Mother’s Milk Ch. 02

Big Tits

This story is a sequel to “Mother’s Milk.” For more background, please see that story.

The Next Day

Tricia Brewer woke up at eight o’clock on Saturday morning with her pussy throbbing painfully and with happy memories of how it got that way. The fucking she did on Friday night with Eric, who lived down the hall in her apartment building, had left her even sorer than she had been, but Tricia had been so horny the discomfort was easily worth it. That condition, her horniness, was not completely cured, but the edge had been taken off, and Tricia hoped to have more sex with Eric that morning, although she would insist on a somewhat different variety.

She had been a surrogate mother, and had given birth a few days earlier. During the last three months, in order to protect her precious cargo, Tricia had to agree to remain celibate, and that was what caused her to be so horny. That soon after having the baby, her birth canal was still quite sore from the stretching it had endured, and from the missing patches of skin that the baby scraped off and took with him on his way out. She hadn’t cared, though. By fucking Eric, she had willingly paid the price of the additional soreness she was then feeling. Following the numerous climaxes they both enjoyed, they made a tentative date to get together again soon afterward, and Tricia hoped that eight o’clock the next morning wasn’t too soon.

It wasn’t, at least not to Eric. He was surprised to hear his telephone ringing so early on Saturday morning, but any fretting he might have done about it turned to elation when he recognized the voice on the other end as being that of Tricia. The sex they shared the previous night was some of the best of his life, and he wanted more of it, and the sooner, the better. His cock started to stir when her voice reminded him of what the delicious, warm milk from her full breasts had done for him, followed by the even greater pleasures that her pussy had provided.

“Hi, Tricia, how are you this morning?”

“Horny again, but I’ve got another problem beside that.”

“Being horny is no problem for you, as long as I’m around and you’re still producing milk. You are, aren’t you?” There was a touch of panic in Eric’s voice at the thought of how deprived he would be if Tricia’s breasts had somehow dried up overnight.

“Oh, sure. Like a prize Holstein. That’s not the problem; it’s my pussy. It’s sore as anything today. Maybe I shouldn’t have done any fucking so soon after giving birth, but I really needed it, and I don’t have any regrets about the soreness.”

“Oh, well, I’m really sorry if I caused you any pain. Maybe I wouldn’t have done it if I’d of known.” That wasn’t completely sincere. Eric would not have been happy about causing any pain for somebody he liked, but he had been at least as horny as Tricia. Especially, he was horny and needful after sucking out all the sweet, warm milk that had been filling her breasts, and he wouldn’t have been able to resist her pussy.

“Don’t worry; it was worth it. In fact, I’m still horny, and I want to get together again, but I don’t want to do all the same things as we did last night. You know, besides your cock, you also got me off with your tongue, and I’d love to have you do that again.”

“Well, I’d love to do it too, but what then? I mean, it’s fun, but I’m as horny as you are.”

“I just have a sore pussy. I don’t have lockjaw or anything like that. I’d do the same thing for you, of course.”

“Oh, well, great. Should I come down there or do you want to come here?” I just made a fresh pot of coffee, and I can bring you some, if you want.”

Tricia looked over her extremely messy kitchen, and made up her mind. She preferred using her own bed, but was not a stickler for it, especially since it looked as if this might be a fairly long term relationship. “I’ll come down there. That’s number 507, right?”

“Right. I’ll have the door open and the coffee cups out.”

“Good. I’ll be right there.”

As she had done every night since late in her pregnancy, Tricia had worn a nursing bra with absorbent pads under her pajamas. The pads were soaked from leakage from her already full breasts, and she removed them and set them aside, along with the bra, before pulling on her bathrobe and making sure her door key was in the pocket. In a few minutes, she would no longer have any need for the bra or fresh pads, at least not until that night, so she decided to leave them home.

After deciding she also wouldn’t need slippers on the carpeted hallway, Tricia opened the door, looked both ways and, seeing nobody, closed the door behind herself and hurried on down to Eric’s door. It door opened while she was on her way, so she went right in, closed it behind herself and threw the bolt before turning around to survey Eric’s kitchen. It was much neater than hers, and he was wearing pajamas and standing by the table, where two cups were sitting. Besides the Escort Bayan cups, she could see and smell the fresh pot of the morning restorative.

