Mountain Vacation with Master Ch. 02

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After you allowed your pet to have your cum inside my mouth you pulled me up into your lap, petting me and saying what a good girl I was for begging so prettily for your cum. I sigh happily and kiss and nuzzle your neck while I am in your lap. You gently caress my pussy, knowing it is soaking wet from pleasuring you, and from the treat of your cum.

You had built a fire in the fireplace earlier, and now we just relax with some music playing in the background, watching the shadows creep closer to the chair we are sitting in. You keep caressing, pinching, and basically doing anything you want to me.

Finally I kiss your neck one more time and ask if you would like me to fix supper, to which you say yes, but with a modification. Curious I get off your lap (though reluctantly) and I stand beside you. You pull out some rope, turn me around, and give me only a little bit of room to move my hands and arms. Making dinner just became a bit more difficult. 😛

I go into the kitchen and start making supper, kabob with dirty rice and steamed broccoli. Seasoned chicken with teriyaki sauce and other spices, built with peppers (red & green) and onions. I put it all together, glad that everything had already been pre-cut, and just a short while later everything is finished.

I put everything onto two plates, bringing it to the table and come back to the living room and tell you that everything is finished. You look up from the book you had been reading, tell me to come over, and I do so. Standing up you pull me into a tight embrace, and since my arms are still constricted, I hug you as much as I am able to (which was not much.)

You lead me into the dining room, sit down, and you tell me to stand still. You turn me around Sakarya Escort and take up the slack that was in the rope until I have no movement at all. I have just noticed the pillow you must have brought from the living room earlier, and I kneel beside your seat, leaning my head against your thigh. We both start talking about the trip over, the traffic, what the weather is supposed to be while we are there (cold, but not too cold, about 30-40, maybe warming up to mid 50’s in the daytime,) all the while you feed me bits and pieces from my plate.

After we eat you remove the rope so that I can clean up, removing the dishes, putting everything in the dish washer and setting it to go. When I am finished I come back into the living room, kneel beside your chair, and we just sit there for a bit, you absently petting my hair while reading your book.

After about an hour you put the book back down and look at me, not sleeping, but drowsing against your leg, my head on your thigh. I had changed positions until I was just sitting down, leaning against you, rubbing my face occasionally against your leg.

You pull me up onto my feet and undress me until I am wearing only Your collar and cuffs. You pull out ropes, and I whimper, knowing you have something devious in mind, and still very turned on from everything so far.

You move the furniture around a little bit, placing the rug in between the couch and a heavy chair, you tie the ropes to the chair and couch and tell me to get on the rug, face up. I do so eagerly, and you tie me tight between them, and all I feel are the cuffs and the rug beneath me. You get up and go to the toys and come back with a blindfold. After making sure I cannot see anything, I Sakarya Escort Bayan feel you leave my side again, and I whimper, needing to feel you close.

Shortly after I feel a light touch, knowing it is either a feather or the rabbit fur flogger. Slowly, lightly you caress your bound, blind, slave, running it up and down my body, I can barely feel it, but it sends my arousal higher.

I finally feel your hands on my breasts, teasing my tender nipples until I squeal and almost forget about the lighter sensations, until it brushes up against my tender nipples that is. Then I moan, pushing my breasts up higher, wanting, needing more sensation than just the light brushing.

All of a sudden I feel a sharp pain around my nipple and realize you had just used the crop! I let out a little startled scream, although it really didn’t hurt much. It was closely followed by several more to both nipples, in no discernible pattern. After a few moments I am panting and shivering from the pain and pleasure coursing through my body and I feel your bare skin rest above me, and I whimper out in need, begging you to please take your slave, to take your little pet, but you just tease me with your cock at my pussy. I try humping up and you just laugh at me, my need for you obvious.

You lean down and bite my nipples and I gasp up at the ceiling, my body writhing as much as the bonds would allow, pushing up, and trying my best to take your cock inside my hungry pussy, my soaking wet tight pussy. I beg you to please fuck your toy, to please cum inside your pet, that I am Yours and only Yours, that I need your cum and that I need to have you inside me.

I keep pleading with you, then all of a sudden you Escort Sakarya slam your hard cock inside my pussy without any warning at all, and I gasp out in surprise, with my pussy so wet it slides in so very easy, but so tight I can feel each ridge. I feel you slamming into me again and again, deeper and deeper, and I start to beg you to cum inside me.

I beg you to mark my body as yours, only yours, that I want to feel your cum deep inside me. I whimper and moan, and you slam again and again into me. I can hear how wet I am, the sounds coming from my pussy. I can feel I am on the edge of an orgasm, and I beg you to allow me to cum.

‘Please Sir, please Master! Please let me cum!’ I beg. You tell me to wait, not just yet, and I try to hold on, I really do. I try thinking of anything, but I can’t, your body possessing mine, spread out before you, nothing hindering you from enjoying your pet, your slave.

I try to hold out, but I start to beg again, ‘Please, please Sir, I need to cum so bad!’

I can feel you tense up, and you pull my hair back, growl into my neck ‘Cum for your Master pet’ and bite my neck as my pussy spasms on your hard cock. I feel you thrusting hard inside me and then I feel you push as deep as you can get one last time. I feel your cock shoot your seed inside my willing body, inside your slave, your toy, your pet.

Gently you cradle my head, pull the blindfold off of me, and look down into my eyes. They glow up at you with submission, with adoration of being yours, softly. I lift my head up a little bit and kiss your cheek, thanking you for my orgasm, and for the gift of your cum inside my pussy.

You smile down at me and give me a long slow lingering kiss. I sigh as you withdraw, expecting you to release me soon. You kneel down so that I can clean your cock of our mingled juices, and you pet my head, calling me your own good girl.

You go back and sit in the chair (my legs are tied spread to the chair) and just smile while looking down at your thoroughly used pet.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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