Mother’s Helping Hand Ch. 02


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Over the next few days, Bobby and his mother settled into a routine. Every morning she would wake him for his shower, and he would feign sleep for as long as he could so he could view her magnificent hanging breasts as they swayed in her neglige. Bobby came to realise that her nightwear must have been bought for her by his dad as all her outfits were silky and featured low necklines that showed off as much of her breasts as possible. Today’s outfit was red and lacy and hung particularly low at the front, allowing her heavy boobs to swing freely as she gently shook him awake. Good old Pop, he sure had great taste!

Once he’d feasted his slitted eyes on her hanging boobs for as long as he dared, he arose and followed her to the shower, his inevitable morning hard-on leading the way. She placed the bags over his hands and helped him into the shower. She now encouraged him to pee in the shower if he needed to go, obviously keen to avoid the embarrassment of having to point his hard cock at the toilet bowl. Every day he steeled himself for the moment when she would have to clean his stiff cock. His erection seemed to grow harder each day, and today it was so hard it ached, his glans swollen and purple, the veins standing out on his cock shaft. She finished cleaning his back and turned him round soaping his legs and chest, putting off washing his cock till last. His balls were heavy and laden with cum and her touch was soothing as she washed them. His dick, on the other hand – or rather in the other hand – was so sensitive that even her gentle touch with the soapy glove sent shudders through him.

“I’m sorry dear, I’m trying to be as gentle as I can.”

“It’s okay, Mom.”

After rinsing him off and drying him, she helped him dress. He had suggested it would be more practical to just wear a robe around the house while she was at work in case he needed to go to the bathroom, but he had neglected to mention it was also more comfortable than having his hard cock trapped in a pair of sweatpants. Of course a bathrobe was fine while his cock was limp; but when it was hard, which was practically all the time at the moment, it would stick out like an evil, veiny one-eyed monster emerging through a pair of theatre curtains. To begin with, his mother tried to arrange the robe to cover him up; but it simply tented out obscenely and inevitably the robe would fall away as his dick swayed about. So instead, she took to trying to ignore it. After she’d made them breakfast and given him his pain meds, she headed off to work and he returned to his room where he would lay on his bed, his robe falling open and his huge, throbbing cock staring back at him as it arched up over his belly taunting him.

He awoke in mid-afternoon and padded about the house, waiting for his mom to return home. He genuinely looked forward to her company; since his dad’s death a few years ago they had spent more time together and would often cuddle up together on the sofa watching a movie and eating popcorn, or in Mom’s case, drinking wine. Although they never talked about it, he sensed a great sadness in her. After all, she still wore her wedding ring, and often when she changed out of her uniform after work she would put on one of his dad’s old t-shirts while she made dinner and wandered round the house. He guessed this was for sentimental reasons on her part, but he could also see why his dad would have liked her to wear them. On her petite frame the shirt came down to mid-thigh, so it still left a generous amount of leg on display; and while they were not as revealing as her night wear, it was still obvious she was not wearing a bra underneath.

He would come down and keep her company while she cooked, covertly watching her big boobs jiggling and swaying under the thin cotton fabric and stealing glimpses of her beautiful legs as she reached up to get utensils from the kitchen cabinets. He would usually get a hard on if he didn’t already have one, and it would rear up from his robe. Fortunately, his mom seemed to just put it down to teenage hormones and seemed oblivious the glimpses he was stealing of her ample charms. At first she would suggest putting his sweat pants on when he got hard, but he complained it was painful and suggested he go up to his room instead as he didn’t want to embarrass her. She smiled and told him not to be silly, if it more comfortable he could stay as he was.

It felt odd to be wandering around in front of his mom with his stiff cock sticking out in the breeze, and initially he was embarrassed Escort bayan and would sit down to try to conceal it. But then it began to dawn on him that he had been given a licence to walk around with a hard on waving about in front of his mother, something that would have been unthinkable a few days ago, and a sick thrill went through him at the thought. So he began standing in the kitchen with her and chatting while she cooked, taking an exhibitionist pride in having his big hard cock and heavy cum filled balls on full display. He thought his mom might object, but instead she simply tried her best to ignore it. Tonight was one of those nights and he leant back against one of the kitchen counters, his robe parted and his giant hard on pulsing in the open. It was bittersweet torment for him, sweet because being so aroused and able to display his hard cock in front of his mother seemed so wicked and wrong but at the same time so exciting, bitter because he was able to do nothing about relieving himself.

