Mtn. Pines Resort Pt. 03


Doug’s eyes peeled open to find his wife, staring at him. Her nails gently stroked through his hair, she smiled at him, warmly, sincerely.

“Morning,” he croaked through dry lips without returning her smile.

“You were dreaming. You were calling my name and humping your pillow,” Janice said with a playful but affectionate giggle.

“Yeah well, I was so fucking horny. I mean you really left me hanging Janice. I barely slept. My cock literally dripped all night. I kept waking up and I was wet every time. When I slept that is. It was torture.” Doug snorted.

Janice rose above him and smothered his lips with hers. She plunged her tongue into his mouth and kissed him with a deep passion. She rubbed his firm, hairy chest and Doug’s hands slipped up along her bare back. Oh how he yearned to be inside of her. Janice’s hand trailed down his belly and cupped his balls. At last she was going to make to love to him!

But as Janice broke their kiss and her hand withdrew from his crotch to playfully tease his hair before climbing from his bed, Doug was reminded that frustration was very much a part of his new reality. He groaned and stared at the ceiling.

Janice giggled, “Oh poor boy.” She dropped her hands onto the sides of the bed, her small breasts pointed invitingly at him and the sun shown between the luscious gap between her legs. “Just remember, good boys get rewards. The day is young baby. Who knows what it holds?” Her lip snarled into a sly smile and with that she trotted off into the bathroom. Doug heard the door click closed and soon after the running of the shower.

He ripped the covers back and took in the sight of his boyish-looking genitals. It was embarrassing but he liked it. There was no use trying to denying it. Obviously he loved the feel but more, he loved the way he looked. It was strangely comforting. He had to yank his hands to his sides and grip the sheet, take slow deep breaths and fight off the urge to masturbate. He was so fucking horny!

Eventually, Janice emerged from the bathroom, still naked. She trotted to their suitcase and after rummaging around in it for a few moments her hands emerged with a new pair of panties she’d bought just for this trip. They were light pink satiny tanga-style panties with an abundance of lace around the backside. She spread them between her hands and held them up to Doug, “What do you think? Do you like them?”

Doug rose up on his elbows, “Yeah sure. They’re pretty.”

“Great, ‘cuz they’re yours,” Janice chirped and tossed them onto his belly.

“What?!” Doug plucked the delicate panties off of him and studied them briefly before looking back to Janice. “What do you mean they are mine?”

“I mean, I bought them for you sweetheart,” Janice replied as she slipped her foot into a pair of khaki shorts. “I know you like it so I bought you your very own pair. Several actually.” She pulled the shorts up and wiggled her hips into them. The irony that Janice had chosen not to wear any underwear didn’t escape Doug.

“What are you talking about,” Doug retorted?

Janice buttoned the shorts, yanked up the zipper, slapped her hands on her hips and gave Doug a piercing stare. Even her breasts seem to be peering at him. “Oh, I seem to remember a weekend in Vermont when I could barely get you out of my panties.”

“Oh now Janice, I was just playing around. C’mon now,” Doug snorted.

“Uh huh, right,” Janice wagged her head, not accepting his answer. “And what about that one night you slipped on my panties and paraded around the bedroom?”

“Janice, I was drunk! And besides, those things happened years ago. We were just kids playing around back then,” Doug offered in his defense.

“Oh realllllly? And what about all my panties that have disappeared over the years? You realize you didn’t always hide them very well don’t you Douglas?” Janice’s voice was light and teasing. He swallowed hard and tried to speak but couldn’t make any words come out. Janice pulled a thin white spaghetti-strapped shirt over her head and flipped her hair about. She turned back to her husband, his mouth hung open. “I’ve seen you Douglas. I’ve caught you. Twice. Once you didn’t even know I was there and the other time I just played dumb as you tried to hide it. I was mad at first, confused. But then I thought it was kinda sexy. I just never told you I knew.”

Doug’s mind whirled. “I…I mean…You know, I …” Doug tried to find some words.

“Doug, I know all your secrets dear.” Janice slipped on a pair of white flats and strolled over to Doug’s bedside. Her finger reached under his chin and closed his mouth. Her pert nipples pressed against the nearly see-through fabric of her shirt. She smiled and plucked the panties from his hands. She rubbed them over his crotch and Doug’s eyes fluttered. She brought them up and rubbed them across his lips, “All your secrets baby,” Janice whispered.

She kissed his forehead, turned and headed for the door. She called back over her shoulder, “Be a good boy Douglas. Tipobet Get yourself cleaned up and remember, no jacking off.” Janice chuckled.

