Muslim Erotica


There are so many myths about us Muslim ladies. Seriously. And I laugh at them. My name is Amatullah Abdul-Muhsi and I am a young Saudi Arabian woman with a story to tell. A really hot story, actually. I’m currently a student at Carleton University in the City of Ottawa, Province of Ontario. I’ve been living in Canada since 2009. I came here on an international scholarship funded by King Abdullah of the Saudi Arabian Kingdom. Lots of young Arabian men and women are studying abroad these days, and I’m really thankful for this opportunity. I really like Canada. I feel free here. Free to be myself. It’s in Canada that I explored and embraced my inner wanton slut. Oh, yeah. My inner freak came out to play in the Great White North.

This right here is a story of my exploration of my sexuality. Yes, Arab women have sex lives too. I’m bisexual, actually. I like both men and women. I like them in all shades and body types. And I see nothing wrong with it. I don’t think my being bisexuality is negative in any way. And I’m a good Muslim, too. I go to the mosque regularly and pray daily. I do one good deed a day like I’m supposed to. Believe it or not. Sit back and relax, ladies and gentlemen. I’m going to rock your world. This might seem shocking, especially coming from someone like me. If it does shock you, then you definitely don’t know Jack. I’m a person, just like you. Gender, religion and culture be damned. All women have needs. Okay? Cool.

One of my favourite lovers is Adam Lacroix. A big and tall young Black man of Haitian descent I met at Carleton University. How I snatched up this tasty piece of man flesh is what this story is all about. Now, Adam is simply delicious. He’s originally from the City of Montreal, Province of Quebec. This sexy Black stud caught my eye the moment he walked into my Criminology class that Monday morning in September 2010. He walked in with his girlfriend, a big-booty Black chick named Amanda or something. I admired Adam’s cute face, hot body and sexy ass. Oh, yeah. I wanted this sexy bastard for myself. And I got to tell you, what I want I always porno get. Always. Make no bones about it.

So I set out to seduce Adam, the sexy Haitian stud from Montreal. I had to be discrete. His girlfriend Amanda goes to Carleton University too and she watches him like a hawk. How did I win him over? I approached him in the stereotypical disguise of a Muslim woman…all covered up, wearing the veil and quoting the Koran. The way the men and women of the western world think of us. As if we got nothing to do all day than pray or rage against the western culture’s ways. Whatever. I asked Adam to be my study buddy. And he was cool with that. Even his super jealous girlfriend Amanda didn’t see me as a threat. Black Canadians, just like the rest of Canada, think of us Muslim women as sexless and hapless. As if. Oh, well. That bitch Amanda’s naivete would be her undoing. Because I wanted to sleep with her man.

I got to know Adam Lacroix a bit better. He really opened up to me, actually. He told me about his aspirations of becoming a police officer someday, or a lawyer. Apparently his father Gerald was a high-ranking officer with the Montreal Police Service. And he wanted to follow in daddy’s footsteps. How cute. He also told me that he had some problems with his girlfriend Amanda. Like a lot of Black females, she’s got the extreme jealousy bit going on. Leaving Adam always on the defensive and more than a little frustrated. I tried not to smile when he told me that. Inwardly, I grinned. This would be easier than I thought.

I lent Adam a sympathetic ear as he poured his heart out to me. He painted a very weird picture of Amanda. Apparently, she wasn’t just jealous. She was controlling as well. And she liked to get at him by withholding sex, showing up at his job or apartment unannounced, and bugging the hell out of him. And she likes to text him every five minutes, wondering about his whereabouts. Oh, yeah. Amanda is one insecure diva. Stealing Adam from her proved to be ridiculously easy. We were sitting in the campus library one Thursday night when I put the moves on him. anime porno We’d been talking about anything except school that night. Just two friends sipping drinks in a quiet corner of the library, while ducking the librarians of course. Adam kept asking me about my private life, and I played the part of the shy but curious virginal Arab chick all too well. I told him that I found Black guys really attractive, but didn’t know what to do about it. I also told him I had feelings for him, and that I felt guilty because of my faith.

It always amazes me when westerners fall for some of my lamest tricks. It’s almost as if they think women from the Arab world are another species. Like we’re glass dolls. All vulnerable and breakable. We’re not. We’re like ordinary women of all colors the world over. Among us, you’ll find virgins and repressed chicks, sure. But you’ll also find wanton sluts, swingers, divas, sex freaks, dominatrix types and the like. I mean, we exist on a spectrum. Behind the veil lies a world of passion, okay?

Adam stared at me, stunned after my revelation. That’s when I decided to drop the charade. Looking him straight in the eyes, I kissed him. The young Black stud was really surprised by my passionate kiss. But he didn’t fight me. When our lips parted, he smiled at me. I smiled back. I laid my hand on his thigh and winked at him. I patted his groin area. Pretty obvious what I wanted. Just in case he still didn’t get it, I went for his zipper. He stopped me. I looked at him, frowning. Adam smiled and told me his apartment was mere minutes away. I smiled. This was going to be good. Hastily Adam and I left the Carleton University library. We rushed to his apartment, conveniently located five minutes from campus. And once we got there, things got really interesting.

Adam showed me his place, which was modest but neat. I didn’t really look at it, except maybe the bedroom. Once inside, I kissed him again and told him I wanted him. Still operating under the impression that I was new to these things, he told me he’d walk me through it. arap porno I scoffed. As if. I unbuttoned his shirt and unzipped his pants. He seemed really surprised by my aggressive side. Especially when I pushed him onto his king-sized bed, and leapt on top of him. I kissed him passionately, and played with his chest hairs. Then I went straight for his dick. I held his cock in my hands. Eight inches long, quite thick and uncircumcised. Just the way I like them. Yes, I’m a Muslim chick who likes uncircumcised men. I find them unique and exotic. They’re fun to play with. I took Adam’s cock into my mouth and began sucking him with gusto. Adam slowly let out his breath as I began sucking him. Oh, yeah. I love to suck on a thick, juicy cock. I’ve had Mexican, Irish, Afro-Brazilian and Somalian but this was my first time with a Haitian guy.

While sucking Adam’s dick, I fingered his asshole. Again he was surprised but he clearly didn’t mind. Once I had him nice and hard, I put a condom on his tool and climbed on top of him. Time for this horny Saudi slut to go for a ride. I planted my hands on Adam’s broad shoulders for support and lowered myself onto his thick member. My sexy Haitian stud placed his hands on my ass and squeezed it. I laughed and impaled myself on his dick. I licked my lips as his cock filled me up. I closed my eyes as I began riding him. I love dick, folks. I hadn’t had any in about eight days. For me, that’s just on this side of forever. Adam didn’t disappoint. He held me tight and fucked me good, slamming his dick mercilessly into my cunt. And it felt oh so good. Oh, yeah. I had heard wonderful things about Haitian dick and he didn’t disappoint. He gave it to me good, once he realized what kind of freak he was with. We fucked and sucked the night away, folks.

Since that night, Adam and I have become fuck buddies. He’s recently dumped Amanda and moved onto some white chick, but we still hook up regularly. How could he not? I’ve been told I’ve got the best pussy in town. Okay. A lot of women make this claim but hey, I think I just might be right on this one. I mean, the guys and the girls keep coming to my bed. They can’t get enough of Ottawa’s sexiest Saudi Arabian sex goddess. The one who surprises and dazzles them all weekend, and then goes to the mosque as if nothing had happened. Am I good or what?