Monnie’s secret


 Monnie had chosen this place, she wasn’t sure why, but her husband was happy. It wasn’t often that they went out with their close friends, but this was a special occasion, a lunchtime meal for them all to celebrate her birthday. Travelling fifty miles to meet might seem excessive but it was worth it. They met up in the pub carpark at noon, Monnie was wearing her favourite dress and it fitted in all the right places, her full breasts complemented her figure and she was proud of them. Her nipples were big and she was slightly self conscious of them, but men’s eyes always wandered to her breasts. She put her arm through her husband’s and the four of them walked from the car park toward the entrance to the pub. Monnie wore dark glasses and her eyes scanned the tables outside, not intentionally Sex hikayeleri but it just seemed natural. Her eyes rested on two men sat at one of the wooden tables outside and her heart missed a beat. The two men sat opposite each other, she thought they may be father and son as they looked alike. The older man looked up and Monnie’s legs nearly gave way beneath her. “You OK?” her husband asked. She tingled all over. “Yes, why? Just stepped on a stone that’s all.” She looked into the older man’s eyes, and he looked up as if he sensed her looking at him. His eyes were large and very brown which complemented his good looks. Monnie quickly looked away, but she was drawn to those eyes, which seemed to probe her very soul. She could feel her nipples harden, and as she walked Sikiş hikayeleri her bra seemed to rub and tantalize them even more. “Let’s sit outside,” she said. The four of them moved to an empty table and Monnie made sure she sat where she could see him beneath her sunglasses. The two men left the women seated and went inside to the bar. The man with the dark eyes looked over and Monnie clamped her thighs together as she felt the heat between her legs. She could see the resemblance between the two men, surely father and son! They shared the same good looks and Monnie shut her eyes tight. The thoughts that ran through her mind at that moment made her cross her legs and squeeze tight. She breathed deeply and her friend asked her what was wrong. “Nothing,” she laughed, and Erotik hikaye looked in the direction of the two men. Her friend Nancy looked around and she smiled to herself. “You’re behaving like a lovesick schoolgirl,” she laughed. “Do you blame me?” “No girl,” she laughed again. It was hot that afternoon, Monnie was pleased that the lager was cool, but it was was going down rather too quickly. She felt her heart beat faster and she was flushed, not really being aware of the conversation around her. She needed to powder her nose. “Need the loo, you coming?” she spoke directly to Nancy. A quick glance over and she felt the pang of disappointment, the two men had gone. Nancy saw the look on Monnie’s face and grabbed her arm, steering her inside. Monnie looked down and walked straight into the man with the dark eyes, she took a sharp intake of breath. “I’m so sorry,” he said, and grabbed her hand, pushing something into her palm before walking out the door, he turned and smiled. Monnie stood very still, her hand clutching the note he gave her.