“Wait,” Doug called out! “Where are you going? What am I supposed…” He stopped when he heard the door close behind his wife. Doug flopped back on the bed and his fist hammered up and down on the mattress. He was angry and embarrassed. What he’d always thought was a closely guarded secret, his wife had known about for years. How humiliating!

Eventually, Doug shaved, showered, brushed his teeth and generally got ready for the day. Ready for what he wasn’t at all certain. And although he’d told himself over and over that he wasn’t going to put the panties on, Doug was soon pulling them up over his hips. The sensation of the slick fabric on his newly shaven balls and taint was amazing! Even being alone, Doug was deeply embarrassed. He always felt that twinge of shame but it was always washed away by the naughtiness that spoke to something deep inside of him. He wasn’t effeminate by any stretch but there was just something so alluring for him about wearing women’s panties. He didn’t quite understand it himself, he only knew it was a dark pleasure that he was sometimes powerless to repress. Perhaps it was the shame itself he enjoyed, the degradation that spoke to something deep within him. Or maybe, it was actually a sense of freedom, of acceptance and self-awareness.

They were tight and you could read every wrinkle of his penis and his large balls spilled slightly out to the sides. Doug had always thought they looked like big puffy pussy lips when they were like that. He turned around to look at his plump bottom hanging out of the pink panties. His fingers shakily trailed over the lacey edges.

The light knock at the door startled him and he jerked. He sprinted out of the bathroom and snatched up his tiny white robe. He yanked it over his arms and hurriedly closed it. He looked down at himself and realized it was hardly any less demeaning. Doug sighed and headed for the door. He opened it to find Bradley smiling back at him.

“Now how did I know it was going to be you Bradley?”

Bradley’s eyes flicked admiringly up and down his body, “Good morning Mr. Sorenson.”


“Oh yes, I apologize. Doug,” Bradley smiled. “You look fresh sir, I trust you slept well?”

Doug turned and looked back into the room and recalled his night of complete sexual frustration. He hadn’t slept well at all but Doug sighed, “Yes Bradley, fine.” Doug smiled at him. In actuality, despite his fitful night, he did feel fresh.

“Excellent Doug. Now, I don’t mean to rush, but we need to go,” Bradley stepped aside and motioned down the hall with his arm, inviting Doug out.

Doug closed the room door behind him and fell in beside Bradley as they strolled down the corridor. “So what’s in store for me today Bradley” Doug asked knowing he wouldn’t get a real answer?

“Oh sir, it’s always hard to know these things. The ladies can be quite imaginative.” The pair reached a door and Bradley gripped the knob and then paused, “But, isn’t that the point Doug?”

Doug contemplated the man’s face. “I suppose it is Bradley,” Doug replied in resignation of his fate.

Bradley swung the door open before him, “Best of luck sir.”

“Think I’m gonna need it Bradley?”

Bradley just smiled and Doug stepped into the room. It was a leisure-type room with two large couches and assorted chairs of varying styles. The exterior wall of the room consisted completely of windows and a glass door. Sunlight cascaded into the room. Doug was instantly struck by the sounds of talking women and at his entrance, one of them let out a whoop.

Janice sat in a large chair, her silky legs curled under her, she sipped coffee. She caught Doug’s eyes and smiled reassuringly.

“Oh well now! Who does this one belong to?” Doug saw the dark skinned woman from room two sitting on the couch eyeing him. She was clothed now in a pair of holey blue jeans and a very loose fitting tank top that afforded Doug a pleasant view of the side of her breast. She’d dyed her close-cropped hair stark white and it only lent to her already undeniable exotic beauty.

“He’s mine Keisha,” Janice replied softly, perhaps even somewhat proudly.

“He passed my room yesterday while I was engaged in a particularly intense session with Baby Hugo and I invited him in to play,” she explained with a sinister smile. “He looked like he’d seen a ghost. The poor thing nearly broke his neck as he ran down the hall.” The ladies all had a good chuckle at that.

“Oh Keisha, honey, I’m sorry,” Janice said sincerely. “I’m afraid my boy is new to all of this and we’ve only just begun to refine his manners.”

“Oh I love the scent of fresh meat,” Theresa tossed out and again the women laughed. “Ladies this is Six,” Theresa referred to him by his room number.