“Hi, Tricia. You sure look good this morning,” he greeted her while filling the cup that was waiting across the table from him. Eric was referring to her pretty face and long brown hair, but he also meant the two large breasts that filled out the front of her robe.

“Hi, yourself.”

Tricia amplified her greeting by going to him for a close embrace, and a warm kiss. She let her robe swing open and pressed her milk-filled breasts against his chest, but not too tightly, because she didn’t want them to start squirting on him there. They finished their coffee, carefully hugged and kissed again, and strolled into the bedroom, where she shucked her robe the rest of the way off and tossed it onto a handy chair.

The previous evening, there had been some awkwardness, because they had begun as relative strangers, but there was none that morning. They had gotten about as intimate as two people can get, and they intended to do more of the same things in Eric’s bedroom. For either of them to act coy would have been silly and pointless, because they both knew what they were there for, and they both very much wanted and needed it. With Eric and Tricia equally well aware of that, they began unbuttoning each other’s pajamas so they could start satisfying their needs with a no more than a minimum of delay.

Eric finished first, and he pulled open Tricia’s top, to gaze in awe at the swollen globes that he had just exposed. They seemed to be even bigger and fuller than they had been the previous night. Gently, as if they might break, he hefted one in either of his hands, feeling their weight and fullness. Even that was enough to start his cock stirring, and Eric bent down to begin licking one of Tricia’s nipples.

“That feels really good,’ she said, after a few seconds. “But let’s get undressed and into bed first.”

Eric raised his head and turned around so she could peel off his pajama top and stick her thumbs in the elastic waistband of the bottoms and pull them down below his ass. He stripped most of the covers off the bed, which was unmade anyhow. Only the bottom sheet remained, and he lay down on it with a pillow under his head, and let her pull his pajama pants the rest of the way off, leaving him naked. His cock was still mostly flaccid, but they both knew how to make it fully erect and ready for action, and that was the first thing they both wanted to do. Tricia decided the bottoms of her pajamas were just in the way, so she peeled them off and, equally naked, joined him on the bed, kneeling beside him.

She leaned over, supporting the weight of her upper body on her hands, close enough that her engorged breasts were where his mouth could reach them. Eric held the nearest one gently in both hands, like an infant with a Sippy cup, and started licking the nipple. A few warm, sweet drops had been on the verge of leaking out, and his tongue prevented that waste by lapping them off and into his mouth. He could feel his cock beginning to stir again, but he knew he would need more than that tiny amount.

Fortunately for both Eric and Tricia, she had an abundance for him. With his lips positioned just below her areola, he sucked gently on her first breast, while his tongue teased her nipple. His reward was a small squirt of the Heavenly elixir that he craved. As he continued sucking, more and more of Tricia’s warm, sweet milk pleased his taste buds, and was warm in his stomach when he swallowed it. Eric could feel his cock stiffening, but he knew he would need a little more. Tricia’s first breast was still almost full of his miracle drug, but he wanted to be sure none of her ambrosia leaked from its even more swollen twin. He moved his mouth over, took that lovely globe into his mouth, and started sucking and licking the same as he had on the first one.

As she had expected, Tricia was experiencing delightful reactions from having her breasts licked and sucked. The action of Eric’s lips as they gently drew in and out on her breast and the unique sensation of his tongue fondling her extremely sensitive nipples felt just as erotic as they had the preceding night. The triple connection was already established between the tender pink nubbins and her clit; she could feel her sexual excitement mounting and juices collecting in her pussy. Tricia badly needed to feel Eric’s agile tongue caressing her there, once his mouth was through, for the time being at least, with her breasts.

“Mmmmm, that feels good,” she murmured, and leaned closer so Eric’s mouth would have even better access to what she knew he wanted and needed more of.

