Mrs. O’Malley’s Golden Juices Ch. 09

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Susan watched young Amy kissing Alana and smiled as best she could, what with her mouth locked around one of Alana’s wrinkled old tithes.

Amy’s eyes were closed and she moaned as she thrust her tongue into Alana’s mouth, the age difference of 46 years not bothering her in the least. Nor did whom she was making out with – her grandmother, whose own eyes were open, shocked, looking at her 20-year-old beautiful granddaughter slurping her tongue.

Susan continued to suckle Alana’s thick titty as the older woman’s head twisted to the side to reluctantly accept her granddaughter’s probing tongue and deep, wet kisses. And she continued to finger Alana’s copious bush, thrusting her fingers in and out, diddling the engorged clit with her thumb.

Susan O’Malley was a woman accustomed to getting her way, and one of her ways was making piss slaves of women and men, young and old. This day, she’d been out for a jog and having to pee, stopped by her friend Alana’s house, who wasn’t home, but someone else was. It was there, from a window outside, she saw Amy on the couch, playing with her sweet young cunt as she watched videos of older women pissing in younger women’s mouth.

It was a perfect entrée, she reasoned, and soon had captured Amy under her pissy spell. The girl had snuck a peek at Susan, a beautiful silky haired 65-year-old, pissing in the toilet, and caught her doing so. The rest was easy, as Amy willingly lapped the golden drops of urine from Susan’s hairy, sweaty cunt, and things proceeded to the shower, where both women rained piss on each other, ending up with both on their knees, Amy eagerly sucking the farts out of Susan’s rippling asshole.

And that’s where Alana came in, home early, catching the unholy tryst, running to the kitchen, aghast and nauseous. Susan calmly caught up to her and soon forced herself on the 66-year-old gray-haired woman, tearing her clothes off, forcing kisses on her, fingering her pussy and sucking her tits, all of which was slowly melting her resolve.

Amy walked slowly out of the bathroom, and her panicked grandmother begged her forgiveness.

“I’m so sorry Granny,” Amy said softly, advancing slowly, caught up in the perverse magic of the moment. “I’m so…sorry…”

Susan looked up from feasting on Alana’s thick tits and smiled as she watched Amy’s mouth meet her grandmother’s, tenderly at first, then urgently, tongue parting her lips and darting inside.

“What…what are you…no, Amy, no!” she cried out.

“Yes, Granny…yessssssss,” Amy hissed dominantly, pulling her grandmother’s face back to hers and kissing her hard, the old woman’s initial reservations fading as those young lips met her. “It’s only love, Granny…it’s only…love…”

Susan watched them kiss as she continued to nibble on Alana’s nipple and finger her soaking cunt, feeling the body’s tension lessen with every probe of Amy’s tongue and thrust of her finger into Alana’s pussy. She smiled. The rest would be easy.

Susan let go of Alana’s thick brown nipple, licking her way up the gentle sagging flesh of her chest, suckling the sexy wattle of her neck and slowly thrusting her tongue into Alana’s ear as she continued to be kissed wetly by her granddaughter.

“I knew it, I knew you’d like it, you filthy old whore!” she hissed, biting Alana’s lobe, making her whimper into Amy’s mouth locked to hers. “You’re gonna make a good piss slave for both of us!”

“No……” Alana begged into Amy’s mouth as Susan drilled her hairy cunt with three fingers up to the hand, squishing sounds filling the space around the moans of the trio. “Please…”

“Your darling granddaughter never had a woman before, and I’m just betting you haven’t either, have you, sweetie?” Susan laughed darkly into Alana’s ear.

“No..of course not…oh, God, Susan…” Alana groaned as she twisted her mouth away from Amy’s now and the young woman stabbed her granny’s other ear with her long tongue.

“It’s a day of firsts, Granny,” Amy hissed. “You’re gonna love it…”

Amy now added her own fingers to her granny’s gushing twat, six fingers in all between her and Susan, and Alana’s cunt burned with pain and the undeniable undercurrent of pleasure as her hole widened to accommodate the thrusting digits.

Susan pulled hers out slowly, as Amy continued her assault, and held them up to Alana’s face.

“Suck them clean, bitch,” Susan growled, reaching behind Alana with her other hand and running her fingers into her ass crack, digging into the tight rectum and making the old woman jump. “Suck!”

“Oh…God…” Alana moaned, closing her eyes and opening her mouth.

She’d tasted her own pussy before, inadvertently, during the times she’d finger her pussy when masturbating, wetting them in her mouth, trying to ignore the depravity of the flavor of her own cunt, but now it consumed her. Susan slipped her fingers into the woman’s puckered, quivering lips and scraped them on her cheeks, Alana sucking, tasting the thick sliminess of Escort Bayan her pussy juices – and much to her shock, enjoying it. She groaned more loudly now, sucking harder, smacking her lips around the invading digits as Susan laughed.

