Muslim Widow Aunt as Slutty Servant

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Hi all, its Ali here!

I’m back with yet another sensual and memorable incident involving my middle-aged Muslim widowed Aunt Sheen. This post is about the day my mature, but extremely horny. aunt lost a bet and had to become my personal maid for a day. This incident is from a week after her daughter, my sexy older cousin, Dee left for Pune. Aunty Sheen and I had traveled to Pune, and spent a memorable two days experimenting with bisexual dominant-submissive sex (Read my posts — “Widow Aunt, Dee and I try BDSM — 1 & 2”.

We had then brought Dee back home with us. She had stayed almost the entire month of May for her college’s summer vacations.

A Little About Us —

About Me —

I’m Ali. I’m a rich Muslim guy, tall — over 5′ 10″ — fair-skinned with long, straight black hair and sharp features with light brown eyes. I have a trim but muscular physique from having played soccer since I was little.

For privacy reasons, I cannot disclose the name of my hometown but I can tell that it is the largest city in central India. I come from a well-to-do home with a huge, extended family, consisting of the wives and k**s of my father’s seven real brothers.

We own a huge piece of land on the northern outskirts of the city, with a walled and gated compound. There are three 3-storied buildings with luxurious and more than spacious apartments for each family.

About My Family –

Despite being rich, we are ultra-conservative Muslims and every member of the family is expected to follow our religious tenets strictly and hence we tend to live a simple life.

For instance, the women and girls in my family wear a Hijab to cover their fair hair and pretty faces while they cover their tall, curvy bodies with an Abaya, whenever they step out of the house. Although we are a close-knit family, intermingling with others from the opposite sex was prohibited. I believe it was this strict environment that prompted a handful of my female family members to rebel and start taboo, sexual relationships with me.

About Aunty Sheen —

Aunty Sheen is short, dark and plump which is unlike the rest of the women in my family who are all tall, curvy and extremely fair. Sheen aunty has wavy, medium-length dyed hair with big brown eyes and thin, severe lips.

Aunty is short — less than 5′ 6″ tall — with smooth dark chocolaty skin. She is extremely voluptuous with 44F-cup round and soft breasts. Her waist is slightly slimmer than her chest but flares out to the sides and forms her wide, curvy hips. Aunt’s best asset has to be her enormous, perfectly round and extremely soft 50-inch mature butt. Aunty Sheen’s sexy, big brown ass gives way to thick, but shapely smooth legs and tiny feet.


Hungry ‘Maid’ Eats Cum for Breakfast

(9AM — 11AM Saturday, 5th June 2008)

After Aunty Sheen lost the best on who had made Dee orgasm the most during her month-long stay at home, I told her I wanted to be pampered for the day. She immediately offered to become my maid for a day. My slutty middle-aged aunt was always ready to experiment and try new things to make the sex even more exciting so I readily agreed.

So, when my parents and sisters decided to visit my mom’s mother at her hometown I told them I couldn’t come because I was expecting the results of my 12th (K-12) exams. I was extremely excited about the adventures that lay ahead but had to try hard not to show it to my folks as I drove them and my sisters to the airport at 7 AM on that cool early summer morning. On the way back,

I stopped at Café Coffee Day to have my firs smoke and coffee for the day. I smoked and sipped my coffee and made plans for the day. I felt my excitement rising with every passing second as I thought of new and different ways to enjoy the day with my horny, middle-aged aunt.

It was 9 AM when I drove back home. I parked the car in the huge common parking lot inside the entrance to our walled and gated compound. I grabbed my phone and looked up at Aunty Sheen’s duplex apartment on the first floor of the first building. My family has a spacious 5 –bedroom apartment on the ground floor while Aunty Sheen, by then, lived alone in the duplex apartment on the two upper floors. I noticed one of the curtains on the small drawing room window in the front twitch. I smiled as I pulled out my iPhone and started texting.

‘I’m home.’ I quickly sent a text to Aunty Sheen.

‘Welcome home, sir.’ Aunty Sheen instantly replied with a smiley.

I grinned to myself as I stepped out of my dad’s car and looked around casually. I smiled at two of my aunt’s who walked in through the main gate from their morning walks. They chatted with me about my result and other stuff before I had to tell them that I had to go out somewhere. As soon as they started walking to their building at the rear I quickly made my way to the portico at the entrance of our building. Instead of unlocking our door, I took the stairs to the side mobil porno and hurried to the first floor.

The iron-grilled gate and the main door behind it were wide open so I walked in.

