Dear Diary,

The past 24 hours have been a little odd but it all ended up in my favor! I had to do some things at home and then jump into my car and go straight to the motel, where I do housekeeping.

The new owners decided that I had to wear a uniform, so guests will know that I am the housekeeper. The uniform was a white short dress, with short sleeves and a zip up the front. The zip went from the hemline all the way up to the neckline. The uniform fitted my body like a glove and was a little tight around the tits, as my boss forgot a was big chested.

So, off I go to clean the rooms and all the male guests are being a pain. I can look after myself when it comes to silly people like them. It’s the uniform that is bugging me as it is a hot and humid summer day and that damn uniform is made of 100% nylon. On a hot day like this, I like to go without undies, to try and feel cooler.

It is now 1:45pm. One more room to do, then I can go home, take this uniform off and have a cool shower before e-mailing my absent lover. I love to write sexy stories for my lover to read – while silently wishing we could get together later that afternoon. Wishful thinking on my part, I know.

The person who has rented out Room 7 is still there. I knock on the door, no answer, so I knock again. Still no reply, so I think to myself that they must have gone out. I rap on the door one more time, then open the door with my master key; very slowly calling out “I am the cleaner, any one here?” Still no response, so I open the door and walk in.

Sitting at the table in the corner chair is a man. I would say he was a little older than me – just something about him. LUST!?

He asked me to close the room porno indir door so I do. I go to make the bed but he tells me to leave the bed alone and stand in front of him. I look down and it was the first time I noticed that he was nude and had a hard cock.

With one hand he was masturbating himself and with the other he reached up and pulled down the zipper of my dress. He opened the zipper past my tits, down past my belly and then gave the zipper one final tug and my uniform was open. The man asked me to take the dress off as he began playing with my wet pussy. Now my dress was laying on the bedroom floor and I stood there completely naked. Me, with no clothes on!

He started to lick my pussy with the tip of his tongue, now and then thrusting it all the way up my juicy pussy. He pulls me down so I am almost sitting on his lap. Facing him, he is now teasing me by running the tip of his hard cock up and down my pussy. Between his fingerings and the head of his dick playing with my pussy (and sometimes at the same time), I am starting to moan as I am going to have an orgasm.

Just as I am about to cum, he lowers me right onto his lap. I can feel his hard cock inside of me. Wow, he is riding me so fast and hard;

one hand on my tit, the other tit in his mouth and he has a few fingers up my ass.

We both have an orgasm together. We are both covered in each others cum as well as our own mixed in. He tells me to go and lie down on the top of the bed and spread my legs open. I do as this man says.

He lies on top of me, his head in my pussy and his cock, dripping with “cum” in my mouth. We give each other blowjobs and after some time we lick every last drop rokettube of “cum” out of each other. YUUMMMM!

*Now we are just lying on our sides, kissing, hugging and running our fingers over each other’s body. This goes on for about 10 or 15 minutes, then I am rolled over from my side to my back. He lays on top of me, his cock on top of my pussy and we both move our bodies back and forth and up and down, getting into the rhythm of each other’s bodies.

I feel his hard cock and his balls rubbing up and down the outside of my pussy. You will never believe the feeling of this sex act. I am about to cum with every deep breath I take. I do not want this act to end. As he is about to blow his cream, he sits on my belly and just lets his cum squirt over my tits. Then he bends over and starts to lick his cum off my tits. He seems to love sucking on my nipples and I love him sucking on them and playing with them.

Then the man said “a nipple ring will be a turn ON”. WOW, he is a tit man as he has been sucking on them for ever. I do not mind, as I love my boobs being sucked on. He can suck on them all day and I will be happy.

Now he sits back on my stomach, putting his cock in between my boobs. Then with both hands holding my tits together, he starts to fuck them, my tongue sticking out of my mouth, so every time his penis comes up, I give the head of his cock a lick (this man knows every sex act I enjoy). When his “CUM” is about to be released from his nuts, up his dick and out the head of his cock, he puts it into my mouth (I love the taste of “cum”) and thrusts his dick in my mouth as far as it can go. Then I feel and taste his cum in my mouth.

He is now on his back. seks filmi I straddle his chest, holding on to the headboard and, moving my pussy over his lips, he gives my pussy a good licking. I love a tongue licking, sucking, and fucking my pussy! When I am about to cum, he asks me to squirt my cum over his hairy chest. Once again I do as I am told.

I move down his body so my head is at his chest, licking his chest hairs and cum all together. Then I start sucking on his nipples with the tip on my tongue, going clockwise them anti-clockwise, now and then pulling the nipple up by my teeth just for fun.

For some odd reason I glance at the clock. Wow, we have fucked each other most of the afternoon. I tell him to hold on to the headboard and semi spread his legs open. He does as I ask of him, as I perform a simple sex act that drives this man insane. I lick what I call the “ass line” from his balls to ass and when I get to his ass, I thrust just the tip of my tongue in and out. That is all I do, for now the man is telling me how horny it is making him with each lick I do. He takes one hand off the headboard and puts it over his cock to catch his cum. After he cums in his hand, we both take turns licking the cum out of his hand.

The man turns to me hugging and kissing me and says he has no more energy. I laugh and say “neither do I. He then asks me for the one thing a man has done to me that has driven me wild, so in a soft voice I tell him. He takes me by the hand into the washroom. We both stand in the tub and with a soft cock he sticks it up my pussy. He then pees inside of me, the warmth of his pee going inside of me. Wow!

We have a shower together, then we fuck one more time again, standing up. I kiss the man as I am leaving, smiling and saying, “Babe, you know how to surprise me!” The man said, “yes I know” I kiss him one more time, as he has to drive some people someplace in his bus, and we are going to be together on our own beach next week anyway.