Mom’s in Town Ch. 18

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The phone rang in the executive suite just as Hamid finished putting the luggage on the stand.

“Mrs. Smith, the spa is available now if you wish.”

“Yes, now would be fine. Ms. Ross suggested I request the platinum package and to ask specifically for Jasmine.” Christine said tentatively.

“Wonderful. We are on the mezzanine level and Jasmine ready now to take care of you.”

Entering the luxurious spa she was met with the aroma of fresh cut flowers and accepted a glass of champagne.

“Hi. You must be Mrs. Smith. I’m Jasmine. Welcome. Max loves wax. I must have been his time in the movies. He is here every second week himself. He loves everything and everyone smooth, so much so that Ms. Ross and I thought that we would start you off with a wax, then a facial including a mani-pedi, then a massagei and then we’ll show you down to the Sephora store off the lobby for the final touch. So plan on being our guest for 2-3 hours. Does that work for you?”

“Oh my goodness, that sounds wonderful. I guess I am in your hands then for the afternoon. Max was in the movies?”

“Yes, both Max and Ross had a very successful movie business. They sold it to get into hotels. They will likely tell you all about this evening. I am supposed to let you know, you have dinner reservations for 6:30 in the main dining room but cocktails will be at 5:30 in the bar. Our schedule should allow you time to change into your outfit. The security camera footage from last night shows you in an asymmetrical body con micro dress. Max indicated that would be perfect for tonight.

“You watched me on the security footage. Wow. I better learn to behave myself in public.”

“I didn’t watch you but security did. From what I hear, everybody looks forward to how you look and how you take care of the staff. When I said that Max likes smooth, I meant like this” Jasmine said as she took Christine’s free hand and pressed the soft fingers against her naked thigh just below the hem of her clinician’s white skirt.

“Wow. I use Nair and a razor but I never get it that smooth. That is fabulous. I am so looking forward to it. Will it hurt much?”

“You’ll feel a tug when we do up around here.” Jasmine offered as she moved her clients hand up until it was on her mons, way up under her uniform.

“But we have special additives in our wax to ease the sting. In addition, we use an all-natural balm that reduces itching and any bumps. We spread that on with our fingers to make sure we get all areas. Then we use a special machine to stimulate blood flow so as to speed healing. All in all it I think you should be very pleased. All of our clients leave relaxed and happy. Nothing to worry about.”

“You know the movies is where Max got his name. If it wasn’t for them he would have likely been named Clyde after a Clydesdale horse, since he is so endowed.


“Really for sure. Let’s get you set up in a private room so you can disrobe, then meet me in Room 7. Take everything off. You will find a robe and slippers in the room.”

Christine entered and closed the door to Room 7. A few minutes later, wearing only a sumptuous white robe she was greeted by Jasmine who, surrounded by trays of wax and other clinician supplies, looked very professional. It was however apparent that at least two of her uniform’s buttons had been undone. No doubt in anticipation of the effort that was going be required.

“Have you ever been waxed before? I only ask as some people like to start with the front then the back and other like it vice versa.”

“No, I haven’t been. What do you recommend?”

“Normally, there is more work on the front, so we can get that out the way then have you flip over. If you are ok with that, let me take your robe and you hop up on the table. The room was dimly lit with a bright light on an articulated arm spotlighting the white sheets covering the table. Jasmine held up a sheet as a screen and when Christine had reclined, she draped the sheet carefully over her.

“I’ll start with the ear, face and neck area. If you have any little mustache hairs we can get those, then work down your body. Comfy? Would you like some background music to distract you?”

“Yes, perfectly comfortable, thank you. No, I don’t need any music, but tell me about Max.”

Jasmine smiled at Christine and folded the sheet down below her shoulders. Moving to the head of the table she adjusted the light and dripped a bit of the hot red wax on the left ear lobe.

“Yikes. Sorry. It just startled me I bit, that’s all.”

“The ear, nipples and vulva are the most sensitive areas. It won’t get any worse than that.” she said confidently. “As to Max. What can I say? Ross was the brains of the operation and Max was the stud. You know – dumb and hung. Oh, so very hung. He was in the business for about 7 years. Missed the AIDS crisis and got out when the industry moved to mandatory condoms. He hates condoms more than he hates body hair. Ross and Max sold the business, kept the royalties and bought their first hotel. Now izmir escort they have more and are expanding.”

