Mrs. Hartsell’s Trailer

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When my mom met her newest boyfriend, the two of them made it very uncomfortable for me to be around. If they weren’t using drugs, they were being very vocal in her bedroom. Thankfully, my friend, Mrs. Hartsell welcomed me into her trailer with open arms. She lived next door to my mother and she knew how upsetting it was for me to be around my mom when she was like that. On the nights when I couldn’t stay at home, I simply ran to Mrs. Hartsell’s trailer. There were times when I felt the need to leave in a hurry. On those nights, I ran to the safety of Mrs. Hartsell’s trailer in whatever I happened to be wearing. On occasion, I ran next door in only my underpants. That’s what I was wearing that fateful night.

Mrs. Hartsell later told me she had a feeling something was wrong that night. She rose out of bed, threw on a robe, and dashed outside while telling me to wait where I was. She stepped outside just in time to see their fully loaded truck turn the corner. Mrs. Hartsell walked through the dimly lit night to the now-abandoned trailer and found it was empty. All of my things were gone too.

I sat at the window and watched Mrs. Hartsell step out of what had been my mother’s trailer. She looked upset while making her way back to her trailer. When Mrs. Hartsell came back inside, she spoke two words, “She’s gone.” She then took me in her arms and embraced me. She held me in her big, soft arms and nuzzled my head between her breasts. She held me for a good long time while I sobbed quietly. My mother had never run off like this before. But her new boyfriend had her into heavy drugs and who knows what else. I knew I’d most likely never see her again.

While embracing me, Mrs. Hartsell told me what she’d found inside my mother’s trailer. My mom had taken all of my meager belongings, even my clothes. She was gone and she wasn’t coming back. Being the kind woman she was, Mrs. Hartsell told me I’d be staying with her for as long as I wanted. I was so thankful to have her in my life. Even though I was nearly 21 years old, I wasn’t emotionally prepared to live on my own. I needed to be taken care of and Mrs. Hartsell knew this all too well.

It was still very late at night when I calmed down. We had been awake for a few hours but it was still far too early to remain out of bed. Taking my small hand in hers, she led me back to the bedroom so we could get some rest. During all the nights I’d spent in her home, we’d always slept together in her large, queen-sized bed. She never allowed me to sleep on her couch, insisting there was plenty of room in bed with her.

Mrs. Hartsell had always been super nice. She was the kindest and most understanding person I’d ever met. While my mother had always been unhealthily thin due to her addictions, Mrs. Hartsell was the exact opposite. She towered over my petite height and bordered between being full-figured and voluptuous. Her immense breasts swelled wider than her already broad shoulders. Between her breasts and wide hips, her waist appeared thin, but it was a bit of an illusion. She was a substantial woman with the biggest heart imaginable.

That night, after we’d climbed back into bed, Mrs. Hartsell spooned me from behind like she always did. I could feel the warmth of her body through her knee-length, nylon nightgown. She held me in her large, strong arms and let me continue weeping until I ran out of tears. As I was falling back asleep, she whispered, restating what she’d already told me, “Don’t worry about anything Sammy. You’re going to live here with me and I’m going to take care of you.”

I replied softly, “I love you, Mrs. Hartsell.”

She kissed my cheek, which wasn’t unusual, and whispered, “I love you too, Baby Boy.”

Early the next morning, just as the sun was rising, I awoke before Mrs. Hartsell with a very stiff penis and the need to use the bathroom. As carefully as I could, I slipped out from her embrace and turned to make my way out of her bedroom. The room was dimly lit by the rising sun through the frilly curtains. I carefully made my way toward the door. Very suddenly, Mrs. Hartsell spoke in a playful tone, “I’m glad to see you’re so happy you’ll be living with me.”

I quickly laid both my hands over my underpants to hide the tent my little erection was making in my underpants. In all the nights I’d spent with her, Mrs. Hartsell had never called attention to my morning arousal or my state of dress. I squeaked in a high pitch, “Mrs. Hartsell…” I never finished what I was going to say. When I looked back at her still lying in bed, I saw one of her gigantic breasts had nearly slipped free of her nightgown. I was able to see more than half of her nipple. The areola was the size of a large pancake! And the nub of her nipple was at least the size of a thimble!

She quickly learned where my attention was and adjusted her nightgown to protect her modesty. The sight I’d seen was so captivating, I didn’t realize I stood there squeezing my penis, almost playing with myself right beside her bed.

