Mom’s Significant Other

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My mom and I have been living together for about 6 months and have become very close and are able to discuss almost anything openly.

Mom is 50, and is a very petite brunette, standing about 5’8″ and weighing about 125 lbs. Her small breasts must be about 34B and that was what I attributed the reason for my lust for small breasted women my whole life. She is very attractive and I also have always fantasized about seducing my mother, but never had the nerve to try.

I am 6’4″ and weigh about 230 lbs., and most women tell me I am attractive. Actually I think most just like my height. Surprisingly I married a short woman with a very large tits, 36DD, but she and I didn’t last. I had married at 24 and was divorced at 30.

Mom and Dad divorced a few years ago, after what they both describes and a “growing apart and loveless marriage.”

Since we are both single now, we decided to live together to not only pool resources, but to provide emotional support to each other. It was a very comfortable and productive arrangement which grew quickly into our present situation, very close and very open.

Mom and I can freely talk about the issues that wrecked out marriages and even lightly discuss sexual issues and loneliness. Mom was at first reluctant to be too open about her sexual history, but through the weeks of open hearted discussion of feelings, we have gotten so that nothing is off limits.

While my past sex life was typical male, varied and horny all the time, Mom’s was more typical of the women of her age group. She was rather reserved and said that sex was not an important part of her life. Dad was a “Wham Bam Thank You Ma’am” type, and she was fine with that, “Just get it over with.”

We have long discussion about what I feel she is missing, and she just brushes me off, but then she always turns it around to pointedly telling me to get out and find a lover.

Recently we have started sleeping together in her bed. This lovely arrangement came about through convenience and sheer luck on my part. We stayed up late every night talking, and often fell asleep on the couch. I often carried her into bed and then returned to my bedroom.

A few weeks ago, while deep in discussion about the state of kids now-a-days, she suddenly suggested, “We are going to fall asleep out here again, why don’t we just get ready for bed, crawl into my bed, and then continue talking till we fall asleep. You can go back to your own bed whenever you want, or sleep there with me.”

I was flabbergasted and excited beyond words! One of my fantasies always started with us just sleeping together. I had to calm myself and take this as it was presented, sleeping together out of convenience.

I have only one pair of pajamas since I usually sleep naked, a pair I bought for occasions when I was a guest at others homes, and had to use a hall bathroom. I realized I was going to need to get more pajamas or we’d be doing laundry every day.

That first night was heaven. We were a bit awkward as we got ready for bed, I changed in my room while she got ready in her room. I was reluctant to go back to her room too early, and waited till she was quiet before I knocked and asked if I could come in. Mom asked me in and patted the bed next to her, and I of course was lusting for my mother in her very proper old lady pajamas. Luckily I didn’t get too obviously hard walking to the bed.

We talked for hours and then she rolled towards me and said, “This is really nice, to talk and to have you next to me, so safe, and so comfortable.”

I smiled at her and kissed her forehead, then told her, “If your sleepy go ahead and go to sleep, you don’t have to entertain me, I will just stay and enjoy your beauty and company until you’re asleep.”

Mom said, “You’re silly, but sweet,” and rolled over facing away from me.

I scooted up against her back and put my top arm around her and hugged her to me. I nuzzled her neck, laid my face next to hers, and then whispered, “I love you Mom”.

Mom sighed a long, “Hmmmm” and seemed to relax back into my arms. She was soon asleep.

I was conscious of my arm laying across her breasts, and had to keep my hips pulled back a bit to keep her from feeling my hard cock. I soon fell asleep as well.

In the morning I awoke first and was thrilled to find my mother in my arms although she had rolled toward me. I watched her sleep for about 30 minutes and when she awoke, we just smiled lovingly at each other.

This became our standard nightly arrangement, and I never returned to my bed. We simply went to bed and enjoyed each other’s company until we fell asleep, and I each night I did my best to not let her feel my hard cock.

We didn’t bother getting me more pajamas, we decided that since I liked sleeping naked, I would just get into bed while she was changing in the bathroom.

Tonight started out the same. We talked on the couch, got a bit tired, and then got into bed. We had been talking about loneliness and missing the sexual contact brazzers love usually offers. I was trying to convince her that it was a natural need and all people should have the need, and take care of it. Mom was trying to convince me that it was not for everyone, and like her, many people saw it as a chore, but necessary to make their significant other happy.

