. I can tell in that flinching jerk in your hip. Just when I think you have no place in my womb to go – you surprise me. Long, powerful strokes against my G-spot. My nails are in your back, you grit your teeth.

This is it. This is the one. You back away your hands on my hips. Pulling me onto you.


My toes curl.

So..fucking close.

My womb rejects you as my gut clenches. You are like a barbarian, a series of grunted vowel sounds as you pull out. Screaming I arch and slather you again. The moment it hit your skin – you go off.

Like a jackhammer, pumping that cream all over my skin. I think if you hadn’t spelled your name against my cunt walls – you surely signed the canvas at that point. We are loud – and we don’t care.

Sweat. Cum. Sex.

These are the smells that hang in the air. This is the only thing that registers for me. My brain is fuzzy. My ears have stopped working. You fall forward onto me – seeking solstice in the plush of my breasts.

I love that you don’t care about laying in the expelled liquid of your union. Our hearts beat and find each other, slowing.

All vital signs leveled out.

I feel well used. Your tongue flicks and does mind numbing things to an untouched nipple. I quiver beneath you. I can feel your dark chuckle against my skin, setting colonies of goosebumps on the move.

I don’t have to look at you to know you’re smiling.

” Perfect…” You say.

” A perfect moment..” A smile as I slip into blissful unconsciousness.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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