“Welcome, sir.” Aunty Sheen said as she suddenly appeared from behind the door.

I grinned and felt my young thick dick twitch hard inside my jeans at the sexy sight when I turned around and saw my aunt.

Aunty Sheen looked extremely slutty in her skimpy desi outfit. Sheen aunty wore a tiny, tight white bikini top. The triangle of see-through fabric barely covered her large circular black areolas and crushed her enormous dark round boobs together. Her smooth brown arms and shoulders were completely exposed, as were her tight, deep cleavage and round motherly belly. The sheer white Sari was wrapped tight but very low around her wide, round waist. The fabric was quite transparent and clung to my aunt’s plump but lusciously curvy figure. Her low-slung Sari showed off her sexy deep dark navel and smooth clean-shaven crotch. I could see her thick, shapely brown legs underneath the folds of her see-through Sari. Her feet didn’t make a sound as she turned to close the iron-grilled gate and door so I knew she was barefoot. I watched Aunty Sheen’s enormous, round ass cheeks jiggle softly under her Sari as she stood on tiptoes and secured the several locks on the main door.

Sheen aunty immediately turned to me with a smile and folded her hands before bowing low. I had to grin at the way my mature Muslim aunt pretended to be a common Hindu maid.

“Please let me help you to relax, sir.” She said, taking a step towards me.

My eyes slid down from her glossy thin dark lips smiling wide to her tight deep cleavage and the way her large, round breasts swung softly with each step. I simply nodded my head and stood still.

Aunty Sheen immediately took a step closer and waved to the cushioned wooden chair behind me. I quickly took a seat on it, sitting with my back straight and placed my feet wide. Aunty went down on her knees and started to unbutton the black cotton short-sleeve shirt without a word. I watched as she expertly undid the buttons and slowly stripped my shirt off of my arms. She folded my shirt carefully and placed it on the small table where the keys and change were kept right inside the main door.

Next, she went down on her knees, giving me a clear view of her ample brown cleavage and started to untie the laces on my sneaker. She gently took off my shoes, followed by my socks. She placed them carefully near the small table and turned to undo my belt. I watched her enormous, round motherly tits jiggle softly as she quickly pulled down the fly of my jeans. I lifted my butt off and Aunty Sheen pulled my jeans and underwear down in a second.

“Hm…” I sighed with relief at suddenly being naked in the cool small drawing room.

My eyes stayed glued to my mature slutty Muslim aunt’s plump assets as she stood up slowly. She quickly pulled my cell phone out of the jeans, before folding my pants and placing them carefully over my shirt. She whiffed my underwear quickly before grinning and placing them on my clothes.

“Would you like to have breakfast on the balcony upstairs, sir?” Aunty Sheen asked with an eager smile as she turned to me, her eyes roving up and down over my naked, fair and ripped young body.

“Yes. That sounds good.” I said, smiling and feeling excited now that I was finally at my slutty aunt’s house.

“I’ll bring the breakfast right away if you would take a seat, sir.” Aunty Sheen said and bowed before turning and walking towards the kitchen through the large living room.

I followed her into the dark, air conditioned family room but could clearly see her huge, sexy Sari-clad butt cheeks sway and jiggle as she walked ahead. Her feet didn’t make a sound on the cool tiled floor and thick, soft rugs that were littered over it. It felt great and satisfying to be completely nude yet once again in my aunt’s home. Aunty Sheen stopped in the kitchen and I turned to take the staircase going to the first floor from the side. I knew my mature, horny aunt was staring at my trim and taut naked body as I made my way up the stairs slowly.

The staircase from the kitchen initially led to a large landing with a toilet and bathroom in front. The stairs continued a few steps up to Dee’s room on the right and my aunt’s disowned son’s room in front before turning to go right up to the huge terrace of our building. I found the door to the large bedroom open and passed through the warm bedroom out another door and into the large balcony in front. Two 3-foot wide balconies ran along the remaining two sides of the main bedroom with another door opening at the foot of the staircase going up to the main terrace upstairs.

Thankfully, the large balcony faced east, to the front of our property and could not be seen from the common parking lot immediately below. However, anyone looking keenly from the road going along alman porno the front of our property could see us over the waist-high concrete railing of the small terrace. So, I walked carelessly towards the small, round wrought iron and glass coffee table placed near the front wall of the bedroom. There was only one of the low, round wrought-iron lawn chair placed near the coffee table, with its back against the bedroom. The remaining three chairs had been pushed and lined along the waist-high terrace wall at front.

