Monster Lab 4

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Venessa was in the stairwell trying to avoid any unnessesary attention. She made it to the floor she was looking for. She walked into it, the floor was empty, besides the dead bodies scattered everywhere, limbs every foot or so. She looked disgusted. Her remembered her dressing room was on this floor. She jogged to it trying to be silent.
She entered her room not seeing anything to fear. She flipped her light on seeing her closet already open. She need to change, she wasn’t going to go out in the street dressed the way she was. The light bulbs flashed as they died. She jumped a bit. She went to her closet and opened it further looking for her street clothes. She scoffed lifting her hands in frustration.
Someone as a prank would sometimes steal her clothes so she would have to wear her outfits on the streets.
She looked for the most suitable outfit for the street. She laughed to herself having to grab the slutty, latex, nurses outfit. She pulled it out and started undressing.
Little did she know eyes watched her. Watched undress and put the skin tight outfit on.
She looked at herself in the mirror. Her cleavage was massive, the miniskirt showed a bit of her sexy apple ass, she wore white stockings clipped under the miniskirt and the shirt was unbuttoned three buttons at the top not designed to be ever used. Her cleavage hung out of her visable white lace bra.
The closet door suddenly shifted.
He started stepping back, careful she didn’t trip in her white and rimmed red 6 inch heels. She pressed her fingers together in nervousness, covered in long black latex gloves to her upper arms.
A black, rigid, boney hand came out grasping the side then another grasping the other side. The creature emerged hughtening her fear. The creature wore rags. A hood cloaked it’s head, the glowing rims of it’s red eyes gloomed from under it’s hood. It’s abs purely black as ash. It’s fingernails long and black. A low feral growl came that turned into words.
“Venessa.” it said, the robes, now rags cover creature said.
“B-B-Boogeyman.” she manged to say in fear. She backed up falling on her bed.
“Are you ready to die Venessa?” it asked coldly.
“What if, what if we did something else.” she said with a cool smile, suddenly remembering that it was a male creature based off of human DNA,
“What is it you had in mind?” it asked deviously.
Venessa turned around staring at the creature created from nightmares and evil.
Fear plagued her face as she did her best to strut toward the monster trying to turn it on.
She was only a few feet away now. Her fingers of her left hand gliding up her left thigh slowly as she bit her bottom lip. Her fingers creasing into her skin as her other hand slowly rose up her belly, her middle finger going between her breasts and over her cleavage. The hand kept rising onto her neck gliding up to her cheek and then into her hair as she let it fall a bit infront of her face.
She was inches away from the boogeymans face as she let her multi-talented tongue slithered out slowly crossing her top lip.
She could feel the smile from the boogeyman. Not even able to see his face.
She suddenly felt four pressings on her back and one at her stomach. She screamed as she was pulled into the closet.
The room was silent…

