More Oral After the Exam Ch. 02


My apologies for the second long hiatus. I am back to continue the second part of my “Oral Exam” storyline. I just miss the dirty stories too much to stay away…. This story follows after the first story in the second thread. If you haven’t read the first series (or the first story in this series), I’d suggest that you stop here and go back. Don’t worry! It has naughty bits too. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to Mykittystar for editing. I deeply appreciate your thoughts and encouragement. Otherwise, feel free to send me your thoughts. I will respond. I’d love to hear where you think this should go next. I am not always sure myself. Keep your eyes open for the next installment. It will be up shortly. I have several more all set and ready to go (after a little more minor editing). Don’t forget to vote. Enjoy.

“Hey Professor. Ready to fuck?”

My eyes opened wide at the adorable, dark haired pixie standing in the doorway. She was wearing a grey school sweatshirt that was probably two sizes too large for her tiny frame. The fabric was big, bulky, and barely covered her ass. My eyes took a long, meandering look up and down her body for good measure. I was betting that this coed cutie wasn’t wearing anything underneath that sweatshirt.

“Wow,” I chuckled, “I wasn’t anticipating seeing you here tonight Shannon.”

“Why not? I live here.” At first I thought she was sassing me back, but then I realized from Shannon’s blank expression that she was genuinely confused.

“Good point,” I replied, adjusting my words to Shannon’s slightly slower speeds. “I had just expected to see Jessica, that’s all. A couple of hours ago she texted me and asked me to come over.”

“Oh totally, that’s true.”

“Is she here?’

“Yeah, she told me to get the door.”

“Oh cool.”

“But Jessica has been tied up ever since she texted you,” Shannon said airily, before bursting with a fit of giggles.

I squinted, soaking up just how adorable this raven haired cutie really was. She may be petite, but damn did she have some wicked curves. “No problem, Shannon, I can wait. But girl, I must say, you look good tonight. It’s been too long…”

“Since you fucked me?” Shannon interrupted.

My words stopped cold.

Shannon grinned, obviously enjoying throwing me off my game. She lifted a hand and played with a strand of her hair, twirling it absently as she started to talk. “I quite agree. I need to get boned. Hard.”

Shannon paused for a long moment, waiting for a response that I couldn’t formulate. I was too flabbergasted.

“My pussy won’t just fuck itself,” Shannon said, matter-of-factly. “Neither will Jessica’s. So maybe you would like to come into our room?”

My jaw dropped open and I think I gave her the dopiest smile in the history of dopey smiles.

So Shannon batted her eye lashes and bulldozed on. Her tone was slightly conspiratorial, but she still didn’t have any shame. “Of course we don’t have to do that. We could totally continue to talk and talk and talk about how we are going to hook up with each other. Eventually though, I’d get so hot that I’d have to reach for your wiener and start blowing you right here in the hallway. And guess what Professor? That might, like, get me noticed, choking all over your fat dick. Oh yum! I can be such a slut sometimes.”

Shannon picked up speed as she prattled on. Her face lit up, bursting with uncontainable excitement. She clapped her hands, punctuating her words and exclaimed; “Hey, I have an even funner idea. Oh I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but perhaps you’d like all of my friends in the dorm to watch me giving you head? I could totally give lessons even.”

I gasped. While I didn’t believe she was serious, with Shannon one could never be sure.

Shannon looked at the startled expression on my face, erupted with laughter, and punched me lightly on the arm. “Just kidding, I’m totally playing with you. Jeez you’re way too easy and such a perv, Professor.” But before I too could entirely laugh off the moment, she leaned in and purred, “I still want to suck you cock, though.”

I had forgotten how naughty Shannon could be. I guess being a horndog slut had become a way of life for her. Her sorority had taught her well. Then I had a thought. Could I test her? Give her an “oral exam” of sorts?

“Ummmm…” I mumbled, calculating my response.

Shannon stepped back, cocked her head, and changed her tone. She’d had her fun. Her mind was now drifting. I could almost see a thought bubble appear over her head as she said, “I wonder if any of my girls are in your classes this semester.”

I looked both ways down the dorm hallway.

There was no one coming from either direction. All of the doors around us were closed. The only sign of life was a thumping hip hop beat coming from about four rooms down.

So I did the unthinkable.

I grinned widely, locking eyes with Shannon. The raven haired beauty held my gaze.

I could see no hesitation. Or fear…

And Tipobet then I lowered my zipper.