We continue this discussion in bed and we are spooned with her back to me as was our habit. I was now frustrated at her reluctance to consider that all people needed sexual contact, and blurt out, “Fine, if it’s just for making your significant other happy, that is me now, why don’t you make me happy?”

I could feel Mom’s whole body tense, and after a minute she said, “You’re not serious are you?”

I replied, “Sure I am, we love each other, I am your significant other, and I would love to have you make me happy.”

There was a long silence then she said, “You are my significant other, and I want to make you happy, but we can’t do that, I’m also your mother.”

I press my hard cock against her ass and whisper in her ear, “Mom, I love you, I need you, and it doesn’t matter what the world says about this being taboo. We are consenting adults and we can make each other happy if we choose.”

“Oh, Doug,” she answers, “We can’t, I want to do anything for you, but we can’t.”

Even as she voiced those words, I feel her resolve weakening as she reaches down behind her to hold my hip against hers.

I reach up for her tit and lightly squeeze it through her pajama top, saying, “We can do anything we want Mom, please make me happy, and let me make you happy.”

Mom’s hand shoots up to cup my hand, and at first I am afraid she is stopping me, but instead she kneads my hand against her tit. She said, “Oh Doug, I do love you, I will try to do anything to make you happy.”

I start kissing her neck and she arches her back into my chest. As I roll her nipple between my fingers she starts moaning and pushing her hips back into mine. I want to feel her skin so I lower my hand and dip it under her top to cup her tit in the flesh.

I begin humping against her ass as I fondle her tit, and I am pleasantly surprised as she starts unbuttoning her top. I felt the fabric fall away and I pull her top from between us, and start fondling both of her tits. I find that she moans more when I roll her nipples gently in my loving fingers.

I am kissing her neck and cheek and then lower my mouth to her shoulder and bite her gently. Mom groans and says, “Oh I like that, do that.”

I smile inwardly and ask, “Are you doing this just for me, or are you actually enjoying this?”

Mom groans, “Yes, I am actually enjoying this, you are so gentle and touch me in just the right places.”

“Mom, I will make you happy, and that will make me happy,” I tell her.

I bite her shoulder again and she groans louder and again puts a hand over mine to direct its massage of her tits.

I am now pumping hard into her ass, and want to feel skin against skin, so pull my hand from her tit and use it to push her pajama bottom down her hips. As soon as her soft ass cheeks are exposed I am pushing my hard dick into the crack of her ass.

I try pushing her pajama bottoms further down and she raises her hips to assist me. I raise a leg and hook a toe in them and push them down and off her legs.

We are now both totally naked and I am wildly excited at the feel of Mom’s body against mine. I return my hand to her tits and pumping my cock against her ass.

I whisper into her ear, “I love you Mom, this is so incredible, and I have wanted you for many years.”

She moans, “You’ve wanted me for years? That can’t be, you had others, and I am just your old mother.”

“Mom, I have always wanted you, whenever I was with someone else, I would fantasize about you. And you are not an old lady, you are my beautiful mother,” I tell her.

Mom sighs and says, “You are so sweet, I love you and I love how you make me feel.”

I kiss her neck and softly say, “We have only started, I am going to doing everything I can to make you love this.”

I push my dick down so it slips in between her thighs and return to pumping against her. As my cock works its way back upward, it starts rubbing along her pussy as I pump.

Mom gasps, takes in a deep breath, and then lets out a long “Ahhhh.”

I continue pumping against her and fondling her tits as I kiss and nip at her neck and shoulder. Mom and I are both beginning to breathe heavily at this point and I want to take this to the next step.

I pull away, roll her onto her back, and rise up to kiss her deeply. Our tongues dance wildly with each other in our first kiss as lovers. I raise my head to look down at her and I am enamored by the sexy sight before me. Mom’s tits are tiny but relatively firm and her nipples are prominent against the rosy areolae.

She searches my eyes and says to me, “I’m sorry their so small and droopy.”

I smile cuckold porno and tell her, “Shush, they are perfect, everything I had hoped for.”

I drop back to kiss her again and after my hand is again tweaking her nipples, I am pleased that she is responding enthusiastically by moaning against my tongue and arching her back.

I kiss my way down her neck and chest until I am kissing her fine tits and sucking the nipples into my mouth. Mom groans loudly and her hand grabs my head and pulls it in tightly against her tit as I suck.

