The alarm woke her from her sleep, stretching she smiles and thinks to herself that she loves the sound of the alarm in a morning. Looking Him over as He sleeps she thinks it a shame to awaken Him but knows that it has to be done, knows that He has to go to work.

Moulding her body against His she slides a finger over His sleeping cock, feeling it twitch under her touch. Sliding her finger down over His balls dragging her nails over them, listening to the moans coming from His lips. Leaning forward she starts to bite and nibble her way over His shoulders, moving her body away from His she nibbles and licks her way down to His ass cheeks.

Licking all over them she pushes her nose between His ass cheeks, licking her way to His tight asshole. Flicking her tongue over it feeling it tighten at her tongue tips touch, she closes her mouth over and gently blows warm air onto His asshole letting her tongue tip flick at the hole. His moans getting louder and His cock getting harder as her finger strokes over it and her mouth and tongue tease His ass.

He moves onto His back with His thighs spread wide for her, she kneels between His knees and dips her head down to His balls. Kissing them she flicks her tongue over each then takes each in turn into her mouth and starts to suck on them, her nose rubbing up against His cock. Releasing His balls she kisses them and starts to lick her way up His cock, flicking her tongue underneath the head rim and over the head.

Looking up at Him she encloses her mouth over the tip, closing her teeth under the rim she softly breathes warm air onto the head. Feeling His hard cock twitch as she blows she slowly slides her teeth and mouth down His thick shaft. Taking Him deep into her throat she gags slightly, slowly moves her mouth up to the tip repeating this over and over each time taking Him deep into her throat.

His moans turning into a low growl as He lifts His hips slightly to meet her mouth, she starts to suck faster and tightens her mouth over His cock. His cock twitching in her mouth as she vibrates her lips over His thick hard shaft, His fingers entwined in her hair as He starts to fuck her mouth. Tasting His pre-cum she encircles her fingers around His balls and starts to massage them letting her nails drag over His flesh.

Lifting His hips up He fills her mouth with cum, gagging slightly she swallows it all down and starts to clean His cock. Growling and shuddering He releases her hair and strokes her cheek. Flicking her tongue she licks His cock tip, kisses it and looks up at Him.

“Morning My slut.” He growls.

“Morning my Master.” she replies as she licks her lips.

Crawling from between His thighs she slips onto the floor and kneels at the side of the bed. He looks down at her and smiles, taking in her pose He stands. Walking into the bathroom He knows she is following behind Him on her hands and knees, He uses the toilet. Knowing this is shower time she crawls over to the shower, standing she turns it on making sure there are towels ready for after and shower gel etc for T/their shower.

Waiting she looks Him over and smiles to herself thinking she is a very lucky slut to have Him as her Master. He catches her looking at Him and winks at her, moving over to the shower He enters the cubicle and she follows Him inside. Squeezing the gel into her palms she slowly and carefully cleans His body from head to toes, making sure every inch of Him is clean she quickly washes her own body as He watches. Once finished she steps out and wraps a towel around her long hair and one round her body, a few minutes later He steps out and she dries His body for Him.

At this point T/they part company and He leaves her to dry herself as He goes to dress for work. Setting out an outfit for her He dresses Himself in a black suit with a white shirt, black shoes and socks. Looking up He watches as she crawls into the bedroom and kneels at His feet, her back straight with her thighs slightly spread her palms upwards on her thighs.

“MMMMMM today My slut is going to use her mouth to keep My cock warm. Today you will accompany Me to work, every time where appropriate you will Tipobet have My cock in your mouth.” He looks down at her and grins.

” Yes my Master.” she replies knowing that He has a few meetings today she wonders but dares not ask if she will accompany Him to them.

Seeing the outfit He has chosen she smiles and starts to get ready as He leaves the room, carefully she applies the stockings and suspenders and then the bra and skirt and blouse. Taking care she pulls her hair back into a tight pony tail, slipping her feet into her shoes she walks slowly into the kitchen to find Him drinking His tea and finishing His toast.

“Ten minutes slut to eat and be ready to go.” He says as He leaves the kitchen.

Quickly she makes some toast and a cup of tea, eating them she wonders about the day ahead. Cleaning away the plates and cups she awaits Him at the door nine minutes later. He emerges from His office and looks her over, without a word He hands her her coat as T/they head for the Jeep. He opens her door and watches as she slips in, He closes the door and moves around the car to open His own door.

Heading out the drive He looks at her, her hands clasped in her lap and eyes straight ahead. He turns the radio on and chuckles as she starts to sing to the songs, the drive fairly long but none eventful. He enters the car park and parks the car up, He unclips both T/their seatbelts and takes her hand in His.

“Nervous slut? ” He asks as He feels her hand shake.