Shannon’s eyes widened: the brown beauties were as big as saucers. For an instant her breath caught. She shook her head and bit her lower lip.

The slut was out of practice. She never dreamed that I would actually call her bluff. I remembered how last semester Shannon had knelt before me in a line up. She then slobbered excitedly all over my meat in a room packed with her sorority sisters. Her sisters were top-grade sluts too, of course: blowing somebody in front of a mob of friends was a mark of pride for those crazy chicks. The sorority orgy though, had still been performed at a private residence. An open dorm hallway where anyone might bumble upon us was a completely different matter.

“No one is coming,” I whispered.

Shannon turned her head in both directions to verify that we wouldn’t have any on-lookers. I could see the trepidation in her face. The hall was still empty, but would it remain that way for long?

“Go for it,” I said quietly. “Suck my cock.” This time though, my voice had an edge. My words were not a plea or a suggestion: they were a command.

Shannon nodded and fell to her knees. Her tiny hand reached into my jeans and pulled out my stiffening shaft. I wasn’t quite hard yet, but clearly the idea of getting head in the hall of a girl’s dorm appealed to me. Shannon licked her lips once and then her mouth descended.

I knew that this girl wouldn’t be able to resist the naughty thrill of blowing me in a public place. Really, I think most women want to perform and get caught. My multiple relations with the scrumptious college coeds had born out this theory. All their pussies got hotter than hell with the thought that they might accidentally be putting on a show. I wondered (not for the first time) if I could somehow do academic research on this topic. If so, would I have to change my grad degree to psych?

Shannon took about half of my monster in a single gulp. Her mouth was soft and warm. I couldn’t help but groan as her tongue ran along the underside of my shaft. She paused there for a moment holding the position, before releasing herself with a sputter.

We looked at each other and grinned. I don’t think either of us believed that this moment was real. Were we really doing this?

Yes, we fucking were. Shannon wrapped her hand around my cock and began to stroke. She licked the tip and then hocked a big load of spit all over my dick. The moisture made everything slippery. But like a dutiful slut, Shannon worked the saliva into my skin.

Shannon smiled devilishly as she reached around and grabbed my butt with both hands. “Do it, Professor,” she implored me softly. “It has been a long time and I need the cock. Shove that shit in soft, it’ll get hard. Trust me. Fuck my face.”

I shook my head and chortled demonically. Damn girl! I grabbed her hair in my hands, bunching it. I held the soft strands tightly so I could control the pace of the skull fucking.

Then without further delay I pulled her onto my cock.

Shannon took most of my meat on the first thrust. Her lips created a delicious suction. Saliva burbled up from her throat, coating the front of my jeans. I heard her gag. Feeling sorry for her, I took a step back so I could pull out.

Shannon would have none of that. The slut clutched my ass tightly and forcibly pulled me back onto her face. She wanted it, damn it! No half-assed shit. Fair enough. I bucked my hips forward, stabbing my cock deeper. My skin scraped past her teeth. The friction stung a little, but I didn’t care.

I was deep in her throat and it was time for another thrust. My cock was now painfully erect. I pulled back and with a growl I roared forward. I wouldn’t stop until my nuts were resting on Shannon’s chin. Back and forth I went each time demanding a little more ground.

Shannon was gagging. The noise coming from her throat sounded like a quacking duck. Drool was flowing freely. A long stringer dangled lewdly from her chin.

And there it was. I was rock hard and fully buried in Shannon’s throat. The dark haired slut had actually done it. Shannon might be a ditz, but she was one helluva cocksucker. Her nose was against my public bone; my balls were just below her chin. There was zero space between us. She held that pause: one, two, three, five, fifteen, and then a release. She let go of my ass and uncorked from my dick, gasping.

Shannon looked a little different. Drool and saliva coated the bottom half of her face. The heat of our bodies smudged her mascara (which I hadn’t noticed before) and made it drippy. Tears were forming around her eyes and her hair was a disheveled mess. But most interestingly, there was massive grin illuminating Shannon’s pretty face.

Shannon kissed my dick lightly on the tip.

“Ohh… nice cock,” she murmured, as she stood up. She giggled lightly and wiped away the spittle from her face. “Oh Professor, that was so yummy. Tipobet Giriş I can’t tell you how much I needed that. Oh fuck, my coochie is tingling.”

With a flourish she pulled the sweatshirt over her head. I had been wrong. Shannon wasn’t naked underneath. Rather she was wearing a silky, electric blue thong and that was all.