“Fucking bitch, she loves it!” she roared, looking at Amy on the other side who was now bent to suckle her grandmother’s wrinkled old tit, holding the saggy flesh in her young fingers and squeezing it into a cone of meat, gnawing on the thick nipple. “Let’s see how she feels about her asshole!”

Alana screamed, the tide definitely turning more toward pleasure than pain, as Susan slipped one then two fingers into the very tight opening of her asshole, reaming her harder and harder, the flesh giving way, the rectal muscles relaxing to grip and milk the fingers. Susan smiled and finger fucked the older woman’s asshole until it went looser still, then yanked them out and held them to Alana’s shocked face.

“No…Susan, please…that’s too…too much!” she begged, shaking her head, eyes wide and frightened.

Amy broke her titty feast and grabbed a handful of her granny’s gray hair, jerking the head back.

“Do what she fucking says, Granny!” she snarled, hocking up a gooey spit wad into her grandmother’s sputtering mouth and making her swallow it down. “Mrs. O’Malley is in charge!”

“You learn fast, girl!” Susan laughed, dancing those fingers, slick with Alana’s ass oils and reeking of funk, in front of her face.

“Here, bitch, smell ’em first!”

“NOOOO!!” Alana screamed as Susan rudely stuffed each finger into her nostrils as deeply as she could, the stench of shit and sweat permeating her existence.

And as she inhaled the rancid vapors of her own asshole, Alana realized, it was making her pussy drip. She fought the urge to enjoy it but could not, and when Susan yanked the fingers from her nostrils and shoved them into her mouth, she madly suckled the slick digits clean, reveling in the taste of her butt.

“Look at the bitch go!” Susan laughed, fucking Alana’s moaning mouth with her filthy fingers. “Let’s take this to the next level!”

She pulled her fingers from the sucking mouth and grabbed Alana’s arm, dragging her forcefully to the living room, kneeling her before the couch. She motioned for Amy to sit, and the gleeful girl giggled as she sat, spreading her smooth-as-silk legs widely, her juicy, piss-scented cunt opening wide. Susan forced Alana’s face between them and the older woman resisted.

“Please, for God’s sake, Susan, not that, please it’s…my own…granddaughter, for God’s sake!” she screamed.

“No shit,” Susan sighed, then nodding to Amy adding, “Go on baby, lock those gorgeous legs around your grandmother’s face and make her eat…your…cunt!”

Amy moaned, not looking at her grandmother but Susan’s sultry eyes as she cupped her granny’s head and slammed the protesting face to her slick slit, slapping her thighs shut around them, locking her feet and squeezing. Susan laughed and got behind the couch, leaning over to tweak Amy’s pert tits, twisting her nipples and kissing and licking the young girl’s face and neck.

There in the clamp of Amy’s powerful young thighs Alana’s eyes looked up, tearfully, her mouth open to scream but no sound coming out. Amy pulsated her inner thighs on her grandmother’s face, urging her on.

“Lick me, Granny,” she cooed, running her fingers through Alana’s gray hair. “Lick your granddaughter’s hot cunt!”

Alana had no choice, and closed her eyes as she snaked out her tongue, where it instantly slithered up Amy’s tight pussy hole. The young girl groaned and squeezed harder, pulling the face tighter, grinding her clit on her granny’s nose and mouth, swiveling her slim hips.

“Mmm, she looks like she’s enjoying it too much!” Susan laughed, twisting Amy’s nipples as the young girl writhed on the couch, her thighs crushing her moaning grandmother’s face to her gushing pussy. “Flip over, baby girl!”

Amy unlocked her powerful legs from Alana’s panting face and kneeled on the couch, her creamy white ass inches from her grandmother’s soaking wet face, the old eyes staring between the supple cheeks. Susan walked around and knelt, grabbing Alana’s hair and yanking hard, making the old woman cry out in pain.

“Take a whiff, bitch!” she snarled, ramming Alana’s protesting face into her granddaughter’s butt. “Smell it good!”

Alana screamed, the screams muffled as her nose met Amy’s wet, smelly asshole, Alana’s mouth mashed to the pussy below. She couldn’t breathe, and inhaled the nasty aroma of her granddaughter’s shit chute, smelling of poop, piss and sweat. Amy groaned with pleasure, reaching under to diddle her pussy, rubbing the oily lips onto her granny’s sucking mouth, and cumming hard, squirting her girly gel into Alana’s sputtering mouth.

“Now clean it,” Susan snapped, moving the old face up, the mouth directly at Amy’s winking pucker.

