My Asian Mom Ch. 01

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After getting my mom pregnant with me in her teens, my dad had left in order to escape the responsibilities of raising a child. Shortly after, my mother and I moved to North America in search of a better life. She found a job as a secretary at a boutique investment firm, a position she has held to this day. Growing up with her was like always having a best friend. She had an incredibly beautiful and attractive personality: always smiling, very girly and generally acted like a twenty-year-old. Like many Asian girls, she was very fond of fashion, especially shoes. She had always taken me shopping with her as a youngster and I had developed a heel fetish, something I’m sure she was mildly aware of.

I grew up very privileged for which I am very thankful. A big house in a nice neighborhood, private schools, and now, I attend a prestigious college. I never gave much thought into how we were able to afford these things on my mother’s salary but I got all my questioned answered and more one night when I came back from college to give her a surprise visit.

It was a sunny Friday afternoon and I had just finished my classes for the week. I decided to drive back home and give my mom a surprise visit as I had not seen her in over two weeks. I was careful to park at the end of the street. I set my belongings down and proceeded to take a quick nap on my mom’s bed as it was larger and more comfortable than my own.

A few hours had passed and I woke up with a semi-hard-on. I looked over at the clock and thought to myself that my mom should’ve been home by now. Nevertheless, I listened carefully and could not hear a sound. I lowered my shorts and slowly started rubbing my cock to relieve myself. It could not have been more than two minutes when I heard the front door open and the click of my mother’s heels hit the marble floor on the foyer of our house. After the initial shock, I quickly jumped out of bed and pulled my shorts up. As I made my way to the bedroom door, I heard another man’s voice and froze. My inaction would be the most regrettable mistake of my life. When I had finally given up trying to decipher who the man was, I realized they had already made it up to the top steps and I could not get to my room undetected. Without thinking, I quickly slid under the bed, hoping he would leave in a few minutes.

The next few moments seemed like an eternity. I could feel the beating of my heart and my body had become ice cold as if I was encapsulated by a thin sheet of ice. I could not think, and just watched. My mom glided into the room with the click of her heels hitting the wooden floorboard with each step. I felt a small sensation in my crotch as I gazed at her four inch leather peep-toe pumps with an inch of platform and red soles stroll past me. I turned my head to the large mirror on the wall where I was able to get a clear view of the entire room. I always found my mother adorable but soon after, I would view her as much more than that. I stared at the mirror reflecting her incredibly shy innocent Asian face. She had a small nose, and perfect thin glossy lips. She quickly brushed her long silky and slight dyed brown hair aside as she put down purse. She had a five-foot-four frame and gorgeous long legs. She was followed by a middle-aged man who was impeccably well dressed. Navy-blue suit, crisp white cuff-link dress shift, and a red tie; his demeanor screamed executive.

“How did it go with the new client?” my mother asked, as she turned to face the man.

“He’s not a client just yet Evelyn. I’ve been working non-stop for the past week trying to convince him to invest with us. I actually have to meet him for dinner in about an hour and would love for you to join me so that I could introduce you. I may need you to help me close the deal next week.”

I was still in shock. Not only at what I was doing, but the fact that I was spying on my own mother. I thought to myself, what he meant when he said “help close the deal”.

My eyes bulged as the man placed his hands on my mom’s hips eyeing her from head to toe. My mother brushed her hair aside.

“It’s been a helluva week. I need this. Now let me see those perfect boobs we paid for.”

He slid his hands to the collar of her shirt as he began undoing the buttons. My mom had placed her hands over his. As he threw her shirt aside and unhooked her bra, my once adorable, perfect innocent mother would become the object of my desire. The man spun her around and placed his hands under her two perfect D cup globes protruding out of her chest. I had a perfect view from the mirror and could not believe my eyes. Her sweet face and enhanced breasts made her the perfect combination of cute and sexy.