“Wow. What a story. Were they good movies?”

“Not sure, as I am more into women and from what I heard they were mainly straight, but with a few T-girls now and then.” Jasmine spoke as she slowly worked her way down Christine’s body. Turning down the covering sheet as she went she meticulously removed any small hairs from her neck, upper lip and chest. Taking each arm out from under the sheet, the clinician explored her tanned and toned underarms and forearms.

“Very nice up to this point. Do you mind if I lower the sheet to do your breasts? Many of us, myself included have small hairs on our areolas. Don’t want to miss those. It should be warm enough but if not let me know if it isn’t.”

“I thought you’d never ask.” Christine quipped with a big smile and a wink.

“Oh, you are such a tease.” Jasmine, looking deeply into her client’s eyes, replied wishfully as she grasped the sheet and slowly pulled it down. Exposing her client’s breasts slowly was something she enjoyed immensely. The unveiling of nature’s gift was a turn on and she was very turned on this very moment. A small gasp came from her lips as the white untanned triangle around each areola was contrasted against the deeply tanned skin. The nipples, a bit red and abused, were becoming erect and swollen.

“Beautiful.” she whispered under her breath.

“Pardon. Did you say something?”

“Sorry you heard that. But, I said your breasts are beautiful. They look a little sore but they are gorgeous. Do you pump them?”

“They are a bit sore. I used to pump them but not lately. It must have been the nipple clamps that I wore yesterday. The stainless steel chain was so heavy. That’s what likely did it.”

“I know what you mean. When I wear clamps I get the same kind of soreness. The weights really stretch them and make them ache. When we are done with your waxing, I have some special cream I can put on them to help them heal. Would you like that? In the meantime, let me finish up here. Then I’ll start at the bottom and work my way up.”

Jasmine, bending the large engorged nipples out the way with her thumb, carefully cleared a few hairs from the crinkly bumpy areolas. She pushed and moved them like a kid playing a game console. She heard Christine’s breathing pause and saw that she had closed her eyes as if to deepen the erotic sensation she was beginning to feel.

“That’s it. All done here.” she said as she carefully tweaked then planted a small quick kiss on each aching nub. “Let’s put the sheet back up to keep you warm.”

“I seem to be getting quite hot. I think we could dispense with the sheet don’t you?”

“If you are sure, I would be more than happy to.”

With the sheet removed and folded, Christine lay naked on the table. Jasmine, moved to the bottom of the table and as she did she raked her fingers lightly down the torso of the prone client. Small bursts of sexual electricity left a trail of goose bumps as her hand continued to trace down her leg to her foot. Standing between Christine’s feet she looked up to see the long legs fall slightly apart allowing the red vertical slit of vulva to capture her gaze. She was already hairless as a baby, the clinician noted as she smiled to herself. Carefully holding each foot, Jasmine noticed the rapid shallow breathing of her client. There was an expectation with every inhale that Jasmine would soon respond to. Caressing each foot, she search for any hairs to remove but found none. Holding the ankles, she slowly separated the two legs and slowly slid her hands up the smooth legs toward the knees. Finding them glassy smooth, she moved the knees apart, allowing the inside of the thighs to open.

“That’s it, just let your legs relax and open.” Jasmine cooed as she let her fingers search the outside of the thighs while her thumbs worked the soft skin of the inner thigh. As she stimulated the erogenous zones of the upper legs, she felt Christine let her knees fall completely apart and her hips thrust upward as if offering herself to Jasmine. Soon darling, very soon, Jasmine thought as her thumbs grazed the opening flower at the center of her sex.

“Do you mind?” she said as undid the remaining buttons on her uniform. The white fabric fell open revealing a bra-less set of breasts – each nipple topped with a gold ring.

Christine raised her head, looked down her naked body to see Jasmine taking off her top.

“Not at all. You are beautiful. You have a great body.”

Jasmine smiled, “Thank you, my girlfriend thinks so too. You are too kind. Slide down a bit please.”

When Christine had slid down, with her knees draped over the edge of the padded table top, she felt something wonderful. Looking down she saw that Jasmine had leaned over and was dragging her nipples along her own naked thighs. A light touch that elicited a low sensual moan from Christine. Jasmine’s head was now near Christine’s crotch alsancak escort and when she looked up she saw Christine, reclining on her elbows cupping a breast in each hand and playing with her nipples. Christine watched without breathing, waiting for Jasmine’s next move.