I roll off of her onto my side, and as I suckle at her tit, my left hand roams down her tummy marveling in her soft skin. My fingers arrive at her pubic mound and I find a full bush of hair covering her pussy. I playfully comb my fingers through her hair and then run two fingers, one each along the outside of her pussy lips.

Her hips jerk up a little as I apply pressure to her pussy lips. I suck a little harder on her nipple as I tease her pussy, and I am rewarded with her body shuddering slightly.

Mom cries out softly, “My God, you are driving me crazy, you are making me feel things I never expected.”

I lift my mouth from her nipple and rise up to look at her sweet face. I wait till she opens her eyes to see what I am doing, and I say, “That’s because I love you, and you love me, we are loving each other.”

I now slip a finger between the soft folds of her pussy lips and slide it up and down as I push my tongue back into her mouth. As I feel her moisture ooze onto my finger, I also feel her body jerk again and she sucks on my tongue.

I curl my finger upward and let it slip into her hot pussy and immediately begin to finger fuck her as we French kiss deeply. She is sucking in air through her nose and moaning long sighs out against my mouth. I let her moan freely by kissing my way back down to suck on those perfect titties while I continue thrusting my finger in and out of her.

I add a second finger, and flatten my hand to apply a very slight pressure against her clit. Mom’s hips increase the bucking and her moans become loud grunts.

“Oh yes, that is so good, oh yes, Doug,” Mom grunts out.

I am now getting hungry for a taste of her pussy and begin to kiss along her ribs and sides, then across her tummy. I kiss the smoothness of her sides and tongue her belly button all of which makes her body arch up into me.

Lower and lower I kiss and when I bury my nose in her pubic hair, I inhale the wonderful womanly scent of her pussy. I begin to kiss her thighs and work my way toward her inner thighs.

Mom spreads her legs and invites my kisses and little nips along the silky smooth skin of her inner thighs. I pull my fingers from her pussy and her groan actually sounded like a cry of abandonment as I raise my hands to grab her hips.

I love this part, the anticipation for both of us, the closeness, and scent and the sight. I look at my mother’s awaiting pussy, and across her bushy mound to see those lovely tits and her angelic face. The view is staggering. I am lost in love and rampant lust for this fine petite lady.

Slender legs, fine hips, then a narrow waist, topped by the swell of her chest with those sweet titties and erect nipples. I mostly notice the nipples as her chest is rising and falling while she breathes heavily.

I tear my eyes away from her body, I kiss her pussy lips ever so lightly and she takes in another great gulp of air, and cries out, “You don’t have to do that, please don’t.”

I stop momentarily and look up across her sexy body, “I love this Mom, I love to please and I love the taste, please don’t stop me.”

Without waiting for any reply, I drop back down and slip my tongue into her hot pussy. Mom jerks hard against my face and I pull her tightly in by the hips. I am greeted with the sweetest pussy I have ever tasted. Very sweet and a very thick juice is coating my tongue. I get my tongue in as far as I can and suck lightly to get a good taste of this nectar.

Mom hasn’t said another negative word, only moans of pleasure. I decide to test how she feels about this now. I reluctantly pull my mouth from her pussy and crawl up to kiss her, stopping briefly at her tits to kiss and wipe excess pussy juice from my face. I then kiss her mouth gently and when she opens her eyes, I say, “You are so delicious, so perfect, I love you Mom.”

Mom grabs my face and opens her mouth to receive my tongue. We kiss deeply for a long time as I let my body drop very lightly onto hers. I can feel her nipples against my chest and I push my rigid cock against her pussy mound. I am ready to explode, and I am tempted to lower my hips and stick my dick into her, but I control myself with my desire to eat her pussy some more.

I break our kiss and I knee walk down till I am again between her thighs staring at that lovely luscious pussy.

I kiss her pussy lips lightly and run my tongue between them. Mom shudders and gasps softly, then moans as czech porno I push my tongue inside of her. I run my hands up to fondle her tits and tweak her nipples as I begin to tongue fuck her pussy.

Mom throws her head back and cries out, “My God, I can’t believe how this feels, ohhhh God.”

I again marvel as I look across her hairy mound to see those tits I have lusted for all these years. And just beyond I can see her face contorted in pleasure, pleasure that I am giving her!

