Moonlight Embrace

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Note to readers: This is the first time I have posted a real life story. I prefer to write fiction and keep my personal life to myself. But I have verbally told this story of my first time to my close friends and they have urged me to share it. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as the pleasure it gave me to write it.


It was the eve of my 18th birthday. I was finally going to be an adult in the eyes of the law. The August weather was stifling in central Florida and I headed for the beach. Unfortunately my best friend, Jan, couldn’t go with me as her parents had her working the cash register in their store. So I found myself in the most unusual situation, I was by myself.

After a hot car ride it was a relief to arrive at my favorite beach. I loved the feel of the cool breeze as it freshened in the warm afternoon sunlight. My skin had already developed a deep tan from my frequent trips to the beach that summer. But even with a nice tan there was a risk of burning, so I applied my sunning lotion on all the spots I could reach. I was wearing my black colored string bikini which didn’t cover much skin. Normally Jan and I would take turns applying a coat of lotion on each other’s backs. But on that day, my friend was not going to be able to help me reach those spots that are difficult to reach by your self.

Jan and I often attracted the attention of boys and young men. I must admit than most of them looked at Jan more than they looked at me. But, I was not half bad either. I was very thin and had smallish boobs. At 5’8 and 115 pounds I had a nice body. My personal body image was hurt by the fact that my top measurements were 34A, but I had a cute face, green eyes, and a warm smile. I wore my shoulder length brunette hair in a pony tail whenever I went to the beach.

The fact that I was a virgin and nearly 18 was unusual, but I knew a few other girls who were saving themselves for the right boy. I took comfort in the fact that I was frequently asked out by good looking guys who certainly wanted to get into my panties, but I normally was able to appease their lust with some necking or an occasional hand job. Maybe some of the boys thought I was a tease, but that had never been my attention. I liked everything about intimacy. Kissing and touching were extremely pleasurable, but I needed something more to cause me to commit to going all the way.

And so began the most thrilling and wonderful thing that had ever happened to me. Fate deals out so many twists and unexpected turns that all one needs to do is be ready, and then hold on tight during the ride.

A young man approached and asked: “Hi, do you remember me? You’re Jill, right?”

I looked up and I did remember him. He had been with a few other guys on the same beach a few weeks back and they had talked to Jan and me for about an hour. “Sure, I remember you, you’re Jimmy.”

“Are you by your self Jill?”

“Yep, it’s just me today. Jan had to work so she couldn’t come. Where are your friends?”

“Hey, I’m in the same boat as you. I didn’t have much to do today so I thought I would come here and hang out.”

I remembered that Jimmy had been a bit on the shy side while he was with his friends, but I liked him because he paid more attention to me than he did to Jan. His friends were all enamored with my girlfriend’s blonde hair and large boobs. “Do you want to sit on my towel with me Jimmy?”

“Sure, that’s really nice because I didn’t bring anything to sit on.”

Jimmy volunteered to spread my suntan lotion on my back, and I did his back and shoulders. We spent the next few hours getting to know each other. I think he was the best looking guy I had ever spent so much quality time with. Jimmy was 20 years old and was 6’2 and weighed 195 pounds. He had sandy brown hair and gorgeous blue eyes. There was not an ounce of fat on his muscular body.

Even with the sea-breeze it was still a very warm day and we decided to splash around in the water together. The Gulf of Mexico is an extremely warm body of water. It is not unusual for Siesta Key to record Ataköy escort its water temperature above 87 degrees.

Jimmy and I had formed a relationship in those first few hours that was so different than anything I had experienced. I was flirtatious with him and I desired so much more. This was clearly what I had read about in describing lust. I constantly rubbed up against him and I couldn’t stop smiling.

His body was so strong. He could lift me up as if I was a feather. During some of our playful hugs I felt the swell of his manhood growing in his swim trunks. It made me think thoughts that I had refused myself in the past. I thought of him and me together. I could picture him lifting me in his strong arms and laying me on my bed and then taking me. I so wanted him. I wanted to become a woman. I wanted to feel him deep inside me. And I no longer wanted to be a virgin.

Time had raced by so quickly. It was getting late and thunderstorms were building up and headed towards us. I needed to call mom and dad and let them know when I was going to be home. Jimmy suggested that we go grab something to eat and I could call my parents. He said that the storm would quickly pass out into the gulf and we could return to the beach for a moonlight swim.

How could anyone be more romantic than Jimmy was that day? It was as if he could read my mind. I had always thought that the way the moonlight sparkles on the water at night was one of nature’s most beautiful sights. Here was the man I wanted and he was saying and doing everything just right.