Terri sprinted down the hall looking around each corner making sure it was safe, the only thing the young Swedish woman was wearing was her doctors lab coat and 4 inch heels. It seemed clear. She started down the hall when suddenly she felt a massive quake under her feet forcing her to the ground. The massive shake came again as the floor gave way. She decended to the floor below in seconds. The dust settled, alls she could hear was chains, she lifted her head seeing bodies everywhere, strung up with chains. She saw a black skinned, 14 foot giant. It’s eyes blood red and glowing. Chains were wrapped around it’s left forearm. It stood naked. Skin looking like black steel. Two large horns. It’s middle two fingers were bent in, it’s index and pinkie were straight, it’s thumb tucked in.
“Murray?!” she gasped, “The Dio creation!”
Terri looked upon Murray. As the snake like chains coiled around guards and ripped them bone by bone. Tendon by tendon. The monster responsible for the most preist and child deaths. Also sold as a slave driver.
“Your just empty shadows! No questions, no answers, no one to scream at you! I am the ‘Master of the Moon’! And now the chains are on! For you are all just images caught in time! ” a voice sounding deep gurtal and more terrifying then one-thousand demons as the voice sounded inside their heads.
Terri turned around running seeing the exit. She took it a she slammed the door behind her hearing the cries of the men behind it.
“Doctor Axel!” she heard one man yell.
Turning around she saw one of the hazmat men with MP5’s running towards her. “Doctor Axel! We need to get you out of here!” he yelled, “The situtations getting critical, we have the first few floors locked down but the rest are getting out of control and we don’t have enough men to keep it all for long. We have to get off this floor.” he yelled as Terri buttoned up before the man adıyaman escort could see anything.
“I think I’ll be fine on my own.” she said confidiently,
“Not an option Doc! I need to get you to safty.” he said siezing her by the arm.
She pulled back once to no avail.
The man pulled back, this tine dragging her along quite easily.
“Orcs have been invading this level but they seemed to have stopped, keeping mainly on the floor below us. Somethig on this floor have them spooked.” he explained running down the corridor with the MP5 in one hand checking the rooms as he ran past many filled with gore and monstrosities that played in the carnage.
“One of the dining rooms is a head, once we get past that we can make it to the top floor to open up the lock down systems and get you out of here.” he said with courage. He slowly down when the sounds of screaming began apperent. He went into a crouch as did Terri. He motioned for her to stay there as he slowly opened the door peaking through. He saw a hulking demonic monster standing eight feet tall. It’s skin a desert like tan with thick hard skin that was like a chourus. On it’s head it had two foot long, large horns on the side of it’s head angled downward then outward a bit, also the same color as it’s skin. It had smaller horns only about four to five inches long going down it’s spine. Then a few on it’s jaw line. It had many thick long sharp canines, two of them on either side of the mouth had one particular tooth that was easily six inches. Then was it’s eyes, several, three on each side, small and blue. On it’s chest it had several thick lines that looked like tree roots. Like a natural armor that continued up to it’s arms and spiraled around them. Plus a loin cloth it’s legs were massive and large. It’s feet were wide as well, with two toes they extended outward then back in creating a diamond like shape. The hulking creature carried a large two-handed mace in it’s taloned grip. Roaring the behemoth whipped around swinging it’s weapon bashing another orc from existance. It’s maces shining as the large steel club with several razor sharp flanges swiped past slicing and tearing away the orcs rib cage.

“What is that thing?” he whispered to Terri,
“One of the mistake creations that went into the premium prices, just like the Grinning Man. And like the Grinning Man, he was an accident, except we found the Grinning Man.”
“Wait I thought you created the Grinning Man.” he asked
She shook her head as the monster roared spreading wide it’s massive rocky wings.
“Anyway, this creature we call, ‘Demons Bane’. We also call it Everane. Latin name for it.”

The orcs were trying to keep the monster surrounded but the truth of the matter was the monster was to strong, to fast, to smart.
Every other second another Orc was dead. Everane spun around twisting te massive weapon behind it’s back swinging it to it’s front and swiping another Orc from it’s sight. The blood of the orcs filled the room as did body parts. Suddenly four hasmat suits ran out firing. One had a Spas-12, a very powerful shotgun, another an M4 carbine, then a Barrett 50. Caliber Sniper rifle, thee most powerful sniper of it’s kind. And finally one with a 12 gauge shotgun.
They had run out when the orcs were almost gone. It didn’t take long for the creature to finish. The bullets basically bounced off of the monsters thick hard skin. It still took a few steps back in pain. Then roared in pain as a massive sound rang out. The 50. Caliber bullet of the Barrett. The creature shrieked as the bullet pierced through it’s body and flew out the otherside. The Everane roared as it jumped forward swiping the man with a shotgun from existance. Spinning the man with the assualt rifle was next. Another massive shot rang out as he missed his swiftly moving target. Everane swung at the other man with a shotgun. However the man had jumped back barly being missed he lifted his weapon firing again hitting the creature directly in the chest with a slug. It didn’t stop the creature as it brought the massive two handed mace down on his head basically exploding the man into a mist of blood. Another shot rang out as the Everanes right arm thrusted back along with a spiral of blood being spurted from the back of it’s shoulder.

Terri’s new bodyguard pulled his MP5 to his shoulder tucking it tight.
“what are you Doug you can’t go out there!” she whispered pulling him violently.
“I can’t leave him out there to die.” he responded as another loud shot rang,
“You must!” she said right as he shoved her away. He stood up kicking to door open not hesitating to fire one bit.
The hasmat with the sniper got off another shot as the mace swiped past, he jumped back as he was barely hit. The mace sliced across his abdomen throwing him halfway across the room like a ragdoll still hearing one more weapon sounding. It spun around twisting the mace roaring as it swiped the last hasmat apart.
It growled as it scoped the area. Smelling the air.