Tonight she was wearing his dad’s old Guns & Roses shirt. It had been one of his dad’s favourites as he had bought it back in the 80’s at a concert, and even though it was tatty and worn he had refused to let Alison throw it out. It also meant the white cotton was stretched and thin. As he watched his mom he saw her glance at his cock and look away. He thought she might suggest he go and sit in the living room, but instead she just flushed and carried on preparing dinner. She was chopping some onions, and as she did so her boobs jiggled under her thin shirt. As he admired her huge knockers he noticed her nipples seemed to have grown hard and were sticking out through the shirt. The onions were making her eyes water, so she turned away and stood in the doorway to the dining room for a few moments. As she did so she stood directly in front of the light from the other room, and for an achingly beautiful moment the light shone through the thin cotton fabric silhouetting her body.

Bobby gasped as he could clearly see the outline of her breasts, the big heavy jugs standing out from her chest, making the shirt hang down away from her trim waist. They looked even larger than he had imagined; he could even make out the hard nipples standing out and pointing slightly upwards. He followed the lines of the curved undersides of her heavy boobs to her slender waist and rounded bottom. His cock lurched up, causing the foreskin to pull back over the swollen shiny purple head to the crown.

“Fuck, she’s gorgeous!” he thought as he leered at her.

She reached up to get a piece of kitchen towel to dry her eyes, and her boobs lifted and swayed with the movement. His cock lurched again and a drop of pre-cum emerged, trickling down the head and onto the shaft. Fortunately she was too pre-occupied to notice his predicament.

“Oh dear!’ she dabbed her eyes dry and returned to the chopping board.

He continued to torture himself with views of her body through the thin shirt as they ate, after which they sat down on the sofa to watch a movie together. It was a fairly trashy horror movie which had the redeeming feature of several actresses appearing topless. He was glad, partly because boobs, like pizza, are something you can never have too much of, and partly because it gave him an excuse for the hard on that persistently throbbed throughout the film. As Mom finished her second glass of wine, she poured another and snuggled up to him, resting her breast on his arm as she did. One of the starlets in the movie was running around with no shirt on again and he couldn’t help but compare the small perky boobs on screen with his mom’s far more generous offerings, taking a certain pride that his mom’s were far bigger and better. His robe had fallen open again revealing his hard dick curving up towards his belly. As she reached for her glass, she glanced at his cock and said “Looks like someone’s enjoying the movie!”

“What?” He didn’t believe his ears.

“Looks like you’re enjoying the film, or at least all the boobs!” she said nodding towards his erection.

“Oh yeah… err.. sorry, do you want me to go upstairs?” not believing his mom was being so direct.

“No of course not sweetie, I’m just teasing.”

He guessed the wine was having an effect on her as usually she would never be so candid. Clearly she was feeling more relaxed, so he lay back a little more on the sofa, displaying his cock and balls fully. As she moved to accommodate him, her boob bounced lightly against his arm before she settled with it pressing up against him again. He lay there, his beautiful mother nestled up against him and his hard cock throbbing in the light from the TV. Anyone watching them now would think they were boyfriend and girlfriend, not mother and son, he thought. God, he wished she was his girlfriend and would pull off her shirt and let him feast on her naked boobs before reaching out and stroking his cock. He knew he would cum in seconds if she did, but he also knew it was never going Bayan escort to happen. Not long after, his mom dozed off to sleep and he watched the rest of the movie in silence, with only his aching dick for company. Eventually she woke up as the credits were rolling.

“Oh I’m sorry dear, not much company for you tonight!”

“It’s okay, Mom, it wasn’t much of a movie, you didn’t miss much.”