The grandmotherly woman from the hall was there as was a woman Doug guessed to be in her thirties with Tipobet Giriş broad hips, heavy breasts and extra padding. She looked to be any housewife from Anywhere, USA. His gaze found a tattooed girl with stark black hair in pig tails jutting out from the sides of her head. Doug surmised she couldn’t have been more than twenty-two. She was thin and pretty with perky breasts and hard nipples poking against her shirt. Lastly, there was a fifty-something woman with short blonde hair and a rather stern look sitting cross-legged in a tall chair. Her gaze made Doug uncomfortable.

All the women were fully, albeit casually, clothed.

“You’re overdressed Six,” Theresa observed and then flicked her hand at him.

All of their eyes were on him and an awkward silence filled the room. Doug’s eyes flicked to Janice, longing for her to rescue him.

“Don’t look at me baby. I agree with Theresa.” Janice smiled slyly and sipped at her cup.

“Six…,” Theresa’s insisted.

“He’s embarrassed because he’s hiding something,” Janice offered, “aren’t you, baby?”

“Oh Janice, now aren’t we intrigued?” The housewife responded.

Doug’s shaky fingers fumbled with the robe’s sash, all of the women’s eyes were hard upon him. He took a deep breath and let the robe fall to the floor, revealing his dark secret. His penis had shrunk to little more than a button that poked harmlessly at the tight sheer panties.

The women whooped and laughed and pointed and Doug wanted to just disappear. The young one perked up, clapping her hands, “Yay! A panty boy,” she exclaimed enthusiastically! “Turn around Panty Boy! Let’s see that boy butt in those little panties,” she ordered!

Doug slowly spun about and again the women laughed.

“Oh Janice, do you mind” the young one asked?

“Absolutely not Melissa. Be my guest,” Doug heard Janice reply.

In a moment she was behind him, her hands caressing his backside and around the sides of his hips, stopping just short of touching his crotch. “I do love a man in girl’s panties.” Her hands ran up his back and she leaned in close to him. He could feel her youthful, firm tits press to his back. Her hands slipped around his hips and close to his groin and then pressed down the fronts of his thighs. Her lips tickled his ear as she whispered, “Oh, does daddy like to wear mommy’s panties?”

The words stabbed at Doug’s heart. There was nowhere to hide. Melissa spun him around and she chuckled. She stepped aside so all the ladies could see, “Ha! He’s leaking through his panties!” There was no denying the wet spot forming at the tip of his dick. Shrunken as it was, desperate to retreat from their peering gaze, Doug’s penis still betrayed him by oozing his excitement. Why was he excited? He wanted it to stop but it was a hopeless wish.

Melissa tickled his balls through the silky fabric, “Oh you are a naughty boy.” She chuckled before retreating back to her spot on the couch.

“Your idea,” asked Carrie the housewife, her head turned to Janice?

Janice rubbed her leg, “Sort of. I bought those special for him and just gave them to him this morning but he’s been stealing my panties for years. Haven’t you baby?”

He couldn’t believe she’d told them that. Why was he so turned on? Damnit! “Yes,” Doug answered sheepishly.

“Yummy. A natural panty boy. My favorite kind,” exclaimed Melissa!

Theresa lifted her tablet and took a few pictures of Doug standing there in his pink lace trimmed panties. “Mmmm…You look so adorable. Maybe I should upload these to your social media accounts…Well, I guess we’ll see how you behave. Do be a good boy Six,” Theresa winked at him.

Doug was shocked. He had no doubt she’d do it. To think he was the one who convinced Janice to try this place!

“Come here boy,” the stern blonde ordered flatly. Doug shuffled to her. Looking up at Doug, she reached out with her dark painted nails and pulled his panties down over his genitals, exposing them. She studied them for a moment and then grunted in indifference. They snapped back sharply against his testicles and he winced. That seemed to please her. She held up her tall glass, “More.” Doug saw the pitcher of orange juice on a table beside the intimidating woman. He took the glass from her hand and reached for the pitcher. The woman began to rub his balls through his panties. Doug paused for a moment and felt himself swelling at her skilled touch. “You’re getting hard boy,” her eyes glaring up at him through her glasses. She was decidedly sexy in a very womanly way.

Doug tried to will his erection away but it was useless and seemed to only make him harder. She fished his cock out of the pink underwear and ran her sharp nails down it. Doug’s breath caught. She quickly drummed her nails into his already swollen head.

“I said more boy,” she reminded him in a dark voice. Doug’s free hand shakily retrieved the pitcher and hefted its weight. Just as he was bringing it to the glass the woman sank her sharp nails into Tipobet Güncel Giriş his tender scrotum. His cock twitched and he his entire body tensed with the sudden pain. “Don’t spill a drop boy or I’ll make you bleed.”