There in the hallway of her dorm, this coed stood nearly naked and fully proud. Her tiny frame was tight and toned. Over the winter break I think Shannon had acquired a silver, dingly-dangly, belly button piercing. And those breasts. Soft and luscious, a little more than a handful, and capped by perfect strawberry-red nipples. Her tits were quite the sight to behold (as bare teenage tits almost always are).

I stared at Shannon in unabashed wonder. In a heartbeat her demeanor had changed from a primal and needy slut to a saucy, playful nymph. She was such a fluid personality. Shannon liked to play follow the leader, but was still quite the temptress in her own right.

“Ohmigawd!!! That was, like, such a treat,” Shannon said, all bubbly and bouncy. She flipped her hair and continued, “The BJ certainly wasn’t in the plan. But that’s no biggie. I think she can deal for an extra minute or two.”


“Oh silly,” Shannon gushed, slapping me on the arm. She then explained, as if to a child,

“C’mon. You know I mean my roomie. Jessica’s been in all kinds of knots until she could see you.”

Shannon bubbled over with giggles. I shook my head in disbelief at her ease over the situation.

And at that moment our good luck ran out. I guess it was inevitable. One can only stand naked in a semi-busy hallway for a little while before somebody happens along.

In this case it was a girl coming from the showers. Wearing an old high school t-shirt and bulky boxers, she didn’t look ready for company. The girl had a towel wrapped around her head and carried a bucket of shampoo and body wash.

She was lost in her own thoughts. While the girl didn’t see us at first, she stopped dead in her tracks about fifteen feet away. Her eyes grew wide and her mouth dropped open. I guess we were a pretty unusual and jarring display.

“Ummm… Shan,” the girl stammered, as she turned an odd shade of purple. “Excuse me. I didn’t mean… umm… yeah so, yeah…”

I immediately averted my eyes and pulled my baseball cap further down my head. Why the fuck hadn’t I worn sunglasses like I did last time I came to the dorm? Of course my cock was still proudly protruding from my pants and dripping with fresh saliva.

Shannon squealed and dove behind me, trying to block her obvious nudity with my body.

“Ellie, wow, fuck,” Shannon exclaimed.

Just moments ago Shannon had been all confidence and bravado. That façade was shattered. While she might enjoy playing like an über-slut, the situation had spun too far, too fast. Shannon had never seemed comfortable thinking on her feet: and this would certainly be the kind of situation that would test even the most unflappable of individuals. The dark haired pixie was rendered senseless. In response, all she could do was curse and make a strangled gasp.

Ellie, as I now knew her, regained her composure and closed the distance between us.

“Sorry guys, umm I’m just going to my room,” she said, her words tumbling from her lips in a nervous jumble. “Excuse me. If I could just scoot by… Shit. No problem, though. Don’t worry about it. It happens all the time. I’m sure I’ll forget all about it. I don’t even know what I saw.”

I snorted. I couldn’t help myself. The situation was just so goddamn ridiculous. This poor girl was just out for a shower and she bumbled on two nearly naked pervs getting frisky in her dorm hallway. At least she wasn’t yelling and threatening anything serious.

Holy fuck!

As she passed us Ellie’s gaze drifted downward and landed directly on my cock! A private smile crept across her face as she licked her lips. She twittered lightly and then met my eyes for the briefest of moments. Ellie wasn’t trying to hide at all. Quite the opposite actually; this chick was actively checking out my cock. She started to speak, but thought better of it. Instead she bit her lip and threw her head back as if to ask the heavens “why?”

Seeing that Ellie hadn’t gone berserk, I looked at her dead in the face and shrugged my shoulders. For an instant her forehead scrunched in thought. Then she went white, took a deep breath, and averted her eyes again.

How puzzling! Ellie quickly walked off and turned to her room, just a little further down the hall. She held up her hand and gave us a backwards wave. Ellie wiggled her fingers and said, “Nice Shan, very nice. You two lovebirds have a pleasant evening.” And then she was gone.

Shannon, who was hyperventilating, let go of my arm (damn she had nails!) and fell against the door jam. “What the fuck?!” she blurted. “Right here? Whoa.”

Really? Really, really??? I could only throw Tipobet Güncel Giriş up my arms and say, “What did you think was going to happen? We were out in the open! At least she didn’t catch us while you were blowing me.”

