Mother and Son

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Having the hot mom was always difficult. All my friends would tell me constantly how sexy she looked and how badly they wanted to fuck her. I agreed with them of course, on the inside. On the outside however I always acted slightly disgusted. It’s not like she could control being attractive so I never blamed her for it. My mom liked working out and staying active so she had a very well toned body. She had long red hair, sky blue eyes, stood about 5’7″ with pretty nice sized breasts and the most spankable ass you ever saw.

Ever since I turned 18 I tried plenty of times to spy on her because well I was a horny 18 year old with no siblings. Plenty of times I saw her doing squats, or running on the treadmill and I loved seeing her body shine from her sweat. She tried the whole dating scene here and there once in awhile, however it never seemed to work out. To keep herself busy she began working out during her free time, something that kept her body looking great and was healthy.

Once day after my mom came home from work, she was rubbing her neck and seemed to be in a slight bit of pain. I figured it was sore from looking at a computer all day or from sleeping wrong so I offered her a neck massage. She agreed, sat on the couch and moved her hair out of the way. Applying just a bit of pressure on both sides of her neck, I could feel a small grape sized knot. Pressing down on it slightly harder my mom took in a sharp breath.

Looking down I was about to start a conversation when I saw I had a perfect view down her shirt. Her cleavage was pressed together perfectly in her bra. All I could think about was my mother squeezing her soft tits around my cock and stroking me with them. I had seen her breasts in a bikini many times over the years. This time however, I was given a birds eye view and they were perked up nicely.

“Thank you honey.” My mom said rotating her neck back and forth to stretch it out.

Hearing her voice snapped me out of my imagination and back to reality. Standing up my mother stretched a bit then went to her room. Over the next few days my mother asked me for more neck massages, apparently me offering to help opened the floodgates for her wanting more. I didn’t mind at all, especially on days were her top was a bit more open.

Pushing my limits on touching my mother, some days I would rub her shoulders and upper back. I wasn’t sure if she minded me touching more of her body until she came home from work exhausted and asked if I could rub her feet, I happily agreed.

“Thank you so much son, let me change and wash up so my feet aren’t sweaty and gross then I’ll be right back.”

I heard my mother’s shower start and patently waited for her to be done. What felt like all of eternity was only forty five minutes of her showering and getting dressed. When she was all done she was wearing a loose shirt and short shorts. Sitting on the opposite side of the couch my mother put both of her feet in my lap ready for her foot massage. Grabbing her left foot with both of my hands, I slowly applied pressure with just my thumbs. Hearing her sigh with a soft moan was the best way possible of letting me me know how good it felt.

Anytime I made her moan, I would make sure to spend extra time on that area. Looking towards her face to try and see her expressions I noticed her the outline of her nipples poking through her shirt. My mother was enjoying herself and she wasn’t trying all to hard to hide it. After rubbing both of her feet I started to move up her leg slightly towards her calves. Knowing her feet were done she moved her legs off the couch and thanked me for the foot rub.

As she walked away my eyes were glued to her ass. Her shorts had ridden up slightly from sitting on the couch and slightly more skin was showing. She made her way into the kitchen and started to prep dinner. Wanting to be closer to her I decided to help her out.

“Need any help?” I asked walking into the kitchen after her.

Turning around she smiled and thanked me for offering and said I could start by washing the vegetables. I did whatever I could to help her so I had an excuse to stay in the kitchen. This was the longest time I had spent with her in quite some time. We talked about work, friends, relationships and so much more. The night was fun however eventually came to an end once we saw the time. My mother excused herself to her room and wished me a good night.

Over the next few weeks I got closer to my mom. We talked more, gave each other hugs more often and she asked for more massages as well. Occasionally mom and I worked out together which gave me the best views of her. Before every workout mom always stretched, which meant I got a front row seat to seeing her ass.