He began sucking and kissing on her neck and massaging her boobs. I watched as my mother slide her hands down to unzip her grey pencil skirt. It promptly dropped to the ground leaving only a black lace thong, her black pantyhose and heels. She proceeded to place one hand over his crotch. The bulge in his dress pants started becoming more altyazılı porno noticeable. She spun back around to face him. As he worked on removing his blazer and shirt, my mom preceded to undue his pants revealing a thick, throbbing cock which she gripped with one hand. She knelt down and gave a quick few thrusts with her hands as she pulled her face closer to his crotch and opened her mouth. The man placed both his hands on the back of head pushing it closer to his stomach until his entire cock had vanished. I could hear the slurping in her mouth as he rotated his body a bit so that his cock poked out from the inside of her cheek.

“Just like that baby.”

He relaxed his hold on the back of her head and my mom took the cock out of her mouth to get some air. His entire cock was glistening with saliva. She tilted her head up to look right into his eyes as she proceeded to lick and suck on his balls. She pushed his cock flat onto his stomach to slowly and seductively lick the shaft until she reached the tip then proceeded to started sucking slowly on the tip with her hands gently stroking the base of his cock. She then released her hands and began slowly sucking onto his entire penis from the tip to the base. She seemed like a master of the art. Her speeds, where she licked, the amount of cock she let into her mouth and her timing made the man moan in ecstasy. The man’s body finally tensed after what seemed like an eternity for me. He once again placed both his hands on the back of her head and slid his entire cock into her mouth. From there I could see the tip of my mom’s tongue slide out to massage his balls. He let out a long moan as he, and his facial features tensed as he climaxed.

“Holy shit! That was amazing! What would the firm do without you Evelyn?”

As his entire cock was finally fully exposed, my mom’s mouth was entirely filled with cum and some had begun to drip out onto her chin. With her index finger, she gathered the cum off her face then licked her fingers and made a noticeable gulp to swallow all of it. The man held down his cock in front of her mouth with one hand and used his other to guide her mouth back to lick of the remaining cum on the tip of his cock after which he collapsed onto the sofa directly across the bed. My mother lay there, on her knees, slightly bent to the side and using one arm to support herself.

As I recovered a bit from the shock, it finally clicked. My mother was the office whore. Along with her secretarial duties, she was also responsible for servicing all the men at the firm and possibly clients in order to lure business. The questions I had never bothered asking were finally being answered such as her occasional long working hours, her business trips and her perfectly molded D-cup breasts.

After a few minutes of rest, the man and my mother put their clothes back on and left but I lay there motionless, frozen in fright. All I could think about was my mom’s double-life. One I’m sure she had only done for me so that I had all the opportunities to succeed. I slid out from under the bed and sat on the floor against the wall to be alone with my thoughts. I began snooping around trying to uncover more secrets. I started with her closet. Walking in, I immediately noticed a panel and some drawers on the side left unlocked, possibly because my mother had thought I wouldn’t be here. My curiosity kicked in. Opening the drawers revealed her lingerie collection. Everything from baby-dolls, corsets, and fishnets were there. I must’ve spent over an hour going through each piece, admiring them, smelling them, feeling the soft fabric and imagining them on my mom’s body. After, I slide the panel against the wall open to reveal her massive shoe collection. I could not believe my eyes. There were heels from when I shopped with her and much more. I quickly became aroused as I stared at each one, imagining my mother wearing them. She had many pumps and sandals in all colors. They all had to be at least three-and-a half inches high, mostly between four and six. I lowered my eyes to the left corner where I noticed a few stripper heels, just like the standard ones seen in porn. She had the exact same six inch heels with inch-and-a-half platforms in pink, black and clear.

I picked up one of her pink stripper shoes by the heel and carried it over to the bed. I lay down and placed the heel over my stomach imagining how happy I would be if she would wear that everyday around the house. The thought of that gave me an instant erection as I lowered my shorts and began to slowly stroke my cock. I closed my eyes and imagined the blowjob my mother gave to her colleague earlier as I began to stroke faster. I had completely lost myself in my own little fantasy when I heard the clang as the contents of my mother’s purse collided with each other when the bag hit the ground. My eyes shot wide as I saw my mother standing at the door, her mouth wide open in shock. It took a few seconds, but when I finally recovered somewhat, I confessed to her what I had seen zenci porno earlier in the day to break the silence.

