Mom’s Hall Pass

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Mom’s Hall Pass

For the record: All characters engaging in any sexual activities are at least 18 years of age!

A huge thanks to my editor RFFAST for his hard work fixing all my errors.

I live on a small island off the coast of South Australia. It was a penal colony among a penal colony, way back in the first part of the 1800s. I was born on the island. My Father and Grandfather were both born here.

The year is 1975, I have just finished school and started my apprenticeship as an overhead linesman with the power company. I turned eighteen four months ago, and for the first time in my life, I was not going to the mainland for the school camp. For the first four days of spring, each term break, there was a camp, and every child under eighteen from our island, went to Australia. This happened four times each year.

I wondered what was going on when Dad and Uncle Ray took me to the pub for the first time a few days before the children left. I thought it was some sort of initiation, but I hadn’t heard of this before.

“Now, there is something you need to know that you can never talk about again to anyone but your own sons after they turn eighteen.” Dad said, as he handed me my first beer in a pub, he had given me one at home a few times, so I knew how it tasted.

“What is this about?” I asked, getting a little freaked out and looking down at the bubbles rising along the inside of the glass.

“There is an old tradition on the island that has been going on for hundreds of years. A few times a year, we send our children off to the mainland for a break, and to make friends away from here. We also have four days of Hall Pass time.” Dad answered, but I didn’t know what he was talking about.

“What the fuck is Hall Pass time?” I asked, raising my voice a little.

“Shhh! Hamish, this is serious. It’s a chance to spend a night with any girl you fancy, you can spend four days with one girl or one day with four girls.” He said, in a low tone just above a whisper.

“What about Mum? Does she know you are cheating?” I asked, my head spinning.

“She may have a caller. I don’t know about that. There have been times in history when there were many more men on the island than women, and times that it was the other way around. This tradition was adopted to share the love around, so to speak. But the tradition has also kept a lot of marriages together as we have one of the lowest divorce rates in the world.” Dad said, and I was still stunned.

I drank my beer in silence, looked around at the men, and wondered if any had spent the night with my Mum over the years, and my brain shut down at the thought. That night at dinner, I watched Mum serving food, and she seemed perfectly normal, unfazed by the impending doom I thought would come to her.

I waved at my little sister a few days later as she left on the ferry to the mainland for camp. I looked at all the parents waving and wondered what they thought as I saw the smiles on the faces of all the women and the men remaining on our island.

It was a strange feeling that afternoon as I watched Dad pick up a door card that looked like a do not disturb card I had seen at a hotel in Adelaide some years ago. Then Mum kissed him on the lips as he walked out the door.

“Here, you will need this.” Mum said, as she handed me one too.

“Are you OK with this then?” I asked, and she just smiled.

“He will be back in a few days and everyone will be happy for months after that.” Mum said, trying to smile.

“What about you?” I asked, still not sure she was safe.

“I usually don’t get a caller, but if I do, I will be just fine.” Mum said, smiling. “Now go and find a pretty girl and have some fun.” she continued.

I hesitated for a second, then turned and walked out the door. I walked to the end of the block and noticed only men walking around the streets. They hung a card on the doorknob and disappeared into a house one by one. I turned left and went past the home of a school friend, but there was already a card on her door. Then I turned left again and walked to the end of the street. I turned left again, still trying to think clearly enough to decide who to try next.

I realized that I had come back to my street, looked at our front door, and saw it was still bare. I didn’t know what to feel, relief or sadness for Mum. I thought she was still beautiful but was definitely a soccer mum type. Her legs were not long but still thin and shapely, and her breasts a good size, maybe a C cup if I had my sizes right.

I watched for a time and saw a man I knew walking along our street, and when he walked past our front door, I let out my breath. Before I could even think, I ran to the door and put my card on the outside knob, and locked it from inside.

“Hamish, what are you doing back?” Mum said, as she tried to cover her bare boobs with her arms.

“I don’t know. I just didn’t want a stranger coming kahramanmaraş escort in.” I answered, looking at her pussy.

“Where is your card?” She asked, with a panicked expression.

“On the door.” I answered, cocking my head to the side, still unable to take my eyes off Mum’s bare pussy.

