More Than Even


After our last child went off to college, I quit my school activities and curtailed my community work to get some time for me. I did agree to work at a local jewelry store on Tuesday and Fridays. One Friday construction in the street cut our power and the store closed. I had a repaired watch that belonged to one of my friends so I decided to deliver it on my way home. I had known Mary since high school and we had gone to college together but she, and her husband were a little to social for my tastes and she was a bit of a gossip. I had even told my husband, Mark, that if he had an affair, I just did not want to hear about it from her. As I went by the side of the house to the kitchen door, I looked in the window and saw Mary bent over the back of the couch with her fat ass in the air and my husband shoving his erect penis into her gaping cunt. It was a stunning blow.

I headed for home and stopped at the liquor store. I felt like a drink and we seldom had gin at home. When I got back to my car, I discovered that I had locked my keys in. I just came apart and was banging both fists on the top of the car and swearing, when I felt a hand on my shoulder and a soothing voice asking if I needed help. It was an older man who I knew from a school committee. I didn’t know him well, I think he was retired, but he was very pleasant. After checking all the windows and doors, he said he could break in but would drive me home if I had an extra set of keys.

I invited him in and asked him to fix us a drink while I looked for the keys. He said that he didn’t usually drink that early in the day but would join me while I calmed down. I thought I owed him some explanation and besides I thought I would feel better if I talked to someone. He sat on the sofa and listened attentively as I paced up and down talking. When I was done, I collapsed on the sofa next to him and he put a comforting arm around my shoulder. I thanked him for listening and, as I gave him a kiss on the cheek, realized that he was not “some old geezer” but a rather handsome man. My next kiss was full on the mouth and I jammed my tongue down his throat and then crawled up on top of him. After rubbing our bodies against each other and massaging my ass with his strong hands, he pushed me up and led me upstairs. He put me on the bed, leisurely took off my clothes, and kissed his way down to my already moist cunt and ate me to a quick orgasm. After it subsided, I sat up and took down his pants. His cock was large and hanging down. He said “It will get harder with some kisses.” I hadn’t been much for fellatio but it seemed the thing to do. After kisses along the shaft and around the head, I got a large part of it into my mouth and with slurping sounds must have done a good job because soon it was standing up and hard.

He pushed me back on the bed and proceeded to run his prick along my pussy. It was more like he was trying to feel me and find the places that responded to his touch. It was the same as he put it in. It filled me up but seemed to move into all the sensitive areas, with him watching me to determine my response to each place visited. The places that felt good, he went back to for more caresses. After only about half of him was in me, I started to come and it continued one after another in waves of ecstasy as he explored every nook and cranny of my yearning cunt. My cunt was running ripples up and down his cock and , still watching me, he started to thrust with more power. The feel of his sperm shooting into me sent me off to the best orgasm I have had in years. We rolled over on our sides and he continued to caress me and suck on my nipples and run his hands along my ass and tell me how good I was. I almost wanted my husband to come in and discover us.

We finally cleaned up and went back to get my car. My husband was home when I returned but I was still mad at him and we didn’t talk much.

The next morning Mark got up put on his golf clothes and as he left the house said that he had bought an exercise machine from a guy at work and would I stay home until he delivered it.

I fumed around the house getting madder and madder that that jerk would go off and leave me home to wait. I was fuming when the bell rang and I yanked open the door to find a guy in sweats asking where I wanted the machine. The thing looked like an octopus that had stuck a tentacle in a light socket. He carried it down to the rec room in the basement. While he fiddled with it, I saw that he was kind of cute, late 20’s, short blond hair and a great body. So when he looked like he was going, I asked him to show me how the thing worked. He tried to explain about dynamic resistance or something when I said, “Can you just show me?” He sat down and pulled down on a handle that was above his head on a pulley. After he had pulled down a few times, I asked him which muscles that exercised and he pulled off his sweat shirt and showed me what he called his pecs. They were well defined over a edirne escort broad muscular chest and looked good. He took my hand and ran it over them. I left it there as he pulled the bar again and I felt the hard muscles moving beneath his skin.