With bursa escort bayan a grin on her face, after she’d covered her breast and sat upright, she said, “Why don’t you go potty and then come back to bed. Neither of us got much sleep last night.”

Biting my lower lip, I spun on my toes and left the room. After entering her bathroom, I shut the door but didn’t bother locking it. The lock had never worked the entire time I’d been visiting her. I stood at the sink and looked at my reflection in the mirror. All thoughts of the night before and my mother were quickly fading. All I could think about was the breast I’d just seen. I stepped to the toilet, awkwardly relieved myself, and flushed. But even then, my little penis was still perfectly erect. I tried to think of anything that would make it go soft, but my thoughts returned to the very first breast I’d ever seen. I was just about to begin masturbating to make it go soft when I froze in place after hearing her voice.

From down the hall, Mrs. Hartsell called out to me, “Sammy, wash your hands and come back to bed.”

She often spoke to me as if I were a fraction of my age. It was something I secretly enjoyed and I think she knew it. Doing as I’d been told, I quickly washed my hands with floral-scented soap and dried them on a nearby frilly, pink hand towel. Using one hand over my underpants to keep my erection hidden, I dashed down the hall and across the room, jumped back into bed, and quickly pulled the blankets up to cover myself.

As I rolled onto my side, facing away from her, Mrs. Hartsell moved in close and spooned me from behind. But instead of wrapping her arms around my body, she left one arm under my head and rested her other hand on my underpants-covered hip.

She whispered in my ear, “Sammy, I meant what I said last night. You’re going to live with me now.”

I squirmed back against her and whispered, “I know and I’m really glad. I don’t know where else I would go.” I felt my emotions begin to rise after recalling all that had occurred the night before.

But then something amazing happened. One of her fingers slipped under the waistband of my underpants and caressed my naked hip and my thoughts quickly focused on her touch.

She whispered, “Sweetheart, we need to go shopping today to get you a few things to wear.”

I whimpered, praying that her finger remained right where it was. It was the first time anyone had touched my bare hip like that. It was wildly arousing. My little penis was throbbing in time to my rapidly beating heart.

When I felt her hand begin to move, I gasped and was ready to accept it was a fluke. But then she slipped her whole hand under the side of my underpants. Her large, soft hand was resting on the bare skin of my hip!

In a raspy whisper, she said, “Unless you wouldn’t mind spending the day naked while I ran these underpants through the wash.”

The touch of her hand and the words she spoke left me speechless. I squirmed back against her and continued to whimper softly.

Her lips brushed against my ear when she whispered, “Be a good boy and take these off for me.”

I moaned softly while scooting forward enough that I could roll onto my back. I was never one to disobey. Mrs. Hartsell laid her big, soft arm over my stomach while I slid my underwear down my skinny legs. When I’d slid them off, I timidly asked, “Where should I put them?”

Mrs. Hartsell was letting her long fingernails drift over my naked stomach and chest. She whispered, “Drop them on the floor.”

I slid them out from under the covers and dropped them on the floor as I’d been told. With that accomplished, I laid naked in a bed with Mrs. Hartsell and she was teasing my body with her fingernails.

She whispered, “Sammy, I know you’ve never had a girlfriend. And you told me once not long ago that you were a virgin. Is that still the case? Are you still a virgin?”

I whimpered softly while squirming beneath her touch, “Yes ma’am, I’m still a virgin.”

She pinched my nipple and asked, “Sweetheart, is this the first time you’ve been naked with anyone?”

I moaned again, “Yes ma’am.”

Her hand moved to my other nipple and pinched it, “That makes me a very lucky lady.” She pinched my nipple again before asking, “Sammy, have you ever been kissed?”

My hips were squirming around and I was so horny, “No, ma’am. I’ve never been kissed, not really kissed.”

She drew circles on my stomach with her fingernail and asked, “Why do you think that is Honey?”

I squirmed, “I don’t know. I guess because I’m shy.”

She giggled softly, “You’re not shy with me.”

I whimpered, “You’re different. You’re you. You’re easy to talk to. You don’t make fun of me or laugh at me.”

She asked, “Why would anyone laugh at you?”

I squirmed close to her beneath the bedcovers and felt the goosebumps rise and fall like waves all over my body. But the goosebumps weren’t at all due to the temperature in the room. “Because of my size. Because I still live görükle escort with my mom. Because I look like I do.”