Terri slowly began to back away from the door in fear. Trying to not make any noise with her heels turning around slowly. She began to walk down the hall when akkent escort she heard the doors swing open behind her. She slowly turned around, her eyes wide, her long and delicate fingers wide and shaking as she saw the monster behind her.
“Doctor.” it said with a gurtle deep demonic voice,
“Everane.” she said in response.
“I smell you fear doctor.” it said with an evil smile,
“Not fear Everane, excitment!” she lied uneasy,
“Excitment?” it wondered skeptically,
She took a step forward putting one foot in front of the other with a gingerly smile.
“I think you’ll understand.” she said as she began to unbutton her lab coat from the bottom up.

Venessa opened her eyes looking around. Still wearing her nurses outfit, however this was different. She couldn’t move. Her arms were outstretched as something wet and thick held them and her legs in place. She looked around afraid. Her breathing had intensified as a bead of sweat came down her forhead dispite how cold it was. She couldn’t see anything, there was only pure black in her sight but she could still see her own breath. She suddenly felt something press against her calves. She looked down seeing the stuff that held her in place. Black viscous ooze, it slowly started climbing up her leg as she gazed upon it in horror. Like a snake it spiraled up her shapely leg. She swallowed hard looking in terror. She felt something squeezing the back of her thigh every few seconds. Then felt the ooze at the bottom of her ass cheek. She looked up seeing it decend down her arm. Then straight seeing the wall of black shift and move. Her eyes widened as a face formed, some sort of red light was behind the holes of the face, the face was a large ghostly smile the eyes were like fire balls going toward each other, each having a whip like tail following behind.
The ooze latched onto her panties pulling them down as she felt the ooze tease and tantlize her now moist lips. Then felt something small whipping her clit. The ooze had made some sort of apendage cone out that teased her folds. She felt the ooze seep inbetween her tight round and firm ass cheeks. The ooze covered her cleavage seeping inbetween her large ample tits.
“Welcome to my home Venessa.” an eerily jolly voice said.
She felt her top being lowered as the ooze covered her tits. She moaned softly feeling the ooze gingerly squeeze her nipples and squeezing every single nerve ending in her ample lucious tits. She felt the viscious material slide up her throat squeezing a bit as she felt something hard push between her lips. She screamed out in revultion as the wet sticky phallus of ooze slid in and slid back out back and forth. She screamed as the ooze at her mouth began to fill in turning into another phallus at least a foot long. She choked as her lips formed around the phallus and it pulled it’s way down her throat. Her tongue urgently flung back and forth under the phallus as her pussy was being ravished by the other black as night member. The small oozing whip still flicking her clit as her body contorted, her pelvis rocked back in an orgasm that she tried to sound but her the sounds only came out as a moan with the oozed member inside her throat choking her feeling another phallus form between her large tits still squeezing her perky nipples. Her eyes went wide feeling her ass cheeks spread wide and feeling something buldging at her asshole. She felt it press then again but harder this time as she tried to cry out. She felt it press again slowly sliding into almost with ease seeing as it was made of ooze. Her eyes went to the back of her head as she gave out a riveted moan in a violent orgasm.

Terri was on her knees in front of the Everane. It’s large dick staring her in the face. She smiled as she lifted her hand grasping it’s shaft at the base. She slowly leaned in wrapping her large pink lips around it’s head. Sucking it’s head gently as her tongue twirled around it, flickering it’s opening, her piercing blue eyes looking up at the creature as she suckled.
The monster growled in pleasure as she took more of the foot long phallus into her mouth giving a moan of her own sounding like a purr. Her lips were glossy, and her folds were getting wet. She lifted her large ample tits sliding them under the creatures phallus sucking harder now.
The creature growled again putting it’s hands over her hand thrusting it’s pelvis against her face thrusting back and forth.
The good doctor took it’s cock down her throat with ease.
She pulled back taking the phallus from her mouth. She straightened her legs but kept her chest at the same level letting her ass pop out then slid her hands up it’s chest. She started moving back with a smile. It took the few steps nessesary to be right in front of her. With those crystal blue eyes piercing at it, the creature lifted one of her legs then seized her waist lifting her from the ground as it put the head of it’s large cock at her enterance. She giggled as the monster started teasing her pussy lips. It then, harshly, shoved it inside of her. She gasped in excitement and pleasure nearly attacking it in lust with her figernails that were almost like claws.