After every workout now it had become routine that I would give mom a massage. We had gotten a massage table and I was now rubbing her entire body, well the backside at least. I loved rubbing her body immediately after working out. Normally she would shower off first put on some Porno 64

shorts or yoga pants with a tank top. Occasionally though she would want me to rub her down right after we got done. On these days the smell of her pussy was very potent.

First I would start on her upper back and neck. While working my way down my mother’s body, if I hit spots that had her moan I would give extra attention to those areas. I always made sure to take my time while massaging her in case she was tired. If she had a long day or hard workout my mom would fall asleep while I was massaging her. When she fell asleep immediately after a work out, I did whatever I could to spread her legs apart. Standing on her sides, I would press on her thighs and slightly lift them as I did so. Once her legs were far enough apart, I would lean forward and smell the sweet aroma of my mother’s pussy. Most of the time I wouldn’t be able to control myself and would start stroking myself right then and there next to my sleeping mother.

On other occasions my mother would wear a pair of thin cotton shorts, these days were my favorite. My mother would lay on the massage table and let me rub her bare legs. If it was a time after she shaved in the shower she would always ask if I could apply some lotion on her legs. While I rubbed her legs down her short booty shorts would always ride up having her ass exposed to me. On these special days if I had gotten lucky and she fell asleep, I would run my hands up her thighs and squeeze her big round ass.

This time as I pulled her ass apart slightly I heard her wet pussy lips pull apart too. Knowing she was a heavy sleeper during these massages I moved my hand lower and placed it on her barely covered pussy. I slowly rubbed the outside of her shorts right where her pussy was while paying very close attention to her breathing to make sure she was still asleep. As I rubbed her pussy I felt her legs open slightly more, meaning either she was awake or her body was reacting naturally to my touch. Getting slightly nervous of her waking up soon I moved my hand away and went back to her legs until eventually her massage was over. As much as I wanted to push my limits with my mom, I knew if I took it too far then I could ruin everything. I played it as safe as I could while pushing whatever boundaries I thought was safe enough to get away with.

One day as I was watching TV my mom came home from work and said she desperately needed a massage. My mom walked right past me and straight to the massage table. Seeing the look on her face I got up and followed her. As I turned the corner I saw her taking her shirt off followed by her pants. The first thing I noticed was that her bra and panties matched, they were both a light and dark blue camouflage. Watching her lay on the table she unclipped her bra so I could massage her back without it being in the way.

“Thank you so much for this son, I really need it.”

Grabbing the lotion I put some on my hands then rubbed it into her back. As I rubbed her back I felt a few knots and did my best to work them out for her. Knowing she had a few knots that needed working out I spent a little extra time on her back. Moving down her body I knew she was still awake and moved right past her ass too her thighs. Her panties didn’t do much to cover her ass, however I think that was due more in part to how big her ass was vs the size of the panties. Once I was done with both legs I was about to let her know I was done until she flipped over and asked if I could do her front this time too sounding half asleep. It was the first time she ever asked for it and with what she was wearing I wasn’t about to say no.

Working my way back up her body I made sure to take my time. Looking up she appeared to be asleep. My attention stayed on her face and breathing as I lifted her legs one at a time and spread them apart. Her panties were just barely covering her pussy as my hand moved closer and closer. Not looking away from her face I inched my fingers closer and closer. Without realizing it I had moved her panties to the side revealing her pussy to the open air.

Tracing along the outside of her pussy lips with my middle finger, I made sure not to press to hard on the tender area. Her lips were soft and the more I rubbed them the more they seemed to open up. Feeling the tip of my finger get slightly wet, I pushed slightly past her lips and used her juices as a lubricant. Before long I had spread her wetness across her pussy and found my way to the entrance. Just the tip of my finger remained at the entrance of her pussy as I contemplated if I should enter my mother. Knowing I was already this far, I pushed my middle finger inside.