“Well I need to hit the hay, there’s a big meeting at the hospital tomorrow I need to be at. Dr. Williams has asked for me in person so it could be a big opportunity.”

She gave him his pain meds and they said goodnight as he ended another day of painful frustration, drifting off to a restless sleep remembering the image of his mother’s beautiful body silhouetted in her thin shirt.

The following day started like any other, with his mother shaking him awake. But this wasn’t a day like any other. There was a panic in her voice and an urgency that told him something was wrong.

“Bobby, wake up! Wake up!!”


He instinctively glanced down her top and was rewarded with the spectacular view of one of her lowest cut negligees. Her boobs always looked like they were going to tumble out of this one, and today he thought they really might. As she shook him with both hands, her breasts swung about violently in her top. He drank in the view for as long as he dared before groggily asking “What’s wrong, Mom?”

“I overslept and I’m going to be late for the meeting today. Hurry up.”

Seeing he was awake, she stood up. The top of her negligee was lacy and transparent, and Bobby could see part of her areolae where her left boob had nearly fallen out with the violence of her shaking. She turned and headed off to the bathroom, leaving him to climb drunkenly out of bed and follow her.

He no longer bothered to wear clothes in bed, so he padded after her naked, his iron hard cock leading the way.

“Mom, if you’re running late then don’t worry about my shower, just leave me.”

“No Bobby, it’s not your fault I overslept and you shouldn’t be made to suffer.”

He blearily peered at the clock in the bathroom. “But Mom, you’ve got the big meeting today and you’ll never make it.”

“Well that’s my fault, I’ll just have to deal with it,” she said, fastening the bags onto his wrists, still unaware that her left breast was partially exposed.

“You could always jump in with me.” He didn’t know if it was chronic horniness or pain meds that made him say it, but he couldn’t believe the words came out of his mouth.

“Very funny!”

“I’m serious” he said, a plot beginning to form in his head, “You don’t have time for showering me and then yourself, so why not kill two birds with one stone?”

“Bobby, I’m not getting in the shower with you!”

“But you said we had to learn to be less embarrassed with each other.”

“I meant you, not me!”

“Well I’ll have my back turned most of the time and I’ll keep my eyes closed when I turn around, so I won’t see anything.” If his hands hadn’t been in plaster, he’d have crossed his fingers. “I’m just being practical, I mean if you insist I have a shower, then this way you can still avoid being late.”

She looked at the clock and he could see her weighing it up. Shit, he thought, she’s actually thinking about it!!

“C’mon mom, I promise I won’t look.” Please don’t strike me down, at least not before I get to see my mom naked! he thought.

She helped him into the shower, saying “I can’t believe I’m doing this.”

FUCK!! She was actually going to get in the shower with him…naked!

“Now stay facing the wall!”

“Ok I promise.” More mental crossed fingers as his hard-on lurched, a dribble of pre-cum emerging.

He heard footsteps behind him in the cubicle and the sound of the running water change; she was actually behind him, a few feet away and naked. As he heard her washing, he slowly turned his head looking out of the side of his eye, careful not to be seen. She had her back to him, so he turned a little further. There she was, his mother, naked. She was facing away so he could see her peach-like bottom and her back, then as she lifted her arms he could see the side of one magnificent boob. He groaned and his cock lurched again, another dribble of pre-cum trickling out of his cock head.

“Are you alright, dear?”

“Yes, just getting a little cold.”

“I’m almost done.”

He looked down at his cock. The foreskin was drawn back completely with the size of his erection and pre-cum oozed from the head, running down to the shaft where it formed a strand that hung from his cock. It was a good thing he was facing the wall, he figured.

“All right, now stay facing that way and move under the water.”

He felt her hands on his shoulders as she guided him under the running hot water that mercifully washed the pre-cum from his dick.

“Oh damn!”

“What’s wrong?”

“I forgot the sponge glove.”

Now Escort she was going to have to wash him with her bare hands! His cock lurched again.

He felt her soft hands washing his back and legs. She was hurrying and talking about her meeting, but he wasn’t really listening, just thinking that he was going to see her naked and have her bare hands washing his cock.