“Oh fuck!” Shannon exclaimed, as her eyes became saucers. I don’t think that possibility had occurred to her yet. The bubble floating around her head had finally popped.

She sprung, grabbing my collar, and roughly tugging. Shannon was a tiny thing but still had some impressive muscles. Floundering off the adrenaline rush, we wobbled together into the sanctuary of her dorm room. Shannon closed the door, flipped the lock, and breathed an audible sigh of relief.

I fell to the floor. Sweet exhilaration poured out of me. Shannon and I had passed through the shit and emerged clean on the other side. It was pretty clear that Ellie, while thrown, wouldn’t report our extra-curricular activities. If anything she was amused or turned on. Our encounter would just be chocked up to another silly escapade in a college dorm. I couldn’t help but laugh, long and deep. The rumble built inside my chest and just kept going until my sides hurt. What an evening! And I was pretty sure that things hadn’t even really begun to get started.

Of course Jessica was waiting and ready.

Obviously, the ladies had put a lot of thought into this evening.

The girls had moved their bunk bed to the center of the room so that it could be accessed freely from all angles. The aroma of vanilla hung thickly in the air. Jessica, who lay face down on the bed, was dimly lit by a flickering backdrop of just a few candles.

My coed cutie was clothed in virginal white. Jessica was a dream in stockings, a garter belt, and a corset. There were no panties. Her arms and legs were tied with loose pink ribbons to the four corners of the bed, putting her most private girl parts into full and open view. A sleep mask blindfolded her, and Jessica’s long blonde hair was pulled into a single, lustrous ponytail.

Most startling though, Jessica couldn’t speak. There was a ball gag in her mouth.

If possible, my raging hard-on got even harder.

The humor was broken. The image of Jessica bound and gagged changed the scene. Suddenly the world became very still. The beating of my heart echoed in my ears. My dream girl was there waiting and anxious, yet still and patient. I knew what this meant.

While hot, this bondage wasn’t about kink. Jessica had relinquished control and was giving herself to me, completely. She possessed total trust. My dream girl was bare before me, presenting me with the most beautiful and personal gift I could imagine.

Shannon moved in close behind me. Her naked flesh pressed hotly against my body. I was still on the floor, so the dark haired beauty leaned down to whisper in my ear. “Professor, she wanted this,” Shannon said. “This was all her idea; I don’t think Jessica has thought about anything else for the last month. She was so desperate. She begged me to help her.”

I was still stunned. “Thank you, Shannon.”

“There are some naughty goodies over there on my desk. Jessica doesn’t know anything about them. It’d be like a total hot surprise if you used them on her while she’s all tied up like that. It’d drive her nuts trying to figure out what’s going on. I’m betting the bitch would squirm everywhere.” Shannon giggled, softly. “I’d like that.”

I rolled my eyes and smiled sagely.

“By the way, don’t think I didn’t get mine out of the deal,” Shannon smirked. “Jessica more than paid me off. But she also told me I could totally watch if that’s ok with you? What do you say?”

I must have paused too long, dumbstruck by the vision before me because Shannon added, “Pleeeeeease?”

“Would it be ok to just watch? This is our first time together since last semester. I’d like this to be about her and me.”

Shannon stood on her tip-toes and nibbled on my earlobe. Her hot breath cascaded down my neck, sending a shiver along my spine. One hand slid under my shirt until she found my nipple.

Clutching the nub between her forefinger and thumb she gave it a light pinch. I couldn’t help but moan.

And then Shannon spoke so softly that her words were like a desert breeze. “Anything you like Professor, for now…”

Shannon slowly withdrew and sauntered across the room. Her perfect ass swayed with total comfort and utter confidence. She knew I was watching, memorizing every curve to her tiny frame. In the corner, Shannon settled into a bean bag chair propped up against the wall. Legs spread lewdly she nibbled nervously on one of her fingernails. She nodded and gave me a wink. I had no doubt that she would make herself cum. It was time for me to move on to Jessica.

I stood up and crossed the floor. I saw the items Shannon had mentioned. She had laid out quite an assortment of possible pleasure devices: ice in a bucket, whipped cream, a couple of dildos, a belt, baby oil, a wash cloth, lotion, a hairbrush, two fabric swatches (one silk and the other burlap), honey, three clothespins, a teddy bear, chocolate syrup, a feather, and a math text book (?). I grinned. I would be hard pressed to find a use for all of these items. I would have to pick and choose carefully.