Mum’s Party Ch. 02


Chapter 2: The Fun Continues

How It All Started…

I’d only been meant to stay with Mum and her new family for a couple of days so that I could be at her party with her. After all, it was over five years since I’d been at the house – well, mansion really – that she now shared with Jack, her husband of five years or so, and Mark, Emma and Lucy, his children from a previous marriage.

To be honest, until now I hadn’t even wanted to return. During the first year after Mum had married Jack, my life had been made a misery by Emma and Lucy. So much so, that I couldn’t wait to get away. I’d gone to University when I was eighteen, and had never returned. At first, I’d made excuses, but after a while I hadn’t even bothered to do that.

I saw Mum quite a lot, and Jack a few times a year. To be fair, Jack was always good to me, and actually felt a bit guilty about how Emma and Lucy had treated me. Both Mum and Jack had told me that the girls had changed, and as Mark was okay, I’d agreed to go to Mum’s party, if only for her.

Mum had changed as well. After Dad had died, both Mum and I had had a pretty rough time. But then Mum had met Jack, and slowly but surely everything had come right for her. Jack was a very successful business man, and they lived in a huge house, complete with swimming pool and all the works, a couple of miles outside of the town where I’d been brought up. The fact that Mum was enjoying life so much was reflected in how she looked – fantastic!

It was only after I arrived that I actually saw with my own eyes that it was true – Emma and Lucy had changed. They had both grown up – and they both looked stunning. At nineteen, almost twenty, Emma was the elder of the two, Lucy a year younger. They had both changed from the dumpy spoilt teenagers I remembered, into beautiful young women.

Lucy was tall, perhaps only a few inches shorter than me, and slender. When I first saw her after all those years, she was wearing a denim mini skirt. Her pale blonde hair hung loosely onto her shoulders, framing her face. Her skin was tanned, and seemed to glow. Beneath her tight v-necked tee shirt, I could clearly see the shape of her pert, slightly upturned breasts, and the hardness of her nipples. Her legs just seemed to go on forever.

Emma was only a few inches shorter than Lucy. Like Lucy, her skin glowed from her tan, but there the similarity ended. Emma’s hair was black, and hung in a ponytail down her back. Her body was full of soft curves. Her breasts were large and firm, barely controlled by the bikini she was wearing under the vest top she had on that first time I saw her. When she had turned and walked away from me, I couldn’t help but notice how good her ass looked in her tight shorts.

But the surprises hadn’t stopped there. During the first afternoon of my visit, Mum and Jack had gone out, while Mark, who was a year or so younger than me, had disappeared somewhere in the huge house. I had gone out for a swim, and to relax by the pool, only to be joined soon after by Emma and Lucy. In their bikinis, they looked even more stunning – and they knew it, especially Emma. Before long, I had gone back indoors, desperate to hide the effect they were having on me.

But from my bedroom window, I spotted them playing around. I watched as Lucy pulled Emma’s top off of her, and as her big breasts had bounced free, as Lucy had reached for her. Without thinking about it, I had dashed back downstairs, my cock huge in my swimming trunks, only to find them gone. But then I had heard their giggles coming from the Jacuzzi and shower area that was behind a glass and brick partition off to one side of the patio.

At first I was going to burst in on them, wanting to see them, but something had made me stop, and instead I had peered through one of the glass panels. I had watched as they had stripped the rest of each others bikinis off, my cock rock hard and in my hand by now as they stood together, kissing and caressing, their hot young bodies pressed close together.

My cock had grown even harder when Mark had joined them, naked, his cock erect. Emma had dropped quickly to her knees, sucking her brother’s stiff cock while her sister pressed her naked body against him, their lips locked together. Minutes later, Emma was on all fours, leaning over the edge of the Jacuzzi, her perfectly rounded ass pointing at me, her wet pussy peeping out as Mark stepped up behind her and drove his cock into her.

As her brother fucked her, as her sister moved to stand in front of her, wanting her sisters tongue, her mouth, on her naked pussy, Emma had looked over her shoulder straight at me, knowing that I was watching them, knowing that I had seen everything. At that moment, my cum had erupted from my cock, splattering onto the glass in front of me.

I had fled then, not believing what I had seen, but wanting to believe it, wanting to be part of it. Later that night, Emma had come to my room, and we had made love, passionately, wantonly, frantically. Later, she had taken me back to the room Escort bayan she shared with Lucy, to join her brother and sister.

