Movie Night Ch. 11: Late Night

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By late August, the girls and I had settled into a routine. They all lived at the house now, with Petra, Terri, and Susan sharing the larger bedroom upstairs, with Susan in the adjoining bedroom. Our younger kids all slept in the downstairs bedrooms, two floors below, so privacy was never an issue, and Riley and I had moved her into the master bedroom.

All the girls are “starting” to show, maybe Riley with twins a bit more than the rest, but our relationships, especially the depth of our relationships have only gotten better. Like a tribe or a pack, we have strengthened each other’s psyche’s, wants, needs, and the bonds we’ve formed. It’s common for Petra to or Terri to hear Riley wake up and head to the shower, just to join me in bed, nude. Riley will return to us kissing, petting…always leading to our love-making. Her sunbeam smile is one of warmth and understanding, love and deep affection, and I try to return it always.

The same can be said for my time with Susan, however, where Petri, Terri, and Riley are soft, sensuous, and their alter-ego is erotic and sexual, Susan is soft and sensuous, but her alter-ego is not only erotic, but somewhat dominant. Not that I’m complaining. This aspect of hers is the reason why Tammy has assumed her submissive role, even to that of a “Sub” to us all.

I thought this was becoming a problem, but now, I get that Susan just has “this thing” about her, and it’s dominant, and it’s focused on her mother. Having had a very restful sleep that night, I was awakened by low, moaning groans. I thought it might be Riley beckoning me to her, but she was deep asleep.

Moving to the next room, I turned the corner to check on Tammy, thinking she was up to something. Peeking around the corner in the dimness of the earliest morning light, I was maybe a bit more than surprised to see Susan in Tammy’s bed, her back propped up on a mountain of pillows facing the side of the bed, with her feet hanging over, her ankles hooked into the bedspring mattress, legs splayed apart. Susan had no clothes on. Nothing. But her head was strained forward, her abdomen cramped tight, her developing baby-bump slightly on display, and covered with a slight sheen of sweat.

I was directly to Susan’ left, in the doorway, and on the floor, on her knees, was Tammy, nude except for a black, leather, studded dog collar around her neck, the matching black, twisted leather lead of which led to Susan’s right hand, which was twisted inside Tammy’s hair, pulling…no…controlling the depth of her face and tongue against Susan’s VERY swollen sex. I was nearly behind Tammy…Susan could have seen me, but being literally behind Tammy, she could not.

I couldn’t see enough, but I could hear Susan’s need. “Oh, yes…right there, Mother…right there…now suck it…my clit…ahhhh, fuck…yes…you’re a good little fuck-slut, aren’t you…don’t you miss a fucking drop, Mom…now lick…down…down…deep into my hole…oooohhhhhhhhh…yessssss”.

Susan’s eyes were gently closed as she cooed her commands, alternately flexing her right arm muscles to control Tammy’s tongue, while her left hand cupped, then closed around, then squeezed her left breast forward, her fingers and thumb sliding over it’s lower expanse towards the nipple, squeezing it out, pinching and twisting it hard.

I had seen Susan like this before..numerous times. I actually had a pang of jealousy as I watched Susans panting become lighter and quicker, heading for what was certainly to be a gushing orgasm.

My own right hand slid down my bushy pubes and landed on top of my thickening erection. Feels so good, just the lightest touch rushing even more blood into it as the swelling commenced; my balls pulling up higher with each, more urgent stroke.

“Steady now, Mom…steady… I want to cum. Don’t you miss a drop, bitch. Fucker. Whore. Mother-slut. Fuck, that feels good. Swirl that tongue around my hole. Steady. Steady. Steady. YES! FUCK! LIKE THAT! Oh, FUUCCCCCCKKKKKKKKK…!!” and Susan spread her legs wide, her head slamming back into the mountain of pillows, and cramping her core, now pulsed Tammy’s face into her overheated cunt. She was cumming. Hard. The force of which slipped her feet off the bed, lowering them to the floor, as her whole body slid down a bit. Tammy’s face followed dutifully, stimulating Susan through the entire process, never leaving their task on her clit and flowing sex.