The gaziantep anal yapan escort oozing appendages thrusted madly in and out of Venessa as she screamed orgasms even with the phallus rushing in and out of her mouth. Tears streamed as she fought because of the overwhelming orgasms tearing her apart. The ooze member in her ass made her cum ten time by itself as ooze whips slapped her ass cheeks making them a blazing red. The same to her tits her nipples swelled. Her pussy was streaming a river as she cried out again unable to control anything anymore.
She cried out a deep moan as she felt her ass fill with a liquid, then her pussy then felt it streaming down her throat.
Venessa dropped to the ground, barely able to move. Her body quivering from the boogey-man. Her pussy felt numb from the excitment from the pleasure. She tried to moved but a jolt of senses pulsed through her pussy then through her body that ended in her convulsing once. Her mouth was open and shaking as she struggled to breath right.
“Well, aren’t you just, a sweet little thing. The juiciest I had ever had the pleasure of pleasuring.” the boogey-man laughed.
The ooze began to surround her as she was lifted into the air.
“I wonder how you taste.” he said laughing madly as she was thrust into the faces open mouth.
Venessas eyes opened as she slowly sat up in her room. Empty. She looked around as her body shook, the orgasms still present. She looked down as black thick fluid leaked from under her skirt and she could taste a bitter sweet taste in her mouth alot like chocolate. She pressed a finger against her lips and pulled back seeing the black ooze on her finger, she smiled as she stood up. Immediatly she went under vertigo. Dizzy as hell she almost fell down. She made to the hallway then started down the hall to the top floor.

The monsters hands were mauling Terri’s large tits as she grunted in pleasure, her voice hitting the high notes that turned the creature on ever more. She looked to the sky as she voiced a sensual an orgasm putting her fingers through her hair. Her pelvis rounding over and over as she growled feeling another shockwave of pleasure rivet through her loins and she lifted her head moaning in expression.
“Fuck my cunt! Fuck me!” she cried as she angerily rocked her pelvis back and forth, her hands pressed against the wall to shove herself toward the beast. She growled loudly in pleasure. She started rocking faster as she began a long dragged out contorted moan that ended in her screaming out an orgasm. She then felt it shoot inside of her. It let her go as she slumped to the floor. She slowly stood back up as she picked her lab coat up and headed down the hallway. The Everane went to it’s knees with a wicked grin taking a moment to catch it’s breath. It heard heels clicking against the ground. It turned around.
She was gone.
It stood up, then gave a grin.
“I shall find you later.” it said giving a gurtle chuckle. It picked up it’s mace as it walked down the hall.
It stopped suddenly.
The Everane turned around slowly seeing a monstrous man about his size with a massive build. It looked human wearing worn ripped greyish brown pants dragging a massive cleaver. The most noticable trait of it was a large steel pyramid on it’s head, it was dirty and grimey.
Lights flashed and buzzed out with the carnage filled room. The Everane lifted his mace growling. Pyramid head made a fist with his left hand as he pulled his meat cleaver closer as at least a dozen nurses with wrappings around their faces, and armed with scalpels and syringes came behind the Everane all twitching eerily, the monsterous nurses walked forward. Their heels clicking at random.
The Everane smiled lifting his hands as all the dead men in the room started to stand. At least a dozen of them raised. The Everane charged as Pyramid head whipped his meat cleaver across.
They both stopped in mid-swing as the steel plated gates slowly lifted from the windows. Everane walked to the window looking out upon the city. He grinned as he bashed through the window flying high spreading it’s wings.
Pyramid head went to the edge seeing the monsters down below all swarming out of the windows and sub-floor parking lots. It sped jumping out the window.
It landed on one knee, breaking the cement underneath. It slowly lifted it’s head looking around.

Venessa stared at her hand holding the lever. She could hear the freedom cries of all f the creatures.
“What did I do?” she wondered to herself, “Zombies, goblins, orcs, ghosts, a boogeyman!” she whispered. She smiled in a huffing laughter, well the world needs a bit more excitment I guess. She looked outside as the zombies were the last thing to leave the building.
“Maybe the world needs a zombie apocalypse. Enough people have plans for it.” she laughed again.

Lira woke up in a gasp. Escaping with only minor cuts. She remembered Freddy’s words.
“We’re free, I say goodbye to you for now Lira.” followed by a loud sinister laugh.
She stood up then walked to the nearest window seeing all of the monsters rush out.
“A Monster World huh? That’s a scary thought she said.”

Terri looked outside as they spread across the city, she could already hear siriens in the distance.
“What a coincidence this happens in Los Angelas… City of Angels. Now to be the city of nightmares.” she gave a quick chuckle. “I’ll just have to move. Maybe I’ll come back for vacation.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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