She had no choice, nor did she want one, she realized, Bayan Escort snaking her tongue out to spear the wrinkled muscles of Amy’s rectum, plunging it in deeply, feeling it pulled inside, tasting the nasty funk of it. Susan laughed, reaching behind Alana’s rump as it wiggled in the air, and brutally finger fucking it with three fingers, then four, opening up her old hole. Alana screamed, the pain-pleasure line blurrier than ever as she reamed Amy’s shit chute more deeply and hunched her hips back into Susan’s insistent fingers.

Susan fucked her butt a moment longer, then yanked the digits out, bringing them to Amy’s asscrack, plunging them inside to wipe up Alana’s nose and into her mouth, which the old woman eagerly sucked.

“She’s ready for more, baby,” Susan laughed, tugging Alana’s sucking mouth from Amy’s asshole, which was glistening with her grandmother’s spit. “Into the bathroom!”

Amy jumped up and took one of her grandmother’s arms, Susan the other, and shuffled the woman to the bathroom, her confused, uncertain look darting left to right.

“Amy…this is so…what are we doing…dear God…” she moaned.

“Suck it up, Granny,” Amy laughed, slapping her grandmother’s meaty, wrinkled ass. “You’ll fucking love it!”

The bathroom reeked of piss from the recent activity and when Alana stepped into the shower, pushed there by the two women, the reality hit her. She shook her head side to side, mumbling


“Yes…yes…yes…” Susan snarled, walking up to her and slamming her supple right thigh into Alana’s bushy pussy, making the woman crash back against the wall and slip down to the cold, piss-soaked tiles.

Alana sobbed now, body trembling, racked with fear. Susan kicked the older woman to her back and motioned to Amy.

“I think Granny needs a drink, don’t you?” she smiled darkly, kissing the young girl and slipping her tongue inside the eager mouth.

“Oh, yes, Mrs. O’Malley, for sure!” Amy giggled.

Alana watched, awestruck and immobilized by fright, as Amy slowly stepped over her face, looking up those long, strong legs into the girl’s tender pussy. The lips parted as the legs spread slightly as Amy descended and she saw them open wider and then settle on her moaning mouth, the taste metallic and hot.

“Drink up, Granny,” Amy hissed, hands on her hips.

The flow was intense and constant, a torrent of hot girl piss flooding from Amy’s pee slit and right into Alana’s mouth. The taste was bitter and pungent and she gulped frantically, trying to ignore the aroma, gobbling down mouthful after mouthful of her granddaughter’s piss. Amy moaned and ground her cunt into

Alana’s face trapped in her cunt and thighs, the old woman’s eyes staring straight up at her, begging for mercy. Amy showed none, continuing to flood her grandmother’s mouth with hot piss, the force too great for Alana to swallow and now a jet of urine streamed out of her nostrils, splashing Amy’s pussy and gushing up to coat her perky little tits.

“Sweet, just so sweet,” Susan laughed, clapping her hands at the sight of granddaughter dominating grandmother with her stinging piss. “My turn, I gotta go so bad!”

“NOOOO!!” Alana screamed, wiping at her face as Amy dismounted and Susan took her place, instantly flooding the screaming mouth with the boiling flow of her own pungent piss.

“AHHHHH!!” Susan giggled, swiveling her hips and reaching between her tight, freckled thighs to pinch Alana’s nose, ensuring she would swallow every golden drop of her juices. “Oh, you can’t breathe can you? Here, have some air!”

She slithered up, planting her wet, hairy asshole right on Alana’s nose, burying it inside, the thick, stinky rectal walls milking it in fully as she grunted and unleashed a brutally loud, wet, smelly fart, the foul air blasting down Alana’s nostrils and searing her lungs. Amy laughed as she watched, and then lay on the tiles between her granny’s scrawny legs, feasting on the wet, hairy pussy.

Alana was torn again between the unmitigated shame and horror of what was happening to her and the sheer raw pleasure of having her cunt eaten in a way no one had ever eaten it before.

Amy ate pussy like a pro, despite her grandmother being only the second woman she’d done it to, the first wriggling on the trapped face, continuing to thunder out long, stinky farts down the old woman’s throat.

The orgasm came quickly, Alana’s pussy alive and wet and gushing cream into her granddaughter’s sucking face, and she tried to ignore the source of the pleasure even as those wrinkly old thighs scissored shut around it, urging it on. She came long and hard, consumed by the pleasure, and now breathed deeply and willingly from the foul well that trapped her nose, oozing out smaller, equally smelly blasts of air.

“Well, Alana, you must have to pee by now, I’m sure!” Susan laughed, dismounting Alana’s moaning face, Amy standing up beside her, Susan licking at the granny cum streaking her Escort face.