She did not have to wait long as first one, then two, then three fingers began to lightly stroke her sex. The fingers traced the outline of her lips, slipped further down toward her ass then swept upwards to caress the pre-pubescent smooth mons.

“You did a good job shaving Mrs. Smith, but there are still a few areas we do need to clean up. Would you mind if I asked you to hold yourself open for me while I get rid of them?”

Christine nodded approval and lay back down on the table. She slid her hands down over her small belly to her sex and using the pointer finger of each hand separated her swelling nether lips and tightened the skin around the opening to her vagina. The taut light pink vulva glistened with its sheen of opalescent with pussy juice. Jasmine ran her fingers deliberately through the viscous liquid searching slowing and carefully for any stray hairs. With Christine moaning in the background and her hips rising and falling to the touch – a small zip there and another zip over there -soon got rid of them leaving a mouthwatering baby smooth cunt. Christine lifted her hips up from the table as she desperately sought more stimulation.

“Time to turn over.” were not the words she wanted to hear.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, I think you will find the next part to be the best part. Sit up a bit please, while I place this large foam triangle on the table, then lay face down on it with your knees resting on the table.

Christine did as she was told and soon found herself in a very comfortable doggy fuck position. Her breasts nestled in the soft foam while its firmness at the apex took the weight of her waist with gentle support.

“You can either stretch your arms out, put them by your side or rest of your forearms, whichever is more comfortable. Please move your knees apart, while I get ready.”

Jasmine moved to the head of the table and stood so that Christine could see her.

She saw that Christine was anxious to watch so she took her own nipples and pulled roughly on them. They were at least an inch long and each long rubbery teat was about ½” diameter. Large and meaty they had been pumped for years to get to this delectable size. Jasmine let one breast go and using her right hand ran her palm over the extended pink nipple.

“MMmmmm that feels so good to play with myself with you watching. But we need to get back to work.”

She took a small tray of was supplies and returned to the bottom of the table. She stood facing the available and exposed ass and cunt. Inhaling the musky scent she put her hands on the outside of her client’s hips and used her thumbs to pull her butt cheeks apart. She felt Christine push back toward her, wiggling her ass to attract more touching.

“I know what you want darling. It is what I want also, but I need to finish this first.”

Jasmine slid her hand lower and soon had three fingers over the swollen open vulva. She could smell the musky juices before she could feel their slickness on her fingers. The waiting cunt flexed. The invitation was offered. Jasmine worked her fingers over the gaping opening and gathered some pussy juice. She smeared the slick liquid on the soft sensitive area between the vulva and the anus. She traced her fingers lightly back and forth eliciting whimpers from her client. She traced her fingers around the fully exposed deep purple rosebud and then pushed her palm flat between the two, letting the edge of her hand fall into the cracks of the vagina and ass. Like sliding a dildo lengthwise she worked the flowing juices into a slick slippery glaze over the two holes.

“Just a couple of spots back here and then we are done.” she said and before Christine had a chance to acknowledge the statement – it was done.”

Jasmine again put her hands on Christine’s hip but this time pulled them back toward her. She could see the offer was still there and bent her head to accept it. She kissed and nibbled the offering, rewarded with a gift of pearls of silky dew on her tongue. She rimmed the lips with the tip of her tongue before taking the meaty lips in her mouth. She sucked and hummed on them, vibrating the skin and sending a message to Christine’s brain.

Christine responded by reaching behind and pulled her cheeks apart encouraging Jasmine to lick her ass. She felt the tongue with its pointy tip begin to circle her rosebud. She pushed her hip and her ass back into Jasmine’s face and rode the tongue of the talented lesbian.

“Lick my ass. Rim me. Get in there. Get your tongue in there. Eat me.” she begged loudly as she pushed herself rapidly and repeatedly back into the face of the clinician.

Jasmine did not stop. Like a Labrador at a bowl of water, her tongue washed the luscious buca escort pink hole. Christine was whimpering as the anal worship got more sloppy and aggressive. She soon felt Jasmine’s nose in her ass as the tongue slid down and penetrated the sopping wet pussy as if she would never taste another one. Christine was in heaven as she received the attention she had been desperately seeking and was startled when it stopped.


