Ms Tara’s Academy For Sub Males 02

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By Todayshiddenobsession February 3, 2023


This story is FemDom cuckold tale based on inspiration I received from Ms. Tara, when I shared with her, another story regarding cuckold training called “Cuckold Clinic” by TomWard.

Ms. Tara is a real-life wife in a female led relationship. I met her through a blog site, and she has graciously allowed me to use her pen name in my story.

Thank You to both Ms. Tara and TomWard for this inspiration.

From the title I’m sure you can get the direction for this story but there are also areas that focus on the Mistress wives learning to take control and Academy staff.

This story is pure FANTASY!

Relationships in real life between people should always be consensual.

This is only my second attempt at erotic fiction. I will try to employ the constructive criticism of the commenters from my first story to make this one better.

Ch02 Checking Out The Academy programs

Ms. Tara stops at a room and looks through the large glass window.

Most of the classrooms and training rooms are equipped with large windows facing the corridors. Part of a submissives training is that they must have no expectation of privacy when serving their wives. Having anyone walking down the corridor being able to see what lessons they are learning, even what might be considered embarrassing or humiliating to a submissive in training, should be expected as normal.

In the room she sees several chastised and bound males, licking and sucking on artificial lower women’s torsos. These are newer recruits who will eventually move on to real women’s bodies if they pass this section. The equipment is set up with very high-tech sensors and AI tech to assess their skills. They are being conditioned to perform proper oral sex on a woman, both vaginal and anal. They are given instruction of correct placement and techniques for worshipping a woman’s pussy and asshole. They must also learn that this service is not conditional on her cleanliness when she demands it. İstanbul Escort To this end some of the torso models include aromas that might be present if the woman has not looked after her hygiene, either unintentionally or intentionally.

They are bound so they are only able to use their mouth or face. The bindings also emphasise, that even when held in an uncomfortable position, they must still serve a female without compromise. Her pleasure must always be paramount in the process.

If their technique is poor, they receive small unpleasant shocks through their chastity device. If their technique is adequate, they receive no penile stimulation.

As they learn to be exceptional pussy and ass worshippers, the cock cage stimulates the penis pleasurably. In some cases, this may lead to a release of semen without an actual orgasm while locked in their cage. This is also a desired reaction because it will be noted in a report to their wives that removing them from chastity periodically for sex or milking may not even be necessary as they have shown the ability to release built up semen while still caged. As their instructor moves from one sub to the next observing and commenting, she is using her crop for encouragement or corrections by swatting or tapping their exposed balls from behind. A couple of the subs are also wearing humblers which presents their balls as an nice easy target for the instructors crop.

Carrying on, in the next room Ms. Tara and Dianne observe smothering training.

After the instructor gives the males techniques that enhances their skill to hold their breath for longer periods of time, while still providing proper stimulation to the woman sitting on his face, they are sent here where women of all sizes sit on their faces and receive what ever stimulation they desire to their pussy or asshole by moving around on the sub’s face. The sub is instructed to remain still and let the woman on his face, direct his service with her body. Subs must learn how to adapt to a woman’s needs for pleasure this Kadıköy Escort way.

The goal for the woman is to learn how to receive pleasure orally without concern for the sub beneath them. They learn that prioritizing their pleasure is most important. They are also trained to recognise when the sub is in distress, so as not to suffocate him to death.

Another goal for the sub is to learn that even under duress, the task to provide the woman on top of him excellent pleasure is his prime function. He must learn to feel her body’s reaction and position changes and refocus his effort to provide her with whatever she requires, whether it be multiple orgasms, soft pleasurable stimulation or simply cleaning of her dirty pussy or asshole.

Dianne looking to Ms. Tara and seeing her delight in this training says, “This is clearly for some of our trainees who have been through most of the psychological assessments to see if they are ready for ultimate submission. This would not be possible without harm to the males if they were not mentally ready for complete submission to their dominant female.”

Ms. Tara’s reply is “I like what you are doing here Dianne. For a male to be able to put aside his natural tendency to protect himself first is something that will be beneficial in the future for his wife’s pleasure in other things as well. I assume you have given them training to recognise when they are ultimately in peril, so they are not harmed?”

Dianne’s quick response is, “of course Tara. We certainly do not want to have any male in danger of permanent damage or death. We are not in the business of teaching snuff techniques. The boys are given instructions on breath control and recognising when they can no longer take further breath restriction, by one of our trainers who is an experienced free diver. We also teach both the wives and the subs a safe signal so the wife can give her sub a few seconds to breathe when he can hold his breath no longer.”

“We have found though that this training regime has taught the subs to hold their Ataşehir Escort breath for several minutes giving the woman much more time to receive stimulation. Then a small breath break is all that is needed before she can put herself back onto his face.”

“In our debriefing reports, both the subs and the wives have given us positive feedback.”

“Excellent, let’s see what’s next then,” Ms. Tara replies.

Before they can move on, a large black man comes out of one of the side hallways. Ms. Tara sees him and calls out to him. “Rodney?” He turns to see her and Dianne and changes direction to meet them.

“Hi Tara, Dianne. Tara you haven’t called me for a few weeks. I’m missing that hot little body of yours.” Rodney is one of Ms. Tara’s lovers. A confident, well built, well hung black man who knows how to please a woman in bed. He is 185cm (6’1″) and 100kg (220lbs), with short black hair. His well-maintained physique draws the attention of most women.

He helps out around the Academy teaching the wives about the joys of a black man with a big cock who knows how to use it to please them.

Ms. Tara reaches out to cheerfully grab his package clearly bulging in the front of his shorts, and says, “Well I’ll have to fix that problem won’t I. I miss this big man meat too.” His skin is dark, which makes it hard to see him blush but both women know he has, as his cock starts to grow.

With her holding onto his cock, squeezing it through his shorts, without missing a beat he tells her “Sounds awesome Tara. Call me up soon. I’ve got a class to hit in two minutes, gotta go,” as she lets go of his cock, he hurries down the hall to his class, reaching down and adjusting his semi hard cock in his shorts as he goes.

Dianne looks at Ms. Tara and says, “I didn’t know you were fucking him. We hook up now and then. If I had known, I’d have backed off.”

Touching her on the shoulder, Ms. Tara says, “Fuck him all you want girl. We are not exclusive. He’s only one of the men in my toy box. You never want to waste a cock like that. We need to spread that kind of wealth.

Dianne chuckles and says, “yes he is pretty good with that big dark sausage of his, isn’t he?”

The two dominant women chuckle and lock arms as friends with something in common do as they head down the corridor.

End of Chapter 02

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