The next day was a blur. I had tried to be controlled, but in the end I couldn’t resist anymore and had fucked Emma urgently in the big downstairs dining room, nearly getting caught by Mum. At the party that night, Lucy had come looking for me – and had found me, alone. Moments later we were naked together.

After the party, Emma came to my room. It wasn’t long before my face was buried in her beautiful pussy, my tongue deep inside her, as she stood in front of me. I had heard someone join us, and had seen a woman’s hands on Emma’s breasts, her dress on the floor where she had stripped naked.

I had assumed that it was Lucy who was stood naked behind Emma, her body pressed against her sister, her hands caressing her breasts and playing with her sensitive nipples while I licked and sucked on her pussy. Until that is Emma had pulled my head away from her pussy as I knelt on the floor. Until I had looked up. Until Emma had twisted her head around for a slow, passionate, sensual kiss – with Mum.

Later, I had fucked Mum, desperate for her, needing, wanting her. After Mum had gone, Lucy came to join Emma and me, after having been with Jack and Mark.

I couldn’t believe that any of this was happening. But it was. And I wanted to be part of it. All of it.

The next morning, after Mark had joined us for a while, we had all gone downstairs for a very late breakfast. I was due to be leaving then. Although I had taken two weeks holiday from work, I was only due to be staying with Mum and the others for a couple of days. As I went downstairs, I felt empty inside at the thought of leaving, at the thought of loosing what I’d only just found.

I was the last one into the kitchen. The others were already sat around the table. Only Jack was dressed. Mark had only pulled his shorts before coming downstairs, while Mum and the girls were in their dressing gowns. As soon as she saw me, Mum had come across to me. She looked stunning, her silky gown tied loosely around her waist. As she reached up to drape her arms around my neck, it came open. She was naked underneath, her breasts hot against me as she pressed her mouth to mine.

The others all watched as she kissed me. Not a quick peck like a son might expect from his Mum, but a long, lingering, sensual kiss, her hips pressing her pussy to my cock as our tongues explored. She spoke as we broke our kiss, her mouth only inches from mine, her eyes on mine, her voice husky.

“You will stay for longer, won’t you, she asked, before adding, “After all, we’re all having such fun.”

“I’d love to,” I told her, a grin on my face and a huge bulge in my shorts.


The Fun Continues…

As soon as I spoke, Jack stood up and moved behind Mum. I was still holding her as he stepped up behind her, pushed her hair to one side, and kissed the side of her neck. He rubbed her shoulders gently, and then slid his hands slowly across her shoulders and down her arms, taking her gown with him. I stepped back a little and watched as she pulled the gown from her.

The loosely tied belt came undone as he slid the sensually soft material down her arms. Her shoulders came into view first, beautifully smooth and tanned. They were followed by her large, rounded breasts. Firstly, the top of her firm mounds came into view, then her deep, tanned cleavage, and then her rock hard nipples.

She smiled at me, at the others, as we all watched. The silky material hesitated for a second, caught on her erect nipples, before it dropped to the floor in a shimmering pool, leaving her naked. My eyes moved from her breasts, flicking upwards to her face to watch her watching me, before roaming over her amazing, sexy body, over her flat belly, down to the dark patch of neatly trimmed hair that barely hid the wet, pouting delights beneath.

I groaned loudly, my cock bulging painfully in my trousers. Mum stepped towards me, her arms reaching up around my neck, her breasts hot against me, even through my shirt, as her tongue snaked into my mouth. Our lips were crushed together as we kissed, her tongue exploring and thrusting into my mouth as I reached around her and pulled her to me, my hands cupping her firm ass. She pressed her pussy against my bulge, rubbing herself along my thick shaft as the two of us moaned softly into each other’s mouths.

I became aware of the others moving around us, of Mark coming up behind Mum. He was naked, his slightly curved cock hard in front of him and dripping with pre cum, his balls tight and heavy. I moved my hands away from Mum’s ass as he stepped up close to her, his cock resting between her cheeks as eased her away from me.

I felt hands on me from behind, and turned to find Lucy and Emma, both of them naked, their gowns on the floor at their feet. Emma dropped to her knees and began undoing my trousers, tugging them down my legs along with my boxer shorts while Lucy Bayan escort pulled my shirt over my head. She pressed herself to me, her pert breasts and hard little nipples pressing into my back as her sister flicked her tongue over my cock.