“Now turn around. I’m trusting you to keep your eyes closed!”

“I promise.” I’m going to hell for that one, he lied.

As he turned he kept his eyes closed, figuring he could sneak a peek at some point, but suddenly he felt his foot slipping and thought he would lose his balance. He panicked, thinking he would land on his broken wrists, and his eyes flew open. As he did he felt his mother’s hands on his arms supporting him as he toppled towards her. He was taller and bigger than her, so his momentum carried him into her as she struggled to stop him falling. The came to rest against the shower door pushed up against one another, his cock pressed up against her belly and her boobs squashed against his chest.

“I’m sorry, Mom, I slipped.”

“It’s alright, dear. Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I think so.”

She was aware of his cock pressed up against her belly. “All right, dear, well you need to stand back now.”

He stepped back, and as he did drank in the sight of his mother. Her breasts were even more beautiful than he had imagined, big, heavy and pear shaped with light brown areolae and perky nipples that looked smaller than he would have expected. Her waist was trim and her stomach flat, with a neatly trimmed bush of dark hair marking the join between her legs. He vaguely heard her say something as he once again marvelled at her huge beautiful boobs.


“I said you are supposed to have your eyes closed, don’t stand there ogling me!”

“Oh, sorry, Mom, I just…never saw you like this, I didn’t realise you were so… beautiful!”

He forced himself to close his eyes, at least until he thought it safe to sneak another peak.

“It’s bad enough I get leered at by men at work all day without my own son joining them!”

“I’m sorry.”

She washed his chest before leaning up to shampoo his hair.

“Crouch down.”

As he did and she leant forward, he opened his eyes to see her huge boobs swaying inches in front of his face as she lathered his hair.

“Ok, stand up.”

She finally soaped up her hands and reached down for his balls, at the same time wrapping her other hand around his cock. She was clearly hurrying and not bothering to be as delicate as usual. He was unprepared for the feel of her soapy hand on his cock and it was almost too much to bear as one hand soaped his balls while the other lathered his cock. He struggled to control himself as she soaped up and down the shaft a few times before holding his shaft, with one hand while the other soaped around the head, the sensation of her petite hand soaping the swollen glans was finally too much for him. His eyes flew open, and he looked down at her boobs which were being squeezed together between her arms, making them look even bigger and fuller as she washed his cock.

Oh shit…oh shit …oh SHIT…”OH SHIIIITTTTT!!”

“What’s wrong dear, are you al…”

The words died in her throat as she felt something warm splash her shoulder blade and neck. She was confused at first and it took her a moment to realise the warm liquid was coming not from the shower head but from her son’s cock head. She looked down at the huge piece of meat pulsing in her hands as another rope of cum blasted out, splattering her left breast, before a third splashed into the valley between her boobs. She stood immobilised with shock as load after load of cum erupted from his cock. Finally the loads slackened off, and Bobby looked at his mom, her face a mask of shock. Her shoulders and the upper slopes of her breasts were streaked with cum, some of which ran down into the valley between her breasts while some trickled down past her nipples and hung from the undersides of her boobs. She looked down at his pulsing cock as a few last spurts dribbled over her hand before releasing it like a piece of burning coal.

“Oh oh oh!!” she turned and frantically washed the cum off her chest before running to get a towel and cover herself. She then returned to the shower where she rinsed the soap and cum off Bobby.

“I’m sorry mom, I couldn’t help it…”

“We’ll talk about this later. I can’t…”

She hurried off to get dressed and left him in a daze. Eventually he plucked up the courage to make his way downstairs. His mom was making a smoothie and put a straw in it so he could drink it himself. He tried to apologise again as she hurriedly gave him his pain meds.

“I can’t do this now…we’ll talk later,” she said, leaving him in no doubt that there would be a later.

She was obviously still struggling to come to terms with what had happened as she left the house and he watched her go. The image of her huge beautiful breasts splattered with his cum was one he would never forget to his dying day. He had gotten his wish to see his beautiful mother naked and even had her accidentally make him cum…but at what cost?