Doug struggled to hold the glass and pitcher still at the same time and the glass clanked, signaling to all the women, just how nervous he was. The glass clinked and Doug had to breathe deep several times but he was at last able to pour the juice. She smiled and freed Doug’s balls.

“Thank you boy,” She said.

“You’re welcome,” he said with a sigh of relief.

She slapped the back of her fingers across his panty-clad balls and Doug buckled at the waist in pain.

“You will refer to me as ma’am or mistress. Don’t disrespect me again boy,” She eyed him coldly.

Doug grunted and swallowed down his anger, “Yes ma’am,” he replied through gritted teeth.

“Oh very nice Debra. It’s always a pleasure to watch you work.” Theresa commended.

“Yes, well, I’d have teased him some more but he was about to cum in my hand. Be careful ladies, we’ve got a quick shooter on our hands.” Debra shook her head in disgust and sipped at her orange juice. Doug wanted to turn inside out as they all howled in laughter and taunted him.

“Hey there Quick Draw,” Keisha called to him, “Bring me some of that.” Doug strode to her and filled her glass as well. “Look at his poor little dick all hard and sticking out of his panties.”

“Oh boy,” Harriet, the elder lady called to him. Doug turned to find her too extending an empty glass. He stepped to her and Harriet’s wrinkled fingers pulled his panties down and rubbed his cock and balls. “Mmmmm…It’s cute.” Doug couldn’t believe what was happening and what was more, he could not understand why he was enjoying it so much.

Melissa called him to her. She grabbed his hips and pressed her nose against his panty-clad genitals and drew a deep breath. “His panties smell like cum. I love the smell of boy-cum on panties. It means they like it! They hate it but they like it.” She was half his age yet here he was being humiliated by her. He’d gone from one end of the age span to the other.

“So Janice dear,” Theresa started, “we know that Six likes wearing girl’s underwear tell us another one of his secrets. Tell us one of his deepest fantasies!”

The women all readily agreed and urged Janice to speak. Surely she won’t Doug thought.

“Hummmm…” Janice pondered as she looked into Doug’s eyes. He was silently pleading with her but the wet spot in his panties told a different story. “Well, he says he wants to watch me fuck another man. One with a big cock.”

“Woo hoo” Keisha cheered!

“And…” Janice paused and looked again at her husband. His head wagged slightly.

“And,” The ladies seem to ask in unison?

“Well, he says he wants the man to cum inside of me and then he wants to lick me clean.” She bit her lip seductively at Doug and winked.

“Hell yes girl,” Keisha hollered! She gave Janice a high five.

Debra looked at him, “So Quick Draw’s a wannabe cum slut is he?”

“And panty slut,” Melissa reminded with a smile.

“Yes dear, and panty slut.” Debra patted her knee.

“I don’t know,” Janice said, shaking her head slowly back and forth. “He’s all talk.”

Carrie chimed in, “Let me guess, he likes to tell you about it when he’s horny and he sweeeeeears he’s gonna eat your pussy right after he cums. Then ten seconds later he shoots his load and curls up into a little ball and tries to pretend he never said it. Sound about right honey?”

“Yep. Exactly,” Janice confirmed. “And most of the time I’m left to finish myself off while he falls asleep.”

“My boy was the same way. Used to just piss me off,” Carrie said with a twinge of anger.

“Was the same way,” Janice inquired?

“Oh yeah, he’s trained now. He’d lick his cum off the sidewalk if I told him to. You just have to train them honey. Some boys take to it pretty fast, other ones, like mine, take more work, but you can teach them.” Carrie smiled reassuringly. “I finally made my boy go two months without cumming. He tried cheating too and I beat his ass for it. I’d masturbate frequently in front of him too and sometimes make him watch porn with me while he was tied to a chair and I fucked myself silly with some toys. He ended up so fucking horny he woulda fucked a rose bush if I told him he could. So I finally let him jack off on my tits and then made him lick it off. He didn’t want to do it, but he damn sure didn’t want to live through that again and so he did it.”

The ladies all cheered Carrie’s commitment and dominance over her husband.

“I’ve always said, a cum eating husband is an obedient husband,” Harriet offered, causing all the women to giggle.

Theresa rose and grabbed a wooden chair and slapped it down in the middle of the floor with a definitive thud. “Sit down boy.”

Doug eased over to the chair and slowly sat. In a flash his arms were pulled behind the back of it and being bound. His wrists were bound together and then tied to the chair. He yanked his arms but the bonds were tight and he was stuck.

“Hey, c’mon now,” Doug protested and struggled against the restraints. “You guys don’t…”