I asked if I could try it and he adjusted some strings, saying it would make it easier for me. I sat down and pulled the handle a few times and asked him which muscles this would help. He put his hands along my chest and slid his fingers across as I continued pulling the bar. I asked what exercise would keep my breasts from sagging and he showed me how to move the pulley so that my arms were stretched high above my head. He reached down and ran his fingers along the muscles that ran alongside my breasts as I pulled. He seemed genuinely interested in helping me as his fingers were looking for muscles rather that erogenous zones. When I asked him how to tighten my ass, he showed me how to adjust some paddles along the side of the machine for my legs to push out. After doing this for a while, I asked him to show me the muscles it as working. He knelt before me and ran his hands along the outsides of my thighs and around my ass. I could feel his fingers massaging my ass as he felt for the muscles, but I was more interested in his face that was only inches from my pussy. He moved the paddles so that I pushed them in with my knees, in response to my asking how to tighten my vagina muscles. This time he ran his hands along the insides of my thighs keeping away from the part that wanted his attention the most.

When he got up, I noticed a bulge in his sweat pants so I reached up and pulled them and his shorts, down. He had a large pink penis hanging out. The head was completely covered by a foreskin. I had never seen an uncircumcised cock before and I reached out and lifted it up and pushed back the foreskin, revealing a round pink head. I thought how pretty it looked and ran my tongue around it a few times. Then I ran my tongue around under the foreskin and finally pulled the head into my mouth and sucked. It felt great. Even better was that his cock got much harder, until it was standing straight out on its own and the tip of the head that showed had turned purple. I went back to sucking and got it to the back of my throat. As my mouth was getting cramped, I pulled off and said that was a great exercise for my mouth and now could he check to see how my vaginal muscles were doing.

I pulled off my shirt and pushed my shorts down and kicked them off my ankles. I laid down on the floor and propped myself up on my elbows and watched as he slid that beautiful tool into my moist pussy. He was sliding it in and out much like I was some new exercise machine that he was evaluating. The size of his cock and the felling of the foreskin following the head gave kind of a double shuffle that had me coming quickly and hard. I fell back and threw my legs out as wide as I could as he was filling me up. Then he lifted my legs up so they were pressed against my chest and redoubled his effort. I couldn’t believe how far he got it it. It felt like he was going to push my womb into my diaphragm. I heard myself screaming as I came again and kept coming as I felt him unload about a dozen spurts in my grasping cunt. I totally collapsed. In a few minutes he got to his knees, wiped his still large cock of on my pubic hair, and said he would be back sometime to show me more exercises.

That evening we went to a birthday party. There were about ten couples and most every one was drinking. I circulated a bit more than usual, flirting a bit with the men. I was trying to decide which one I could have sex with that would piss my husband off the most. Later Bill, Mary’s husband got hold of me and said he had something to tell me in private and took me to a hall just off the family room where we came across my husband and Mary who appeared to be having a serious conversation. Everyone seemed a little surprised and we talked about nothing and left.

Monday morning I woke up horny as hell. Even though I was still mad at my husband, I playfully grabbed at his cock, stuck my tongue in his ear, and asked him if he wanted to mess around. He got up and went to work. I fumed around all morning trying to keep my mind off sex. When I found a cucumber in the refrigerator, I was deciding how long it would take to warm it up when I remembered the kid from the supermarket who had delivered groceries to me last winter when I had the flu. We had flirted a little with him saying, “You can still get service after you are over the flue.”

I grabbed the phone and ordered some lunch meat, laundry soap and veggies. I put on some shorts and a cut off T shirt that I found in my daughter’s closet. It had some brightly colored logo on the front that I didn’t understand and barely reached below my full breasts.

When the delivery truck drove up I actually pinched my nipples so that they were clearly visible as I opened the door. It was not the kid but Cindy, the always smiling, plump, round faced, blond from the Deli department. She must have noticed my disappointment but, with a bag in each arm, asked the way to the kitchen. I noticed her breasts sticking out between the grocery bags as she walked by me and noticed a tight, high ass with just a little baby fat as she swung into the kitchen. I figured “what the hell” but didn’t have a clue how to proceed.