I was now fully erect. sikiş izle Dammit. Watching the scene unfold, I had not heard Petra’s footsteps, but I was pleasantly surprised to feel her nude form behind me, those heavenly breasts pressing into my back. Her left hand wrapped under my left arm, around my torso, and pulled my chest into hers as her right hand followed my right arm down, and whispering “let me…”, she took it’s place on my cock, now pulsing it’s own cadence with my heartbeat.

Susan never relented from Tammy…never gave her a break. Lifting her head up again and scooching forward, Susan intoned softly “good Mommy-bitch…good girl” but never allowed Tammy to remove her lips from her swollen sex. Tammy hadn’t said a word. She was probably forbidden to speak, but her moving jaw indicated her tongue was still fully engaged in it’s duties, and now moved up to Susan’s clit.

“Gently, Mother…gently…very sensitive… Good girl. Good, good, girl.”

Petra slid her left hand down from my chest, around and over my ass, and as she moved her womanly from slightly away from me, I felt her hand where her mound would be. I knew what was coming. Petra kissed my back up near my shoulder blades, several times and pressing her form back to mine, her left arm slide up my own, until her fingers were at my nose. “Smell me, Dad.”

Petra pressed her fingers under my nose, and I inhaled the musky, pheromone-laden smell of my lover. My cock strained anew from the rush of blood, as my brain alternated between love for this amazing woman wrapped around me, to lust for the horny-bitch-in-heat who was pushing her pussy-juices into my face. As I moved my head slightly forward to smell again, Petra lowered her fingers into my mouth. “I know you like it, Dad.” Her right hand squeezed my shaft, and her fingers slipped over it’s tip, smearing the pre-cum around the head.

Our forms must have caught Susan’s eye then, as her head turned towards us. “Such a bitch-slut, mother…eating out your daughter’s overheated, pregnant pussy. Tell me, do you like how I taste tonight?”

Tammy moved her mouth away long enough to utter “yes, Mistress Susan.”

Petra refocused my thinking “Look, Dad. Can you see it? Can you see how wide-open her asshole is from here?” I strained to see anything past Tammy’s head, but moving my eyes back, I realized Petra was referring to Tammy. She was still on her hands and knees, but now with her face so much lower, her ass was thrust up, and the dim light showed the brown flower fully blooming. “Look lower, Dad…can you see her wetness?” Tammy’s pussy was drenched. Apparently, it wasn’t just Susan enjoying this, but given the language and the circumstance, I seriously doubt Tammy was allowed to speak about anything still.

Susan’s eyes were glazed over, and now speaking towards us she whispered “Step forward, please.” Petra’s right foot moved with my own, and together, we advanced the few steps needed to stand to Tammy’s right, in front of Susan. Petra was still stroking my hardness, and I could feel her nipples distending now, poking into my back as she again pressed herself into me.

“I’m sorry we woke you up, Daddy. Petra. I was just… needing something, I guess.”

“No worries, Sus,” Petra whispered back “can we help?” and smiling, Petra raised my cock enough to make clear to Susan what she meant.

“Oh, yes…Daddy…yes, you can.” Susan smiled, licking her lips. The conversation caught Tammy’s ear, and turning her head slightly, she saw what Petra was holding, just inches away from her.

Petra stepped away from me, and leaning into Susan’s ear, whispered “Sus, I know Dad will gladly take care of you, but … when’s the last time Tammy had any relief?”

Susan twisted her eyebrows and looked only a bit quizzically at Petra, not really understanding, so Petra made it clear. Stepping in front of me, and placing her left hand on Tammy’s ass, Petra slid it down until one, then two, then three fingers were buried full in Tammy’s flowing sex. Tammy gasped, bearing down, then grunted. This was something she clearly wanted.

Susan understood. “I see…good point, I guess.”

Good to hear, actually. Sub…Slave…etc…didn’t matter. Tammy was still a person … with her own needs.

“You may have a point, P.” Susan again replied, maybe louder than she knew. “Mom, you’re going to be rewarded for your efforts tonight, but let’s be clear, I’m brazzers setting the rules on how, and with whom, understand?” Tammy nodded her head “yes.”