We both had our cars so we drove off the island and into town. Neither of us was dressed for dining out, so we had to settle for a drive through at a fast food place. I called home and asked mom if I could stay out late. I told her I had met up with a bunch of my school friends. It was agreed that I would be home no later than midnight.

We sat together in Jimmy’s car. We ate our burgers and fries and they actually tasted so good that night. The storm was now passing off to the west and south of us.

“I think we should leave your car here Jill. I know a spot on North Lido beach where we can park, and that part of the beach is pretty deserted. We should be alone there if you want some privacy.”

I looked into his blue eyes and moved my head forward. As our lips neared I closed my eyes and we had our first kiss. It was soft at first. We allowed our lips to gently touch. I wanted more and I opened my mouth and wanted to touch his tongue with mine. Jimmy didn’t let me down. His tongue found mine and they danced in the newness of that moment’s passion.

As the kiss finally broke I opened my eyes and said: “Let’s go to that part of the beach where we can be alone.”

I grabbed my oversized beach towel and we got in Jimmy’s car and headed toward the secluded beach. My mind was filled with thoughts as we drove. I pictured how it would be when he took my virginity. I could also see the disappointment on the face of my mother who had urged me to be abstinent until I was married. Another thought of what I would have to confess to my priest troubled me. But I wanted Jimmy to be my lover and nothing was going to stop me.

There were only two cars in the small parking area when we arrived. The sign said the beach closed at 9:00 pm and it was just ten minutes until that closing time. Jimmy held my hand and said: “Don’t worry Jill, nobody patrols the beach. I think they have the sign there so they won’t be sued if someone drowns at night.”

“You won’t let me drown, will you Jimmy?”

“I swear on my life that I will never let anything bad happen to you.” We hugged and kissed and then walked down the narrow path toward the white sand beach. The dense vegetation, which was comprised primarily of Seagrape trees and Australian pines, blocked any view of the water. We pushed on until we cleared the dense foliage.

Finally my eyes viewed a scene, whose beauty rivaled the greatest works of art. There before me was a wide sand beach whose dunes where covered Ataköy escort bayan in native sea oats. Small waves from the Gulf of Mexico lapped against the gently sloping shore. The moon was full and made every ripple on the waters surface shimmer and glow with a heavenly light. And in the far distance a dying thunderstorm sparked out the last of its energy in cloud to cloud lightning.

It was as if God had blessed this union. I no longer had any reservations about what I wanted to do.

“Isn’t it beautiful Jimmy?”

“It doesn’t compare to your beauty Jill. I need to tell you something. I had gone back to the spot I first met you everyday in hopes I would find you again. I so wanted to ask you out that first time, but I was scared you would say no. But I just really wanted another chance.”

“That’s so sweet. I liked you too that first time on the beach. I would have said yes if you asked.”

“Come on; let’s go find the perfect spot.”

We found a patch of warm soft sand between two small dunes. It had an unobstructed view of the gulf, but would protect our privacy from anyone coming from the parking area. I spread my towel and we laid down together and resumed our kissing. Jimmy’s hands were free to explore my scantily clad body and I felt his right hand on my breast. It felt wonderful how he squeezed it. I reached down and quickly lifted my top up freeing my small boobs.

“Oh god Jill, they are perfect.”

That was the first time anyone had said that about my little A-cups. But his words made me feel so good. He broke our kiss and moved his head down to my chest. It was magical feeling him kiss the sensitive skin around my nipples. Then he sucked my pencil eraser sized nub into his mouth. I had boyfriends in the past suck on my boobies, but Jimmy just knew how it should be done. He would suck on a nipple and then lick it, and then suck again, and then a little bite. It was driving me wild with desire.

I could feel his rigid pole poking out from his trucks. He had it pressed up against my thigh. I wanted to touch it and love it. As he repositioned himself to gain better access to my other nipple I seized my opportunity to reach down and grasp it through the material that kept it confined. Jimmy groaned as he felt my fingers wrapping around its thick girth.

I wanted to feel its warmth and strength. But I needed him to take his trunks off: “Oh Jimmy, it feels so big and hard. Let’s take off these trunks.”

“Are you sure Jill?”

“Yes Jimmy; I have never been more sure about anything.”

He moved off of me and kneeled. He reached into the waistband and pulled a string. Then he started tugging them down. The front tented with his large erection.

“Here let me help.”

Jimmy let me finish pulling them down to his knees. In the soft glow of the full moon his manhood looked amazing. His was larger than either of the boys whom I had previously touched. And Jimmy’s penis pointed upwards without even being held. His was the most beautiful cock I had seen.