My mother’s pussy was soaking wet and with her legs spread wide open I could smell her sweet aroma throughout the entire room. I kept only my middle finger inside of her and made sure to go at a slow pace. She lay perfectly still as my finger went as deep as it could go then back out. All I could Konulu Porno feel was my heart beating in my chest and one of our pulses on the finger that was inside of her. When my finger was as deep as it could go I pressed on the roof of her pussy lightly several times. After a few presses her breathing looked as though it was becoming more sporadic like I was hitting a more pleasurable spot. Not wanting to chance it I slid my finger out and moved her panties back as best I could. The tension in my cock was screaming for me to continue fingering my mom, however logic told me it would be bad if she awoke to her son pleasuring her.

Not wanting to rub her body with my finger covered in her pussy juices I left the room. My cock was rock hard and I brought my finger to my nose to smell my mother’s sweet aroma once again. By the time I relieved myself and washed up mom was awake and in the kitchen prepping dinner. She had made the effort to go to her room and change but only just barely. My eyes didn’t leave her body with her in just her panties from before and a tank top. As she turned around it was obvious that her bra was gone with her nipples poking through the thin material.

“Thanks for the massage son, I really need it.” Mom said giving me a kiss on the cheek.

Turning back around my eyes locked onto her ass once again as she moved around the kitchen. Her hips swung back and fourth as she moved as if she was slightly dancing while she cooked. I tried to make small talk with her but kept getting lost in thought from her movements. Everything she needed to prep dinner seemed to be a little to high or down low. When she reached up on her top toes her ass perked up. If something was down low she bent right at the waist and her ass would stretch out her small panties. Every move she made was causing my dick the throb under the table, even though I had just cum a few minutes ago.

Over the next few weeks her attitude and attire changed. Around the house she was pretty much in a shirt and panties, that was it. After showers she would sometimes walk around the house in just a towel until she felt the need to put something else on. Randomly she would come up behind me and kiss me on the cheek and I would return the favor as well. We played bored games together and watched movies while cuddling on the couch. During dinner when we cooked together she would smack my butt and run. If I caught her sometimes we would wrestle or I would smack her butt then run away myself trying to protect my own ass from being hit again. No longer did it feel as though a mother and son were living in the same house, now it felt as if two adult roommates of the opposite sex were living together being coy and flirty.

We started doing just about everything together. Sometimes I would cook while she sat at the table, then other nights she would cook and we would just talk. During these times we sometimes got on a serious note, like how my dad left her once she was pregnant at 19 and how she always wanted another son or daughter. She told me how hard it was dating with a son and how afraid she was that another man would just leave her again.

When we went shopping together for groceries or out to dinner, people that didn’t know us thought we were a couple. If she bought clothing she would try it on at home and ask me what I thought of it so she could get a guys point of view. She would go to her bathroom while I sat on her bed. Once she was done changing she would come out in her new outfit and asked what I thought. Rarely ever did she buy something that didn’t look good on her, but if she did I would tell her so she knew I was giving her an honest opinion. After she was done I would leave her room and she would put everything away. Figuring it was her last outfit and that I had plans with some buddies I got up and started to head to my room so I could change.

“I need your opinion on something else son,” My mother called out before I left her room. “You’ve seen me in my underwear before so it shouldn’t be a problem right?” She asked.

I returned to my spot on the bed and told her I would help her with anything she needed. As she left the bathroom again she was only in a red pair of panties with a matching bra. She walked towards me like normal and asked what I thought. Knowing the attention was focused on specific areas, she got closer and had me inspect her garments in greater detail.

The bra was a push-up style and her breasts were nearly all the way out. Seeing the tip of her areola poke out drove me crazy. My eyes were glued to her chest until she started to turn around. As she turned my eyes focused down her body. Even though I had seen her like this many times before, somehow it felt different. Looking at her lacy red panties, my mother perked up her ass by standing on her tiptoes. Just like the bra they barely covered anything.

“So what’s your opinion?” I heard her ask.

“It definitely shows a lot.” I said trying to think of anything to Porno İndir say.

“That’s the point son.” My mother said walking back towards the bathroom.