“o.k., Mom. Do you want us to finger you, or help you, or would you rather have Dad’s cock?”

Tammy whispered ever so meekly ‘his cock, please’.

“o.k., Mom. After me or Petra, then?”

Tammy looked up at Susan somewhat bewildered “what do you mean, Susan?”

“Oh, Mother…you don’t think you’re going to get what we get, do you? We’ve been over this…WE’RE the breeding clan here, Mother…YOU’RE the Mommy-Bitch-Slut. You’re not part of the dominant breeding queens, Mother, so you don’t get in on the breeding. What you get is what’s left over, meaning, you can watch Dad with Petra, or Dad with me, and only AFTER he’s given us his cum will you get his cock.”

Tammy was wide-eyed.

“He’s usually hard for several minutes after he cums, Mom, so if you’re quick about it, you’ll be able to cum on a hard cock” and in that one statement, Petra made clear both Susan and Tammy’s role to Tammy.

Susan made up her mind for her. “In fact, since you seem undecided, Mother, come here, please.”

Tammy took Susan’s place on the bed, but with her head facing the edge. “Oh, yes, Mr. D!” Petra spoke as she got on all fours over Tammy, her ass above her head.

This all seemed very familiar.

My cock surged again, and with Susan at my left side, her left hand squeezing and stroking my cock, she whispered in my ear, “mmm, Daddy…what’cha thinking about NOW?” I could feel her smile.

Stepping up to her, I placed my hands on Petra’s warm, soft ass, and heard the coo she let out. My hands slid down her inner legs. So young…so smooth… so sexy. I paused coming back up to find her clit, and squeezed it gently, sliding her wetness over it. Petra gasped.

I could smell her sex in the warm air surrounding coming up from that overheated pussy, and it supercharged the cockhead that Susan was smearing around her labia, finding, then spreading her wetness over it until I pressed forward into her dark, gripping tunnel. Petra’s love nest was warm, liquid caramel, and in just another stroke, I had already bottomed out inside her. She groaned low and deep “Ohhhhh…Fuccccckkkk me…Mr. Deeeeeee…Dadddddeeeeeeyyyyy.”

This was not going to take long. Nope. Between being fully rested, and having Petra stroke me earlier to Susan’s actions with Tammy, I didn’t realize how keyed up I had become. This was about to become the definition of a quickie.

Petra is lithe…there’s no fat or extra skin on her ass to grip, so I simply placed each hand on on her hip where the angle increases to her ass, and literally began pounding into her. Her cuntal walls creamed her lubrication to me on the second or third stroke, and we both felt that erotic combination of slippery-ness inside the pressure of her vaginal lining, teasing every vein on my cock, stimulating every fold of her vagina, ending at her lips stretched tightly over my shaft.

The smell of sex with her now was indescribably, and the muskiness of her spurred me on further. Susan was only watching, but now stepped forward to me on my left side and facing away from Petra, bent slightly to kiss me. It was wet. Erotic. Her tongue danced on mine, and she spoke up “cum in her, Dad…I think she really needs to feel you like that now.” Susan moved my left hand from Petra’s waist, over to her pussy, and I easily fit two fingers deep inside Susan, now moaning her own approval.

“uh, uh, uh…Daddy…Petra’s turn now, please” and she removed my hand, placing it back onto Petra’s waist. I watched, spellbound, as Susan kissed me again, then lifted her left hand to my mouth, and inserted just one finger. I sucked, but she guided me differently, whispering in my left ear “just get it wet for me, Daddy.” I was humping Petra…plowing her…deeply…roughly…I could hear her moans in the distance, but I was focused on Susan again. Relaxing my jaw, Susan coated her finger with my saliva, then removed it, saying “watch my hand, Daddy…watch my finger…remember?”

I watched in slow motion as Susan moved her left hand through the air, then rested her hand on Petra’s ass, moving with it as I pulled and pushed my manhood into her, and then slowly…ever so slowly…guided her finger down to Petra’s own blossoming rosebud, pressing the tip of her digit in until it fake taxi porno disappeared.

Petra’s head bolted upright, and she froze in place, despite my thrusting. She shouted “Oh, FUCK! YES. FUCK. YES. YES. Susan…do it” and Susan slowly guided her finger in as I picked up even more speed and depth. Susan was kissing me, her right hand wrapped around my head.