I took it into my right hand and started stroking it. He moaned in pleasure and told me how good it felt. Then he asked me if he could take off my bikini bottom.

“Just pull on this string and it will come untied.”

I continued to massage his beautiful cock. It fit so perfectly in my hand that I didn’t want to give it up. But we had to shift positions for Jimmy to help me finish stripping. As Jimmy attended to my bikini bottoms I finished removing my top. I felt so completely one with nature. Jimmy also finished kicking off his trunks so I could view his nakedness in the moonlight’s warm glow.

“Come kiss me silly” I urged my new found lover into a passionate embrace. Our bodies melded together in perfect unison as our lips touched. Even with Jimmy on top of me he didn’t feel heavy. He was supporting his upper body weight on his elbows as I allowed him between my long smooth legs.

Jimmy technically was not my first lover. At that time, I had known the pleasures of lesbian love for two years. escort Ataköy My first lover, Carol, was Jan’s friend. It was my relationship with Carol that led me to Jan. Eventually Jan joined in our circle of girlfriends and became my frequent lover and my best friend. But we always talked about boys. Jan had gone all the way and told me every detail. Her stories made me hot for sex with a guy. I loved my girlfriends, but I craved the lustful relationship with a man.

“Oh Jimmy, this is wonderful, I don’t want this night to ever end.”

He had slid down a bit and was sucking on my right nipple. His right hand gently squeezed my left breast. His engorged cockhead was pressed tight up against my very moist slit. I thought that almost any motion by either one of us would have seen it slide straight into my fiery furnace. But it’s building pressure was making my clit swell in anticipation. I wanted him to be the one. No more waiting.

“Do you want to slide it in Jimmy?”

“I don’t have any condoms with me Jill. Do you want me to do it with no protection?”

“Just don’t get me pregnant. Can you pull it out before you…..Well I mean before you shoot.”

“Don’t worry, I will pull out before I cum”

He pushed his hips forward, but his cock wasn’t properly positioned and it just created more pressure on top of my opening. He pulled back a few inches and then pushed forward again. To my utter disappointment he once again failed to penetrate into my treasure trove. We were new lovers and we were both over anxious.

“Can you guide it in Jill? I’m not lined up right.”

Without another word being spoken I reached down and grasped his rod. It was so much nicer than the toys my girlfriends and I had previously used. I stroked his tool up and down my quivering slit two times before pushing it towards my forbidden gate of pleasure. “Push it in Jimmy.”

Oh god, it felt so good to have him inside me. I knew at that moment what it was to be a woman. My body was alive. His cock excited every nerve in my body. My nipples were hard and poked into my lover’s chest as he ground his massive cock deeper inside me. My arms wrapped around his back and my nails dug into his tanned skin.

“Oh Jimmy please don’t stop. Keep fucking me baby.”

I couldn’t believe I had just said fuck to a boy. But I did and it excited him because he picked up his pace. I realized that he liked my filthy talk.

“Do you like my pussy?”

Jimmy grunted that he indeed liked it. And he was fucking me with deep powerful strokes. I would meet his thrusts with my upward hip movement and we developed the rhythm of lust. Both of us wanted to be joined. And we both wanted this union to last forever.

I never felt so alive. My body was on fire, and then I felt my impending orgasm start to build deep in my womb. All of my senses were heightened. The beauty of the moonlight and the power of my man’s body on top of and inside of me caused my crescendo to continue to build. Thunder rumbled in the distance as Jimmy trust his massive cock deep inside my womb.

“Oh god yesssssss.” I screamed out as my orgasm overtook me. I could feel my pussy clamp down on Jimmy’s cock and then I heard him.

“I’m going to cum.”

True to his word he pulled out just as his sperm shot violently out of the tip end of his cock. It splattered on my tummy with each of his first three blasts. Then his cum weakened and flowed out on my neatly trimmed bush.

“Oh wow. That was so wonderful Jimmy.”

“Yeah, you were wild. Let’s go down and jump in the water, okay?”

Hand in hand we ran through the powdery white sand and without slowing, we splashed right into the calm warm water of the Gulf. I had never noticed it before, but at night the water has a certain quality of luminosity to it. It reminded me of phosphorescence in the way it shimmered and made us glow as the water interacted with our bodies and the moonlight. It was god’s gift to us that night. It was a moonlight embrace.

We kissed, and we danced a lover’s dance, in nature’s finest display of beauty. We were Adam and Eve and had Eden to ourselves for those few hours. And such was my first time. I know it sounds like a fairy tale, but those memories will be with me in my old age. And when I pass back into God’s arms, I will thank him for blessing me with that evening.

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