I continue licking and sucking on her pussy while pushing my upper lip up onto her hooded clit. Mom jerks and her moans increase as I rub on her mound. I bring my right hand down from her tit and place it on her mound and push her skin upward to cause her clit to stand erect and to stick out of its hood.

I raise my mouth and suck her clit in between my lips while running the tip of my tongue across it. This makes her arch her back and scream, Oh Doug, oh Doug, oh my, yes, yes, oh God.”

I lightly kiss and lick her hard clit until I feel her go crazy under me, grabbing my head and then bucking her hips and screaming even more. I move my other hand down and slip my finger into her hot wet pussy as I suck on her clit as she explodes in her orgasm.

“Aarrrgggg, I never, I oh, I, Doug, yes, aarrrgggg, yes, yes, yes, ohhhh,” she screams as her hips buck against me and her chest heaves violently.

I lessen my attack on her clit, just running my tongue around the hood, and let her ride the wave until her screams die down and she begins to breathe more normally. I look up and see her nipples are more erect than ever and her head is rolling slowly side to side.

“Oh God, stop, stop, too much!”

So I lower my mouth to very lightly kiss her pussy lips sucking the oozed drops of wetness into my mouth, then kiss my way back out to her inner thighs, loving her soft smooth skin.

“That was amazing, Doug, I never thought it could be like that.” Mom’s voice quietly filters down to me.

I rise up and crawl over her damp body, stopping to kiss and suck on her nipples. I then lower myself so that my aching hard cock is pushing on her mound, and kiss her sexy mouth.

Mom whispers, “Make love to me Doug, make love to me please.”

I look into her eyes and say, “I have waited so long, I want you so badly, Mom.”

I roll my hips down and my cock head slides onto her wet pussy lips. As the head pushes just inside her pussy, she sucks in a deep breath and holds it. I push my dick a little deeper into her pussy and she exhales a low growling moan.

I stuff my tongue back into her mouth and at the same time I shift my hips enough to slide half way into her pussy. Both of us groan softly into each other’s mouths. I pull my cock almost all the way out, then slowly slide it all the way back in. My cock is fully inside of her and I can feel her cervix pressing at the tip.

As I bottom out, she grunts into my mouth, and wraps her arms around my back.

I pull my mouth off of hers and I let out a long low groan at the extreme exquisite pleasure I am feeling.

Mom whimpers, “Doug, my baby, I felt you in there so long ago, and now you are back inside of me, I love you, I love you so much.”

I open my eyes and look down into my mother’s eyes, and we share a feeling like no one else can share. I kiss her deeply, and then reply, “This is so perfect, I’ve loved and wanted you for so long, I never want this to end.”

I kiss her again and then begin a slow sensual fuck of my Mother. Her legs hook over my calves and her arms tighten around my shoulders. I speed up my strokes a little and feel her hips start to roll with me. Soon I am long dicking her and our hips are slapping against each other as I feel her tits rubbing against my chest.

I lay my face alongside of hers and as I fuck her I whisper into her ear, “You are so beautiful, so sexy, I love you.”

Mom groans in response and hoarsely answers, “I love you too, Doug.”

We fuck for a long time and I can feel her building to another orgasm. I grind myself into her mound to try to put friction on her clit and she responds by grasping me tighter against her chest, and bucking her hips ever harder.

She begins crying out loudly, “Oh my, oh, oh, yes, don’t stop, yes, ohhhh.”

She is lurching off the bed, and if she didn’t’ have my body locked against her with her arms and legs, she would have thrown me off.

My head is buried into the pillow next to hers and I growl, “I love you Mom.”

Her orgasm spills over and she is screaming as she bucks up against me. “Arrgggg, harder, yes, yes, yes, oh my God, yes, aarrrgggg, ooohhhh,” she screams.

I keep thrusting, fucking her clutching pussy as she comes and comes. Her body slows from the violent bucking to an erratic shuddering, but her cries continue to announce her wonderful pleasure.

I raise my head and kiss her clenched eyes, cheeks and lips, saying, “I love you so much, come for me, your making me so happy.”

Mom seems to go into a second wave of orgasm and quivers underneath me. I am looking at her face as she groans and moans, and her head tilts back in ecstasy. After many minutes she starts to relax, and I stop thrusting to just hold myself fully inside her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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