“Well, get those clothes off.” Mum said, as she dropped her arms, exposing the biggest nipples I had ever seen.

“But.” I said, and she cut me off.

“You have your card on my door. The rules are very clear: if you put your card on a door you must service the lady for the whole night, doing her every desire.” Mum said, and I looked back at the door.

“But, Dad didn’t say anything about that.” I wined.

“Well, now you know. Hall Pass Time was set up by the ladies of the island, not the men, and the rules are very clear. I’m sorry that the men seem to focus on a shortened version of the rules, but you still need to get out of your clothes.” Mum said, as she stepped her feet apart, showing off more of her pussy.

“But I have a…” I started to say, but Mum just began to undo my belt.

“I would hope you have a hard-on, Hamish, because I would be very disappointed if you couldn’t get it up for me.” She said, as my pants dropped around my ankles.

Mum reached into my jocks and wrapped her hand around my cock, pulling it free from its confines. She looked up into my eyes with a smile. “You can touch me, you know.” She said, and I reached out and touched what my eyes had been focused on since she dropped her arms.

“Have you touched a girl’s breasts before, honey?” Mum asked, as she pushed my jocks off my hips.

“No, I have only seen them in pictures.” I stammered, as Mum stroked my rock-hard cock.

“My nipples are very sensitive, if you pull on them and roll them between your fingers and thumbs, I might cum.” She said, with a twinkle in her eyes, and my eyes went wide.

“I thought you had to be inside you to do that.” I said, stating what I had learned after reading Penthouse forum.

“You have a lot to learn, Baby Boy. Now let’s get the lessons started.” She said, and dragged me by my cock.

Mum took me down the stairs to the basement turning on the lights at the bottom of the landing. I looked out into the open space, and there was a big king mattress with a soft cover spread over it. I saw some sex toys and other lotions beside it on the floor. She had set all this up in case someone came calling.

She moved me to the middle of the mattress and pushed me down onto my back, laid on her side next to me while she continued to gently stroke my cock. “Keep playing with my nipples, Honey.”

Mum lay back and allowed me to pinch her nipples and pull and tug on them. I saw that her areolas crinkled as I played, and small moans escaped her lips as I did. Mum reached up and stroked my face while I rolled her nipple, twisting it one way then the other. I saw her face flush, then another moan while she pulled me down for a kiss.

This wasn’t the motherly kiss I was used to. It was a tongue kiss with a passion I wasn’t expecting. She moaned again and gasped as her body shook, worrying me because I wasn’t sure what I had caused. She let go of my neck and relaxed back on the mattress, her legs spread and her arms out while I fondled her breasts.

“That was a nice start, now roll onto your back for me.” Mum said, and turned onto her side to look at me.

I did as I was told, and Mum got to her hands and knees over my body, licking my hard cock as it stood erect. I shuddered a little. Then she surprised me by lifting her leg and straddling my face. I couldn’t help but look up into Mum’s beautiful hairless pussy. Her lips were spread a little, and a string of juice hung from her clit, dangling over my mouth.

I pulled her lips apart and looked at her pussy, trying to memorize everything I saw. Her outer lips covered the thin inner ones until I prized them open, then the moisture-slicked inner lips peeled apart under my pressure. I could see her opening with drops of clear liquid dribbling down to join the string that had just about made it to my lips.

I tentatively stuck out my tongue and caught the first drop, tasting it, before going back for more. I then followed it to its source and feasted on her pussy. “Oh, yes, Baby, lick Mum right there.”

I felt Mum licking at my cock between moans, happy she wasn’t attacking it like I was her pussy, or I would have blown my load and spoiled this whole thing. She instead, tenderly ran her hands over my legs and played with my balls, keeping me very hard as I lapped between her thighs. I savored all her flavors and relished her every moan as I found the parts that had been described in the stories I had read.

Mum began to groan as her body flexed, grinding her pussy onto my tongue. I held her cheeks open and watched her rosebud spasm whenever I licked her clit. I delved my extended kahramanmaraş escort bayan tongue into her opening, then returned to her clit, then watched her bottom clench in an orgasm I could see. The muscles along the sides of her pussy spasmed rhythmically with the clamping of her rosebud as she moaned out her orgasm on my tongue.

“Was I alright?” I asked, as Mum rolled off me.