She whispered, “You are a little small, but 5’2″ isn’t that short.”

I squeaked, “I’m only 5 foot.”

She smiled warmly, “And that’s a bad thing?”

Snuggling even closer so the side of my face rested against her enormous, nightgown-covered breast. Biting my lower lip hard, I whispered, “You know. It happens when we’re together. People think I’m in junior high or something. No one thinks I’m as old as I really am.”

Her fingernails drifted lower across my stomach until she was tracing small circles around my belly button, “Sammy, Sweetheart, all of those things that worry you are the same things I like most about you. I love that you’re so small. I love that you’re often mistaken for my son when we’re out.”

I giggled while smushing my face against her big breast. “It’s probably because we hold hands!”

Mrs. Hartsell rolled away for a brief moment while I continued to lay on my back. When she returned her touch to my bare stomach, she scooted close enough that her breast once again touched my face. Except this time, there wasn’t a nightgown separating my face from her big boob.

I squeaked in a high pitch, “Mrs. Hartsell!”

She let her fingers drift up my naked body until her hand rested on the far side of my face. She gently guided me to turn my head toward her. I began to gently kiss all of the warm, soft flesh my lips could reach. She slipped her hand away from my face and adjusted her huge boob until her long, fat nipple brushed against my lips. I didn’t hesitate before parting my plump lips and sucking her nipple into my mouth. Keeping my arms at my sides, not wanting to touch something she didn’t want me to touch. I lay beside her and gently sucked on the huge nipple of her breast.

Mrs. Hartsell dragged her fingernails over my tingling flesh while doodling her way down my quivering body. “Sammy Honey, I love that you’re so innocent. And Baby, I’ll never take that innocence from you. I love that you’ve never been with a girl. I love that you’ve never been kissed. And I love that the last woman’s hand you held was mine.”

Her fingers had drifted low enough that she was tracing a big heart across my stomach and thighs, around my very excited penis. She whispered, “Sweetheart, I want to see you. I’m going to pull the covers down.”

I shivered and sucked her fat nipple further into my mouth while she reached out and tossed the covers down the bed, off my naked body. No one had seen me naked before. No girl had seen me. I never took a shower in P.E. class in school. I couldn’t remember ever being to a doctor. And even though I knew how to swim, I avoided it at all costs! I lay there and my back arched while my skinny, little penis flexed hard in response to my exposure.

Her eyes drifted over my body like a chilly breeze leaving goosebumps in their wake. She began to let her fingernails caress my chest. She whispered, “Sammy if I’d known you looked this cute without clothes, I would have had you sleeping with me naked all along.”

Her fingernails drifted over my hairless chest and stomach. She let them wander further down and used the pad of her fingers to tease the sides of my pubic mound. She whispered, “I love your soft, peach fuzz down here. Being so wispy and such a light blonde color, I almost thought you shaved. But this is just the way you are, isn’t it?”

I squeaked, “Yes ma’am.”

While guiding my lips back to her nipple, she whispered, “Sammy, I’m going to touch you now.”

After my lips had latched onto her nipple, she let her fingernails drift slowly down my body while I squirmed in the bed beside her. When her finger passed my belly button, she lifted it off of me. I didn’t feel her touch again until the pad of her finger came to gently rest on the underside of my anxious penis just below the soft pink, squishy, gumdrop of a head.

It was the very first time anyone had touched me like that. I thrust my hips up and she pulled her finger away. When I calmed down a little, she touched her finger to that spot again. My body reacted in the same manner, my hips jumped up off the bed. Like before, Mrs. Hartsell removed her touch. She again waited until I’d calmed down before touching me again.

That third time, her nipple slipped from my lips and I looked up into her eyes. I forced myself to keep from thrusting against her touch. She whispered, “Good boy. Stay still and let me take care of my sweet, little Sammy.”

It felt like a dream while I lay there, breathing heavily, feeling sensations I’d never felt before. Lifting my head from the pillow, I looked down and saw the pad of Mrs. Hartsell’s first finger resting against the neck of my little penis. My little, pale penis looked positively tiny beside her long, thick, index finger.

When my head fell back onto the pillow, Mrs. Hartsell asked, “Are you ready, Baby Boy?”

I began to ask, ‘Ready for what?’, bursa escort bayan but she began to slide her finger around on that magical place on the underside of my penis just below the head. My eyes popped open wide and my mouth fell open, but no sounds came out. I squeezed the sheet with my fists and my penis throbbed hard under her gentle touch.