I pulled Emma to her feet, pulling them both to me, kissing them, caressing them, as we stood naked together.

Jack was naked as well by now, his veiny cock thick and hard as he held Mum with Mark, her hands on both their cocks, their hands and lips touching and kissing her breasts, her bum, her pussy, anywhere they could reach. I watched as Jack broke away from them and crossed to the big table that dominated the room. As he swept the cups and plates on the table to one end with a powerful swipe of his arm, Mark led Mum across the room.

He helped her perch on the table, her bum right on the edge. She reached up, her arms around his neck, and pulled him down to her, her mouth open for his tongue. His cock rubbed against her thigh as he stood between Mum’s legs, their mouths locked together. Lucy broke away from me and went to them. She stood to one side, one hand on Mark’s ass, the other on his cock, guiding him towards Mum’s pussy.

Mum pulled her knees up, and for a brief moment I saw her wet, swollen pussy lips pouting from behind her dark hair, her clit prominent and begging for attention. Mark moved forward, Lucy’s hand sliding along his cock as he drove his cock slowly into Mum’s waiting pussy as I watched, my other step sister’s hand on my throbbing cock.

Mark and Mum kissed deeply, passionately, as we watched on, as Emma stroked along my shaft, squeezing drips of pre cum out of me. We watched as Mark slid into Mum slowly, his cock sliding in and out of her, her lips stretched around his thickness. Emma pulled me to her, reaching up to pull my head down to her, her tongue driving into my mouth as our bodies came together. Beside us, Lucy pulled Dad to her, her small hand sliding easily up and down his swollen shaft.

Mark gradually eased Mum around so that she could lie back on the table, her ass still right on the edge. He held her hips and began to fuck her harder as she threw her arms above her head, stretching our her wonderful naked body for me, for us, to look at. She smiled across at me, her eyes slightly glazed with the desire, the passion, running through her.

Emma broke our embrace and stepped across to Mum. Leaning over, she kissed Mum softly on the lips, her hand running lightly over her full breasts as Mum reached for her. Emma dipped her head and licked at Mum’s breast before sucking her hard nipple into her hungry mouth. As Emma leant over Mum, she stuck her ass in the air, her legs slightly apart, her thighs framing her pussy.

I stepped quickly behind her, my rigid cock swaying in front of me. I pressed my cock into the crack of Emma’s tight ass, feeling her pressing back against me, my cock lying between her cheeks.

Lucy was now around the other side of table, almost lying down as she licked and sucked at Mum’s other breast and nipple. Mark reached for Lucy’s ass, and then under her as he teased her before slipping his fingers into her pussy as he continued to fuck Mum.

Jack clambered onto the table and knelt over Mum. She reached up and dragged his cock, already smeared with pre cum, into her hungry mouth, her breasts thrusting up to Emma and Lucy’s mouths as she tilted her head backwards. Jack thrust his cock softly into Mum’s mouth as he watched his three children pleasuring his wife, as I held his daughter to me.

Emma reached behind her and grabbed my cock, pulling it away from where it lay between her cheeks and feeding it between her firm thighs, and towards her wet pussy. I reached for her breasts, squeezing and pinching her taut nipples as I pressed my hips forward and drove my cock into my sisters waiting body.

The room was full of the sights and sounds and smell of sex. Of cocks and fingers thrusting into wet pussies and mouths, of hands and mouths sucking and licking at erect nipples, of our cries as we got louder, more needy.

Mum’s breasts were bouncing delightfully despite the attentions of the girls as Mark fucked her harder and faster and deeper. Jack was fucking Mum’s mouth as she cried out, as Emma and Lucy sucked and teased her nipples as her climax tore through her body, sending tremors of pleasure to every part of her. Jack pulled his cock from her mouth as she screamed out to us.

I fucked Emma harder as she moved to kiss Mum hard on the mouth, as Jack pulled Lucy around and sat her on the edge of the table before plunging his cock into dripping pussy.

Emma came as I fucked her, her cries muffled against Mum’s mouth as their tongues plunged into each other, as my cum erupted into my sisters hot little pussy. Mark dragged Mum onto his cock, his fingers digging into her hips as he held her tight, his head thrown back as he buried his cock inside her and filled her with his thick cum. Lucy was bouncing off the table as she clung to her Dad, almost sobbing Escort as she came, as he fucked her with short, powerful strokes of his thick cock, as his cum poured into her.