“A lil yes Master.” she turns her head to face Him.

“Don’t be, you know I will not let anything happen to you.” He kisses her cheek and smiles.

As He opens her door He helps her out, after closing it He takes her hand in His as T/they head for the office building. Once inside He guides her towards His office, passing His secretary on the way in. His secretary glances T/their way and smiles, He in turn smiles and opens His office door.

Once inside He shuts the door and moves over to His desk and sits, she moves onto her knees and kneels at His feet, dipping her head she kisses His feet. Straightening up she spreads her thighs slightly and places her hands palm upwards on her spread thighs, her eyes positioned on His crotch. As He unzips His trousers she watches and knows where she should be, she crawls into the desks foot well as He shuffles forward and releases His cock watching as she leans forward and encloses her mouth round His cock.

Settling herself she hears Him on the phone to a client, His voice calm it’s as if all was normal. He reaches down and strokes her cheek, sliding His hand over her throat as she kneels perfectly still with His cock in her mouth. Moaning softly as she feels His warm fingers on her flesh, her lips vibrating against His cock causing it to stir in her mouth. Glancing up she waits for Him to tell her to stop, He looks down and nods to her to carry on.

Sucking and licking His cock she feels it harden in her mouth, moaning and vibrating her lips as she sucks. Moving her head back and forth, grazing her teeth over His cock as she vibrates her lips. Sucking faster as takes Him deep into her throat, she gags slightly hearing her He growls and lifts His hips up. Hearing His growl makes her suck faster and deeper, His cock tip hitting the back of her throat.

The knock at the door does not deter her as she sucks and licks His cock, she hears the door open and close and from the voice talking to her Master she realises it is His secretary. Tasting His pre-cum in her mouth she realises He is about ready to cum, wanting to taste Him she takes Him deeper into her throat and starts to tighten and relax her throat muscles on His cock. Watching His body shudder she knows He’s very close to cumming, tightening her mouth she sucks and vibrates her lips. He fills her mouth and throat with His cum, swallowing it down eagerly she cleans His cock and glances up at Him.

His secretary stays for a further five minutes before leaving, He reaches down and pulls her head up by her hair still keeping His cock in her mouth.

“MMMM did slut enjoy herself?” He asks with a grin.

Nodding she smiles Tipobet Giriş up at Him her mouth full of His spent cock, she rests back on her heels keeping His cock firmly in her mouth knowing this is the first of many times she will taste Him today.

Lunch time He allows her to come from under His desk and join Him for a sandwich. Straightening her clothes she licks her lips and zips up His trousers for Him. Sitting opposite Him as T/they eat she glances round His office, she lets out a soft moan as she takes in the size of His desk and dares to slide a finger over the edge and feel the wood. He lets out a chuckle as He recalls her desk fantasy and although He would love to rein act it on His desk with her He knows it would not be practical, He knows He has a meeting to go to soon after lunch.

He watches as she tidies away T/their lunch remains, she walks round to the desk well and crawls inside. He follows her to the desk and sits, looking down at her He smiles and unzips His trousers freeing His cock. He watches as she closes her mouth over it, He looks at His watch and notes He has a meeting in ten minutes. He ponders on if to take her with Him and decides not to but will have her in the one later on in the day.

He allows her to sit on His chair whilst He goes for His meeting and use His computer. He logs it in to her chat account and her IM and leaves to chat, kissing her on her cheek as He zips His trousers up. Chatting away to her friends she tells her closest sister sub about the days events, she looks up as her Masters secretary knocks and enters. The secretary smiles at her and puts some papers on the desk, turns and leaves shutting the door behind her.

Closing down the chat room and her IM she brings her legs up underneath her ass and closes her eyes, listening to the quietness of the office. He opens the door thirty minutes after leaving her and coughs lightly as He enters. Opening her eyes she quickly uncurls and moves onto her knees, He sits in His chair and unzips His trousers.

“How was chat slut?” He asks as He glides His fingers over His hardening cock.

“Quiet Master as ever. Not many about but spoke to sis on IM and she says hello to You Master.” she replies as she watches His fingers.

He grins as He sees her eyes darting from side to side as they watch His fingers, He encircles His cock with His fingers and starts to wank His cock. Licking her lips she watches, letting out a soft moan feeling her pussy start to get wetter and a stirring in her body. He wipes the pre-cum of the tip and offers her His fingers to lick clean. Lifting her head up she sucks eagerly on His fingers savouring the taste, her eyes still positioned on Him wanking.

“Stand slut.” He growls.

