MP3 Player


After a day-long drive, we reached our hotel in Terre Haute, a little more than halfway to our destination. After checking in, we went to a local hole-in-the-wall restaurant before returning to the hotel.

Shortly after arriving in our room, as my husband sprawled out upon the bed, I reached into my purse and produced something he had not seen before: an MP3 player. He watched me curiously, not saying anything as I also withdrew the normal-style headphones.

“When did you buy that?” he asked, studying the design of the small MP3 player.

“A few weeks ago,” I answered, setting the purse aside and connecting the headphones to the MP3 player. “I figured this would come in handy for this trip.”

“Oh? But you hadn’t been listening to it at all today.”

“That’s because this isn’t really for me,” I responded with a smile. “This is for you.”

“It is?”

“It is.”

I moved toward the bed and handed him the headphones. As I sat on the edge of the bed, my husband placed the headphones and adjusted them to the proper fit.

“What do you have planned?” he asked, caressing my hip.

“You’ll see, darling,” I replied, trying to keep myself from grinning. “I think you’ll like it.”

“Probably so. You tend to have really good ideas overall.”

I turned on the MP3 player and allowed it the five seconds to initialize. Then, the eight hours of “music” began to play.

The “music” was actually numerous sound files I had downloaded from the Internet over the past few months as I had planned this event. However, these were not normal, “mundane” sound files – these were the sounds of women in the throes of ecstasy, including a number of true screamers.

I glanced up at my husband’s face, and saw a smile begin to form as he heard the first breathy exhalations of the first sound file. “Whoa!” he exclaimed softly, and I giggled, knowing that he had just heard the man in that file whisper, “I’m gonna Sakarya Escort fuck you until you bleed!”

Setting the MP3 player beside him on the bed, I leaned forward to kiss my husband’s forehead. “Enjoy, darling.”

I simply caressed him for several minutes as he closed his eyes, enjoying my touches and the arousing sounds in his ears. I watched avidly as the front of his jeans began to show a growing bulge, and when he moved a hand toward the zipper, I grabbed the wrist and placed his hand on the bed, my grip making it clear that he was not to touch himself, that he was simply to enjoy the scenario.

On occasion, I could softly hear the sounds of feminine ecstasy, and I smiled to myself, thinking of the many hours I had spent at the computer while he was at work, downloading and listening to well over one thousand such files, selecting the best ones… all this with one hand down the front of my thong and the other hand snaking inside a cup of my bra. I knew that if I found a particular sound file arousing, then he would certainly enjoy it as well.

His enjoyment was visibly evident. I continued to touch him, and one bent forward to kiss his cheek. His breathing was changing subtly as his arousal heightened, and I knew that this was indeed a very good idea to help him relax after a full day of driving. Even though I had only been a passenger, I was finding this to be rather relaxing as well, even if it was not nearly as arousing for me as it was for him.

I heard a scream and recognized it as the beginning of a file I particularly enjoyed. “Wow,” my husband whispered. “I like her voice.”

Leaning forward again, I pressed my lips to his. As my hand moved down his torso and began to stroke his solid length through the front of his jeans, he responded with ever-growing vigor. The screams continued from the unusually-vocal woman, arousing me even as I attempted to focus simply on his own pleasure. Sakarya Escort Bayan

When her orgasm surged through her, the woman’s scream turned into more of a high-pitched howl. That was when my hand began to fumble with the zipper, even as my husband attempted to devour my mouth and began to grope me with both hands. I moaned into his mouth, then squealed as his tongue entered me possessively. While he may be quick to arousal, I had not expected my idea to bring him to such a level of arousal so quickly.

The long, hard, throbbing phallus had just barely been guided through the open zipper of my husband’s jeans when he was suddenly shoving my head toward his groin. More by instinct than anything else, my mouth immediately opened and my body was swiftly impaled, my head held in place with a hearty obstruction in my throat. I very nearly panicked, but somehow managed to keep my wits about me as my head was held in place. Between the continuing howls of the woman and the loud groan of lust from my husband, my own arousal was growing exponentially, my thong dampening and my hardened nipples trying to poke through the cups of my bra.

Only after I had gagged several times did he release my head and allow me to remove the obstruction from my throat. I breathed heavily, taking in as much oxygen as possible as I firmly stroked the pulsing, dripping manhood before me. As my panic from the unexpected forced deepthroating subsided, my arousal grew almost exponentially, and I had to remind myself that this was all about my husband’s pleasure, that this was all about helping him to relax after a long day of driving, that I had to set my wants aside.

After placing several soft kisses along his lengthy shaft, I took the tip into my mouth once more, battering it lightly with my tongue as I suckled like a newborn babe at the breast. The cries emanating from the MP3 player changed to a woman babbling loudly in what Escort Sakarya sounded to me like Italian, with some lucky guy occasionally responding in mind. I almost panicked again when I felt my husband’s hands upon my head once more, but he simply brushed my hair away from my face, and I was thankful for his gesture, as my hair was beginning to get in the way of my mouth.

I looked up my husband’s body, noting the quickening rise and fall of his chest. Looking further upward, I saw his eyes, half-open and full of desire and love, locked with mine. This time, I was prepared, and with my eyes locked with his for as long as possible, I was the one in control as I ingested him, allowing his hardened erection back into my throat. I gagged again, but with far less panic this time, my efforts rewarded with another loud Italian squeal and a softer universal groan.

The MP3 player contained nearly eight full hours of sound files of women enjoying sex: sex with a man, sex with another woman, sex alone, sex with a group, sex with a machine…

Perhaps an hour had passed. When my jaw began to ache, I would stop sucking my husband and stroke him instead, purposely keeping my actions firm enough to perpetuate his arousal yet not quite enough to cause him to unleash his pent-up passion. I alternated between the two actions, occasionally taking him into my throat, especially during an unusually loud scream emanating from the MP3 player.

“Please!” he finally begged, something he rarely ever does. “I need to cum!”

Stroking harder and faster, my heart swelled at the lewd sounds emanating from my husband’s throat. Soon, he grabbed my head and forced me to suck him again, but did not try to violate my throat this time. His primal sounds were loud as his desire exploded into my mouth, and I had to swallow quickly and rapidly to make room for even more of his tasty seed.

Later, as we cuddled under the covers in the darkness, he kissed me forehead. “Thank you for the unusual surprise,” he whispered.

“You’re welcome, darling,” I replied, caressing his cheek. “I figured it would help you to relax after a long day’s drive.”

He laughed softly. “The funny thing is… I had planned something very similar for you!”