We slumped together, reaching out for each other. I eased my cock out of Emma and leant over to Mum. She rolled onto her side to face me, and we kissed. We kissed slowly, sensually, like lovers do, our hands reaching out to each other. Slowly, I pulled Mum around so that she was sat on the edge of the table again. I stood between her legs as she reached for my cock, still slick with Emma’s juices. We stroked my cock, moving her hand slowly, pulling my skin backwards and forwards as I held her.

We kissed again, her breasts hot against me, her hard nipples scratching gently against my muscular chest. We kissed for a long time, her hand never stopping on my cock except to reach for my balls, our passion growing as my cock started to harden again, as we became aware of what Lucy and Emma, and Jack and Mark, were getting up to around us.

Mum eased me backwards and stood up, taking my hand in hers.

“Come with me,” was all she said before kissing me softly on the mouth.

As she led me out of the room, I glanced back. Emma was on the edge of the table with Mark on his knees in front of her, his head between her warm thighs, his tongue lapping at her wanton pussy. A few feet away, Lucy was kneeling in front of her Dad, her tongue licking her own juices from his semi erect cock.

I followed Mum, marvelling at how sexy she looked, at how sexy she was, as I watched her firm ass swinging from side to side in front of me. She walked up the stairs slowly, well aware of my eyes on her ass, on her wet pussy as it pouted at me from between her legs. By the time we reached the top, my cock was almost hard again, and was jutting out from my body.

“Mmmmmmmmmmm…” Mum muttered appreciatively as she stopped and turned towards me as I reached the top of the stairs.

She reached out for my cock, holding me lightly and sliding her hand along my shaft, peeling my foreskin back again to expose my bulbous cock head. I pulled her to me, kissing her hard on the mouth as I pressed my body urgently to hers, wanting her, needing her.

Mum took me to bedroom she shared with Jack. In the centre of the room was a huge bed, which Mum led me to. She kissed me softly, still holding my cock, before nibbling gently on my ear lobe and whispering to me.

“I won’t be long,” she told me, before crossing to the adjoining bathroom, her ass swaying as she walked.

I lay back on the bed, my hands behind my head. I shut my eyes for a moment, a grin on my face as I thought about what was happening to me, still not quite believing it. I opened my eyes as Mum came back into the bedroom. I sat up, my arms behind me, and looked at her as she stood in the bathroom doorway, leaning against the door frame, a hip thrust out towards me.

When Mum had gone into the bathroom she had been naked, but now she wore a black full length shimmering gauze gown, that clung to every amazing curve of her body, hiding everything, but at the same time leaving nothing to the imagination.

She crossed the room towards me slowly, her tongue flicking quickly over her red painted lips. As she walked, the gown moulded itself to her body, to her full breasts, to her ripe, suckable nipples, to her pussy and thighs. Mum knew exactly what she was doing to me as my cock began to stretch and harden again, her eyes never leaving mine.

She climbed onto the end of the bed and crawled towards me, her breasts swinging seductively as her gown gaped open. I opened my legs as she crawled between them, stopping only when her face was level with my cock. She moved from side to side, watching me as I watched her swaying breasts, as I felt her hard nipples scratching lightly across my thighs.

Behind her, I could see her reflection in the mirrored doors of the wardrobe, her firm ass beautifully rounded and barely hidden by her gown. I reached for her, wanting to pull her top me, but she swayed out of my reach and smiled wickedly.

“Soon,” she murmured, wanting to take her time, take our time.

She leant down, her open mouth moving towards my cock. I was so hard my cock wouldn’t lie flat, but was swaying just above my body. She flicked her tongue out towards my jerking cock. I moaned as I felt her tongue on me briefly, automatically lifting my hips up towards her. But Mum avoided my cock, and moved down the bed a little before kissing me softly on the inside of my thigh.

A shiver of pleasure rippled through me as she did the same to the other thigh, before she dragged her tongue up my leg, first one and then the other, leaving little wet trails behind her, reaching but never quite touching my balls or the root of my hard cock. She did this repeatedly, my cock twitching and jerking each time she got close, her eyes always on mine.

I reached for my cock, pulling it upright, pushing my balls towards her. At last, Mum flicked her tongue over my taut testicles, licking them gently before drawing them into her hot mouth one at a time. I shut my eyes and groaned loudly with pleasure as she rolled them gently around her mouth, as she sucked them, as she played her tongue across them.