“You were much better than alright for your first lesson. Now for your reward.” She said, kissing me and surely tasting her own juices,

Mum lay on her back and let her legs fall apart, her pussy and breasts fully exposed to my hungry gaze. “Come up here, Honey, let me guide you in.”

My cock lurched as I crawled up over her body, and as soon as she touched my cock I felt my orgasm churning in my balls. I thrust my hips forward, trying to bury my cock in her but missing and stabbing the spot between her pussy and bottom. I began to shoot my sperm splashing into her ass crack, then Mum pulled my cock up to line it up again, and I shot more of my load onto her clit and stomach.

“Sorry, Mum, it just came on so fast.” I said, my face red and unable to look at her.

“We have all night, baby, and I hope you will want to go again.” She said, using my cockhead to spread my sperm around her clit.

“Really?” I asked, surprised she would even talk to me after that pathetic effort

“Don’t do that, Honey. I’m very flattered that my old body can get you that excited.” She said, as she dragged me in for a kiss.

“Your pussy is fantastic, better than the girls in the magazines I have seen.” I said, and it was Mum’s turn to blush.

“I’m glad I asked your father to leave the magazines somewhere you could find them.”

“Shit, I thought I got away with stealing them.” I said, as I watched Mum wiping my sperm from between her legs.

She then rested on her side with her head on her elbow, looking at my body while we talked. “You must have studied well because you have already given me two orgasms.” Mum said, as she played with my soft cock.

“I have never seen those bits in real life, and they are different from the descriptions.” I said, reaching out and playing with her pussy lips.

“We are all different, no two the same. So, you have to play a lot and find out where your partner likes to be touched.” Mum continued, as she traced her fingertips under my balls.

“Like that.” She said, as my cock jumped at her touch.

“Or that.” I said, as she moaned when I touched her rosebud with a wet fingertip.

Mum opened her legs wide, allowing my fingers to roam wherever they liked. I played with her clit and fingered her pussy with one finger, then two. “You can try again whenever you like. I’m wet and ready.” Mum whispered, as she leaned in and kissed my lips.

I followed her kiss as she rolled onto her back and I crawled between her legs, lining my cock up with her opening and pressing into her wetness. “A bit lower, honey.” Mum whispered, as she broke our kiss.

I changed my angle of attack and pressed in again, finding no resistance this time as I slid into her depths. My mind exploded! Until now, I thought the kiss was the most erotic thing I had ever felt, but this was different. It was a thousand times more incredible, and I could barely stave off another orgasm, and I stayed still inside Mum’s pussy.

“Fuck, Mum, don’t move.” I said, on the verge of my orgasm.

“No, Baby, don’t hold back. I want to feel your cum inside me.” Mum said, and rocked her hips up against me.

My mind went blank and I began to shudder above her body. She gently put her hand behind my neck and drew me down into a kiss. I shut down and collapsed onto her as she pulled her knees back, letting them fall to the side, as my body molded into hers. Eventually, my spasms slowed, and the last of my sperm shot into Mum’s pussy.

“I didn’t know! I read about the act and loved how they described how they felt. But now I know that they could never do it justice. I love you, Mum.” I said, as I rested my head on her ample breast.

“I will never forget the look in your eyes as you realized how great it feels to make love for the first time. Thank you, baby.” Mum said, her pussy still squeezing on my cock.

“Am I too heavy?” I asked, about to lift my weight off her.

“Don’t you dare move.” She replied, her hand holding my head to her breast.

I turned my head a little and took her nipple and areola into my mouth, suckling on it while she contracted her pussy muscles around my shaft. Mum let out a moan, so I kept sucking, her big areola filling my mouth. I flicked her nipple with my tongue, as her increasing moaning made me hard again.

Mum began rocking her hips, and I could hear the wet sounds coming from where our bits were joined. Mum didn’t seem to care, so I let the thought of the soiled sheets leave my mind. I moved to the other nipple repeating escort kahramanmaraş the treatment and began humping my cock back at her pussy.

“Fuck me again, Honey. I need it.” Mum said, her eyes locked onto mine.

