Movie Piss


Jamie told me he wanted to go see a movie, so we walked up to Union Station; it was 10 blocks away from the house. I cannot remember what the movie was, but I DO remember that each time Jamie took a drink of his extra large lemonade, he would hit my leg with his leg and smile. At first, I thought it was just a mistake, but after the 3rd time he bumped my thigh, I knew something was up in his horny-ass mind.

The movie was over, and as we left, I suggested we stop and grab something to eat to take home with us. He quickly said, “No, let’s leave now.” Cool, so we started walking back to the house. As I put the key into the lock at the door, I felt Jamie’s hand on the back on my neck, guiding me through the door. As soon as we stepped inside, as I was closing and locking the door, I felt Jamie grabbing my sweats and pulling my them down. He pushed my neck down, so I was bent over, and he started eating my ass. Jamie loved eating my ass…I think sometimes he could just eat my ass and be satisfied. So he’s eating my ass, and I’m pushing back on his tongue, and using İstanbul Escort my hands to spread my cheeks open farther.

I thought he was getting ready to fuck me up against the door, but he stopped, grabbed me by the shirt and started dragging me up the stairs, toward the bedroom. Mind you: my sweats are still down around my ankles, as he’s pulling me up the stairs. We finally worked our way up to the bed, and he pushed me down on the bed, face first, and started eating my hole again. I heard him cough-up some deep, thick spit/snot from his nose, and spit that nastiness right on my hole. I felt him put his knees on the bed, as his dick started pushing at my spitty hole.

Jamie had a nice dick…honestly, I measured it and it was 9″ plus the very first line after the 9″ line…so probably 9 1/16″ inches? His dick was pretty, and had two nice thick veins that ran from the base to the head. So, he slides up in me, and starts his usual, deep, stroke. By the way, NO, we didn’t use rubbers, so it was ALWAYS raw.

Jamie normally fucked me Anadolu Yakası Escort for about a good 20 minutes…long enough for him to make me cum first, and then I would beg for his nutt in my ass. But this night, I could feel him fucking me harder than normal…like he was trying to hurt my hole. So, instead of the usual 20 minutes, I felt his dick swelling up, and he started fuckin me harder, so i knew he was gonna cum.

He grabbed my waist, pushed me deeper into the bed, as he said, “Open up baby, I’m cumin in your ass!”

“Fuck me nig, bust that shit all up in me! Make me feel that nutt hitting up in me!” was my reply.

His NORMAL routine was to keep fucking as he busted inside me, and on his final push, he would always push up in me as deep as he could. Then he would stay inside me, pull me over onto my side me. We would stay connected like that for a while…sometimes a few hours.

But this day, we’re lying there, kinda recovering from this very quick fuck. But instead of keeping his dick inside me, and pulling Ümraniye Escort me over onto my side, he stayed inside me, but stayed ON TOP of me. Cool, this felt nice too.

“Damn Papi, that was quick as fuck. You don’t normally nutt that quick.”

He laughed, “I got a surprise for you.”

As he said that, I could feel something going on inside my ass. I thought his dick was somehow moving. Nope, Jamie was pissing inside me! All of that lemonade he had been drinking during the movie, was now being emptied inside my guts. I “tried to get away” from his dick, but he still had a hold on my waist, so I wasn’t going anywhere.

“Shut up, you know you WANT THIS.”

I did.

“Relax baby, take this piss, and you better not spill a fuckin drop!”

So I pushed back even harder, grabbed my dick and started jerking. When I finally busted my nutt, I felt so fucking full, but he would NOT let me get up. I’m “begging” for him to let me up to let his piss out, but secretly, I am losing my fucking mind in ecstasy.

After about 15 minutes, he patted my ass, and said, “Good job baby, now go let Papi’s piss out.”

I clamped my hole closed as tightly as possible, pulled away from his dick, then got off the bed as easily as possible, walked to the bathroom, and pissed his lemonade out. That’s how we started our piss games…