His mouth being otherwise happily engaged, Eric didn’t say anything. Avidly, he continued his nursing on Tricia’s full breasts, sucking and savoring her milk, so warm and sweet and delicious. He loved the flavor Bayan Escort and the way it felt in his mouth when he swirled it around, and the way it warmed his belly and, especially, the way it was turning his cock into a rigid giver and receiver of carnal delights. He was ready for Tricia to take it into her mouth and he really wanted to eat her pussy too, but her breast felt too good and her milk was too delicious for him to remove his mouth right away, even to speak.

Hoping Eric’s cock was erect and that he would want to 69, Tricia shifted her position, making sure one of her breasts remained pressed against his mouth, and blindly reached back to see how close to ready he was. Her fingers roamed over his tightly curled pubic hair, until the tips reached his hard shaft. She wrapped her fingers around it and was elated, because of its size and how stiff it was and because of her arousal that his lips and tongue had caused and because she believed it was her turn to enjoy some sucking too.

Tricia straightened up, lifting her breast from his avid mouth. “Are you ready to 69?”

“Yeah.” He was too, especially because Eric knew there was plenty more milk for later, and he assumed she would be generous with it.

Tricia easily swung one leg over to his other side, so she was straddling him, and admiring his handsome erect cock. The shaft was long and white and thick, especially at the base, and the head was a rosy pink and white and shaped like a big mushroom. Despite the resultant pain, Tricia remembered how good it had felt when it crammed her pussy so full, and expected it to feel just as good when she started sucking on it.

She reached out one hand to hold it steady and leaned forward so her mouth hovered above the head. Tricia’s tongue snaked out and started licking the velvety surface in concentric circles, and she moved her face closer, until the tip was brushing her lips. It felt wonderful there, and it felt even better when she lowered her face slightly farther and started licking under the hard ridge and using her tongue to tease the slit in the end of Eric’s cock. Everything about his erection filled with delight, but nothing gave her as much joy as when she opened her mouth wide and started sliding her lips down the shaft, while her tongue laved the smooth skin.

It felt great to Eric too, the way Tricia’s mouth slowly engulfed his cock and her tongue stroked it, especially with the delicious taste of her milk still lingering on his taste buds. He looked up at her wet pussy, just inches above his face, and knew something else that would taste almost as good. Eric reached up to put his fingers between her ass cheeks and pull that part of her body lower so his tongue could reach what he wanted to start licking next. Tricia’s pussy was still almost hairless, and the juices that had trickled out onto her crotch were nearly as delicious as the milk from her breasts had been. Eric sluiced all the nectar from there into his mouth before his tongue started slowly caressing one of her delightful outer pussy lips.

Everything about Tricia’s private parts felt almost perfect to Eric, from the smooth texture of her outer lip, as his mouth kissed and licked its way downward, to the satiny skin on the inside of her ass cheeks. When he ate a pussy, he always liked to also indulge in a bit of anal play, but he didn’t know what Tricia would think of the idea, since some women object to being fingered back there. Tentatively, he advanced the tips of his middle fingers across the smoothest part until they encroached on the puckered area. There was no objection, so he placed the tips of his middle fingers on either side of her rosebud, pulled the edges apart, and slipped one inside to the first knuckle. From that angle, that was as far as he could reach, so he wiggled it slightly while his tongue continued its journey to her Mount of Venus.

After relishing all the nectar that Tricia had just produced, Eric started licking her other outer lip the same way. His finger continued its slow movements inside her ass while his mouth traveled slowly along the smooth surface of the lip. Tricia’s pussy was starting to squirm above his face, meaning she was getting more aroused, which would mean more of her delicious juices to taste and swallow. He continued to earn that reward, slowly caressing the same outer lip with his tongue until he once again kissed her soft mons.

To Tricia, everything was getting better and better. She slowly bobbed her head up and down, every stroke taking Eric’s big cock deeply into her mouth until the tip pressed against the back of her throat. She left it there for a few seconds, her tongue laving the shaft and reveling in the smooth skin that was stretched so tightly over its hard roundness. When she raised her face again, she kept the head between her lips and let her tongue fondle all over the end and under the ridge and probe into the slit. She enjoyed everything Escort about what his big hard cock was doing for her mouth.