I got onto my arms and toes, building up speed as I began to pound into her pussy. She pulled on the back of my arms and pressed her thighs back to her chest, opening herself up to my needs. The combination of sperm and her juices frothed at her opening as my thighs made slapping sounds whenever I hit home.

“I’m cumming baby, don’t stop even if you cum, keep going as long as you can.” Mum grunted out, as I pounded into her as she began shuddering under me.

Her pussy pulsed around my shaft, and the sensation overwhelmed me. I began to spurt into her, and I kept pumping as hard as I could, making sure I pushed her through her climax. “Stop now, you beautiful boy.” Mum said, as she clamped her legs around my ass, locking me in place.

“I get it now Mum, the aim isn’t my pleasure. I gain the most by giving it to you.” I said, as I collapsed on top of her again.

“Good boy. It sometimes takes a man a lifetime to realize what took you only a day.” Mum said, as she cuddled me into her breast.

I rolled off her as my weight must be hurting her after all this time. We stayed face to face until I fell asleep, only waking once when Mum used a damp cloth to clean us both.

In the morning, I awoke to see Mum sleeping next to me, her naked body even more alluring in the morning light coming through the high windows on one wall. I snuck to the bathroom and had a pee before returning and lying next to the most beautiful woman I had ever seen.

“Morning, my strong young man, did you sleep well?” Mum asked as she opened her eyes to catch me ogling her breasts.

“I slept like the dead.” I replied honestly, as it was one of the best nights of sleep I could remember.

“Well, we have until twelve before you have to leave and find another door without a do not disturb sign.” Mum said, opening her arms to me.

“Good, enough time for more lessons,” I said, and began kissing her breasts and playing with her pussy.

“Fast learner this one.” Mum moaned out, as she reached for my cock.

She urged me over top of her and sucked my cockhead into her mouth. She handed me a medium sized rubber dildo, and I positioned it at her opening as I licked her clit. I saw plenty of pussy juice dribbling from her pussy as I ran the head of the plastic phallus around to get it all wet, running it over her puckered opening and getting another moan from Mum. I put that response to the back of my mind for the moment while I pressed the fake cockhead in between her pussy lips, watching them part to accept the invader.

Mum licked my balls and sucked on my cockhead but not deep throating me, so I had a chance of controlling myself. I had a beautiful distraction, though, watching the rubber dildo gliding in and out of Mum’s pussy as I licked and teased her clit. She began to buck her hips up to my face, and I could see the nerves along the sides of her pussy started to tremble as her orgasm approached.

She spread her legs as wide as they would go and began to moan out her pleasure as her pussy contracted around the fake shaft, gripping it then relaxing again as the waves of her orgasm crashed over her. I pulled out the dildo, and with one last lick of her sticky pussy I turned on her and pressed my cock home.

“You are so good to me, Hamish. Have your way with me one last time before you go.” She said, her body splayed out under me.

I couldn’t pass up this opportunity to look at her naked body as I pressed up over her and positioned my cock at her entrance. I thrust inward and got a groan of appreciation in return. Once I was seated inside her warm body, I let my cock soak in her heat before sliding my cock out to the tip, then plunging back in to the hilt.

I repeated this action for a few minutes until my need became too great, and I slammed into her pussy with all my might. At this pace, I only lasted half a dozen strokes before I began to shoot my seed deep within her body. My blasts continued, and I held myself hard against her body, filling her up to overflowing.

“I love you, Mum.” I said, simply as I collapsed onto her, my sweaty body plastered to hers.

“I love you too, baby, and I have loved our lesson together as well,” Mum whispered into my ear. “Now into the shower, so you don’t smell like sperm for your next conquest.” She continued, as she pushed me into the downstairs shower.

I grabbed her hand and dragged her in, washing and rinsing her body and getting every nook and crevice. Mum giggled as she washed my cock and balls for me, making nice noises as we played. “OK, it’s twelve now out you go. I will see you in a few days.” She said, pushing me down the hall towards the front door.

I walked down the hall with my mind reeling, and I couldn’t think of another more beautiful lady I might want to use my new skills on. I opened the door and removed my sign before stepping out to the front gate. I looked both ways down our empty street, as most of the men must have chosen to stay the whole four days with one lady. I looked back at our front door and thought of someone else’s sign going on our door knob, and a feeling of dread went through me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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