Alana could do little now but obey, in a blind fog of humiliation and pleasure, and squat over both women’s faces as they lay on the shower floor. She looked down between her skinny thighs, parting her bush and aiming the flow of hot piss into both mouths, streaming freely, a sheet of yellow soaking both moaning women who opened their mouths to gobble up the foul offering like baby birds. Alana couldn’t believe it, but she came again, rubbing her clit furiously as she drenched the willing women under her hairy cunt.

“Be right back,” Susan said, suddenly getting up.

Alana and Amy sat face to face, Amy directing her grandmother’s mouth to her face, neck and tits.

“Lick all that piss up, Granny, lick your piss from me!” she growled, holding Alana’s soaked hair in her strong hands. “I have no idea what Mrs. O’Malley has in mind but you know it’s gonna be good.”

“Amy…please…please stop…please let me go…” Alana heard herself saying even as she lapped slavishly at her granddaughter’s young flesh, tasting her piss.

“You don’t mean it, bitch,” Amy snapped, pulling the old face away and slapping it brutally hard back and forth. “Shut the fuck up!”

Susan returned moments later, wearing a giant black strap-on dildo, the vinyl harness tight around her wrinkled thighs and ass, a good 12-inches long and thick as a wrist. Smiling, she handed Amy another one, smaller and white and the girl giggled putting it on, it’s six-inch more slender cock bobbing before her. Both stood, side by side.

“Suck our cocks,” Susan snarled, snapping her fingers at the stunned woman soaked in piss on the shower floor.

Transfixed, Alana shuffled to her knees, first taking the big cock in her hand, licking the head and sucking down as much as she could. Susan laughed and grabbed the woman’s ears, stabbing her hips forward and ramming the entire length down her throat.

Alana’s eyes went wide and filled with tears as she tried to gag around the enormous latex dick lodged in her throat. Susan pulled out and Alana coughed violently, phlegm running from her mouth. Amy immediately grabbed her grandmother’s sputtering head and did the same with her smaller faux dick.

Over and over the two dominant women took turns face raping their victim, Alana getting more used to it, gagging less and by the end, enjoying it more, her pussy soaked and slick as she groaned around each cock. Finally Susan stepped back, holding the upturned face streaked with tears and mascara and brutally slapped it with her massive fake cock until Alana screamed in pain.

“Mount up, girl,” Susan hissed, knocking Alana to her back. “Me first, then you join me little girl…”

Amy watched as Susan lay on the tiles, pulling the moaning skinny older woman atop her, fisting the big cock into Alana’s cunt, spearing her with it. She grabbed the slim hips and pumped up, filling her with the strapon’s massive dick, pounding her hard. She held the hips tight as the dildo reamed Alana’s hairy pussy, the sound of flesh slapping flesh echoing off the tiled walls.

“Take her ass, baby,” Susan growled as she cupped Alana’s screaming mouth to her tits, forcing her to suck her thick nipples. “Fuck Granny’s ass!”

Amy groaned, kneeling between Susan’s thrusting legs, aiming her cock at her granny’s hairy rectum, loosened from the earlier abuse, and easily slipped it past the tight outer muscle, going deep in two thrusts. Alana’s screams were high pitched and guttural, lost in the sweaty, piss-soaked depths of Susan’s freckled tits, between which she was being smothered.

The two dominant women locked into a steady fuck rhythm, one pulling out as the other plunged in and for a solid 10 minutes fucked Alana’s pussy and ass until they were too exhausted to continue, Amy falling onto her grandmother’s trembling back.

She looked around her granny’s sobbing head to Susan’s smiling face, stretching to sloppily kiss the gorgeous blonde.

“Wow, that was something,” Amy said, pulling her dick out of her granny’s asshole and standing up as Susan did the same, leaving Alana on the floor, crying and trembling, her pussy and ass burning with pain and perverse pleasure.

“Sure was,” Susan sighed. “And it ain’t over yet.”

She snapped her fingers, Alana’s head turning to look up at the women’s dicks, slick with her cunt and ass juices. Susan pointed.

“Suck this shit off!”

Alana nodded gamely, too far gone now to disobey and started licking the foul-smelling dick that had been in her asshole, slurping down the nasty fluids tentatively at first, then tossing caution aside and gorging herself on it. Susan and Amy laughed as they watched the submissive woman willingly bob her head from side to side, anxious to suck both slick dicks clean.

“Nice work, Granny,” Amy giggled.

“Time to clean the old hag’s face, I think, she’s a frightful mess,” Susan laughed.

And as both women squatted over Alana, dousing her from head to toe with an endless stream of stinging-hot golden juice, she writhed beneath them, fingering her sloppy cunt and asshole, twisting madly as she came again and again, another convert in Susan O’Malley’s ever-growing stable.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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