“Just a second, the best part of the treatment is next.” Jasmine reassured. “Our special soothing balm is a topical cream of amino acids and essential oils to ease the redness, increase the stimulation and then something extra to enhance the blood flow.”

Christine soon felt the cool herbal mixture being applied by Jasmine’s fingers. The fingers smeared the aromatic cream thickly over her red juicy labia, up the crack of her ass, over and round her wrinkled rear hole. The cool tingling sensations began almost immediately as the small fingers worked the salve’s aphrodisiac herbs deep into the skin. She felt excitement course through her body, increasing the sexual heights she was rising to. Her breath came in short.

“Now, let me put some on your nipples.”

Christine raised her chest off the triangular foam rest as Jasmine placed a large daub of the incredibly rich stimulation cream on each nipple and areola. The internal tingling grew stronger and began to connect with the tingling in her sex. She had never been so alive before and felt herself slipping into an almost psychotic state she could not control.

“You seem to like that.” Jasmine said as she tweaked and pulled at the long extended nipples.

“That’s it. Now for the something extra. Lay back down.” Jasmine requested softly as pushed downward on the middle of her back. She then picked up, switched on the double headed electric dildo and showed the sex toy to Christine,

“Don’t be alarmed. You will love this. This is ROMAX. The smaller 4″ end we call Ross and the large 12″ end we call Max.” was all that Christine heard over the soft hum of the huge daunting sex toy. Her eyes had glazed over and her mouth hung open as she uncontrollably gave herself into the cream’s increased intensity.

The vibrating sex toy lightly traced a line along the body of the face down woman before coming to rest between the cheeks of her ass. Jasmine heard and felt a sharp intake of breath from the prone woman and knew her sexual meridians were fully connected, alive and ready.

“Are you ready?” she asked as she tantalized the two gaping holes with the tips of the dongs.

“Yes. Yes. Do me – make me cum. Pleeeeeeeeeassseeee”

Jasmine heard the desperation in the voice and continued to tease, to edge the woman higher with the pulsating ersatz cocks. She wanted the woman to beg.

“Where do you want it?”

“Anywhere just do it. I need it. Pleeeeeasssseeeeee.” Christine howled and begged.

“Not before you tell me where.” Jasmine continued to abuse the woman’s cunt and ass as she waited for her answer.

Christine was beyond caring. She needed release. She needed it now.

“In my ass. Give me Max in my ass now…I beg you.”

That was all Jasmine needed to know as she rotated the double head to line up the fat 10″ with the purple pink hole. She touched the slick golf ball sized glans against the wrinkled rose bud and heard a loud moan. She pushed firmly and the hole opened an inch to let the intruder in. The low slow vibrations cascaded through Christine and she felt her legs open as the dildo began to stretch her sphincter open. The fat head of the heavy wide dong was pushed in deeper inch by inch as a low groan of acceptance was uttered by Christine. As it sunk toward bottoming out, the smaller head made contact with the gaping labia. A moment later both dongs were fully buried. Jasmine kept the abusive machine firmly in place as she slowly cranked up the electric current. The vibrations and pulses moved from introduction to edging mode. Christine’s body began to tremble. She squeezed her legs together trying to capture the intense sensations flooding her body. She was alive. She was on fire and when Jasmine turned the dial to crescendo mode she went rigid…giving herself into the wave of the most intense orgasm she had ever had. She stopped breathing for a few seconds as the immobilizing and penetrating burst of sexual release shot from finger tips to the toes. Jasmine left the current high for a few more seconds before reducing it as her client quietly collapsed almost unconsciously.

Jasmine carefully pulled out the sex toy and set it on the adjacent counter. She pulled a small rolling stool out from under the counter and pulled it to the bottom of the table. Seated on it she was at exactly the right height to stare at the abused holes. She could see pussy juice leaking out and down the somnolent thighs. She reached out and dragged her fingers through the hot goo and gathered it together in a thick muscusy mass and deliberately began spreading it over her own nipples. The warm slick goop lubricated her very sensitive nipples as she tweaked and pulled on them. She had pumped them for years and they were large long and rubbery. She continued to play with them as she leaned in and feasted on the leaking vagina. She had a silent powerful cum as her tongue probed and drew out more thick musky liquid.

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