She said, “Sean couldn’t make it. I hope I’ll do.” Then, “That’s a cute shirt, one of my favorite bands.” She reached out, laid a hand on my breast running it over the still hard nipple.

I put my arms around her and gave her a kiss. Her tongue was down my throat in an instant. It was long and flat and explored every bit of my mouth. When I stuck my tongue in her mouth her tongue circled around it trapping it tightly. We continued to kiss as she hiked my T shirt up and started pinching my nipples rather roughly. It was just what I needed. Then the sweet little thing took me by the hand and led me to the bedroom.

Her talented tongue felt as good on my breasts and in my pussy as it had felt in my mouth. I started to come as she got it wrapped around my clit with a finger in my wet cunt. She pulled the finger out and stuck it in my ass. As the initial discomfort ended I started to come again. Later I got my chance at her body. I enjoyed sucking on her breasts as much as I had her sucking on mine. When I finally got to her cunt, I must have done my first pussy eating well as she started to come almost immediately. We played with each other through most of the afternoon. I was so thoroughly satisfied and felt so good by the time my husband got home, I thought, “Who needs him?”

On Sunday morning my husband asked me to play golf with him. It seemed that two of their foursome had gone to a tournament and that they could only find one alternate and needed a fourth. I started out in a cart with my husband but through the first hole my husband and the regular had to be together on each shot and anyway the replacement, Ted, and I played a similar game. I changed carts. Ted was younger, by about ten years, kind of cute with blond hair and shy. The course was jammed so we had time to talk. Ted was a friend of a missing guy and hardly knew my husband. He was married and worked for an engineering company. He also joined in my amusement at the seriousness of the other two’s golf game. By about the forth hole, I started to tease Ted under the guise that I wanted to see if my husband would notice. I jammed a tit under his arm while we were waiting for my husband to putt. I bent way over, waving my ass at Ted, while picking up my ball. At the restroom on No. Five, I took off my bra and dumped it in the trash. Ted noticed my swaying tits and hard nipples but not the other two. I continued on and Ted appeared almost flustered when I asked him if he could drive me home after the first nine holes. Anyway neither of us seemed to have our mind on golf. My husband seemed almost relieved when I told him that I was going to quit and then Ted said that he would quit also and that he would drive me home.

I continued on Ted on the way home. I had my short skirt hiked up so far, my panties were showing clearly. I complained of the heat and pulled my shirt up until the bottoms of my breasts were showing. He didn’t have a chance to get away when I asked him to bring in my clubs. I shut the door behind him and pressed him to the wall with my tongue down his throat. I pulled off my shirt and dropped to my knees when I pulled down his shorts and briefs. His cock was large and I showered it with kisses and sucked on the head until it was good and hard, then pulled him down on the back hall carpet and impaled myself on his hard cock. I rode him hard, occasionally bending over to cover his smiling face with my bobbing breasts. We both came in no time but I stayed on top rubbing my body over his as I quieted down. He didn’t seem to go soft and finally said “Let’s move to somewhere more comfortable.”

We went upstairs to the bedroom and he laid me out on the bed. I spread my legs out as wide as I could and watched as he took control pushing his large cock into me. After a while he pulled out and turned me on my side. He straddled my left leg and raised my right leg up until it lay against his chest then slid his cock back in. I couldn’t believe how far he got it in and I started coming almost immediately. He only stopped long enough to kiss my ankles and rub my breasts then started in again. He pulled out again and rolled me over on my stomach. He pulled my hips up until I was on my knees and he dragged me back to the edge of the bed. He shoved that still hard cock into my pussy again and we got into a rhythm. Just as I was about to come again he pulled it out and I felt it pushed against my ass hole. I was about to say NO but a momentary pain changed it into a yip and then, with a feeling of complete fullness the pain went away. He slowly fed the rest of it into my virgin ass. I had felt a little pleasure with Cindy’s finger in there but the feeling of being completely dominated by this large cock had me really excited. His big hands were digging into into flesh of my ass cheeks and were moving my body back and forth over his pis toning cock. He took his hands off my ass and put one on my clit and smacked me hard across the ass with the other. I came again and felt his cock expanding and contracting as he dumped his load deep in by bowels. Over my heavy breathing I could hear the slurp/pop when his prick came out as I collapsed on the bed. I heard the shower running as I dozed off. When I awoke there was a business card that had written on it, “Call me for Golf sometime, Ted.”