That was all it took.

To my surprise, Petra broke first. My fingers gripping near her abdomen felt her sharp intake of breath, followed by her scrunching her core tight. She couldn’t breath, and was just riding through it as I continued to thrust into her.

I was so close. I pushed in deeply, burying myself in her wetness, up to my root. Her tightness radiated through her sex, starting at the base of my cock, then fluttering over my shaft until her cervix and uterus started dancing over my cock head.

Too much, and I felt my blood produce that last swelling of my cock inside her, tight against her walls, sealing off any escape route for the oncoming rush of my semen. It must be something primordial between a man and a woman, because Petra moaned her deep satisfaction at it, too. My own body’s core closed off, twisting tight, cork-screwing my orgasm from the pit of my stomach, down through my balls, up and out. Each pulse of cum seemed to be a small river of seed, and hanging both our heads, Petra and I both felt it coat our union, until we were dripping our sex from her swollen lips.

The whole event hadn’t taken 10 minutes, I swear. Wow. I wouldn’t have liked that, except…I really liked that. Susan was giggling. “Wow, Petra…Dad…a little pent up, were we?”

“Fuck you, Sus. I really, really needed that.” Petra spoke back. “I don’t know about you, but pregnancy makes me really fucking horny. Now please remove your finger from my ass.”

What surprised me, however, was how eagerly Tammy was attending to her own duties. Unlike before, Tammy was now a VERY willing participant, stretching her head off the bed’s edge to lick at the union of our sex, now liberally dripping my cum with Petra’s.

“Pull out, Dad” Susan directed me “and lie down. Mom needs to clean up, and then she can get off, o.k.?”

Being so sensitive, it was hard to remove myself from Petra quickly, so slowly withdrawing my cock, covered in cum, I watched the river pour from Petra into Tammy’s waiting mouth, eagerly lapping up and swallowing it. Petra rose up, sitting her pussy onto Tammy’s face, and exhaled a couple of time, rough, enough for me to know that Tammy was stimulating her to further release the contents I had given her.

“Yum…Petra was right, Dad” and Susan squeezed my greasy, overheated cock, pressing a drop of cum forward. I wasn’t rock hard, and it wouldn’t last long, but pushing me onto the bed, Susan said “Now, Mother…if you want to get off, better get to it.”

Tammy quite literally lept from the bed, pushed me onto my back, my own feet still resting on the floor. She spun around, and with absolutely NO foreplay, backed up to me with her own feet on the floor, leaned forward, smeared the head of my cock through her wet valley, and pressed her own overheated pussy down onto me in one thrust. It felt…good. Familiar…and in that moment, I remembered things about Tammy that I had forgotten.

That same familiarity pumped my cock just a bit, and I wanted to last enough to enjoy Tammy’s sex again. She had her hands on my knees, and was riding me. Clearly, Tammy needed to be fucked.

“Oh, Fuck…S” but Susan cut her off “There’s to be NO talking, Mother. She accentuated this point by gripping each of Tammy’s nipples, squeezing, and pulling them out roughly.” This action by Susan caught Tammy’s breath, and I felt her gush her liquid cooze throughout, coating my cock, and as she was riding on top of me, coating my balls.

Susan gave her a few more moments to enjoy, then rocked her hands, twisting Tammy’s nipples slightly and barked “Cum, Slut-Mommy…like the pitiful little bitch-slut that you are.”

It took absolutely no more. Tammy’s cuntal walls squeezed in as far as they could and began to flutter, and I felt a warmth wash over my cock and balls as Tammy grunted like an animal being bred herself.

“That’s it, Mommy-bitch…cum for us. It was just like that when Daddy got each of us pregnant.”

Susan waited for Tammy to come down, then directed her back to bed. Petra and I said our own goodnights, and Susan left for her bed as well.

Returning to my bed with Riley, as I crawled in, I noticed it was 2:30 a.m. Riley roused slightly, and ask “is everything o.k., Daddy?”.

“Everything’s perfect, Riley. Everything’s perfect.”

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