With a puzzled look she stands before Him, her eyes never moving away from His cock. He stands, turns her round and pushes her against His desk. Lifting her skirt up over her ass He spreads her legs and ass cheeks, she spreads her arms out and grabs hold of the sides of the desk. He pushes His cock tip up against her wet pussy, wetting the tip before thrusting it in hard filling her pussy up. He thrusts in and out a couple of times, pushing her hips hard against His desk her moans getting louder with each thrust. He removes His cock and pushes the tip against her tight asshole, letting just the tip enter.

Slowly He starts to work His thick hard cock into her ass, pushing it in and out. Thrusting faster and harder He starts to fuck her ass, hearing her hips hit the desk and her moans drives Him on. Both T/their orgasms starting to peak, He rams His cock in hard and fast.

“Please Master,” she begs “Please may Your slut cum for You?” her breathe rasped.

“Cum slut.” He growls as He thrusts faster into her ass.

“Fuckkkk yessssss Masssterrrr.” she moans as she cums, her body throbbing and tingling.

He pulls out of her ass and grabs hold of her arm turning her to Him, pushing her down on her knees He thrusts His cock deep in her open mouth. He holds her head in His hands to keep it still and He starts to fuck her mouth. A few fast hard thrusts and He fills her mouth with cum, Tipobet Güncel Giriş as it gushes into her mouth she gags slightly trying to swallow it down. He growls loudly as He cums, pushing His hips up to meet her mouth as she sucks every last drop of cum out. Cleaning His cock she flicks her tongue under His cock head and in the slit, looking up at Him to let Him know she has finished cleaning. He pulls out of her mouth and sits back in His chair, looking down at her and then at His spent cock.

“Did My slut like the feel of My desk beneath her?” He asks.

“Very much Master. Thank You Master.” she grins as she replies.

“Go to the toilet and freshen up slut, you have ten minutes.” He zips His trousers up and starts on the papers on His desk.

Standing she kisses Him on the cheek and heads for the door, making sure her skirt is down before opening it. Walking past His secretary she wonders if T/they had been heard, a red blush tinges her cheeks as she quickens her pace. Once inside the toilets she cleans herself up, looking in the mirror she re-adjusts her hair in the pony tail. Looking at her watch she realises she had best get back , checking in the mirror again she heads back to His office not daring to look at His secretary. He stands as she enters, with pappers in His hand He walks towards the door.

“Follow me slut.” He commands.

Following Him she closes the door behind T/them, He moves briskly down the hall knowing she is close behind. Once inside the meeting room He sits in a chair, she kneels at His feet and He spreads His thighs she shuffles between them. He unzips His trousers and releases His cock, she dips her head forward and closes her mouth over it. Hearing the door open she immediately wonders if anyone can see her under the desk, she hears the voices of three other men apart from her Masters.

His partners look at Him with a curious puzzled look but say nothing to Him, all know about her under the table but none want to ask Him what she is actually doing. The meeting last for about twenty minutes and through out she dare not move, letting her mind wonder she thinks of the session Master and her have just enjoyed. Jumping slightly as He pushes His chair back slightly, His cock slipping out of her mouth. Looking up at Him she realises that T/they are alone, He zips His trousers up and looks down at her open mouth. Without a word He stands and heads for the door, she crawls out and stands brushing down her skirt she walks behind Him back to His office.

He decides that today will be an early day for Him and so He gathers up His things and tells His secretary He is indisposed for the rest of the day. T/they had for the Jeep, once inside He starts the engine and heads for the road home. Halfway there He pulls over and undoes His trousers, she knows what is required of her and quickly dips her head over His cock closing her mouth tightly over it and sucking up and down.

Eagerly she sucks on His cock, her teeth grazing over His flesh as He starts the engine and heads for home. Sucking faster and taking Him deep into her throat she gags slightly but carries on. He turns into the drive and parks up, her head bobbing quickly up and down on His cock. He writhes slightly and moans as His orgasm starts to build, lifting His hips up to meet her mouth He starts to fuck her tight mouth. Pushing her head down with His hand as He cums in her throat, His cums sliding down her throat as she sucks every drop from Him. Carefully she cleans His cock as she hears His growl and moans, His legs and cock twitching as she cleans.

Looking up at Him she kisses His cock tip and sits back upright in her seat, He bends and kisses her letting His tongue slip into her mouth letting it explore her mouth. Pulling back He takes her pony tail in His hand and pulls on it forcing her head back.

“For the rest of the day My slut you will be My fuck toy. To use as and when I crave. Once inside you will go to the playroom and await Me.”

T/they leave the Jeep and enter the house, she drops to her knees and heads for the playroom as He heads for the bedroom. Once inside the playroom she crawls over to His chair, kneeling with her thighs parted slightly, her back straight and her palms upwards on her thighs. Head high with her eyes positioned on the seat of His chair she patiently awaits Him, knowing that for the rest of the day she will be used in the way T/they both crave.