“I uh, came home a little earlier and was under the bed when you came back.” I stuttered in embarrassment.

She took a few steps and sat on the edge of the bed, eyes staring down at her feet, face visibly flushed.

“Oh Eric, I don’t…I don’t know what to say.” she muttered.

At this point, I realized she felt more embarrassed than me as I had figured out her double life. I was at a loss of words, unable to figure out what I could say to defuse the situation. I made a quick glance around the room, trying to find any excuse to say something. I finally gave up and poured out my heart, letting her know how thankful I am to have such a great mom.

“I love you for doing what you did and don’t think any less of you. Besides, you looked totally hot today; I couldn’t take my eyes off you.”

She finally lifted her head and turned toward me as she moved closer. I lifted my arms to give her a hug and gently placed her head onto my chest. I began to get hard again as I stared down her shirt, imaging the first time I saw them earlier in the day when the man had unhooked her bra. She tilted her head to look up at me and let out a gentle laugh.

“Do you need a little help relieving that?” she asked with a slight smile.

My mind was racing. Was she being serious or just joking around like she always does? It was wrong, but if she was being serious, I certainly did not want to say anything to jeopardize this opportunity. All I could think about was my mother giving another man a blowjob and wishing it was me instead.

“I uh…” was all I managed to let out.

I thought to myself that at the very least she deserved a truthful answer.

“Honestly, you’re an incredibly hot mom and I’m so lucky to have you and I love you. I don’t judge you for doing what you did in order to give me all the opportunities I had. I just wish I was that man from earlier today because unlike him, I actually love you.”

I turned my head to face the wall in embarrassment. I was imagining all the possible outcomes that would soon happen but did not expect to feel the warm tip of my mother’s tongue gently swirl around the base of my cock. I turned back to face her not knowing what to say or do. She positioned herself by kneeling on the bed where my feet where and proceeded lick my shaft from the base to the tip repeatedly. Our eyes were locked onto each as I could not believe what was happening. She began to suck on the top inch of my cock while using one hand to massage and stroke the base. I continue to lay there and let the events unfold for a few minutes until I began to push my luck as I pulled on the front of her shirt to see more of her magnificent breasts. She understood my intentions and with her other hand, she immediately began unbuttoning her shirt and unhooking her bra. I had an unconceivable mix of emotions watching her suck and massage my cock with her breasts swaying in the backdrop. Every lick of her tongue made my body loosen as if the weight of the world had been lifted off and each suck made my stomach tighten in anticipation of squeezing every last drop of cum into her mouth. I knew I wouldn’t last much longer but in my heart, I wanted it to last forever. I reached out to grab a hold of her arms and pulled her closer in order to give my cock a break. I kissed her and with both hands, squeezed and massaged her boobs, occasionally pulling on her pink nipples. I lowered my head to suck on her nipples as she moaned in appreciation.

It had been a few minutes, but I finally gathered the courage to push further. I lowered my hands to unzip her skirt as I continued to suck on her breasts. She helped remove her skirt as I moved onto her thong. I ran my fingers across the lace and slid my hand in feeling the soft skin of her shaven pussy. While I wanted to give her oral and lick her pussy, I could not bring myself to throw away a golden opportunity to sink my throbbing cock in there. I quickly propped myself up, and with both hands, pulled down her thong leaving it at her ankles. I glanced up quickly admiring the picture perfect scene. Her pussy lips were two folds on either side that made a sensual arch and met at the hood of her clit. Her moist pink pussy shimmered in the light. I parted her thighs and pushed my raging cock as deep as I could. My mom moaned as I began to slowly thrust in and out, trying to absorb the moment and lock the feeling in memory. I straightened my back once more and placed my mother’s legs onto my shoulders then leaned forward so that her legs were compressed against her chest, heels near her head, thong still hanging by her ankles. I began thrusting harder and harder as I watched my mother moan and squirm. I could barely contain myself anymore as I stared at her innocent face and heels. I continued to penetrate harder and faster until I was no longer able to hold it in. I let out a low groan as all the aldatma porno cum came out like the water flowing out of a burst dam. My body collapsed onto hers in exhaustion. I lay there for a few more seconds trying to push and wiggle any remaining cum in my cock. I let my mom’s legs fall back onto the bed as I moved beside her and she held me in her arms. I could tell from her eyes this was the first time she had sex in a long time with someone she loved and truly cared about rather than it just being part of the job. We were both too tired from the day’s events to talk or move and fell asleep in each other’s embrace.