Although it was only around 9:15 AM, the temperature was already rising. The coolness of the summer morning was being replaced by warm sunshine steadily as the sun rose higher into the sky. I sat in the low, cushioned chair and grabbed the fresh packet of Classic Regulars that Aunty Sheen had thoughtfully laid out on the coffee table. There was also a disposable lighter and a small ceramic bowl for an ashtray. I lit a cigarette, leaned back on the still-cool cushion and looked at the barren sun-burnt land beyond the road in front of my home.

“Ahem.” Aunty Sheen cleared her throat and I turned my head to the bedroom door.

Aunty Sheen waited expectantly with a large tray laden with a hearty breakfast. The yellow sunshine shone on her plump, sheer-clad form and clearly showed off my mature Muslim aunt’s thick, brown thighs and muscular, wide calves. It made her voluptuous brown chest shine like two round chocolate cakes and her smooth, thick arms shone golden brown in the bright sunlight.

I smiled when I felt my free hanging cock twitch with excitement. When I nodded my head Aunty Sheen carefully stepped to the coffee table. The thin strip of Sari which unsuccessfully tried to cover her huge mature breasts fell down and exposed her deep, tight dark cleavage. I watched her massive, motherly mammary swing and sway as she bent over to keep the tray on the low glass-topped table opposite me.

Sheen aunty smiled as she met my eyes and stood up to turn and hurry to the lawn chairs placed at the far end of the large balcony. My thick, bare cock now started to tighten up when I looked at the way her enormous, round brown ass cheeks jiggled and swung hard under her soft, sheer Sari.

Aunty Sheen quickly returned with a cushion from one of the chairs and placed it on the floor, close to my left. I grinned with amazement when my aunt went down on her knees on the soft, large seat cushion. Her wide, round hips protruded out even more when she sat back on her feet. The coffee table was just above her voluptuous chest and it was easy for her to serve the breakfast from the tray. I snuffed out the cigarette and started to eat.

Aunty had served a small portion for her and we ate in silence, only broken when I ordered her to pass me more ketchup or jam. She finished her food quickly and placed the plate back on the tray. I ate with the plate in my hand and leaned back in the round, low-slung chair. Without another word, my subservient and slutty aunt reached out and caught my semi-aroused dick gently in her warm, soft palm.

“Mm…” I moaned my approval and smiled as Aunty Sheen started to stroke my young, thick, circumcised dick gently.

Her soft palm brushed up and down till my dick became significantly hard. Then, Aunty Sheen started to stroke my hard, huge cock casually but carefully, so as not to disturb me as I ate. It was an incredible feeling to be jerked while out in the warm summer morning. I took my time to eat, letting my horny aunt stroke and squeeze my thick, hard dick as much as she wanted.

Around 15 to 20 minutes later, I finally finished my breakfast. With an eager smile, Aunty Sheen took the empty plate from me and placed it on the tray.

“Would you like to have your coffee here, sir?” Sheen aunty asked, pushing out her big, brown and barely-covered boobs at me.

“Yes. That sounds nice.” I replied, grinning now that things had started and my thick, hard cock throbbed in the warm summer morning sunshine.

I watched my plump, mature aunt’s lovely, large breasts hang down and sway hard as Aunty Sheen poured a large mug of coffee for me. She handed me the mug of piping hot coffee and before I could tell her she already had a cigarette out of the pack and offered it to me. I smiled and nodded, appreciating her keenness to serve me and make me truly comfortable. I let my mature, slutty aunt light my cigarette with the lighter before I noticed her staring longingly at the pack of cigarette.

“Take one.” I said simply and Aunty Sheen immediately grabbed the pack and pulled out a long brown-tipped cigarette.

I loved the way her low-waist Sari exposed my slutty Muslim aunt’s wide, round hips. My thick, stiff dick twitched hard in the warm open air with excitement. Aunty Sheen immediately lit her cigarette and took a long deep drag on it. She smiled and bowed her head in gratitude.

“May I please taste your cock, sir?” Aunty Sheen asked in a soft, hesitant alexis texas porno voice and looked longingly at my huge, hard dock standing straight and throbbing in the golden sunshine.

“Yes, you may.” I replied softly and smiled slowly.

Aunty Sheen immediately got off of her knees and slid the cushion beneath her to rest at the foot of my chair. I spread my bare, fair muscular legs wide so my plump, curvy aunt could kneel between them.

“Please lie back and relax, sir. I’ll take good care of your beautiful big dick.” Aunty Sheen said in a soothing voice and I did as she requested.