But no more than she was reveling in what his mouth was doing for her pussy. Currents of delight swirled through her body from the path of his tongue and lips, and she squirmed against him to let Eric know how much she loved what he was doing. Tricia’s ass was getting a treat too, and she was glad he was not squeamish about putting his finger into her the way he was doing. As her pleasure mounted higher, her pussy started fucking down against his face while her ass thrust against his hand.

Eric was having just as great a time. Tricia’s pussy may have been the best he had ever eaten, juicy and smooth and sensitive. Torrents of joy were shooting through his body from what her lips and tongue were doing for his cock. Even the insides of her ass cheeks and her tight rosebud continued to feel good to his fingers, although he wished he could stick the middle one more deeply into her. He was also glad that she obviously liked that latter part of their morning sexual encounter.

After sluicing all the fresh nectar off into his mouth, Eric’s tongue began licking between an inner and an outer lip, starting with the extremely soft place between their origins. When he reached the place where they were close together, he turned his head slightly and slid the flat of his tongue between them, so it could caress both the labia at once. The flavor was incredible, and her aroma was growing stronger, almost intoxicating, as his mouth slowly made its way toward her mons again.

When he reached there, he kissed the soft Mount of Venus and drew his head back to see how close Tricia was to cumming. From her movements above him, she seemed to be getting close. Because her mouth was filled with his cock, he couldn’t hear any verbal clues, such as moans or sighs, but he looked closely at her pussy. Her inner lips were swollen and had blossomed completely out of her slit, and her clit had also pushed its way out from under its protective hood. She was still a few minutes away from starting to cum, so his tongue began caressing between her other inner and outer lips, and treated this pair the same way.

Tricia noticed that Eric’s tongue ceased licking her pussy for a few seconds but, before she could ask him why, he resumed again. She shivered with delight at the resumption, and the level of her pleasure continued to mount. It took another small leap when his tongue gently stroked across her clit hood and even curled down to delicately fondle the swollen morsel that should have been sheltering under it.

Eric knew Tricia was close to cumming, and he was also. In fucking, he strongly believed that nice guys finished last, but he wanted to avoid that during a 69. On the previous night, he had seen how her muscles clenched when she climaxed, including the ones in her jaw. He really wanted to avoid having that happen when his cock was in her mouth, so he decided to stay away from her clit until he had climaxed, and then concentrate on bringing about her orgasm. After feasting on all her fresh juices, he started licking both of her inner lips again, moving his tongue across her dripping pink hole and taking an occasional taste of the nectar that was bubbling to the surface.

With a few more of the long, slow petting of her lips, Tricia felt Eric’s cock starting to throb inside her mouth, and she knew his climax was imminent. She shortened her strokes and started sucking faster, with her tongue positioned to catch the viscous liquid when he started cumming. She bobbed her head up and down, noting that he was being a gentlemen and letting her set the pace, rather than thrusting upward. A few more caresses, with her lips tight on his shaft, and his cock jerked inside her mouth, and shot out a big gob of cum, that landed right where she wanted it. She briefly savored the taste, but didn’t stop moving her lips up and down, and was rewarded by his ejaculating two more times. Continuing to suck, in case there was any more, she swirled his cum in her mouth before swallowing it.

The flavor of Eric’s semen and the texture of it, both in her mouth and sliding down her throat, combined with what his tongue and lips had been doing for her pussy, had brought Tricia to the apex of arousal. She could feel her body thrashing about on top of him and very much needed to cum. She took his cock out of her mouth, lapped it with her tongue, adding even more to her sexual excitement, and turned her head toward the man who had brought her to that point.

“Make me cum, Eric. Suck my clit,” she urged him.

Just then, there was nothing he wanted to do more than that. His tongue had circumnavigated her wet, pink hole, and he probed the tip against the small area between its wetness and her precious clit, resulting in a fresh spurt of her juices that landed on his chin. Pulling down harder on her ass, his mouth engulfed her swollen love button, and he started to suck. His lips formed a seal, and his tongue caressed the sides and top while his cheeks expanded and contracted as he sucked. Tricia’s movements became even wilder, and she blurted out the glorious news.