Tuesday, Bill came into the store and asked me to lunch. After ordering he said that my husband and his wife were having an affair and that he was very upset about it. I feigned disbelief and said I was also upset. He said he was angry and wanted to get back at Mary and Mark. He then suggested we ought to do something to get even and hinted that the best way was for he and I to have sex. I had, of course, considered this and rejected it but said, “I don’t see how that could be considered getting even but I’ll think about it. Don’t get your hopes up.”

The next night my husband confessed that he had had sex with Mary and that Bill was mad as hell and wanted to know what he was going to do about it. I said, ” I am mad as hell too and what are you going to do about it.” My husband said that Bill suggested that maybe I could have sex with him and it would be OK. I said, “You want me to have sex with another guy?”

He said, “It had been one of my fantasies.”

“I suppose that you and Mary will watch and we will turn it into some kind of orgy.” He just stammered but I could see he liked the idea.

I was trying even harder to formulate a plan to get even but with little success when Mary came over and apologized for giving in to my husband. I couldn’t bring myself to calling her a slut. We discussed what might be done, including getting even and she said she didn’t mind Bills idea. I said, “If I have sex to get even, I don’t think it should be with Bill.”

She said, “Yeah, maybe with some stud.”

“Maybe Bill and Mark could watch while he did us both.”

“I might go for that, if he was cute.”

The following day at work , I got the idea for my revenge when I saw Candy. She came into the store often and bought trinkets for her employees who were in the entertainment “escort” business. She was quite candid about the services offered and said that the good ones were worth pampering. She had one of her male escorts with her, buying him a watch. He was friendly, young and easy to talk to with great body. We were casually flirting when I got the idea. I took Candy aside to talk about the plan I had hatched. I explained it to her rather straightforwardly, partly because I needed someone to talk to and because I wanted her help. She said, “No problem, if you are really sure you want to. Paul here can really show you a great time. He’s one of my best.”

She called him over and said she had a job for him. He looked me over with much more care than he had the watches. At first, I felt like some piece of meat but then his face lit up in a wide grin and he said, “Good! I’m really going to like it. You’ll be more than satisfied.” I felt flushed and went weak just thinking that this hot guy was really going to fuck me.

We made the arrangements and she said that he would bring another guy with him.

I called Mary and told her that Mark and I would be over on Friday evening and that Mark had agreed to be tied up for the first part as he would have to watch.

On Friday I got dressed in a tight sun dress and lots of makeup. I hid a roll of Duct Tape in my purse. Mark was as excited as I had ever seen him.

Mary was dressed much as I was and Bill had on lounge pants and sweatshirt and was puffed up like a rooster. We all had a few drinks and finally I said that it was time and that we would bring the dining room arm chairs into the family room and place them behind the couch. I told Mark that he had to be tied up for the beginning and sat him in one of the chairs and taped his arms and legs securely in place. I then went to Bill and gave him a kiss. When he grabbed for me, I pushed him away and said, “First there is something Mary and I want to show you but you will have to be in the other chair.”

He readily agreed and I taped him in also.

I went to Mary, pressed my body tight against her and gave her a big kiss. She looked surprised but responded and soon we were sliding our tongues back and forth. The men were whistling and calling urging us on as I grabbed for Mary’s ass and she started massaging my breasts, actually pulling one over the top of the sun dress. I was enjoying this but we were interrupted by the doorbell. Mary was surprised and flustered and told me not to answer it.