Over the weekend, we could not bare to be apart from each other and our new found love. We didn’t even bother leaving the house as we just wanted to be in each other’s company, whether we were making breakfast or taking a shower together. I couldn’t take my hands off her perfect, smooth olive skin. I would be leaving for school soon and couldn’t get off her my mind. Luck was with me this weekend and I begged her to model some of her lingerie pieces so I could take some pictures. While she was initially hesitant, the events that had transpired over the weekend got the best of her and she gave in. I got several outfits for her to wear over the course of the day, camera always on hand. I must’ve taken over three thousand pictures in various states of undress and even many of us having sex. Every picture captured her contagiously charming personality from the slight smile she gave, to the shimmer in her eyes, and her innocent poses. It was undoubtedly the best weekend of my life. I made sure she put on all her sexy heels as I took pictures of her walking and posing around the house. At last, all good things had to come to an end as I made my way back to college on Sunday night.

The following week, I must have gone over the pictures every single day. I could not focus as I salivated and fantasized every minute. I had to masturbate to the photos first before going to sleep each night. It was finally Saturday when I heard the banging on the door. Dazed, I stumbled to the door as five of my friends barged in.

“What the hell?”

“Dude, project time! Let’s get going.” exclaimed John.

John was an athletic yet extremely smart student. A quick talker with a type A personality, he was the type that aggressively went after whatever he wanted. He was followed by Mitch, Pete, Mike and Davis. I had specifically picked all white members for my group careful leaving out my usual group of Asian friends as there was a presentation component. A little stereotypical I must admit, but everyone was in a dogfight for marks in that class. After getting a cup of coffee, we set our laptops out around the dining table and began working. My group members had their faces buried in their laptops as they hastily researched and typed out their reports. I tried to subdue the images of last weekend playing constantly in my head. I was visibly anxious and decided to take a walk outside to cool off.

The fresh air was revitalizing as I stepped back into the living room, I noticed the five of them were huddled and cheering around something. A few were standing blocking my line of sight to see what all the commotion was. As I walked up from the side, I turned from eagerly trying to figure out what was going on to dead fright as my laptop with pictures of my mom came into view. I could now see the entire screen as John played picture after picture to the rest of the group. I had taken so many pictures it could almost be a pseudo video as it captured every moment of action from my mom seductively taking off her lingerie to my cock buried deep in her vagina. I finally snapped out of the trance as a picture of me lifting up my mom’s legs to lick her stripper heels came into view. I charged the laptop, but John quickly swiped it off the table, holding tightly onto his prize possession.

“The fuck man” I screamed.

They slid my laptop into one of their backpacks and tried to restrain me as I went after them. As I gave up trying to fight them, I fell back onto the couch; face beat red in anger and embarrassment. They each had smirks on their faces as everyone began to calm down and figure out the next course of action.

“Relax the fuck down Eric! Your mom is crazy hot. No one would blame you” reasoned John. “Right now, the only people who know about this are the people in the room. Let’s keep it that way!”

We all took a few seconds to catch our breath.

“Ya, you better keep this a secret!” I exclaimed.

John walked over and sat beside me with a hand padding me on the back. An eerily dead silence filled the room as everyone was still coming to grips about what had just occurred.

“We’re bros man. Of course we’re going to keep this just between us. We just need to be… a little motivated.”

Everyone began to get up; bags seemingly packed and ready to go.

“Let’s take a little trip to your house today Eric. I think we should finish the project there.”

I bought a few more minutes as I told them I needed to pack a few things first. I went into my room and paced back and forth, limbs shaking in fear. I looked around for someone or something to save me. I gave up and sat on the bed in dejection as I picked up my cell.

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