I slid lower on my seat till my smooth scrotum was hung over the edge of the low chair. Aunty Sheen pushed the coffee table at her back even further so she could shuffle back a couple of feet. I watched her lovely, large brown tits sway and swing under her as she settled on her heels and leaned forward. My slutty widowed aunt put her face close to my crotch and took a deep whiff.

“Mm…” Sheen aunty moaned and closed her eyes. “I love your sweet sexy sweat, sir.” She whispered and caught my huge, hard cock gently in her right hand.

“Hmm…” I sighed deeply with satisfaction when her warm, soft palm again wrapped around the base of my thick dick.

Aunty Sheen took a deep drag on her cigarette before leaning so close that her thin, glossy lips nearly touched my stiff, thick shaft. I watched with increasing arousal as Aunty Sheen slowly blew the smoke out on to my throbbing, hard cock. She squeezed my huge, hard shaft before gently stroking it half-way up and down its long, veined length. Sheen aunty took another long drag and put her lips right over my huge engorged dick head.

“Oh…” I cried out softly in excitement when the cool, grey smoke caressed against my ultra-sensitive circumcised dick head.

Aunty Sheen slowly flicked out her long, pink tongue and brushed it gently over my round, swollen cock cap before her mouth she kissed it softly. I closed my eyes and began to enjoy her adorable licking and sucking while taking deep relaxing drags on my cigarette.

“Oh, yeah…” I moaned my approval when Aunty Sheen started to lick her way down my thick, throbbing shaft and stopped at my big, smooth ball-sack.

Aunty Sheen quickly took another drag on the cigarette and began to lick and kiss my young, heavy balls lovingly. My huge, hard dick jerked with excitement as an energizing energy shot through its large length. Aunty Sheen and I had been fucking long enough to know the other’s erogenous zones and she played her tongue expertly over my clean-shaven scrotum to make my huge, hard dick even harder.

I loved the way my mature, plump aunt’s large, round soft tits pressed hard against my bare, firm thighs when she leaned to suck and kiss my cock and balls. A little while later, Aunty Sheen sat straighter and I opened my eyes to see her leaning over me. She had flicked the butt of her cigarette to the side and I watched with intense excitement as she pressed her huge, dark mature breasts to my thick, slick cock and slipped it right into her deep, tight cleavage.

“Mm… Yes…” I moaned and encouraged my eager aunt as she started to rub her large, soft and warm boobs on my huge, thick dick.

I closed my eyes once more and leaned back to enjoy my aunt’s lovely tit-job. I could hear her moaning a little while later. Aunty Sheen then alternated between sucking my swollen dick head and rubbing her huge, soft tits on my thick, throbbing dick.

“Oh, I’m so fucking turned on.” Aunty Sheen almost growled.

I opened my eyes to look at her.

“Please, can I cum, sir?” Sheen aunty pleaded with a beseeching tone.

“Huh… yeah…” I exhaled and nodded my head quickly.

“Thank you, sir!” Aunty Sheen sighed in gratitude.

Sheen aunty quickly went back to sitting on her heels, with her knees resting on the cushion beneath my crotch. I watched as she eagerly pulled at her soft, sheer Sari till it rode up to her thick, brown thighs. I grinned when my horny, mature aunt slipped her left hand under her Sari.

“Mmm!” Aunty moaned aloud as soon as her fingers touched her extremely aroused cunt.

“Ohh… Mmpph!” Sheen aunt’s moan of pleasure was suddenly cut short by a muffled gulping sound as she suddenly took my engorged dick head into her mouth.

My horny widowed aunt’s small, thin lips were stretched wide as they gobbled my thick, hard shaft deeper inside her warm, eager mouth.

“Mmhh… Mm… Mmph!” Aunty Sheen’s moans were muffled but mesmerizing.

I watched the top of her head bob up and down over my huge, hard dick while her left arm shook with the effort of fingering her hungry pussy vigorously down below, hidden underneath her sheer Sari.

“Oh! Yeah!” I moaned my own pleasure at having my huge, hard dick sucked so well.

The slick, warm sensation of my aunt’s hungry mouth and the way her soft, warm hand tugged my huge, hard shaft below had my young dick extremely excited. I could actually feel it throb deep within my aunt’s hungry, wet mouth.

“Aack! Aagh! Aack! Aack! Aagh! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!” Aunty Sheen began to gag and choke audibly as she hungrily sucked my cock deeper and deeper into her small, wet mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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