She whispered, “Does that feel good, Sammy?”

Still unable to form words, I nodded my head up and down quickly.

She grinned while looking down at me and teasingly asked, “Do you want me to stop?”

My back arched as I shook my head from side to side quickly.

She kept grinning when she asked, “Do you want me to keep doing this until you squirt?”

I nodded my head and managed to squeak, “Yes please!”

My back began arching and relaxing. I fought to keep myself from thrusting my hips against her touch, not wanting to take the chance of her stopping.

Her eyes wandered over my body as it quivered under her touch. She grinned and whispered, “You have got such a cute, little body. You’re just adorable.” She never used more than the pad of that finger. Sometimes she slid it around in circles, other times she slid it up and down, but she never touched anywhere else except that small area just beneath the pink head of my penis.

The feelings were quickly building inside of me. My hips began to grind and I squeezed the bedcovers even tighter in my fists. I chirped, “Mrs. Hartsell!”

She never stopped moving her finger. She whispered, “I know Baby. It’s okay. I’m right here. Let it go.”

A very high-pitched squeal left my lips just before my penis let out a very big glob of its creamy love. Mrs. Hartsell kept rubbing that same spot until an even larger blob of my cream leaked out, adding to the puddle on my stomach.

The orgasm was nothing like it was when I played with myself. When I was alone, those orgasms were different, they were rushed and quick. With Mrs. Hartsell, they were slow, gentle, and lovely. When I was alone, my penis shot out its cream in long lines up my chest. With Mrs. Hartsell, my cream oozed out in big globs. When I’d finished by myself, my penis went soft very quickly. With Mrs. Hartsell, it remained stiff even after she’d teased out the last few drips from inside. I felt like I wanted to do it all over again, almost like I didn’t squirt at all.

I lay there naked beside Mrs. Hartsell. The cream on my stomach was beginning to run down my sides while my penis remained perfectly rigid. For the first time since I’d rolled onto my back, I moved my hands. I cupped them against my sides to keep the cream from dripping onto the bed.

Mrs. Hartsell didn’t say a word. She was smiling while her eyes wandered over my body.

I whispered, “That felt so good Mrs. Hartsell.”

She whispered back, “I’m glad you enjoyed it. Because they will all be like that with me.”

I blushed and asked, “We’re going to do it again?”

She kissed the tip of my nose and whispered, “Oh yes. That isn’t something we can only do once.”

I squirmed beneath her and whispered, “Thank you, Mrs. Hartsell.”

She grinned and whispered, “You’re so cute. But you need to get cleaned up before you make a mess!”

I wiggled out of bed, moving my hands around, trying to catch any drips of my cream that ran down my body. Tiptoeing out of her bedroom and down the hall to the bathroom. From where Mrs. Hartsell lay in bed, she could see me and catcalled, “Cute little butt!”

I wiggled my butt the rest of the way down the hall until I stood at the toilet, pulled off several sheets of toilet tissue and began wiping myself clean. I’d just begun wiping up my mess when she called from the bedroom, “Sammy, why don’t you take a quick shower.”

I called back to her, “Okay!”

After wiping up most of my mess, I went pee again and flushed the toilet. Reaching into the shower stall, I adjusted the water until it was just right. Stepping inside and closing the clear glass door, I stood beneath the warm water and let it rain down on my body. Picking up the pink bottle of herbal shampoo, I filled my palm and washed my hair. With my eyes squeezed closed, I tilted my head back and rinsed away the suds.

Mrs. Hartsell had seen me naked! She had touched my penis! She had rubbed it until it spurted! Why hadn’t we ever done that before in all the nights I’d spent at her trailer in her bed? I briefly considered asking her that question when I stepped from the shower. But my mind quickly wandered elsewhere and I soon forgot about my intention to ask. That happened a lot to me. My mind would drift and I would soon forget what I’d been thinking about earlier.

When I stepped out from under the water and wiped the drops from my eyes, I saw Mrs. Hartsell had opened the shower stall door and stood there watching me wash! She had covered her nightgown with her knee-length robe.

Until that night, no one had seen me naked before. Now Mrs. Hartsell stood there looking at me while I washed in her shower.

She grinned and said, “I couldn’t resist coming to watch.”

There was something about the way she looked at me. There was no judgment. She loved every part of my body. The same body I’d been so self-conscience about for so long.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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