As she walked her right hand reached back and unclasped her bra. Before she went into the bathroom she tossed the bra into her laundry basket then shut the door behind her. I couldn’t believe my mother was modeling her new underwear for me and having me give her my honest opinion of it. The transition into her new underwear was much quicker than her other clothing. Before I knew it the bathroom door opened up and she began walking towards me again. This time she had on a pure black cotton thong with a lace bra that looked slightly see-through.

Sitting on her bed I watched her walk forward barely covered by the thin material. My heart was pounding as she stood directly in front of me. The black really popped on her fair skin as her red hair went down to just before her breasts. Turning around slowly for me I examined her body from head to toe.

“I feel it shows just a bit too much, and if you look closely you can make out my nipples. What do you think?” My mother asked turning back around to show me the front again.

As she leaned forward her hair covered her nipples and had me focus on her cleavage. Looking up at her face, my mother was biting her lower lip and smiling. Standing up, she turned back around to show me her ass once again.

“I don’t know, I’m not much for thongs.” My mother told me as she put her thumbs inside the waistband.

“Well if you don’t like thongs then how often would you wear it? Could you see yourself wearing that all day long?” I asked trying to add whatever helpful input I could while staring directly at my moms tits trying to see her nipples.

“You’re funny son. This is just to wear as a tease, not all day long,” she said pulling them down and letting them drop to the floor and leaving them there. “I would never wear something like this to work, just around the house.” She said just as she shut the door to the bathroom.

Hearing what she said through me for a bit of a loop. She knew it was only me and her around the house and that only I would be seeing it. Before I could keep thinking about it the door opened one last time. The last outfit my mother had on was a white silk robe that had a few purple and dark blue butterflies on it and went down to her mid thigh. Staring at her chest it was easy to see she wasn’t wearing a bra underneath.

“This one is by far my favorite.” She said as she stopped in front of me.

Taking my hand, she ran it across the silky material as it clung to her body. Her other hand pulled at the string that was keeping the robe closed. Once it was untied the bottom of the robe opened first showing yet again a matching set of panties. Looking higher up, her robe was open with the middle of her chest exposed. Her breasts had clung to the robe keeping them just barely covered. My mother held my hand just below her breast, close enough that I could feel it resting on my fingers but not enough that I could grope her.

“Soft isn’t it?” Her voice was a quite whisper

“Yeah.” I responded after a long pause of silence.

“I take it this one is your favorite as well?”

All I could do was try to swallow and nod my head as I stared into her beautiful blue eyes. She smiled and gave me a kiss on the cheek. The kiss was much longer than a normal one and when she pulled away our eyes met again. We both stared at the other one and tried to pull away as we got closer to each other. As our lips met her robe opened more and feel down on the opposite side I was holding.

Grabbing the back of her head I ran my fingers through her hair and kissed her even more. My hand moved her robe out of the way having it drop to the floor leaving her in nothing besides her panties. The adrenaline was affecting both of us as we were both panting from just kissing one another. I had pulled her closer to my body and could feel my hard cock pressed against her.

The two of us were lost in lust that neither one of us had heard a knock at the door and jumped once we felt my phone buzzing in my pocket. Taking it out I looked at it and saw it was my friends asking if I was home and ready for the night. I had forgotten that we made plans to hangout. Looking away from my phone I saw my mother was standing with her back to me and her head turned.

“Looks like you have to get going son. Hope you have a good night out with your friends.” She said with a smirk on her face as she shut the door.

I squeezed my phone as hard as I could from the sexual frustration. My own mother was being a tease to me and getting some sick thrill out of it, can’t say I blame her though seeing how I fingered her during a massage. Feeling my phone buzz again I answered it and told them I would be right out.

The night with my friends was fun yet frustrating. All I could think about was my mother in her different outfits, the worst part being she only had on a pair of panties at the end and I still hadn’t seen her tits because I was to focused on kissing her then my phone. When I got home the house was dark and my mom was asleep. Before going to sleep I took care of myself thinking of my mother in her new sexy underwear.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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